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Wearable Cameras: A Comprehensive Guide

Thanks to the huge success and popularity of GoPro cameras, almost everyone is now familiar with the idea and concept of wearable cameras that can be conveniently clipped on. It doesn’t matter if you’re just someone looking for some thrills and a device to record your amazing stunts through the forest, or skating on an ice rink, or even if you’re just curious about the inner workings of this device – you’ve come to the right place.
The GoPro Hero 4 Silver

There are no less than six different types and models of GoPro cameras that are wearable. There are about three models that are ideal for those who are new to this whole culture and three that bear a heavier price tag and are aimed at those people who are professionals; these more expensive models offer more features and options. The GoPro Hero 4 Silver features more average functions and is a model that can be easily satisfying for a normal user. With a price tag of about $400, it has all the basics and a bit more features packed inside. If you’re looking for a more basic camera, then you might be interested in the GoPro Hero+ which bears a lighter price tag of about $200. The GoPro Hero 4 Silver is designed with a built-in touch display; it can also record footage at a resolution of 1080 pixels at about 60 fps. This option is fairly convenient and easy to use, but is definitely not of mediocre quality. It contains more features such as a burst mode, a night photo mode and a time lapse mode. This camera comes in two variations, Silver with a mount and tether and a Music version with a stand for mic and removable mounts for instruments.
The Narrative Clip

Designed by a small Swedish start up, this is comparatively cheaper coming in at about $199 each. The second and more refined version is the Narrative Clip 2 which conveniently clips on to your clothing and starts capturing images as you go about your day with your chores and duties. The former model is also up for grabs on sites like Amazon for about $120, but it features a 5 mega pixel camera while the second model features an 8 mega pixel camera. Another additional feature included in the second version of this device is the video capture that works by double tapping. It records about 10 second long video clips in 1080p. Not only that, the second version has a wider 90 degree angle as compared to the old one that will not allow you to capture as much.
The SnapCam by iON

This is very similar to the Narrative Clip in terms of looks, designs and functionality. It has a price tag of $150 and does not only record clips and photos, but it can also stream live for about an hour of footage. It has built-in Wi-Fi for convenient media sharing and an 8 megapixel lens.
The Google Glass

If you’re looking for one, unfortunately it’s not available to be purchased anymore. It was intended and designed especially for professional developers rather than the masses and it had caused some really serious debates over privacy issues and the safety of data. It features a small and discreet device that would have been perfect for recording without the other person knowing. It was more of a tech glass rather than a camera and featured a 5 megapixel camera that shot in 720p rather than 1080p, however that didnt prevent it from catching the attention of various brands and developers.
What’s interesting to see about these devices is the change in design from being mountable designs to converting into devices that can be clipped on.


How To Avoid These 10 eBay Shopping Mistakes

Despite the fact that many years have gone by since eBay rose to the top as a platform for online shopping, many of the new eBay shoppers are still struggling with the same mistakes that troubled the previous generations of newbie eBuyers.
eBay has a unique format and the rules may not be the same as other websites, leaving more room for error. These are some common mistakes that are made by new eBuyers and an ideal approach to avoid them.
1. Buying the First Item From Search Results

For quite a while now, the search system for eBay has been customized to show the seller(s) or item(s) that eBay might want you to buy, as opposed to those that might offer the greatest assortment of choices or those that may have the best prices. Most of the time it’s sellers that do the most business with their products are the ones you’re seeing, which, sometimes, is a good thing. However, don’t ignore the fact that there might be other sellers out there who can meet your criteria and also save you money.
Can be avoided by sorting the search results by price or using the advanced search options after clicking on the “Search” button.
2. Bidding on the Lowest-Priced Auction Item

On eBay, there are a large number of items whose “current cost” is just in pennies as opposed to its real value.  This situation doesn’t end. These items are actually up for auction, and while they may be priced low, for now, they won’t be by the time the auction ends. A lot of newbies invest a lot of time trying to get items off eBay for a couple of dollars and then get disappointed and give up thinking eBay is deceptive or they end up getting outbid, which is usually always.
Can be avoided bybuying items that don’t require bidding / or bidding the amount you think the item is worth.
3. Buying without Checking Seller’s Feedback

The feedback system on eBay is more critical for shopping safety than the rating systems of the seller. The sellers on eBay offer a much more extensive assortment of products and are liable to considerably more lax controls than other websites like Amazon. Buying an item from a seller with a bad feedback is a recipe for disaster.
Can be avoided by checking seller’s feedback before making a purchase or placing a bid.
4. Overbid for an Item / Getting Caught in Bidding Wars

