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This Dancer Rocks Uptown Funk At TITP Festival

Dance like you would if no one was watching goes the old saying. Well, at the T in the Park Festival in Scotland, a young dancer definitely took this to heart and rocked out to Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk.
His name is Fred Rawicz, and no, he did not particularly impress the gathered crowds with his moves, nor did his routine look like the ones of any professional dancer.
So why was his seemingly impromptu performance so impressive?
Just watch and you will see the utmost joy with which Fred gets into his routine and the sheer delight you can see on his face is all you need to appreciate in this one!
With people like Fred around, it sure doesn’t seem like too big a task to spread some smiles around – And don’t you just feel like dancing??



Little Toddler Dances In Heels To ‘Single Ladies’

This is, without a doubt, a brilliant performance. For a toddler to put on such a display in her mom’s high heels is nothing but pure amazement. The heartwarming clip shows a cute little toddler taking her talent up on the face of her favorite singer, Beyonce. She stands in front of the television while the Texas-born singer does her thing by blasting out her record hit, ‘Single Ladies’.
The little girl puts on a remarkable performance as she parades around in an adorable and talented way while putting on a pair of her mom’s high heels, perhaps to complete Bey’s video looks. The clip commences with the toddler giving a quick twist before moving closer to the television so as to study and copy Beyonce’s exact moves in a detailed manner.

With her confidence, she seems to be so used to the heels in a manner that would leave many grown up ladies jealous of her incredible agility. The six inch heels appear to be no problem to her as she shows off her sweet dance moves. Her dress code may not be up to the glamour of Beyonce, but her blue and white all-in-one still works perfectly for her and goes a long way in showing that she is definitely a fast learner.
She flawlessly swings from side to side while there appear to be moments that you would misjudge that the oversized high heels might be her downfall, but that doesn’t come to fruition as she maintains incredible balance. When Beyonce waves her hand to the lyrics, the toddler is not left behind as she also moves in the same way.
The video, which was posted by a Facebook group based in Brazil, has garnered more than 10 million views and shows just how amazing this little toddler is incredibly good at doing her thing, albeit in super-sized high heels.

Que gracinha. ^_^

Posted by Cifras on Wednesday, October 29, 2014



Scott Sterling, The Best Goalkeeper In The Game!

Studio C brings us a soccer match to determine the winners of the 2014 Men’s College Cup.

At the end of regulation, the Yale Bulldogs and the UNC Tar Heels are forced to decide the outcome on a penalty kick shootout – and it’s one of hte most epic shootouts you will ever see!

Yale takes an early 1-0 lead in the shootout and in comes Scott Sterling to try to hold the fort. “The Cannon” unleashes a 116 km/h howitzer, but is no match for Sterling’s prowess. After Yale misses on the next kick of their own, UNC is stopped once again by Sterling’s face – and this shot clocked in at 129 km/h!

By now, Sterling is in no shape to continue. When Yale misses their next attempt, guess who’s back in net? That’s right – good ol’ Scott Sterling! Sterling avoids the ball at all costs, even curling up in the corner in a fetal position – and somehow still manages to keep the ball out of the goal!

Sterling’s teammates have to bring a chair for him to sit on in order to face the 4th shooter. Then the impossible happens! UNC has a wide open net and strikes a 158 km/h bullet – right into Sterling’s face!

The score stays at 1-0 and by now the commentators are beyond excited to see how Scott Sterling saves the next one. In an unbelievable twist of fate, the UNC player strikes the ball off the crossbar only to bounce back into Sterling’s face once again.


Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, Scott Sterling!

Bike Thieves Get Treated To Swift And Hard Justice

Many people have always complained that delayed justice is justice denied. However in this instance, justice is served in hard-hitting fashion and speedy manner. These would-be bicycle thieves were certainly treated to instant, humiliating and painful justice after falling for a trick set up by pranksters in Brazil.

