5 Cool Ways To Use Your Old iPad

Apple fans love to possess the latest offerings from the company each year without giving a passing thought to the devices that they already have. Apple manages to pack so many innovative features and functions into their devices each year that it’s quite impossible not to give into the temptation and buy the latest version, sometimes on the launch date itself.
So, after laying your hands on the latest version of the iPad, what do you do with your old one? We’ll share some really cool ways to use your old iPad. Intrigued? Get ready!

  • Install The iPad In Your Car – Infotainment system, anyone? Well, you don’t need to install a new one because you can use your old iPad for this purpose! You can mount it on the front and use it to play music, watch videos and to look-up addresses on maps. You can also put it in the backseat for passengers. Using RAM Mounts for this purpose will be a good idea. And if you want even more, hire a professional and get your iPad professionally installed in your car. It may cost you a little, but then it could be money well spent!

  • Use It As A Remote Control – You can turn that old iPad of yours into a remote that controls your media and entertainment hub at home. Many companies are shipping their television sets equipped with Apple software and applications and they can be easily controlled with your old iPad. You can even use it as a virtual game controller with your consoles.

  • Use It As A Kitchen Buddy – Download your list of favorite cookbooks on your iPad and get it installed in your kitchen. Apps like Big Oven and How to Cook Everything are really great for people who like interactive cooking applications. And these devices work on older versions too so installing them on your old iPad will not be a problem at all! And this will make your cooking more fun and lively. Score!

  • An Awesome Media Center – Are you a Netflix junkie? Totally hooked to iTunes while watching your favorite shows? Well, just use your old tablet to binge watch shows. Just connect the iPad to a big screen and watch back-to-back episodes on Netflix or listen to some great music any time of the day. Sounds like super fun, doesn’t it?

  • Use It To Monitor Your Home – When safety is one of your biggest concerns, having eyes on your home while you’re away becomes very important. While travelling or at work, use your old iPad to keep an eye on your home. Use it as an output device to provide the live feed of your home security cameras! It’s easy and extremely useful.
    These are just some really innovative and fun ways to use your old iPad, but you can be as creative as you’d like! It’s a versatile device and it can be used in many different ways. Just know that it’s never too late to “recycle” an iPad!