The proxy bidding system by eBay and the anonymity of bidding on eBay can be a source of a bad case of auction brain in some new eBay shoppers, making them bid more money on an item than they normally would while they are caught up in the moment. Don’t do that. Don’t think that since eBay is just an auction on the website, you can just withdraw your winning bid or you are not obliged to honor it. If you win the auction, you are required to complete the transaction.
Can be avoided by placing a limit on your purchase price before bidding on any item.
5. Failing to Read Descriptions Thoroughly

eBay consists of different descriptions for different items (i.e. every iPhone sold on eBay will have a unique description.), not like other websites like Amazon, which uses the same description if the item is similar. Sellers have the permission to sell modified, broken or incomplete items on eBay. So if you don’t want any surprises, always remember to read the description of the item carefully.
Can be avoided by thoroughly and carefully going through the description of the item up for auction before making a bid.
6. Paying By E-Check or Instant Bank Transfer

Almost every payment that you make on eBay is through PayPal, but most of the shoppers on eBay don’t know that there are several different ways to pay and the default way of payment can be much less safe when compared to others. The method PayPal encourages you to use is instant funds transfer, but if the deal goes badly and the buyer protection of eBay does not cover you, you will not consider yourself to be very lucky.
Can be avoided by using credit cards with PayPal.
7. Ignoring Shipping Costs

The change in the policy of eBay is more annoying now than it was before as the shipping charges are continuing to go up. Many new buyers fail to check the shipping charges before making a bid on an item and then end up feeling cheated. Similarly, many new eBay buyers fail to go through the handling times and shipping times as specified by the seller.
Can be avoided by going through the description of the item carefully and understanding the shipping costs, estimated time, and shipping method according to your location.
8. Avoiding Overseas Seller(s) or Item(s)

The biggest perk of this era is that you can buy any item on eBay – even in small quantities – from anywhere in the world. Still, there are many buyers who don’t do business with sellers who are overseas. Buyers avoid overseas sellers and buy the same item from local retailers by paying more money.
Can be avoided by giving the international sellers the benefit of the doubt based on their feedback.
9. Handling Disputes or Dissatisfaction Poorly

Every buyer on eBay will probably have a negative experience at buying an item (sooner or later) and many people handle their first bad experience in a way that doesn’t help them become satisfied. The feedback system of eBay is always useful, but it should not be the first corner you turn to after receiving a deal that didn’t meet your expectations. The objective here is not to make the other person look bad, but to receive the item you paid for. A few methods involve contacting eBay. If none of those methods work, don’t forget to leave feedback for the sellers so that future buyers can learn from your mistakes.
Can be avoided by getting in touch with the seller, then using eBay’s dispute system to file a dispute. Always leave feedback.
10. Falling Prey to eBay Scams

Sadly, eBay is not free from the shackles of these despicable activities. There are sellers on eBay selling expensive ticket items that don’t exist, usually ask for large amounts over wire transfer and are likely linked to organized crimes.
Can be avoided by remembering the basics: never click on the links in the emails and always pay through credit cards. Never make payments via wire transfers.
If you have made some of these mistakes, remember that everyone here was once a newbie too and you learn by your mistakes. Make sure you make no more of these mistakes and try your best to never make them. Make your experience of shopping with eBay a positive one.


Here’s 28 Facts About Tech Mogul Steve Jobs

For us, Steve Jobs has been one of the most inspirational personalities in the world of technology. Without him, there’s no Apple, and the millions of people using iPhones would probably using something else. Here we have some more facts about this great visionary!

1. When inquired as to why he had named his organization Apple, he answered that when going through the dictionary, Apple appears before Atari. Before he started Apple, Jobs used to work for Atari. He also said that he is fond of apples and that he had a 5’o clock deadline to name the company that day.
2. Why was he dismissed from his own organization? It’s a known fact that Steve Jobs was let go from Apple in 1985. Some of you might be aware that it was because of a falling out he had with the CEO of Apple at that time, John Sculley, but only a few people are aware of the exact story about the disagreement. The story goes that Jobs needed to drop the cost of Macintosh as it was not meeting his expectations and was underperforming in the market and wanted to shift a big portion of advertising budget towards Mac instead of Apple 2. However, Sculley did not agree with this deal. His argument was that the poor sales of the Macintosh had nothing to do with the price, but with the unremarkable software in it. And when the matter was taken to the directors of the board, they sided with Sculley and fired Jobs.
3. Before Steve Jobs started Apple, he and Steve Wozniak sold and constructed digital blue boxes, which were $100 equipment that allowed people to hack telephone systems and permitted them to make calls to any number in the entire world. One of their first calls were made to the Vatican, in which Wozniak pretended to be Henry Kissinger and requested to talk to the pope. This was unsuccessful.
4. According to Steve Jobs, one of his life’s mysteries is that how his friend and co-founder of Apple II, Steve Wozniak, never agreed to build a floating point BASIC for the Apple II, even though Jobs begged him to do so for several weeks. After Wozniak refused to do it, Jobs contacted Microsoft and asked to license BASIC by Bill Gates.
5. Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman’s movie, “Anywhere But Here,” was a dedication to Steve Jobs by his sister, Mona Simpson. The movie was based on the book she wrote. The story revolves around a mother and her daughter who are hunting down success in Beverly Hills.
6. Since 1997, the year Steve Jobs became the lead executive of Apple, Jobs had kept his pay at only $1. In 2007, Jobs joked on his salary that he gets 50 cents for showing up to work every year and the other 50 cents is for how he performs throughout the year.
7. After Steve Jobs graduated from Homestead High School in Cupertino, California, he got admission to Reed College. He only took classes for one semester and dropped out of college. However, for the next year and a half, he kept on auditing classes that intrigued him.

