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Ed Sheeran’s A Wedding Singer!

The next time there’s a wedding in your family, there’s quite a good chance that Ed Sheeran might sing a song for the couple’s first dance. Of course, the newlyweds’ story needs to be as special as that of Kya and Matt Debono!

It all began when Kya and Matt were invited over to the Kyle and Jackie O’s show on the Australian radio channel KIIS 1065. The couple had shared their dream of having a dream wedding, a dream that they had eventually decided would never come true – until Kyle and Jackie surprised them by gifting them an $80,000 wedding! Thanks to the radio channel and the radio stars’ connections, the Sydney Bridal Expo said they’d pick up the tab for the wedding that even included a $10,000 honeymoon!

But wait, there’s more!

On the day of the wedding, as the happy couple readied themselves for their first dance as husband and wife to the tune of Thinking Out Loud, in walked Kyle and Jackie, announcing that they had another surprise in store.

And the surprise was none other than Ed Sheeran! The dreamy singer walked in to make the special day even more memorable and went on to sing a beautiful rendition of the song of their choice.

The acoustic execution was bang on and Sheeran’s enigmatic yet shy demeanor simply made it even more of a treat!

There were tears all around and before you watch the video, get those tissues out too!

This Irish Lad Can’t Say ‘Specifically’

His friend was left in stitches and rightly so. The man was asked to say one ‘specific’ English word, but failed in epic fashion. Forget crazy tongue twisters, this was just one word, but the poor lad couldn’t get it which led to his friend bursting out in laughter while recording this hilarious video. After the first fail, the man became even more frustrated as he tried over and over again, but failed to correctly say the word ‘specifically’.

Belfast lad attempts to say 'specifically'…This is absolutely hilarious!

Posted by Meanwhile in Ireland on Saturday, January 16, 2016

The video that has now been viewed more than 1.3 million times since it was shared and shows the Irish man known as Tommy trying to correctly pronounce the word for close to two minutes. While he appears to give it a shot to the best of his ability, Tommy just can’t seem to grasp it and is captured mispronouncing the word as ‘sepifically’ and ‘pacifically’ – making the one recording his trials to explode in a fit of laughter.

Sitting on a chair in the living room, Tommy is encouraged by his lady friend to say ‘specifically’, but shyly smiles to the camera and challenges the woman to say it first. He instead stutters on the first attempt saying ‘sepifically’ with the woman giggling from behind the camera. After further encouragement, Tommy gives it another try, but magnificently fails with every attempt. The friend is so awestruck and bursts in laughter to an extent that she cannot pronounce it herself.
Even though Tommy’s gaffe has now become an Internet joke, pronouncing the word is not as easy as it sounds as it was named on the list of the most challenging English-language words to pronounce in 2015, alongside phenomenon, brewery and squirrel.
Tommy is so frustrated that he even starts swearing, but he should take heart that he is not alone in this difficulty. There’s probably many out there who would struggle with some of these words, it’s only that he got his match in failing to pronounce ‘specifically’ and it was recorded on camera, making it pretty hilarious for everyone watching!


This Man Gets Into A Fist Fight With A Monkey!!

A video emerged over the weekend of a man getting into a vicious brawl with a wild monkey. The clip showed the scrap between the man and monkey coming after the primate had urinated on the seat of the man’s motorbike, something that did not go down well with the owner.
The video, which is believed to have been shot over a week ago in the Thai province of Chachoengsao, began when the cheeky, but seemingly harmless monkey, perched on top of the bright red motorbike. That is until the man is infuriated when he realizes that the monkey has urinated on the seat of the motorbike before proceeding to bite it. He throws his shoe at the monkey in show of disgust, but the creature retaliates and flies into an uncontrollable rage.

The monkey instantly leaps off the motorbike and attacks the man before their pair began throwing punches at each other in a heated exchange. The flurry of punches escalates when the man takes a kick at the monkey as they roll on the ground at the edge of a river. Even though it has been reported that neither the man nor the monkey was injured, many would not agree with that view. This is because the madness continues as the man and the monkey roll in the dirt with the man throwing a handful of dirt at the monkey, perhaps hoping that it would help him win the fight against this spirited creature.
The man is apparently seen tossing the primate into the water, but it’s not yet clear who came out the winner. This is obviously a spirited and heated exchange that would not sit well with animal rights activists. The person taking the video finds it hilarious though!
What do you think?


