Best Smartphone-Friendly Gloves For Texting Addicts

In winters, staying warm matters the most, but for tech junkies, having their favorite device in their hands is all they really want! If you are also one of those who are addicted to texting, then you might have experienced how annoying it is to send a message by removing your gloves in the chilly season. However, good news is that some phones, like the Galaxy Note 4 for instance, now enable you to use the touchscreen through cloth. Even if your phone lacks this feature, you still have something to help: touchscreen gloves that let you text even if you are wearing them!
Timberland Men’s Fleece Soft Shell Glove
Lightweight and classy looking, these special touchscreen gloves are available in four sizes and colors. What makes Timberland Men’s Fleece Soft Shell Glove worth purchasing is the fact that it includes special pads which are placed in the thumb and index finger. This is how the connection between the fingers and smartphone’s touchscreen can be made easily. In addition, its fleece material is designed to keep your hands warm no matter how cold it is!
Zensah Smart Running Gloves
Have you ever thought of texting and running without breaking the rhythm? Well, if you are a techy athlete, then Zensah Smart Running Gloves are for you! These sophisticated touchscreen gloves let you text while running because of the sleek, shiny fabric placed across the pointer finger, middle finger tips, and the thumb lets you use the touchscreen easily. A unique feature includes anti-moisture suede so that you can wipe away sweat after intense texting.
Newer Technology NuTouch Gloves
If you like to use almost all your fingers while using your smartphone, then grab those Newer Technology NuTouch Gloves! Manufactured from a mix of soft cotton, the fabric consists of the conductive fiber within all ten fingertips so that you can tap, swipe, as well as scroll by using any one of your digits. Another advantage of these amazing touchscreen gloves is that they are available in different sizes and can be purchased on one-year warranty.
Agloves Gripper
Do you often fear that your iPhone 6 will slip out of your covered hands? Since this is a natural feeling, manufacturers of Agloves Gripper have given this some serious thought. Consisting of gripper dots, Agloves Gripper is integrated with real silver so that high conductivity and maximum warmth can be provided to its wearer.
Echo Design Echo Touch Colorblock
Made of 20% nylon and 80% wool, Echo Design Echo Touch Colorblock gloves are considered trendy hand accessories which will also keep you dry and warm. It includes touchscreen pads right on the thumb and the index finger, which are extremely subtle. These touchscreen gloves are available in grey, blue and purple, and tan and black.