8. Steve Jobs was known to be a pescetarian, meaning the only meat he ate was fish.
9. At the young age of 12, Jobs asked the co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, William Hewlett, for some parts he needed to complete a project for school. Jobs was offered an internship by Hewlett at his company.
10. Jobs first met with the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, when they were in high school. At that time, Jobs was 13 years old and Wozniak was 18.
11. When there was a financial investor coming to pay a visit to NEXT in the mid 90’s, Steve Jobs ran to the garage and to take his Porsche away from the sights of the investor and asked Randy Adams, an employee at his company, to hide his Porsche too so that the investor would not think that they had money.
12. Following his return to Apple in the middle of 1990, Steve Jobs made a donation of Apple’s first machines, blueprints, and PCs to Stanford University. He was clearing up the past so that he could make space for the new. This was his method of letting the past go and of embracing the fate of a then genuinely troubled company.
13. Steve Jobs was very discreet about his personal life. He got married to Laurene Powell Jobs on March 18, 1991, in Yosemite National Park.
14. His wife has an MBA from Stanford University. President Obama appointed her as a member of the White House Council for Community Solutions because she was actively involved with the non-profit community.

15. Even though Job’s wife is an active member in the non-profit sector, Jobs is not known to be charitable. During his early time in Apple, Jobs put a hold on all the charitable programs stating that they would hold up until they can make profits. Although these programs were never known to be restarted, they might have made a donation anonymously.
16. There were three founders of Apple, not two. Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs founded the company together in 1976.
17. Ronald Wayne designed the first ever logo of Apple and was also the one to write the original partnership agreement and computer manual for Apple I. Sadly, he sold his stake of 10% just after two weeks for only $800.
18. Jobs was not in favor of offering his products in the color white. He was convinced when Jonathan Ive, the designer, presented the “moon gray” shade.
19. In 1987, Steve Wozniak ended his full-time employment. However, he still receives an estimated stipend of $120,000 a year and is still an official employee of Apple.
20. George Lucas sold Pixar Animated Studios to Steve Jobs in 1986.
21. Jobs was a student at Reed College which is located in Portland, Oregon in 1972.

22. The silver Mercedes SL55 AMG Steve Jobs drove didn’t have a license plate.
23. Steve Jobs used to park his cars in the spot for handicapped people.
24. Steve Jobs had a pretty average GPA which was 2.65/4. Jobs never considered himself to be a good student and did not enjoy school’s structure. Instead, he opted to learn in different ways.
25. Inside every Macintosh computer, there was a signature of Steve Jobs. The metal plate that went inside every Macintosh computer was a model of a piece of paper which was signed by Jobs and his team.
26. As a user-friendly decision, the older laptops of Apple have the logo upside down.
27. The Apple Macintosh computer was actually named after a real apple, the McIntosh, as it was an Apple employee Jef Raskin’s (who was working on the project), favorite variety.
28. At the time of his death from cancer, Jobs’ last words were “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow,” as he looked over his family’s shoulder. This was revealed in Mona Simpson’s eulogy.