Watch 6,000 Matches Burn At The Same Time

Sometimes when you watch videos like this, you start to wonder, where do people come up with this stuff?

Let’s hope that the people making this monstrosity, which looks like a birthday cake that consists of nothing but matches, took precaution and lit the whole thing outdoors. However, it could’ve been a garage and hopefully it wasn’t a kitchen counter. Although, the surface they placed it on looks a lot like wood.
If you happen to want to try something like this, maybe you’d like to consider a less flammable table top to put it on.
Once the first match gets lit, it’s only a matter of time before all 6,000 matches are set on fire. It’s oddly satisfying and it’s probably what a forest fire would look like from outer space. Also, by the time the fire dies down, the mess ends up looking like a burned down carpet.
The whole process takes close to 15 minutes, but it’ll definitely be time well spent. And with more than 5.6 million views, a lot of people would certainly agree!


Meet The World’s Hottest Math Teacher!

You remember how as a student you always had crushes on your teachers? Well, here’s a math teacher who can push the crush quotient to insane levels!

Pietro Boselli teaches math at the University of London and recently, his students found out that their teacher – who they anyways thought was the hottest one around anyway, was actually doubling up as a model! The 25-year old, who holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, was discovered by Georgio Armani and his hot photographs on his Instagram account have earned him more than 468,000 followers (and growing!).
The Italian hunk has a rippled body to die for and when he’s not teaching his students the intricacies of math, he sure looks like he spends all his free time at the gym! Now that his secret is out, he’s simply taking it all in. “There have been Facebook posts and even some fan pages, but never to this scale, never to the viral scale,” he says about his story.
The perfect embodiment of brains and brawn, Boselli keeps it simple that way, knowing that both are equally important. “Both aspects are very important to my life. Fitness motivates me on the off days. I think both parts are complementary,” he says.
Well, one thing’s for sure. Now that his story is out in the open, a lot more students will now be signing up for his lectures!

At the agency today 🙂 @models_1uk

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London roof terrace

A photo posted by Pietro Boselli (@pietroboselli) on

What do you train for?

A photo posted by Pietro Boselli (@pietroboselli) on


Images via Instagram (pietroboselli)


The Hilarious Super Troopers Enact Epic One Direction Poses and Moves

The cast of Super Troopers is on its way to assault us with loads of laughter again, thanks to the generous funding they have received for their planned sequel.
Now, in line with their wild ways, the five Highway Patrol legends have gone ahead and acted out their own takes on popular poses and moves that the original crew of One Direction was popular for.
While Zayn Malik is being sorely missed by his crewmembers as well as fans, the Super Troopers have stuck to the fivesome formula here, so try not to get all nostalgic!
Every one of these pictures and vines are crazy and awesome so enjoy them without the disappearance of Zayn Malik disturbing you’ll!















Images via buzzfeed

Watch This Hypnotic Subway Dance Performance

Few dance routines out there hold their own without the lights, the stage, extravagant props and the presence of backup dancers.
When a dance routine comes around as impressive as this, even despite the choice of environment, you know you are witnessing the real deal.
Dancers Philip Chbeeb and Renee Kester brought alive one such amazingly beautiful routine on a subway platform – quite an indifferent stage we would all agree – and brought it alive through their sheer chemistry and talented moves.
Set to Elliot Moss’ Slip, here’s what it looked like. Get ready to be blown away!



The Cutest And Most Unusual Group Of Friends!

The Internet is always loaded with some of the most heartwarming stories and a recent post on social media has caught the attention of viewers all over the world.
Most dog lovers would know firsthand just how friendly and loyal their pets are. Of course, some dogs may chase cars and growl at the mailman and others may love to chase cats up trees. However, most dogs tend to have the human quality of being protective about loved ones.

This story comes to us from an adorable golden retriever named Bob. Bob is as friendly as any dog can get and he is the largest of all the other pets who share his human’s home and even then, he treats his friends with love and adoration.
Who are Bob’s little friends? Well, a furry hamster and eight little birds make up that list!
Bob has won the hearts of fans with the cute pictures of him posing with his little friends that have been posted on Instagram.
His pictures have received thousands of likes and comments, and his fan following is steadily on the rise, just like his level of cuteness!
So, if you’re feeling low and are looking for something to make you smile, you just have to log onto Instagram and check out these adorable pictures among which Bob has even posed with the cutest straw hat and scarf!

