5 Pro-Tips to Take Better Pictures with iOS 8 Devices 

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have recently been launched and the new Apple operating system iOS 8 complements them beautifully. The new software has a huge list of new and exciting features that can be used vividly to make life merrier and easy!
The people who own an iPhone are always proud of the camera that their phone has. And they should be too, as the iPhone camera comes with a pretty high resolution and clicks amazing pictures. With the new iOS 8 update, there are many cool ways to take breath-taking pictures
We bring you tips to make the most of your iDevice shooter:

Burst Mode – This is of great help when you want to capture fast moving objects. You need to use the volume buttons of the phone as shutters. If you keep holding the button, the burst mode will be activated in the phone. The camera will display a number that will depict how many shots you have taken so far. Once you are done with taking all the shots, you can see all the images that you have captured at the corner of the display. iOS 8 will select the image that is the best amongst all the images according to its software.

Time Mode – Sure you are great at clicking pictures and taking great shots. But in the scenario where you have to bend at a weird angle and then shoot is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are not very confident about how to make sure that you get the best shot, then the time mode is your friend here. Tap on the clock icon and choose your suitable delay time and then hit the shutter button. After the time that you have selected has passed, the image will be captured automatically. You just need to focus on what you want to click. That’s all.
Manual exposure tool – When you tap on an image, keep your finger there to lock the focus on that point. If you do this, iOS 8 will allow you to edit the exposure of the image. You can then slide on the screen in either upward direction or downward direction to edit the exposure of the picture and help you to get the best shot!
Self-timer – The timer icon is now available on the camera display screen all the time. Tap on that icon and you will see two options, that of either 3 seconds or 10 seconds. Select the time delay that you want in your selfie and then just hit the shutter button. The flash will keep on blinking till the countdown and finally your picture will be taken. This is very useful when a group photo needs to be taken and no one wants to click it!
Time lapse – Now take high-speed videos with you iPhone and capture the world in motion! Simply switch on to the time-lapse video mode and set your phone on a hard surface. The phone will start clicking pictures simultaneously. Once done, just hit the red button yet again and be amazed with the end result. All the pictures are magnificently and magically melt into a seamless video!

So these are some of the pro-tips you can use, if your iPhone is equipped with the iOS 8. It is a known fact that iOS 8 takes up a lot of memory space on the phone, but with the cool features and awesome functionality that it brings with it, one should not mind devoting a little memory to it!