10 Cool Things You Can Do With Android Lollipop 

With the much-awaited version of the latest Android OS hitting the market last week, fans are rejoicing.
There have been many features in the Lollipop version that are a total surprise. And not to mention, some of them have been on the fans wish list for a while now.
Android has tried to cover all areas that they were lacking in the previous releases.
The issues of security, sharing, ease of access and many more are addressed in fine detail with this release.
It is not your usual android version update; Android 5.0 is so much more than just that.
Let’s look at the top ten awesome features that you get with Android Lollipop:

  • Android’s Easter egg – Let’s start with the coolest feature of them all. Android 5.0 has an in-built game of Android Flappy bird! It is a hidden surprise for the users and it has certainly made everyone happy. To access, go to “About Phone” and tap on the Android Version and then tap on the lollipop 4-5 times. There you go, have a swirl at the game!

  • In-built flashlight – Finally Android has a flashlight of its own! It is present in the drop down notification menu as a shortcut.

  • Save that battery! – The new Android version has abuilt-in battery saving option, which allows the users to put the phone on a battery saving mode. Once it is switched on, the background changes to avoid extra usage of battery. Don’t like it? Then you can turn it on/off manually.

  • Guest mode – Now you will not to worry about handing your phone to someone with whom you do not want to share everything that is there on your phone. Lollipop’s cool Guest Mode option lets you to add a guest and put the settings accordingly and then your phone is as safe as a secret.

  • Priorities – You can now assign a priority to your applications with the new priority settings option. Hit the volume slider to see the priority-setting menu and then make the changes accordingly.

  • Hide notifications – You might not want some of the notifications to pop right up on a locked screen, as some of those notifications might be too personal. Now to hide them, you can do so by changing the setting in the option – “When device is locked”.

  • Stay Fit – Android has introduced the much-needed “fitness” app, which lets you to enter your workout targets and encourages you throughout the day to achieve them! It is a great way to monitor and achieve your fitness goals.

  • Search in Settings – The settings menu tends to get more and more complex with each release but worry not! Now you can search within the settings menu to get to the precise setting that you want to adjust or play around with. Tuning your phone is a piece of cake now!

  • Beam with friends – Android’s beam functionality has been way too complex to actually use so far. With this release, the beam functionality is integrated with the system sharing function and now you can share photos with your friends with just the tap of your phones.

  • Smart Lock – A fine tuned security feature that makes your face your security lock. This feature has been improved significantly from the previous Jelly bean version.
    Android Lollipop lives up to the hype around it from the time it was announced at the Google I/O earlier this year. It not only makes the use of Android phones much easier and quicker, it makes it much fun too! The Android OS gets a major makeover and you have to try it to believe it.