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10 Exceptionally Romantic Destinations In The World

While the European beauties, Rome and Paris are amongst some of the most romantic destinations for couples, there are many other locations which are equally as exotic as well as less crowded. Having your favorite dinner by the side of the Venetian waters or simply walking on the cobblestone lanes of Bruges with your loved one are a just a few examples. Want to explore more enchanting destinations? Read on!

  1. The Maldives


From having a candlelight dinner by the side of a lake to living in a house built at the water’s edge, nothing sounds more romantic than this. If you fantasize being on a beach covered by tall palm trees while sitting under their shade, all while enjoying the beauty of the captivating sunset, then Maldives is the place to be.

  1. Jammu and Kashmir, India


Often known as paradise on earth due to its snow-covered peaks, Jammu and Kashmir is said to be the most romantic destinations in India. Staying in the houseboat, floating in the gleaming Srinagar’s Dal Lake, taking a ride in the gondola over the Himalayan peak, or walking holding hands in the fields of Pahalgam are a few romantic experiences you ought to enjoy while exploring the beautiful valley of Jammu and Kashmir.

  1. Santorini, Greece


The ancient beauty of Greece has always been welcoming for its visitors. When visiting Santorini, other than the glistening sunsets and the shimmering waters, you can also enjoy the white washed homes, the spectacular blue domed churches, and the color-changing skyline.

  1. Paris, France


Walking on the cobblestone lanes of Paris gives you the feeling as if you are walking in a painting. A famous spot for all lovers, this city is filled with dazzling experiences such as roaming around in the puzzled cobblestone streets, climbing the Eiffel tower to see the most exotic skyline ever, or just sitting with your loved one and gazing at the breath-taking sunset.

  1. Bali, Indonesia


The beauty of Bali lies in the perfect white-sand beaches, the extravagant mountains, and green rice fields. Visiting Bali simply means dining along the edges of the crystal blue waters, pampering yourself through an exotic spa experience, and wandering around in the rice fields.

  1. Seville, Spain


If you want to explore deliciously different cuisines of Spain, then Seville offers many places for that around the city.

  1. Kyoto, Japan


If you are looking for a place with magical bamboo forests, breath-taking shrines, and ancient palaces, then Kyoto in Japan is the best place to visit. This city is rich in architectural beauty and lets couples explore its natural beauty, history, and diversified culture.

  1. Venice, Italy


A few of the many romantic experiences in Venice include sailing in gondolas in the Venetian waters, dining along the side of the river, and roaming around the stunning streets of the wonderful village of Burano. Venice also lets you visit its creative artisans where you can feel the tranquility of love. While strolling around the streets of the city, you may also smell the yummy cuisines.

  1. Vienna, Austria


Vienna is famous for its spectacular Baroque palaces, attractive trams, and cafes located in quiet and peaceful streets. This city is a must-visit romantic destination as it offers various magnificent settings.

  1. Rome, Italy


Rome is a city with many historic structures and museums. While visiting this fabulous city, don’t forget to explore the Spanish steps, and Italy’s most illustrious structure, The Colosseum.



Chile - 2014 World Cup

Chile Eliminates Spain

In stunning fashion, Spain will be one of the first teams eliminated at the 2014 World Cup (along with Australia).


Alexis Sanchez provided the set up for Eduardo Vargas as he scored Chile’s first goal of the day in the 20th minute. Chile added another goal before halftime to add salt to Spain’s wound. A routine freekick by Chile was inexplicable punched by Iker Casillas directly to a Chilean player in the box. Charles Aranguiz was perfectly positioned and just chipped a shot into an open net while Casillas was rendered helpless to stop it.


Spain tried to regroup in the second half, but they seemed to lack the type of energy, determination and desire needed to come back from such a deficit.


With this 2-0 loss, Spain becomes the fifth reigning World Cup holder to be eliminated in the group stages. It happened to Italy twice (1950, 2010), Brazil in 1966 and France in 2002.