Here Are 5 Laptop Stands To Help Your Posture

Working on a laptop can be a hectic job especially when sitting for long working periods of time. Sitting in one posture for long can cause damage to your spinal cord and can also cause health problems.
A solution to this problem could be to buy yourself a laptop stand. These stands can help you maintain an easy and relaxing posture so that you can work with ease.
1. Rain Design mStand

Designed for Macbooks, this stand works with almost all types of laptops. It’s made of aluminum and features a simple design that is angled to keep your laptop elevated to eye level. It comes with an adjustable base that lets you swivel the laptop from side to side. Just place this stand on your table and start working without compromising with your health.
2. IKEA Brada

Featuring a fold-out desk stand, the IKEA Brada is available in two very affordable designs. It features spaces on the sides that work as cable management slots so that the cables don’t disturb you while working. It’s designed to keep your laptop elevated so that you don’t have to bend over too much.
3. Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand

This space-saving laptop stand is designed in a way that it can easily accommodate a keyboard as well. Made from aluminum, it’s light-weight and is equipped with rubberized feet so that it doesn’t move while adjusting your laptop. Buying this stand is a wise choice as it allows you to adjust the height on which you want to keep it. Its open design also keeps the laptop cool and makes it inexpensive.
4. Cooler Master NotePal U2

As the name suggests, the Cooler Master stand is designed to keep your laptop cool while you are working. It can easily accommodate multiple cooling fans as per your needs and also elevates your laptop to the level of your comfort. Featuring a mesh design that helps for ventilation, this laptop stand can be disassembled and be used as a protective case for carrying laptops. You can buy this stand in different colors and sizes, depending on the number of fans you want to add to it.
5. Do It Yourself

Looking for a much cheaper laptop stand? Why not build one on your own?
To build a laptop stand of your own, all you need to do is to look around for some unused things in your home. You can make a laptop stand out of a stack of books or use some PVC pipes to build a proper stand. You can then turn it into a more stylish version by adding height-adjustment and a cable management system.
Take a look at your current workstation and see which laptop stand will suit your needs the best!


Is WiFi Slowly Killing You?

Wireless connectivity has fast become a necessity, wouldn’t you say? No one likes dragging around bulky cables wherever they go – along with their laptops. As much as we dread it, WiFi has a bad side too. It offers you portability, but it also brings with it some side effects.
So, What’s The Big Deal

Wireless routers and modems send signals to our computers. These signals are powerful enough to pass through walls via electromagnetic radiation. You can very well imagine that if these signals are powerful enough to penetrate walls, what are they doing to our bodies? Having a wireless router in your home or office exposes you to this radiation.
One of the problems is that no one ever turns off the router, thus the exposure to radiation is literally 24/7. Hence, we are constantly having an over-exposure to EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency).
Isn’t WiFi Tested To Be Safe?

They kind of are. They emit electromagnetic radiation in low frequencies, which is safe up to a point. The problem arises, though, when we consider the fact that these EMF were not meant to be used 24/7 in our homes and offices. You would also like to know that WiFi modems pass on radio signals with equal frequency as that of microwave ovens.
So These Rays Are Cooking Us?
Not really. However, there is sufficient research that reveals that extended exposure to EMF waves can cause memory loss, brain damage, and also tumors. These low EMF seem to lower our body’s energy field, leading to fatigue and in extreme cases, cancer.
Can It Make Me Sick?

Many people are having health-related issues due to exposure to these rays. Symptoms vary and include dizziness, headaches, irregular heartbeats, and digestive problems. Some people even claimed to get instant relief when they turned off WiFi or left an area full of WiFi signals.
Heads Up

An ‘interesting’ study was conducted in Denmark. A few Danish students took 400 cress seeds and split them between 2 rooms. Both were subjected to same care and conditions with one exception: seeds in one room had two WiFi routers placed next to them. After 12 days, it was observed that the seeds exposed to WiFi signals had failed to sprout while the others had sprouted normally.
Perhaps, it’s time we bring about healthy and much-needed necessary changes in our lifestyle. Technology is good, but too much of anything can be bad. The dangers of these massive energy fields are just too much to ignore. When not in use, just unhook the routers. Your body can do without the over-exposure to these rays.



