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Just A Boy And His Pet Duck!

When little Jonny meets Nibbles the duck, you’ll hear loads of quacks. Don’t worry, it’s only the friendly duck telling Jonny how much it loves him!
In a video that’s been circulating around the Internet recently, the pet duck Nibbles is seen hitching a ride with mom to pick up Jonny after he gets off the school bus – and the excitement is palpable even before Jonny enters the car.
The duck gets quacking like never before and we know just how happy it is to see her best friend in the world.
Check out this video and get ready to witness a whole new level of cute!


Damn Nature, You Scary!

If you forgot how scary alligators can be, here’s a little reminder.
Not only do these reptiles (when fully grown) pose a threat to birds, deer, and humans, even other alligators are not safe when they’re seen as a possible food source.
Case in point, Alex Figueroa was out for a morning walk on the morning of April 13th and happened to witness a 11 to 12 foot alligator eating a smaller one.
Now if you’ve ever wondered what makes an alligator different from a crocodile, here’s a quick refresher!

And if you thought real life was terrifying, how about this 36 foot, 2000 lbs monster from the movie Alligator from 1980:



Obama’s Anger Translator Steals The Show!

Now we all know that in the world of politics, saying out loud what you’re really thinking in your head is a strict no-no. Well, it looks like the White House Correspondent’s Dinner is one event where a few politicians, including the President of the United States, can actually use humor to do some of that talking!
Obama made sure that he made the most of the event, bringing on Keegan-Michael Key of Key and Peele fame to give the audience the angrier versions of the statements that he was making. Key, well known for his own bits of Obama’s angry side on his show with Jordan Peele, was in full form on the podium as the anger translator, shouting and jumping and giving the audience a great time.
That is until the President himself lost his cool!
Just watch the clip and enjoy!


Best Proposal You’ll See – 365 Days In The Making!

Watching proposal videos on YouTube is a favorite pastime for many. Proposals after all represent new beginnings, happiness and the promises of something absolutely wonderful! The downside is that some people set the bar so high that others who want to propose will have a tough time living up to gestures like this. So before we begin:

WARNING: Significant others may experience higher expectations after watching this!

Now here’s a journey that begins not on the day of the proposal, but a year before!

In one of the most novel ideas, and surely one that shows the level of commitment this guy has towards his lady, Dean Smith began prepping to pop the big question to Jennifer one year before he actually did it in person!
Dean, for 365 days, held up messages proposing to her in different ways, all while performing different everyday tasks, each and every day! The short sequences have him doing everything from brushing his teeth to taking a bath, and towards the end, Jennifer’s family joins in on the fun too.
On the day of the proposal (on her birthday no less), Jennifer’s family sits her down on a beach, again with messages leading her to her chair, and shows her the video that had 365 days of love in it. And as the video ends, there’s a “Turn around” message and we all know who’s standing there waiting for her to say yes!
Now how can you top that?


Little Akim Camara Is 14 Now And Still As Impressive

Do you remember the videos of a young, really young Akim Camara making the rounds of the Internet? Videos, where even as a three-year old, the prodigy blew away audiences with his extraordinary skills with the violin? Well, Akim has grown to be 14-years old now, but his journey remains a notable one.
Akim began playing the violin when he was only 2-years old and when he was only three, Andre Rieu gave him his first shot at fame on a grand stage – at the Parkstad Stadium in the Netherlands during his Flying Dutchman Concert. There, apart from showing his magic skills with a water bottle – which the crowd loved – Akim played the Concerto G Major opus 11 and at the end of his performance, had all the audience members on their feet!
His trysts with the violin continued and another impressive performance that Akim rendered under Rieu’s able hand was when he was five years old and played the Dance of the Fairies by Felix Mendelsshohn, again with the accompaniment of the Johann Strauss Orchestra.

