The Best Freebies From Around The Web

Freebies are always welcome, but most of the stuff we usually get is hardly up to the mark. To make it all easy for you, we’ve come up with a list of 7 freebies on the Internet that will surely make you happy.
Smarty Pins: This one’s from Google and taking into accounts the vast treasure hold of maps that they have, this game’s a smart one indeed. The game tests your geography in a trivial and amusing way and lets you drop pins in an answer to a question about a location. It covers history, sports, science and even movies, and is pure fun in every way.
The Long Tail: Here’s a website that tests the fan in you for sure. If you have a favorite artist whose work you love unconditionally, you simply need to visit this website. It has playlists of the least played songs on Spotify and covers individual artists as well as bands. The website is a simple one and does what it claims to do without a fuss, putting artists’ least covered work under the spotlight.
Music Vault: More than 13,000 live videos never seen before! If you’re a music and concert lover, you can’t find a bigger cache than this, all in one place. The Music Vault has even collaborated with YouTube to get these videos to you. Hours and hours of listening and watching the best performances ever to take the stage. Now, isn’t that awesome?
PushBullet: Don’t you sometimes wish your mobile and your PC were pals who shared everything between them? PushBullet, a Chrome Browser extension solves this relationship issue with ease and lets you receive your smartphone notifications on your PC for the times when you’re hard at work. Calls, texts, even WhatsApp messages, can be accessed through your PC and the features include easy file sharing and direct sharing of links.
Crackle: Here’s a website that could keep you occupied for hours, day after day. From the latest ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ episodes to TV shows and movies, there’s a whole lot of stuff to explore and have fun with on Crackle, and of course, its all free!
Prezi: Here’s something that will get you through office presentations in style. If you wish to step things up a notch from the usual PowerPoint presentations, Prezi does just that. A gigantic library, access to the Cloud, 24/7 support and professionally designed templates are all in there. Add to these elements the high creative quotient of the presentations, and you have a winner.
GasBuddy: Android, Windows, iOS or even Blackberry, no matter what OS your phone works on, the best gas prices around you are always at hand. This app has an active following so the prices are updated regularly and since it covers almost 120 regions across the US, it comes in handy on every road trip you plan.
A great list – and all free too!