Blackphone Privacy Phone

Blackphone Privacy Phone: Privacy and Security First
The NSA fiasco enraged US citizens as well as others across the globe and the repercussions have been serious indeed. Edward Snowden’s revelations proved how one man could bring down such a powerful organization in the eyes of the world. Thankfully, his revelations also inspired security experts and innovators to develop gadgets and technology that can protect users from snooping eyes. The Blackphone is one such smartphone that claims to protect the owner from everything NSA or even remotely NSA-like, apart from other perks of course.
The concept behind the Blackphone
While the world was up in arms against the NSA, the folks at Silent Circle, a US company, and Geeksphone, a Spanish company, saw a great business opportunity. The two companies got together to form SGP Technologies in Switzerland, all in the quest to provide consumers with a device that is secure in every way. Privacy concerns and security threats have been on top of everyone’s minds with the endless hacks and Snowden’s revelations and the Blackphone is the answer that SGP Technologies hails as the best solution.
How does the Blackphone work?
As sinister as the name sounds, the Blackphone is actually being sold as man’s best friend in a world that is highly vulnerable to hacks and privacy invasions. With the NSA as well as other organizations, and even the business world, keeping track of emails and calls of customers, a solution to help users stay away from the unnecessary limelight was required. Blackphone thus adopts several measures to ensure that emails sent as well as calls made through the device are untraceable and secure.
Firstly, it uses a version of Google’s Android operating system that is supposedly highly secure. Calling it Privatos, the manufacturers claim that this OS is the best out there as far as security features are concerned. Hiding details of phone calls, text messages and even video calls through encryption, the software gets to work in the same manner for online activities too. Hiding surfing histories and enabling users to use VPN features with which they can disguise their online activities with the help of proxy servers, the phone also fights against information collection attempts by Wi-Fi hotspots.
Other features add to the secrecy quotient too, like special ‘Silent Circle’ apps, a security center that helps gain maximum control over the activities of the phone as well as tools that help users share files without identifying themselves. Add to this the feature of self-destruct that can be activated should you ever lose your phone.
The verdict
Not everyone is convinced about the watertight security of the Blackphone in spite of the developers’ tall claims. Experts also explain how there is no device that could, or should be, NSA-proof. The debate of course can go on and only time will tell how safe and secure the Blackphone really is. For now though, it seems to be the safest bet out there.