Now, Akim is 14, and thanks to his caring parents, hasn’t gone the way most children who find the spotlight too early do. Instead of milking the attention the world wished to give Akim, his parents made sure he continued to lead a normal life, under the guidance of the great Rieu, of course.
Today, Akim’s ear for music is so finely tuned that he can play any piece after only one listen! As mamme.it reported in 2013, his performance partners now include renowned artists such as Richard Clayderman and Wolfgang Fischer.
It is always a great feeling to see child prodigies maintain their learning and performance curves, while still maintaining their innocence and Akim is a perfect example of this. And no matter how accomplished a violinist he grows up to be, we will always remember the image of the little boy walking onto the stage in front of thousands of music aficionados and wow them with his performance, and loads of cuteness!
Check out these videos to see a couple of Akim’s performances as a young child and if you wish to hear his latest pieces, visit his channel on YouTube.

Here’s wishing the youngster the very best in life!


Would You Touch This Man With HIV?

The power of touch is sometimes overwhelming. And the power of the Internet today is such that stories can touch the lives of many around the world.

In a video that is simple, beautiful, and profound in so many ways, Janne, an HIV positive man in Finland stands in a public square with two signs next to him, one in English and the other in Finnish saying, “I am HIV positive. Touch me.”
What goes down next is heartwarming. The start is slow. People go by wondering what Janne wants. One lady even seems agitated by the notion.
Slowly, people realize what Janne wants. A lady squeezes his hand. A man grips his shoulder as if to tell him he understands, and that he has his back.
The trickle turns into a steady flow of strangers showing nothing but love to Janne. Soon, it’s time for huge heartfelt hugs – and just like that, you realize the world is still a good place, with good people in it.
The acts of kindness and support touch Janne like never before. This simple act brought tears to Janne’s eyes, and we’re sure it will touch your heart too.
So ask yourself – would you have ignored Janne? Or gave him a touch to show him that he still matters?



Marlana VanHoose Moves Stadium In Game 6

Stephen Curry and his teammates may have rocked the court in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, helping the Golden State Warriors to their first Championship title in 40 years, but the voice that moved the entire stadium was that of Marlana VanHoose’s.

Belting out a soulful and powerful rendition of the US National Anthem, few could ever be able to tell through the power of her voice that 19-year old Marlana is blind and suffers from cerebral palsy.

The sweet yet dominant performer had the audience up on their feet and truly, this was a rendition worthy of the moment.

You’ll just have to see it to believe it!



Terre Des Femmes Ad Campaign Goes Viral

An amazing ad campaign, telling the world how a woman’s worth should never be decided based on the clothes she wears, has gone viral. The campaign was designed for Terre Des Femmes, a non profit human rights organization that deals with feminism and gender equality.
Often, in everyday life, a woman’s character is judged based on the length of her skirt, the depth of her blouse, or even the height of the heels she wears. Of course, these factors in no way gives us a complete picture of the woman behind it all and this ad campaign tells us just that.
The simple yet thought-provoking ads were designed by Theresa Wlokka and a group of students from the Miami Ad School in Hamburg for the Swiss organization.
Take a look at these pictures and discover how they make you think!
Images via boredpanda

What A Wacky Canadian Hair Freezing Contest!

The Annual International Hair Freezing Contest held at the Takhini Hot Springs in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, is probably one of the wackiest competitions out there!
The rules are simple for this one, but the results are hilarious and outrageous!
All entrants do is get into the Takhini Hot Spring resort’s 40 degree Celsius water and then, allow their wet hair to freeze in the cold air, and the -30 degree air helps contestants do that in less than three minutes.
Once that’s done, the contestants have to get their pictures taken and if theirs is the best entry, they win!








This time around, it was Fanny Caritte, Milena Georgeault and Maxima Gouyou Beauchamps from France who won the competition with their weird and fun hairdos and aside from pocketing a cool $150 each, they also get their 15 minutes of fame by having their pictures published on websites and newspapers all over the world!

(L-R: Milena Georgeault, Maxima Gouyou Beauchamps, Fanny Caritte)

This one’s not just a cool competition, its freezing good!
Images via Takhini Hot Pools Facebook page

Women Respond To Tim Hunt’s Sexist Comments

Yes, Tim Hunt won the Nobel Prize for his work in the realm of biochemistry and yes, his work remains invaluable to the scientific community, but unfortunately for Hunt, these accomplishments have now been pushed to the background and maybe into Internet oblivion forever.
Thanks to his sexist comments, #TimHunt and #DistractinglySexy have now made Tim Hunt a household name all over the world, and we’re sure this wasn’t the kind of fame he was looking for!