6 Different Ways To Travel Through Europe

From biking through Bordeaux vineyards to cruising Cantabrian cornice, Chelsea Bengier charts the best country-hopping routes through Europe:
1. Best by Road: Spain


Having the world’s 5th largest highway network (and plenty of picnic stops and produce like manchego cheese, tortillas and Jamon Iberico, Spain is the best choice for a European road trip. From Biscay Bay, take the Basque circuit, go through the mountain passes, and roll through the sandy coastline and foothills. The circle starts in Bilbao, where the Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Gehry is located, and heads toward south Pamplona and Vitoria. Take a drive through San Sebastian (a foodie hot spot) and pause at Txiki Zelai for some locavore fare (home-grown) prior to finishing the 5-hour trip by cruising along the Cantabrian cornice towards the west. To take a round through the countryside, opt for the Santander-to-Costa Del Sol route for a peaceful drive through rolling golden hills. An idyllic halfway point is Madrid prior to continuing towards Granada (or evade the capital and go west through Seville and Salamanca). A majority of the roads which are part of this ten-hour trip are toll free motorways, making this a cheap joyride.
2. Best by Rail: Switzerland


The efficient rail network of Switzerland cuts through the Alpine landscapes, misty waterfalls and steep gorges. It is also amongst the easiest form of public transportation that can be used. Signs are available in English and the variety of Swiss travel passes makes traveling easy. Bonus! Many passes allow free entry to museums as well. The Golden Pass line covering Lucerne and Interlaken swallows around charming Swiss chalets and emerald lakes – take the panoramic train topped with glass for the best views.

Jungfrau, at 13,642 feet, is dubbed as Europe’s top and can be reached via a cog train. In the Southern Alps, Bernina Express is the best amongst other lines. Moving at 20 mph, Bernina Express steers close to two-hundred bridges and winds through the mountains by way of 55 tunnels, an impressive journey so much so that it was titled a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
3. Best by Bike: France


A few of the relaxed routes are situated just around Bordeaux, alongside Dordogne River banks, throughout the Lot wineries and in the region of the Cahors village. There are companies similar to European Bike Express that enable biking easy as they transport cyclists to points of drop-off in a double-decker bus with a trailer, and then pick them up at their selected destination. There are also many French companies that offer rentals and holiday tours, such as Breton Bikes and Brittany Borders Bicycling. You can also take a bike free of charge on many trains in France, specifically on TER regional express trains.
4. Best by River: Germany


Though Germany is known for its pedal-to-the-metal autobahn, the prime gateway of the country is its waterway system, having over 150 rivers that flow in from the North, Baltic and Black seas. The Weser, Oder, Danube, Elbe and Rhine connect the main cities of the country, and tour companies, like Viking River Cruises, provide a number of sailings from two-week voyages to nightly booze cruises. The Rhine that extends from Netherlands to southern Germany displays a lot of historic towns and crumbling castles; the Upper Middle Valley being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The longest path is via the Danube, starting from southern Germany all the way through Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria’s northern edges, Serbia and Austria to the Black Sea.
5. Best on Foot: Italy


Hike the hills, climb cliffs and meander markets in Italy, which can be best explored on foot. All 20 regions have different landscapes to wander through. The Ligurian Coast’s Cinque Terre is a 7-mile trail that connects its 5 charming seaside towns.

Towards the south on Amalfi Coast, Sentiero degli Dei (the Path of the Gods) goes through primeval Roman ruins, or if you want a tough trek, opt for Northern Italy’s Dolomites, the largest alpine meadow in Europe, where paths are surrounded with jagged limestone peaks and fields of wildflower filled with cows and goats. History enthusiasts should see the Via Francigena, a pilgrimage path of the 6th century. Many of historic hilltop towns of Tuscany like Monteriggioni, San Gimignano and Strove, are close by so you can tour them on daily walks.
6. Best by Air: U.K.


Britain is best seen through the skies. It has a lot of aerial activities available compared to a majority of the European countries, from hang gliding over the Cotswolds and learning a vintage biplane of 1940, to tours in a helicopter over London. It is here where the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is held annually: a 4-day event that happens in August and attracts approximately 500,000 spectators. More than 150 balloons having different colors fill the skies having an impressive night glow parade, and Britain’s well-known aerobatic team, the RAF Red Arrows, performs aerial tricks.

