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10 Mouth Watering Street Foods In Italy

Italy is known for many things; the beautiful Riviera beaches where people love to sunbathe, the masterpieces of art from a history of exceptional painters, the cobblestone streets present throughout the city, and their special love for food. Yes, when you visit Italy, you visit a city that takes a special pride in its cuisine. Fortunately, if you are craving authentic Italian cuisine, then there is no need for you to spend your entire budget on Michelin-starred restaurants. Authentic Italian cuisine also includes “cibo di strada” or street food.

In ancient times, the poor people of Rome could only afford street food. Nowadays, top chefs have put their own spin on street foods and revolutionized it into a culinary treat. Street food is present everywhere now and its diversity is incredible. Every city has its own specialties. To sift through the massive range of street foods available, Mauro Rosati, Italian food editor and author of Street Food Heroes: Guide to the best Street Food has this to say, “Street food is now quality food. Street food also helps to socialize. Among young people, perhaps because of social networks, there has been a kind of alienation during meals. Now, people are more inclined to talk and eat together, and street food has helped in that.”
The street foods listed below are those which everyone should try while in Italy. They are the best, but still they are just the tip of the iceberg in the number of amazing cuisines present in Italy.
1. Take-Away Mozzarella Caprese Cone available from Momo Food in Caserta

This caprese (tomato salad and mozzarella) is shaped like a cone and can be a perfect treat for you if you’re in a hurry, but want to have some takeout. It’s a simple and elegant dish with roots in Italian cuisine.
2. White Flatbread Pizza with Sliced Meat at All’Antico Vinaio in Florence

The flatbread pizza with sliced meat at All’Antico Vinaio makes visiting Florence all the more tempting. All’Antico Vinaio offers rare local meats at reduced rates, making it a favorite of Italians there.
3. Chianna Beef Burger at I Torelli in Florence

One of the highest quality meats is considered to be of the Chianina; cattles of Italian breed. I Torelli prepares beef burgers by cooking them on the grill. These burgers are then served on a bun topped with sesame seeds alongside a delicious sauce stewed with onion, as well as ketchup, grilled vegetables, and mayonnaise.
4. Spiral potatoes at Ape Magna in Rome

This cuisine comprises of a single spiral of potato measuring 12 inches that is fried in hot oil. Need we say more?
5. Piadaburger at Cinemadivino in Faenza, Ravenna

A Piadaburger is two round flatbreads filled with sausage, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, caramelized onions and paprika accompanied with fresh chips. A must try for everyone!
6. Focaccia di Recco at Panificio Moltedo dal 1874 in Recco, Genoa

The perfect soft-cheese pizza is waiting for you at Panificio Moltedo dal 1874.
7. Polpetta at Bopetta in Bologna

Meatballs served not as a side to spaghetti, but as a star in their own dish. This is among the best of what meatballs can offer you.
8. Puncake at Ta Da, Microcucina Girovaga in Lecchiore – Imperia

It’s a new take on a traditional American breakfast dish. These ‘puncakes’ are reinvented pancakes. They utilize five different types of dough like wheat flour, cocoa, chickpea flour, chestnut flour, and classic.
9. Pizza a Portafoglio at Di Matteo in Naples

This one is a transforming pizza. Never again do you have to be far from the taste of pizza in takeout when you are in a hurry because now you can simply fold it up and consume it like a sandwich. So much convenience!
10. Sfogliatelle at Mignon Eccellenze Napoletane in Milan

Sfogliatelle riccia is homemade filo dough with sweet ricotta, cinnamon, with a candied fruit stuffing. It’s sold in a little blue truck in Milan.


Tasty Street Foods From Around The World

Who doesn’t love street snacks? From the US to the streets of Thailand, street food can be some of the the most democratic, tastiest, and safest foods that is made in front of you. Regardless of where you’re heading to, you can get street food while traveling to many different countries.
Does this make you nervous? Some meat is cooked at 1000 degrees that ensures proper roasting of any bacteria that could possibly cause you any problems.
Most of us try to indulge in these low-cost delicacies whenever we get a chance to give a treat to our taste buds. Here are some of the street flavors you should definitely try:

Fried fish on a stick. Four pieces of fish are stacked onto a single skewer just like a fish kebab. It’s delicious, salty, and crispy.

Veggie samosas are perfect for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. These are fried in front of you and are served hot. No doubt about the aroma and savory flavor of these samosas.

Try Bolani. This one is a baked or fried vegan flatbread filled with potatoes, lentils, spinach, and pumpkin. Afghanis are also nut lovers – especially pine nuts. They sell them from huge wheelbarrows by the pounds or baggie.
The Maldives

Short Eats are seen everywhere and are considered ubiquitous for the 4 p.m snack serving. This food is enjoyed by the local Maldivians. Available in different varieties, short eats are stuffed with mince of tuna and super-spicy Maldivian chilies.

The word, Rojak means ‘an awesome mixture’ and it is worth believing that it is really an awesome mixture. It is made by blending egg, meat, pastry, and peanut sauce. All this is bundled up in a plastic bag. Peanut sauce is the ketchup of the Malaysian market. Just try sticking a fork in it.

Covrigi is a hot pretzel. Instead of salt, it is covered with poppy seeds and is sold right on the street. It goes perfect with just water.

Choripan is a perfect mixture of Argentina’s Latin and European cultures. It is a barbecued sausage wrapped in a crusty toasted French bread.

What’s so good about street food is that it is cost effective, freshly prepared, and highly convenient for you if you are not in a mood to prepare food at home. The ambiance may be a busy street with horns honking but the thrill and excitement of eating such yummy and quick food on the street is incomparable to a candle light dinner.