The clip shows thieves attempting to make away with an unlocked bicycle left by a tree not knowing that the bike’s rear wheel is actually tied by a rope on the tree. As the first crook tries to cycle off on the bike, he surprisingly and unknowingly comes to a sudden halt in his tracks, thanks to the rope. The impact sees the would-be thief fly over the handrails and land painfully, face first on the ground. A man is then seen emerging and chasing down the thief who runs for his freedom, perhaps to escape another humiliating justice.
The fate was also shared by the second and third thieves who were completely oblivious that the bike was held back by a rope. While they all appear to escape, the way they fall in almost a similar face first way serves as enough justice.
The video, which was uploaded on YouTube by pranksters who call themselves OS Primitivos, was been viewed more than two million times in less than 48 hours. It’s hilarious!


Groom Goes Viral With Bollywood Wedding Song

Weddings are always great and sometimes a unique gesture makes it even more special!
When Frank Gregoire was ready to get married to his bride Simran Malhotra, he was clearly aiming for nothing short of astounding, magical, heartfelt, and just about any similar adjective in the dictionary you could think of.
Now we all know how catchy Bollywood numbers are, and yes, we also know how difficult the lyrics are even for those who are from Indian families that have settled abroad.
So when Frank decided to surprise the love of his life with a rendition of the hit song Kyunki Tum Hi Ho from the Hindi movie Aashiqui 2, he surely knew what he was getting into – and that didn’t deter him from going ahead with the plan.
On the wedding day, all of his plans were beautifully fulfilled when he impressed not only his lady love and the gathered guests, but in the span of a few days, he impressed millions over the Internet!

As for the bride? Well, she’s clearly over the moon and knows just how lucky she is to find a selfless and loving person like Frank to share her life with.
“I know Frank loves singing but never would I have imagined that he would learn a Hindi song and sing it to me at our wedding. When I first heard him sing, I just felt like I was in ‘shock’. There are no words to describe how I felt in that moment and truthfully it is probably one of those feelings I will never experience again,” said Simran, recalling her feelings when she heard Frank break into one of the most popular songs from India.
As for Frank, he jokingly says this impressive performance could lead to further trouble. “I’m sure Simran will have many requests now that she knows I am willing to learn Hindi songs,” he said.
Apart from enjoying the attention that has come their way, Simran and Frank are also encouraging others to spread some love.
“We challenge the world to make a headline news story of love and a positive message that takes precedence over all the hate, war, crime, and negativity showcased in the world,” says Frank.
We accepted the challenge and did our bit by sharing the story! We also hope this encourages everyone to go that extra mile for a loved one, knowing that love is indeed the true essence of life.


This Man Gets Into A Fist Fight With A Monkey!!

A video emerged over the weekend of a man getting into a vicious brawl with a wild monkey. The clip showed the scrap between the man and monkey coming after the primate had urinated on the seat of the man’s motorbike, something that did not go down well with the owner.
The video, which is believed to have been shot over a week ago in the Thai province of Chachoengsao, began when the cheeky, but seemingly harmless monkey, perched on top of the bright red motorbike. That is until the man is infuriated when he realizes that the monkey has urinated on the seat of the motorbike before proceeding to bite it. He throws his shoe at the monkey in show of disgust, but the creature retaliates and flies into an uncontrollable rage.

The monkey instantly leaps off the motorbike and attacks the man before their pair began throwing punches at each other in a heated exchange. The flurry of punches escalates when the man takes a kick at the monkey as they roll on the ground at the edge of a river. Even though it has been reported that neither the man nor the monkey was injured, many would not agree with that view. This is because the madness continues as the man and the monkey roll in the dirt with the man throwing a handful of dirt at the monkey, perhaps hoping that it would help him win the fight against this spirited creature.
The man is apparently seen tossing the primate into the water, but it’s not yet clear who came out the winner. This is obviously a spirited and heated exchange that would not sit well with animal rights activists. The person taking the video finds it hilarious though!
What do you think?