Best Smartphone-Friendly Gloves For Texting Addicts

In winters, staying warm matters the most, but for tech junkies, having their favorite device in their hands is all they really want! If you are also one of those who are addicted to texting, then you might have experienced how annoying it is to send a message by removing your gloves in the chilly season. However, good news is that some phones, like the Galaxy Note 4 for instance, now enable you to use the touchscreen through cloth. Even if your phone lacks this feature, you still have something to help: touchscreen gloves that let you text even if you are wearing them!
Timberland Men’s Fleece Soft Shell Glove
Lightweight and classy looking, these special touchscreen gloves are available in four sizes and colors. What makes Timberland Men’s Fleece Soft Shell Glove worth purchasing is the fact that it includes special pads which are placed in the thumb and index finger. This is how the connection between the fingers and smartphone’s touchscreen can be made easily. In addition, its fleece material is designed to keep your hands warm no matter how cold it is!
Zensah Smart Running Gloves
Have you ever thought of texting and running without breaking the rhythm? Well, if you are a techy athlete, then Zensah Smart Running Gloves are for you! These sophisticated touchscreen gloves let you text while running because of the sleek, shiny fabric placed across the pointer finger, middle finger tips, and the thumb lets you use the touchscreen easily. A unique feature includes anti-moisture suede so that you can wipe away sweat after intense texting.
Newer Technology NuTouch Gloves
If you like to use almost all your fingers while using your smartphone, then grab those Newer Technology NuTouch Gloves! Manufactured from a mix of soft cotton, the fabric consists of the conductive fiber within all ten fingertips so that you can tap, swipe, as well as scroll by using any one of your digits. Another advantage of these amazing touchscreen gloves is that they are available in different sizes and can be purchased on one-year warranty.
Agloves Gripper
Do you often fear that your iPhone 6 will slip out of your covered hands? Since this is a natural feeling, manufacturers of Agloves Gripper have given this some serious thought. Consisting of gripper dots, Agloves Gripper is integrated with real silver so that high conductivity and maximum warmth can be provided to its wearer.
Echo Design Echo Touch Colorblock
Made of 20% nylon and 80% wool, Echo Design Echo Touch Colorblock gloves are considered trendy hand accessories which will also keep you dry and warm. It includes touchscreen pads right on the thumb and the index finger, which are extremely subtle. These touchscreen gloves are available in grey, blue and purple, and tan and black.

5 Cool Ways To Use Your Old iPad

Apple fans love to possess the latest offerings from the company each year without giving a passing thought to the devices that they already have. Apple manages to pack so many innovative features and functions into their devices each year that it’s quite impossible not to give into the temptation and buy the latest version, sometimes on the launch date itself.
So, after laying your hands on the latest version of the iPad, what do you do with your old one? We’ll share some really cool ways to use your old iPad. Intrigued? Get ready!

  • Install The iPad In Your Car – Infotainment system, anyone? Well, you don’t need to install a new one because you can use your old iPad for this purpose! You can mount it on the front and use it to play music, watch videos and to look-up addresses on maps. You can also put it in the backseat for passengers. Using RAM Mounts for this purpose will be a good idea. And if you want even more, hire a professional and get your iPad professionally installed in your car. It may cost you a little, but then it could be money well spent!

  • Use It As A Remote Control – You can turn that old iPad of yours into a remote that controls your media and entertainment hub at home. Many companies are shipping their television sets equipped with Apple software and applications and they can be easily controlled with your old iPad. You can even use it as a virtual game controller with your consoles.

  • Use It As A Kitchen Buddy – Download your list of favorite cookbooks on your iPad and get it installed in your kitchen. Apps like Big Oven and How to Cook Everything are really great for people who like interactive cooking applications. And these devices work on older versions too so installing them on your old iPad will not be a problem at all! And this will make your cooking more fun and lively. Score!

  • An Awesome Media Center – Are you a Netflix junkie? Totally hooked to iTunes while watching your favorite shows? Well, just use your old tablet to binge watch shows. Just connect the iPad to a big screen and watch back-to-back episodes on Netflix or listen to some great music any time of the day. Sounds like super fun, doesn’t it?

  • Use It To Monitor Your Home – When safety is one of your biggest concerns, having eyes on your home while you’re away becomes very important. While travelling or at work, use your old iPad to keep an eye on your home. Use it as an output device to provide the live feed of your home security cameras! It’s easy and extremely useful.
    These are just some really innovative and fun ways to use your old iPad, but you can be as creative as you’d like! It’s a versatile device and it can be used in many different ways. Just know that it’s never too late to “recycle” an iPad!



How To Stop Hackers By Securing Your Webcam

Yes, webcams can get hacked at times and the chances of that happening are fairly high. People might remember a very prominent arrest that happened in 2010. The man arrested was involved in hacking more than 100 computers along with webcams so that he can make movies in secret and use them for blackmailing purposes.
Sometimes, your webcam LED light might start flashing randomly. While this might not necessarily mean that your webcam and computer have been hacked, the situation should be investigated to ensure safety. A great safety measure that you can take is to remain vigilant all the time and avoid malware like Remote Administration tool, or more simply RAT, does not enter your computer. This silent malware can then ask you for upgrades or run security programs.
There are a few easy troubleshooting steps that you can follow. These steps can help detect the cause of the random blinking of the LED of your webcam.

  • A Computer Reboot

    Reboot your computer and then analyze what your webcam does. If it still continues to flash randomly even after 10 minutes of rebooting, you will have to check for the programs that load automatically at startup.

  • Task Manager

    To know whether you should be worried while on any windows system, simply open up your task manager and then go to the processes tab, after which you should look for winlogon.exe. If there are more than two instances of winlogon.exe running, then you need to instantly disconnect from the Internet and get this checked out.

