Facebook’s New Product: “Facebook at Work”

Certainly, we all have static perceptions in our minds regarding various brands. Let’s take Facebook for example. What is the first thing about Facebook that comes into your mind? Most probably, “an online platform of my friends.” Wait! What about colleagues? Undoubtedly, that’s LinkedIn!
Keeping the general perception of its brand name in consideration, Facebook aims to turn its “time-waster for idle employees” perception to “something professional, something sophisticated.” Though this may seem quite surprising to many, the fact is that Facebook is coming up with its new feature of social networking for its corporate users.

The Hype about “Facebook at Work”
The newest product, “Facebook at Work” will enable users to have chat/conversations with their colleagues. Furthermore, this option will help them connect with other professionals, build contacts, collaborate over professional documents, and network.
The online platform is specifically designed to compete with other online products which are catered to the corporate segment. The list of these competing products includes Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Salesforce.
Users of Facebook will be maintaining personal accounts which will be separate from their work accounts. Though the work account is something new for all users, there still is something familiar: newsfeed and groups in the work accounts will be like the ones you see in your personal Facebook account.
This is one of the reasons why rolling out in the “Facebook at Work” feature will be quite easier for its users. This also indicates that companies providing their employees access to the new Facebook product will not have to worry about user adoption.
The Current Scenario
It has been revealed that Facebook at Work will run on all online platforms. This includes the Web, Android, and IOS. This new product is being developed by the London office of Facebook.
To start off flawlessly in the social networking arena, Facebook has been testing its product with other companies already. Since there is a lot of potential which lies within this cool platform, we can expect that it could definitely rival Microsoft Office Suite, Yammer, and Google Drive.
Facebook wants to show it to the world how its employees actually work!
According to a previous employee, “Every employee of Facebook has been using Facebook quite professionally, i.e. by focusing on work itself. So, it is quite a natural phenomenon to expose the real way of working, collaborating with colleagues, and involving in work activities.” The Facebook group of every team is synchronized with the HR database along with built in authentication security. Previously, Facebook had seen a lot of criticisms related to facing failure to protect its users’ privacy. Now, the social networking giant is still there to face the challenge in terms of helping employees work effectively on Facebook.