There are even pictures of this unusual group of friends taking naps and sunbaths together.

The hamster seems to love Bob’s wet little nose and climbs up his muzzle while Bob patiently watches on. Just plain adorable!

While the golden retriever seems to enjoy every moment of his life, Bob is willing to pose for the camera. His furry and feathered friends have also been captured while they’re out in the open, playing together under the sun.

Indoors, Bob’s human has had his pictures printed on comfy pillows that Bob loves to relax on too!

Well, don’t we just love happy families like this one!



This Is Why Supercars Are Not For Everyone

Driving lessons are fun as well as eye-opening. You get behind the wheels of a car for the first time and know immediately that the beast you have at your fingertips is capable of a whole lot of destruction.
And sometimes, there are lessons you’ll learn without even getting behind the wheels!
Dishing out a new set of instructions to the world on how not to drive a supercar, an unidentified driving enthusiast crashed a shiny new Porsche 918 Spyder and by the looks of it, seemed unfazed by the entire incident. Moreover, it didn’t even seem like it was his car!
Check out this guy as he’s soaking up all the attention like a boss, right up until he crashes the car like a beginner! He did manage to swerve in time and save the lives of a couple of innocent bystanders though!

Рубрика: #ПляжнаяЖизнь в #StTropez #СанТропе. Сегодня на #Никкибич, русские, #разбили #спортивнуюМашину #Porsche #Порше. Избыточное внимание окружающих вскружило голову #РусскомуПарню так, что он не вписался в поворот, и слава богу сбил бардюр, а не прохожих. #KristinaLifeTime for #StTropezRussianBlog #WelcomToSaintTropez #WelcomToStTropez ENG: #Beach #life in #StTropez # SanTrope. #Today at Nikki #Beach, #Russian, defeated #sportsCar #Porsche918 #Spyder. Many attention of others turned the heads of #RussianGysso that he does not fit into the rotation, and thank God knocked bardyur, not passers-by. FR: La vie de plage dans #StTropez #SaintTropez Aujourd'hui à #NikkiBeach, #russe, battus #voiture de sport #Porsche918Spyder Attention boky beaucoup des autres fait tourner la tête de Russie # gars pour qu'il ne rentre pas dans la rotation, et je remercie Dieu frappa bardyur, pas les passants.

A video posted by Kristina (@kristina_lifetime) on

Here’s a crew taking stock of the damage while the driver’s possible girlfriend tries to talk some sense into him, and we still do not know he could grin away. Probably hoping his pearly whites could turn back time?

Рубрика: #ПляжнаяЖизнь в #StTropez #СанТропе. Сегодня на Никки бич, русские, #разбили #спортивнуюМашину #Порше918Спайдер #Порше Избыточное внимание окружающих вскружило голову #РусскомуПарню так, что он не вписался в поворот, и слава богу сбил бардюр, а не прохожих. #KristinaLifeTime for #StTropezRussianBlog #WelcomToSaintTropez #WelcomToStTropez ENG: #Beach #life in #StTropez # SanTrope. #Today at #NikkiBeach, #Russian, defeated #sportsCar #Porsche Many attention of others turned the heads of #RussianGysso that he does not fit into the rotation, and thank God knocked bardyur, not passers-by. FR: La vie de plage dans #StTropez #SaintTropez Aujourd'hui à Nikki #Beach, #russe, battus #voiture de sport #Porsche918Spyder #Porsche918 #Porsche boky beaucoup des autres fait tourner la tête de Russie # gars pour qu'il ne rentre pas dans la rotation, et je remercie Dieu frappa bardyur, pas les passants. #EpiBeach #Pampelone #Epi

A video posted by Kristina (@kristina_lifetime) on

And here’s the car being pushed into a garage while a security guy is asking the driver to accompany him somewhere (probably to his checkbook). We also see the girl walking away to speak to someone on the phone. Looking for a new boyfriend already?