  • Default Browser

    After a clean start, if the LED is not blinking, then open up the default browser and see what the LED light does. You can also open up each one of your programs and check the LED light to see if it flashes or not.
    A lot of people also suggest that if anyone is worried about their webcam being hacked into, then all they have to do is to cover it up using a bandage or an electrical tape. However, this is definitely not a solution, especially in the long term.

  • An Entire Computer Checkup

    When any hacker has control over your webcam, they most likely also have control over your whole computer and the files that you have stored in it. Therefore, before fixing your webcam, be sure that your computer is secure and away from any potential threat.

  • Up To Date Security Programs and Operating Systems

    Make sure that your security programs and operating systems are up to date. This will make sure that you are well protected. You should also avoid indulging in any behavior that can cause risk.
    The malware of today is very sneaky and dangerous and should be taken seriously. You should be very careful whenever you are operating any sites and you should instantly seek help from a professional if you feel that something is wrong at any point in time.



    These Are The Top 5 Tech Gifts For Mother’s Day

    Bring your mother into the 21st century by getting her these amazing tech gifts this Mother’s Day.
    For starters, try the Amazon Echo, a voice controlled bluetooth speaker which uses the Alexa Voice Service so your mom can get all the information she needs including the news, weather, and sports scores. She can even issue a command to order food! Providing the room with 360° sound, its seven microphones will pick up voice commands even when music is playing.
    Get it for $179.99.
    We all know about wearable technology like glasses and watches, but how about a wearable ring? Ringly has create this custom ring that connects to your smartphone and will notify you if anything comes through your phone. The ring vibrates and lights up when receiving notifications. It’s available in a range of sizes and colors.
    The emerald version is available for $260.00 USD.

    Taking and printing pictures has never been easier than with the Polaroid Snap. Your mom will be able to print full color photos to scrapbook or add to her existing photo albums anywhere she goes. Available in four colors, this camera prints 2×3″ pictures instantly and it will come out in great quality thanks to the 10MP lens.
    Get it for her for only $99.99 USD.
    Speaking of pictures – your mom would love to preserve those family photos, so why not make it easier for her? Tweed Wolf will help you sort through your mountain of photos to condense them into a photo album of around 250-350 pictures. It will be printed on archival paper and sewn binding to make it last. The icing on the cake is with free shipping directly to your home.
    This package is available for $295.00
    For Mother’s Day, the best thing you can do is to help her relax. She’s probably busy all year round, so she’s definitely due for a break. TruMedic has the InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager with Heat to give her a much needed massage without needing to leave her home.
    Get it for $139.97 USD.


    3 Apps Your Child Will Love… Including Scooby-Doo!

    In order to make apps appeal to kids, it’s essential to create engagement through likeable characters that will keep your kids glued to their screens. Several apps are doing so very successfully, with engaging characters that will not only keep your little ones hooked, but will also teach them something in the process.
    Here’s a list of apps that would be a great hit with your little ones.
    My Friend Scooby-Doo!

    Released by: Warner Bros., Ages: 6 to 9. Platforms: iOS, Android
    Our rating: 4/4
    Solve fun mysteries along with canine sleuth Scooby-Doo and his slacker owner, Shaggy with this slick virtual-pet app.
    Kids pet Scooby and teach him tricks, enabling them to earn clues that will help them solve four mysteries over the course of the game. Two of these mysteries are set on a spooky beach, allowing players to locate disappearing yachts and boats amid moaning ghosts. The remaining two feature the villains Miner Forty-Niner and the Spooky Space Kook and are set in a deserted town.
    These mysteries unfold slowly as the game progresses, and are scattered with opportunities to earn bonus Scooby snacks by flinging horseshoes, busting ghosts, solving puzzles, and jumping barrels. The snacks you earn by completing these activities can then be used to unlock costumes for Scooby to wear on his adventures.
    The app comes alive with eerie sound effects and realistic music, accompanied by genuinely creepy looking spacecrafts, floating mummies, aliens, and many other elements.

    Thinkrolls 2

    Released by: Avokiddo, Ages: 4 to 9. Platforms: iOS, Android
    Our rating: 4/4

    This is the sequel to the award-winning Thinkrolls that is bubbling with personality. Your kids can play with 28 animated ball-like characters who chase their friends through vertical maze puzzles. Help these characters defy gravity and prevent them from falling to the ground in order to successfully complete levels. Players use their device’s touch screen to get the character moving, and then move things around in the environment to provide their characters with a clear path to the goal.
    The Thinkrolls adorably encourage you as you try to re-adjust the environment allowing them to move ahead. They squeal in pleasure as you provide them with ledges and steps by opening and closing accordions and zipping over the barrels you drop into water to help them float. If you try to lure a wiggling Thinkroll into a wormhole, they wriggle out into another part of the maze. The obstacles are also extremely interesting, including eggs to roll, batteries to avoid, fans to turn on, and light bulbs that go off at all the wrong times.
    Such apps will not only keep children in younger age groups engaged, it will also help to develop their logical skills as they help their buddies navigate over 235 levels, each with both easy and hard versions. The app will also allow your children to grasp basic concepts of science as they experiment with physics and the properties of matter.