Watch 6,000 Matches Burn At The Same Time

Sometimes when you watch videos like this, you start to wonder, where do people come up with this stuff?

Let’s hope that the people making this monstrosity, which looks like a birthday cake that consists of nothing but matches, took precaution and lit the whole thing outdoors. However, it could’ve been a garage and hopefully it wasn’t a kitchen counter. Although, the surface they placed it on looks a lot like wood.
If you happen to want to try something like this, maybe you’d like to consider a less flammable table top to put it on.
Once the first match gets lit, it’s only a matter of time before all 6,000 matches are set on fire. It’s oddly satisfying and it’s probably what a forest fire would look like from outer space. Also, by the time the fire dies down, the mess ends up looking like a burned down carpet.
The whole process takes close to 15 minutes, but it’ll definitely be time well spent. And with more than 5.6 million views, a lot of people would certainly agree!


Watch This Hypnotic Subway Dance Performance

Few dance routines out there hold their own without the lights, the stage, extravagant props and the presence of backup dancers.
When a dance routine comes around as impressive as this, even despite the choice of environment, you know you are witnessing the real deal.
Dancers Philip Chbeeb and Renee Kester brought alive one such amazingly beautiful routine on a subway platform – quite an indifferent stage we would all agree – and brought it alive through their sheer chemistry and talented moves.
Set to Elliot Moss’ Slip, here’s what it looked like. Get ready to be blown away!



Ridiculous 90 Degree Push Ups

We hope you had the same reaction when we say, “Are you kidding me???”
The little kid is Claudio Stroe and his 90 degree push ups are utterly ridiculous. There’s people out there who get tired doing regular push ups – and then there’s Claudio who does push ups without ever letting his feet touch the ground.
If you’re feeling inspired, maybe you can add this to your next workout!
And here’s the kicker – he’s only 5-years old in the video. Seriously? Just watch it again.



This Guy Tries To Squat 855 lbs. See What Happens!

It’s probably no longer a surprise to come across individuals doing just crazy things in the gym. Whether it’s setting the treadmill on max or attempting to lift way too much weight, you’ve probably come across these if you’re a regular at the gym. In most cases, such attempts don’t end well. They either end in a ridiculous fail or might even end up with multiple injuries and damages. Even though these individuals are often left embarrassed, especially when they fail, they don’t always have to deal with such embarrassments for long periods because they are hardly filmed while doing it.
However, one man was not fortunate enough for there was a rolling camera and has now become a viral sensation after his failed attempt to squat a whopping 855 pounds was posted online. The hilarious footage has now left the fairly built man to deal with online embarrassment and ridicule for literally trying to ‘punch above his weight’.

The clip shows the man, believed to be from America, trying to squat with a bar loaded with up to eight heavy weights on each end. At the beginning, the man appears to be so sure of his ability to lift the weight and grunts amidst the noise from the gym music and dropping weights. He casually places the weight on his shoulders and steadies himself to begin the reps.
He appears to have maybe enough power to complete the attempt but what followed will either leave you laughing all day or pitying the man for his misguided attempt at glory.
Without a doubt, the man does not stand even the slightest of chances to lift the bar as the weights start to topple off from both sides in what can be described as total mayhem. Certainly aware of his lame and dumbfounding action, the man is shown pulling faces in the mirror as he dreadfully struggles to balance the heavy bar. As they say, you should definitely not try this at home or at the gym.


Ghost Prank Goes Wrong, Prankster Gets Run Over!

We all know how much fun is had when pranksters scare the living daylights out of innocent victims – there’s plenty of prank videos splattered all over YouTube showing just how popular they are.
Well, while we cannot deny their fame, we also need to agree just how dangerous they can be for victims. Some of these videos truly look like they are a mishap waiting to happen.
Now, there’s one video that truly turns awry, only, in this case it is the prankster who faces the consequences of his actions!
Watch this video and learn just how dangerous these ghost pranks can be.


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