Рубрика: #ПляжнаяЖизнь в #StTropez #СанТропе. Сегодня на Никки бич, #русские, #разбили #спортивнуюМашину #Порше918Спайдер #Порше окружающих вскружило голову #РусскомуПарню так, что он не вписался в поворот, и слава богу сбил бардюр, а не прохожих. #KristinaLifeTime for #StTropezRussianBlog #WelcomToSaintTropez #WelcomToStTropez ENG: #Beach #life in #StTropez #SanTrope. #Today at Nikki #Beach, #Russian, defeated #sportsCar #Porsche918 attention of others turned the heads of #RussianGysso that he does not fit into the rotation, and thank God knocked bardyur, not passers-by. FR: La vie de plage dans #StTropez #SaintTropez Aujourd'hui à #NikkiBeach, #russe, battus #voiture de sport #Porsche #Porsche918 #Porsche918Spyder des autres fait tourner la tête de Russie # gars pour qu'il ne rentre pas dans la rotation, et je remercie Dieu frappa bardyur, pas les passants. #EpiBeach #Pampelone #Epi

A video posted by Kristina (@kristina_lifetime) on

Well, we’ve seen plenty of hilarious aftermaths of temporarily inflated egos, but this one’s is surely among the best!



Internet Helps Success Kid’s Dad In Big Way

If you’re familiar with any kind of meme, you should be familiar with success kid as he can be found all over the Internet. Google the words and you will find hundreds of memes popping up of his cute face with determination and perseverance written all over it. Of course, there’s the clenched fist to add to the tenacity of it all too!
Now, the success kid, after providing countless hours of smiles to people, has written a special success story for his ailing dad.

Sam Griner’s dad, Justin Griner, has been fighting against the serious effects of kidney disease since 2006. In 2009, the now 39-year-old Justin suffered complete kidney failure. Recently, in a bid to raise money for her husband’s treatment, Laney Griner took to GoFundMe in the hope that complete strangers would see their plight and help her family out. After all, the fear that Justin had lost his mom to the same disease must have been foremost on their mind.
It wasn’t wrong to hold on to the hope of help from the world wide web though, the same web that helped their son’s face gain millions of admirers. Although Sam’s mom refrained from mentioning her son’s meme history on the page, believing it would be wrong to mention this detail, people soon found out and soon enough, everyone knew that Justin was the Success Kid’s father and needed help.
Now eight, Sam’s popularity on the web is well-known and in only a matter of days, his family not only raised the required amount of $75,000, but also overshot it. The last time we checked, the campaign was going strong with over $100,000 coming its way in the form of donations and blessings from around the world.
Laney is understandably elated the way things have worked out for her husband and cannot believe that so much love could come their way because of their son.
“I can’t thank you all enough for getting us to our goal and way beyond. We’re so thankful and humbled by the outpouring of support and kindness. This has all been far beyond our wildest hopes for fundraising. We never could’ve dreamed this. I’ll be eternally grateful for the support and hope you all gave to us. I love the internet so much,” she wrote on her campaign page.
We all know it isn’t just Sam’s popularity that has driven people to donate wholeheartedly towards this cause. The Internet truly is a place where loads of amazing stories turn up every day.


Featured image via gofundme


A Mom And Her Brave Daughters

Mothers adore their little ones and making memories with them is often a priority that surpasses several others. One such mother has turned this adoration into her passion.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom @paintedpieces, an amazing artist but an even better mom and Mimi. We are very lucky!

A photo posted by Kate T. Parker (@katetparkerphotography) on

Kate T. Parker is an Atlanta-based, commercial fine-art photographer who prefers capturing the casual and imperfect moments. She finds beauty in the toothless smiles, scraped knees and messy hair of little children and she draws inspiration for her unique style of work from her two daughters Ella and Alice.

After school at Mimi's.

A photo posted by Kate T. Parker (@katetparkerphotography) on


Kate did not decide on this course of photography and life. The talented photographer was browsing through some of her daughters’ pictures and out of the blue, it suddenly occurred to her that her most brilliant pictures are those candid moments that she captured while her daughters were doing what they do best – being their brave little selves.
The freckled and messy little girls created the perfect images that caught Kate’s eyes and soon enough, she was clicking away the best pictures with her favorite models in the world!
Kate admires the very natural images brought out by her innocent but bold girls and sharing these images with the world has brought her loads of appreciation and goodwill.
Kate Parker has clicked a series of photographs that feature her daughters and their friends. She rightfully calls these photographs ‘Strong is the New Pretty.’

The fool on wABE today. 🙂

A photo posted by Kate T. Parker (@katetparkerphotography) on

Label it the love a mother has for her daughters or even the admiration that one woman has for another. No matter how you choose to see these images, they will always speak loudly.