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Groom Goes Viral With Bollywood Wedding Song

Weddings are always great and sometimes a unique gesture makes it even more special!
When Frank Gregoire was ready to get married to his bride Simran Malhotra, he was clearly aiming for nothing short of astounding, magical, heartfelt, and just about any similar adjective in the dictionary you could think of.
Now we all know how catchy Bollywood numbers are, and yes, we also know how difficult the lyrics are even for those who are from Indian families that have settled abroad.
So when Frank decided to surprise the love of his life with a rendition of the hit song Kyunki Tum Hi Ho from the Hindi movie Aashiqui 2, he surely knew what he was getting into – and that didn’t deter him from going ahead with the plan.
On the wedding day, all of his plans were beautifully fulfilled when he impressed not only his lady love and the gathered guests, but in the span of a few days, he impressed millions over the Internet!

As for the bride? Well, she’s clearly over the moon and knows just how lucky she is to find a selfless and loving person like Frank to share her life with.
“I know Frank loves singing but never would I have imagined that he would learn a Hindi song and sing it to me at our wedding. When I first heard him sing, I just felt like I was in ‘shock’. There are no words to describe how I felt in that moment and truthfully it is probably one of those feelings I will never experience again,” said Simran, recalling her feelings when she heard Frank break into one of the most popular songs from India.
As for Frank, he jokingly says this impressive performance could lead to further trouble. “I’m sure Simran will have many requests now that she knows I am willing to learn Hindi songs,” he said.
Apart from enjoying the attention that has come their way, Simran and Frank are also encouraging others to spread some love.
“We challenge the world to make a headline news story of love and a positive message that takes precedence over all the hate, war, crime, and negativity showcased in the world,” says Frank.
We accepted the challenge and did our bit by sharing the story! We also hope this encourages everyone to go that extra mile for a loved one, knowing that love is indeed the true essence of life.