    My Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Released by: StoryToys Entertainment Limited, Ages: 3 to 5. Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows
    Our rating: 4/4

    This app is guaranteed to be a big hit with fans of Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar book. This game has the beloved caterpillar of the book come to life in all its 3-D glory and tries to attempt to have fun with your kids. Tap on the screen to explore the big, wide world along with the caterpillar, with white space and artwork that will remind you of the illustrations in the book.
    There are no words and no instructions, but it turns out that this app is very easy to get the hang of and kids will have no difficulty in finding their way. It’s a simple matter of guiding the caterpillar around with a touch of the finger and watch it grow as you feed it. An eye-catching meter at the top of the screen indicates the health of the caterpillar and helps you figure out how hungry it is.
    In order to progress along the levels, players also need to keep this caterpillar entertained with various activities including playing in the garden, playing with toys, painting, music and sailing around a pond in a boat. Even adults could be fascinated with the graphics as the caterpillar inches through the paint and creates art or whizzes around in his little boat.
    When both the food and the entertainment meters have been successful, your kids can tuck the caterpillar in for the night, awaiting his transformation into a butterfly. Wait for five virtual days to watch the cocoon appear, which can then be removed to reveal a butterfly.  This butterfly is now ready to fly off into the virtual world, and another caterpillar appears for your kids to take through the entire cycle all over again.

    Don’t forget to give these amazing apps a try!



    Instagram Safety: Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe

    A study conducted in 2015 by Pew Research Center has suggested that the social media application Instagram was the second most popular social media application for teenagers, especially girls. So we’re forced to ask, are your children using Instagram? And, if so, what ways can you help keep them safe?
    About Instagram

    Instagram was founded in 2010 and was acquired by Facebook later on. It’s a social media platform that allows users to share videos and photos with their peers and the general general public. Instagram users take or upload a picture (or video), edit it, add a caption if desired and post it.
    Other Instagram users have the option to like a photo, write a comment, or even share it with their own friends. Some users on Instagram use it to keep an imagery log of everything in their daily lives; other users create collections of pictures that reflect a theme they are passionate about such as traveling, fashion, or food.
    While Instagram has implemented a minimum user age of 13 years (compliant with the COPPA – Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act); there are still many underage users and Instagram has taken the bold step of deleting accounts of children not yet of 13 years old.
    Parental Concerns

    Probably one of the biggest concerns with kids using Instagram is the content they are sharing and what it may reveal about their personal lives. Pictures in front of their school; their favorite ice cream shop; your street or house; family vacations; road trips; all give away clues to you and your child’s location to anyone who is looking for patterns in their life.

    The drawback of Instagram is the automatically public posts as the default setting for every new post. Even if your child knows not to post any information that can personally identify them, they may get coerced by their peers into posting inappropriate content such as suggestive pictures. The only aim is to be more popular by having the most likes, comments and followers, and sometimes this race amongst peers can take ugly turns.
    What we need to do is to remind kids that whatever is posted online will never be taken down and is accessible to anyone looking hard enough. Even stuff shared using private browsers and accounts can have information stolen and leaked on to public forums for everyone to see and anyone to misuse.
    Now the big worry that faces us is that of other users: what about inappropriate content they share? Instagram has been used for online bullying such as making kids felt left out by friends out partying and making mean comments on pictures. Everything negative in real life can turn negative on Instagram as well. So how do you ensure your kids are safe and protected?
    Some Useful Suggestions

    • Wait – until your kid reaches 13 to allow them to sign up. Not only is it the law, it is there to protect them.

    • Hide it– Take over the settings and make the account private. Limit picture viewing access to friends only and ask them to only add people they know. This prevents imposters from getting into the friend circle.

    • Go stealth – Geo-tagging must go. Turn it off. It’s fun to see where you have taken pictures, but it’s not safe for your child as anyone with bad intentions can easily find them and make a track of their daily route.

    • Educate – Explain to your child the dangers of sharing personally identifiable information on Instagram as it can lead to anyone tracking them. Explain to them that a picture is worth a thousand words and that if they are ever in doubt over posting something, they should discuss it with you.