Barcelona For Free: 10 Attractions Without Paying!

Barcelona has always been a tourist attraction due to its culture, sports, fashion, and much more. It is the 10th-most-visited city in the world and the third most visited in Europe after London and Paris.
So we ask you this, if you know there are tourist attractions that you can visit for free, would you love it? Yes, of course! Barcelona can be your next holiday destination and you can definitely enjoy these 10 attractions without paying.
You can visit both the old and the new Barcelona. Its influence in commerce, fashion, science, education, entertainment, media, and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the world’s major global cities. Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate which means that you can enjoy mild, humid winters and warm, dry summers.

World Heritage Sites


These include many interesting sites like:

  • Park Güell
  • Façade of the Nativity and crypt of the Sagrada Familia
  • Casa Batlló
  • Palau de la Música Catalana




Different areas and eras are covered in Barcelona’s museums. Here are the most popular ones:

  • National Museum of Art of Catalonia
  • Fundació Vila Casas
  • Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art
  • The Barcelona Maritime Museum
  • The Archeology Museum of Catalonia
  •  Picasso Museum

These museums showcase the culture and art of Catalan art and design, artworks by the 20th-century Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, modern art honoring Joan Miró, display of objects relating to ships and travel on large bodies of water, and much more.



When going with your family, some relaxation time for you and your children is a must. Why not enjoy this time in the lush green parks of Barcelona? Enjoy the beautiful weather close to nature as it has 68 municipal parks. You can choose which one to visit with various options available:

  • 12 historic parks
  • 5 thematic (botanical) parks,
  • 45 urban parks
  • 6 forest parks




Barcelona contains seven beaches. What more do you want when you’re this close to visiting the number one city beaches in the world according to National Geographic and Discovery Channel?

Sport In Barcelona


Barcelona has a very strong background when it comes to sports. It has hosted numerous events and have their own teams in various sports followed by a huge number of fan followings. Out of many sports clubs, 2 of them are:

  • FC Barcelona
  • RCD Espanyol

Stadiums and sports arenas are also a great attraction for sports lovers and Barcelona fans. They can enjoy the stadiums and arenas including FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou which is the largest and has the capacity of 100,000.
So, the last question is, what are you waiting for? Be the first one to spend some quality time with your friends and family in Barcelona!



Romantic Trips For Honeymoon Couples

The world is beautiful and full of romantic places you can experience with your significant other. The exotic locations mentioned below range from the beaches of the Maldives to the snowy peaks in Jammu and Kashmir. And while cities like Paris and Rome are traditional choices for romantic charm, there are other locations that are just as romantic, but are not so well-known.

The Maldives

Nothing is more romantic than a candlelight dinner beside the majestic sea, and residing at one of the many bungalows dotting the coastline. The Maldives is the stuff of dreams, beaches strewn with tall palms, and beautiful sunsets every evening. It easily gets on this list because there are only a few locations that can get more romantic than the Maldives.

Jammu and Kashmir

The nickname ‘Paradise on Earth’ doesn’t come without solid-backing. It is the land of snowy peaks and foggy hills. Other romantic highlights include the beautiful waters of Srinagar’s Dal Lake where you can stay in a houseboat, or the Gulmarg’s legendary Gondola ride over Himalayan Peaks, or perhaps a peaceful walk in the fields of Pahalgam. Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most romantic places on Earth which is just overflowing with romantic spots.

Santorini, Greece

Greece’s fame attracts world-wide travelers, but Santorini’s charm keeps them there. Santorini is an island in Greece and is home to breathtaking sunsets, beautiful vistas, and peaceful waters. Beyond that, there are amazing blue-domed churches, white washed homes, and a majestic color-changing skyline. A beautiful Greek isle and indeed one of the most beautiful isles found in the world.

Paris, France

The classic city of romance. From the architecture to the atmosphere, France seems to be a match made in heaven for star-crossed lovers. From the heights of the spectacular Eiffel tower to the banks of the Seine, everywhere you go is an opportunity to make another memory with your significant other. Give yourself and your partner a treat when you visit this legendary European city of romance.