It all began when Hunt, during a women scientists’ conference in South Korea, blurted out these words, “Let me tell you about my trouble with girls… three things happen when they are in the lab… You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticize them, they cry.”
Well, most of the world, and all of womankind for that matter, especially those who were working their heads off in labs and research facilities across the globe, were infuriated once this ball got rolling and soon enough, the great scientist got back his due. In fact, if the wave of contributions to the hashtags #TimHunt and #DistractinglySexy are any indication, the retribution will go on for a while.
Of course, the Royal Society fellow and University College London faculty of Life Sciences resigned from his post and of course he apologized for his comments, but all that won’t go far because the damage has already been done. Actually, some of his explanations later on didn’t quite help much either.
“I did mean the part about having trouble with girls. I have fallen in love with people in the lab and people in the lab have fallen in love with me and it’s very disruptive to the science because it’s terribly important that in a lab people are on a level playing field. I found that these emotional entanglements made life very difficult,” he said while speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today program – but we doubt anyone was paying attention.
Why? Because the world was busy looking at, and contributing to the following!




Featured image via dailyo.in



Cheating Husband Gets Exposed On Billboard

A jilted woman discovered that her husband was cheating on her and chose a novel way of dumping him. By using a huge roadside sign, the woman known as Lisa brilliantly used a giant 15 x 10 ft billboard to expose her husband’s apparent infidelity.

In what has now become a sensational hit on social media, Lisa wrote, “To my cheating husband Paul. You deserve each other. When you get home, I won’t be there. Enjoy your drive to work! Lisa.” This hilarious message appeared on a busy Sheffield Parkway, which is a key commuter road into the south Yorkshire City. Lisa ensured that her cheating husband was exposed to thousands of motorists who use the route on Wednesday morning.
Lisa is said to have paid hundreds of dollars to make certain that Paul, the cheating husband, and thousands of motorists on the road knew that she was done and was moving out.
Mark Catterall, a spokesperson for the advertising agency, Kong Media, who sold the advertising space to Lisa, confirmed that she had to part with hundreds of dollars for her sign and verified that the scorned woman wanted the sign placed during rush hour. Mr. Catterall said, “Sheffield Parkway is always jammed and is the main inlet and outlet to the city. Our client wanted it placed during rush hour when her ex-partner would be driving to work.”
While it remains to be seen whether the soon-to-be ex-husband read the huge message, Lisa can be guaranteed that thousands of motorists saw it and expressed on Twitter either their delight or awe at Lisa’s valiant gesture and brilliant execution of revenge.

However, not everyone agreed with Lisa’s way to break-up.
Depending on which side you’re on, the discussion of whether Lisa was right or wrong may go on and on and on. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, it was a brilliant and creative move that had probably been planned for weeks.

Featured image via dailymail (rossparry.co.uk/Tom Maddick)


Why Can’t All Photo Bombs Be Such Beautiful Stories

Photo bombing can sometimes get annoying, especially when you’re trying to get that perfect shot, without all the interruptions. But some photo bombs have the ability to create the sweetest memories that can last a lifetime. Whether it’s done intentionally by simply making someone smile, or maybe by ruining a picture, photo bombing is quite the trend these days.

This is the story of 8-year old Joshua, who received the surprise of a lifetime when his annual school picture was photo bombed. Corporal James Bass, Joshua’s father, returned home after being deployed in Kuwait for a year and decided to surprise his son in a way that cannot be put into words.
Joshua studies at Pearsontown Magnet Elementary school in Durham, North Carolina, and was concentrating on getting his school picture taken, when out of nowhere his father sneaked up behind him and photo bombed the picture.
When the photographer showed the picture with Joshua’s father in the background, the little boy could not make much sense of it, until he turned around to see his father standing right there. Joshua leapt into his father’s arms and embraced him tightly and, of course, Bass hugged his son right back with all the love he could gather.
If only all photo bombs had such beautiful stories attached to them, they would create so many perfect memories!