    • Monitor – Make a note of their username and password and make secret, unplanned checks on their Instagram. Let them know that it is not your child you do not mistrust, but the world at large. Also, keep your Instagram ID added to their friends for an easier check up daily without having to sign into their account.

    • Set expectations – Discuss your concerns with your children. Have a heart to heart discussion and reach a consensus on the amount of time allowed, the proper pictures to post, and what issues they may have with you.

    • Teach – Teach them to remove tags as well as how to make sure the Photo Mapping feature has been turned off. Make certain that they know how to go ahead and report users who are posting inappropriate images or comments publically or privately.

    • Model – Make sure your own Instagram account is a model for your kid to use as a guide. This will make the discussions on limits and boundaries easier as your kids will know that this is not only for them, but also for you and your safety.



    6 Resources To Test Your Website’s Performance

    The adaptability of a website is pivotal for the success of any type of website. These days, with the constant introduction of new devices, software, clients and what not, it might seem difficult to keep up with the compatibility for every device. Another thing to be concerned about is the time it takes to load a website, regardless of the Internet speed offered by the user’s Internet provider. A better quality of an overall experience is mainly due to the website loading in an instant without having the user wait. Even Google takes the speed and time factor in to account when checking the web performance and ranking algorithms. Not only is a site that loads fast fun to browse for users, it also comes off as more appealing for various search engines. It’s a very fundamental and important aspect to understand the weaknesses of your website design and to know when and where to improve. Let’s take a look at 6 different tools that you can use in order to assess the performance of your website.
    1. Dotcom Monitor

    The Dotcom Monitor allows you to test the speed of your website instantaneously by using 23 different browsers from anywhere around the world. It will display information such as the size of the webpage that is being tested, the time it takes for it to load along with how many HTTP requests are required in order to fully display the page in the browser. Along with all this information, it will also show you in detail, the different aspects of your website and how they affect the way the site is downloaded. If you wish to make an improvement and fix a site that takes too long to load, then this tool will show you exactly what needs fixing in terms of the biggest contributors and their overall size. This tool is available for download free of cost, but they also offer a paid service which runs speed tests automatically instead of you having to conduct them manually every time.
    2. Google PageSpeed Insights

    As discussed earlier, Google takes the issue of page speed very seriously and factors this into their rankings, so as a helping tool for developers aimed at enhancing the performance of their site, Google PageSpeed Insights was created. The Google PageSpeed Insights does not only display basic information and the usual data that it analyzes, it goes a step further and displays a number of suggestions that you might not find in the HTML or CSS, but would definitely reduce the load time for your page. These are basically server improvements. Do not forget that these suggestions happen to be coming from Google itself, so do not take them lightly. Act on them and you will see the difference and the impact through the better performance of your web page and hopefully an increase in your ranking.
    3. Pingdom Tools

    The Pingdom Tools is known more commonly and famously for performing website tests. It works by displaying results in a similar manner to that of Dotcom Monitor, but it also provides a detailed and in depth analysis of every element that is present on your web page and how it affects the overall performance of your page. Other than that, various suggestions for improvements are also offered. The performance grade of Pingdom Tools might come off as a confusing gray area that might seem arbitrary at times. You will discover that repeating the tests on the same website many times over and over again will give you different results each time even though nothing on the site has actually changed. If you decide to use this grading feature of Pingdom Tools, make sure to opt to use more solid data instead.
    4. Webpage Test

    The Webpage Test is pretty much like Dotcom Monitor and Pingdom tools in terms of what it has to offer. It will test and display the same type of information for the optimization of your web page along with some suggestions on how to make your web page better. The only difference between this and the other two tools is the way it presents the data it has analyzed. The Webpage Test is designed keeping professional web developers in mind and caters to their need, unlike Dotcom Monitor and Pingdom tools that are aimed more at not so frequent developers or who are not really in the profession. So depending on the variation of one’s preferences and the level of professionalism, this tool is better suited for those who are good at handling more technical jargon.
    5. WebSiteOptimization

    WebSiteOptimization carries a web page analyzer that can be grouped together with Dotcom Monitor and Pingdom tools in terms of being suitable for basic users. The data it displays might not come off as easy to read when compared to Dotcom Monitor and Pingdom tools, but the plus is that it’s displayed on just one page, unlike other tools that require constant drilling to dig deeper in to the sort of data required. This one is recommended for anyone who is big on summarized reports.
    6. What Does My Site Cost

    This is one more way of evaluating the performance of your site in another form. It helps you view it as another person in a different part of the world and lets you see what it would cost them to run your page on their mobile device. Keep in mind that this is not very accurate as there are just too many variables to consider.


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