Bali, Indonesia

Synonymous with white sands, awe-inspiring mountains, beautiful green rice fields, and amazing temples, Bali has its own unique identity among one of the most romantic places to visit. It has much to offer visiting couples from wining and dining at a cabana by the waters, to a walk through rice fields, all with a picturesque scenery that Bali is known for.

Seville, Spain

One of the most amazing cities of Spain, but definitely the most romantic, Seville ends up on this list because of its undeniable charm and atmosphere. Take a stroll through the streets of Seville, where each corner holds a secret of this old but majestic city. Explore romantic cafes catering to couples, and restaurants specializing in setting the mood for love.

Kyoto, Japan

The capital of Japan is a city of peace. With a deep cultural history embedded into the very atmosphere of the city, it’s a very good choice for couples who want to explore history together. There are the famous bamboo forests to see, mystical shrines, and hundreds of years old temples and palaces to visit. Visiting Kyoto in the cherry blossom season allows you to experience Kyoto when it is at its most beautiful, when red, orange, and yellow colors dot the landscape as far as the eye can see.

Venice, Italy

While it may be the first city from Italy to end up on the list, it’s not the last. Venice has a reputation for romance. From strolling over the Rialto bridge to having dinner on a pier, Venice must be experienced to be appreciated. Creativity is bursting at every corner and artisans creating masterpieces everywhere, Venice is popular with the traditional romantics.

Vienna, Austria

Simply amazing, Vienna grasps its visitors with its beautiful architecture ranging from Baroque palaces to amazing cathedrals. Vienna hides charming cafes in the more quiet streets. The Danube river which runs throughout the city offers multiple areas where you can sit with your partner and take a part in a photo so that you can cherish this memory years later.

Rome, Italy

The second city from Italy takes its rightful place on this list. Rome is another one of those classic romantic cities that are the destination for many quintessential couples. The main attractions of Rome include strolling through St. Peter’s square together or visiting the legendary Colosseum. The lovely cafes and restaurants are simply the cherry on top of the proverbial cake.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires has almost everything to offer its tourists. Local artisans playing in the streets, unique architecture to visit and experience, and charming eateries located in a maze of its streets. Buenos Aires is simply a bundle of multiple romantic experiences. Visiting it during spring will allow you to see fields of blooming flowers coupled with milder temperatures and fewer tourists.

Bruges, Belgium

Last but certainly not the least, Bruges in Belgium rounds out this list with its medieval charm equivalent to taking a step back in time to Western Europe. Bruges is a true treasure of Belgium and seems to have come straight out of a fantasy. There are boat rides to be taken in scenic canals, paths to take a romantic walk on or historical landmarks to be visited. Bruges is simply a gem.



Jose Mourinho says Sergio Ramos is No Doctor

Chelsea’s rift with the Spanish national squad took a new turn when Jose Mourinho took on Sergio Ramos and Vicente Del Bosque, questioning them over the comments that surfaced recently. It all began when Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas missed their games with the Spanish team due to fitness issues.
The two players missed two games for the Spanish national team, the first a Euro 2016 qualifier against Belarus and the second, a friendly against Germany. Cesc Fabregas was reported to have suffered a hamstring injury while Diego Costa was recovering from a groin injury. The players’ absences weren’t taken lightly though. Spanish defender Sergio Ramos had commented how he would like it if players showed the same commitment that they do to clubs. Mourinho chose not to take these comments lying down and retorted, “Do you know Sergio Ramos personally? He is a fantastic player but he is not a doctor.”
Mourinho went on to explain the situation saying, “My doctor and the doctor of the Spanish national team, they had the scans and they decided that the player was not in the condition to play. I am nobody, nobody to go against it and I don’t think Sergio did a medicine masters in the last couple of years to understand about it.” Mourinho also commented on Del Bosque’s stand. “I trust my doctor 100 percent. If Del Bosque doesn’t trust his doctor, that is his problem, not my problem. I speak with my doctor and I believe in what my doctor tells me. No problem,” he said.
The Chelsea manager also cited the case of Vincent Kompany saying, “Kompany played today for [Manchester] City, but he didn’t play for Belgium. He was injured. Has he compromised with his national team? I think he has. He is the captain of Belgium. Did he, how do you say, ‘cheat’ by not playing against Wales to play today? I don’t think he did. So we all accept that he was injured.”
The rest seemed to have helped Mourinho’s injured men a great deal of course. When Chelsea took on West Bromwich Albion on Saturday, Costa put one goal on the scoreboard while Fabregas played a vital role in the second.
With international duty clashing with the players’ commitments to their clubs, there have been quite a few cases where players have stayed out of their national team’s games, but have showed up for the club games. Fabregas, Kompany, and Costa are among them.



Top 3 Teams To Watch at the FIBA World Cup

It’s always difficult to predict tournament favorites, but our top 3 teams to watch in the 2014 FIBA World Cup are Spain, Argentina, and the United States.
Spain stands a particularly good chance of finishing as gold medalists because of the quality of the players and the home country advantage. In addition, Spain boasts the one-two punch of the NBA brother combination of Pau and Marc Gasol. In addition, Serge Ibaka will add much needed length to an already talented squad. Spain’s probable starting back-court is formidable with the lively Ricky Rubio, Jose Calderon, and the ever dependable Juan-Carlos Navarro. The trio may be underrated, but they can score against the toughest of opposition. Spain could go all the way if they can improve their perimeter shooting. Spain could give the United States a real scare at this year’s World Cup.
Argentina will definitely be among the top three, if the strength of its squad is anything to go by. Argentina may be getting on in years, but that means it has the experience to cause a real scare at this year’s tournament. The Argentinians have not placed since 2002 when it defeated the US team on US soil, but the team is determined to reverse its poor showings as of late. Luis Scola, a cemented NBA center, will be determined to lead his team in another trophy hunt. However, the lack of tried and true experience, namely Manu Ginobili, could make the task more challenging for Argentina.
The United States
Team USA is always a favorite at the World Cup, although the exploits of the 1990s when the ‘Dream Team’ thumped opponents may be over. Other teams have improved their training programs and systems. It is notable that since 1959, Team USA has won the gold medal just three times, with the most recent victory coming in 2010. The statistics may be shocking to basketball fans, but will no doubt spur the US to live up to its billing as the home of basketball. To do so, Team USA must first deliver on the court. With their star-studded line up, it will be up to the US team to gel as a squad as they will be the team everyone else is gunning for.
Although the three teams discussed above are likely to finish on top, a tournament is always unpredictable. Unforeseen events such as injuries and aging rosters could change the outcome. Even teams considered to be underdogs could give Spain, Argentina and the US a run for their money – and that’s all we can really ask for.



2014 FIBA World Cup – Group A Preview

Starting on August 30th, some of the best basketball stars in the world will fly to Spain for the 2014 FIBA World Cup. A total of 24 teams will be battling it out to lift the prestigious World Cup trophy. The USA will be seeking to retain the trophy which they won in 2010 with a convincing win against Turkey, 81-64, in Istanbul.

Group A has Brazil, Egypt, France, Iran, Serbia and Spain and all the matches in this group will take place at the Palacio Municipal de Deportes de Granada. Spain got an automatic qualification for being the host nation and will play its first game against Serbia. Serbia comes into the tournament as the last Euro zone qualifying team. The Iranians are the Asian champions and will be looking to make good use of their second World Cup appearance after a frustrating 2010 event. France, though, is one of the teams to watch during this year’s FIBA World Cup event. They are the champions of last year’s EuroBasket tournament making them one of the favorites to top Group A.

The France vs. Spain game will be one of the most interesting matchups from this group as it is a repeat of last year’s Euro semifinal where the French triumphed. However, the absence of Tony Parker on the French squad and Spain’s homecourt advantage, could prove to be more than the French can handle. Iran and Brazil seem to be the underdogs in this group considering the inexperience they have at this event and on the world stage. Key players to look out for in this group include Assem Marei of Egypt, Nicolas Batum of France and Ricky Rubio of Spain.

Ricky Rubio’s role during the upcoming event will play a big part if Spain is to win the World Cup on home soil. He’s a very talented young man who’s ready to prove his worth, especially during their match against the French.