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Top 10 Low Budget Movies That Were Huge Hits

Hollywood is well known for lavish projects where costs are hardly an impediment. This however does not hold true for all successful films. There are some low budget movies whose success, positive audience feedback and critical acclaim, resonate till date. Here’s a list of Top 10 Low Budget Movies that were Huge Hits. In spite of going really low on the element of financial expenditure, they all made a grand fortune upon release.



Directed by John. G. Avildsen and scripted by Sylvester Stallone, Rocky received a great response from the audience. Starring the fetching and young Stallone, the movie was a light film made within 28 days on a low budget of only $950,000. The movie’s release, in return, fetched mammoth amounts adding up to $225 million. Apart from the financial gains, the movie even won three Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.

The Full Monty


This British comedy with a simple story of six unemployed men who try to make a difference in their lives by forming a striptease act proved to be quite surprise hit at the box office. The movie was made on a budget of $3.5 million, but thanks to its hilarious plot and storyline, the movie generated gross revenue of over $250 million. The Full Monty received critical acclaim, after its release and was the highest grossing film in the United Kingdom, until the grandiose Titanic was released.



Directed by James Wan, this $1.2 million low budget horror film was made based on the story of two men who are trapped in a bathroom and then given separate instructions via tape recorders to help them escape. The mind numbing horror and gut wrenching details in the movie received a positive reaction from the audience, allowing Saw to garner returns of over $103 million. The movie then became a franchise with seven equally thrilling parts, which were a hit with the audience too.

Paranormal Activity


Created on a budget of a measly $11,000, this movie created a wave of curiosity with its highly unusual yet gripping plot. The movie was originally created as an independent feature and played at film festival screenings in 2007 and a couple of years later, in 2009, the movie was officially released by Paramount Pictures. Paranormal Activity depicts eerie experiences of a young couple, Katie and Micah, who move into a home in the suburbs. Katie claims to be haunted by the presence of an evil spirit in the house, and to further investigate the disturbing occurrences, Micah and Katie carefully set video cameras all over their home. The happenings that follow are grippingly spooky. The movie is worth every second of viewing and rightfully earned over a whopping $193 million worldwide.

Napoleon Dynamite


Jared Hess had created a short film Peluca that was later adapted into a full-length film called Napoleon Dynamite. The protagonist and title role of Napoleon Dynamite was played by actor Jon Heder, who received a meager sum of $1,000 for his exceptional role in the movie. Later, it is said he renegotiated and was given a profit percentage of the movie. The movie was not just made on a restricted budget of $400,000, but was also filmed in a rather cost-friendly location – producer Jeremy Coon’s apartment! It created a new fondness towards the nerd kind and many movies adopted this leitmotif in their making. Napoleon Dynamite grossed $46,140,956 at the worldwide box office.

Mad Max


This larger than life action film was director George Miller’s debut adventure in filmmaking. The actors risked life and limb with the stunts they had to perform in the action sequences and it is said that Miller could only afford one actual leather suit for the movie, the one worn by Mel Gibson and the rest of the gangsters were costumed in pleather or imitation leather. The movie’s budget was tightly set at $400,000, but the profits it made added up to $100 million. Mad Max even entered the Guinness Book of World records for the film with the highest profit-to-cost percentage.

The Purge


In Purge, writer and director James DeMonaco created the perfect plot for a crime thriller horror film. The budget invested in the making of the movie, which hit theaters in 2013, was a meager $3 million. But the reviews and audiences’ response boosted its revenue to a stupendous $89.3 million! With a story that revolves around the high crime rate in America and the government legally sanctioning criminal activities for 12 whole hours, the terror that strikes thereafter is portrayed in a horrifying real manner in the movie. The enthralling dreadfulness of the plot gripped the attention of the audience and not in a pleasant way either!



Once is the love story of two musicians, a street guitarist and a pianist, who fall in love and create a perfect blend of tunes together. The actors, Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, are real musicians and have no prior experience in acting. But the work created by them in the movie is astounding and produced in just $150,000, this one created waves among viewers and critics alike. The movie raked in whopping returns of $20,710,513 and also received an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

The Blair Witch Project


The Blair Witch Project is a transfixing horror story of three student filmmakers who mysteriously disappeared in Maryland while on a trip to film a documentary. Their video footage was recovered after a year and the recording is not just eerie but absolutely bloodcurdling! Written and directed by Daniel Myrick, the movie was made on a budget of $60,000. But the massively positive reviews earned the movie its $248 million revenue.

Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels


This 1998 British crime comedy gained critical acclaim due to its outstanding hilarious plot. The film is also said to have emerged as the project that made director Guy Ritchie internationally famous. Scripted and directed by Ritchie, the movie tells the story of a heist to rob a smalltime gang. The heist turns comic when the number of gangs, interested in making some easy money by robbing each other, increases. The budget used in the making of the film was $1.35 million, but the revenue it generated worldwide was a phenomenal $28.35 million.
All the movies on this list have gone all out to prove the fact that not every successful movie needs to be created with a monstrous budget, a monumental location or a cast of legendary actors. These Top 10 Low Budget Movies that were Huge Hits were appreciated by viewers and critics alike due to their originality and creativity and the fact that they were epics created with a relatively shoestring budget!


10 Of The Most Morbid Games You Can Play

1. Mortal Kombat

One of the earliest and possibly most influential purveyors of gore, the Mortal Kombat franchise was the originator of pissing off parents and horrifying grandmothers. Whether it was ripping spinal cords from defeated enemies or splitting bodies in half, Mortal Kombat’s fatalities are numerous and thoroughly legendary.

2. Postal

Postal puts you in the shoes of a crazed madman bent on destroying all mankind, or something like that. Given the context of mass shootings and gun deaths plaguing the US, Postal is a game that quickly grabbed headlines during the era of “video-game violence” hysteria, especially since the end of the game has your character attempting to commit a shooting at an elementary school. A sequel of the game even managed to get banned from sale in Australia and New Zealand. Go figure.

3. Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III was the major turning point in this franchise, and likely the most controversial, as players could walk around a fully living breathing city, picking up hookers, killing innocent civilians, and gunning down police. While this isn’t a game you would describe as morbid, necessarily, it certainly allowed you to be that at your own will.

4. Manhunt

This stealthy dark thriller developed by Rockstar North initially got positive reviews from the critics, but was quick to anger the politically correct crowd with its gruesome, creative depictions of murder. You play as a death row inmate forced to participate in snuff films orchestrated by a sadistic underground director. Disturbing and graphic, Manhunt is an unsettling, brutal experience, certainly not for the faint of heart.

5. JFK: Reloaded

Many video games may have you play as an assassin, but there’s only one video game where you play as Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who shot the late John F. Kennedy. Developed by Traffic Software, JFK: Reloaded has you gun down the former president, the only real goal to recreate the ballistic trajectory as accurately as possible.

6. Super Columbine Massacre RPG

The Columbine shootings in 1999 sparked a nationwide focus on gun violence in the US, one that still continues today. Super Columbine Massacre RPG is the creation of Danny Ledonne, a one-time game developer who sought to craft an RPGmaker-styled adventure based off the perspectives of the two gunmen. The game’s sprite world of RPG tropes is juxtaposed uncannily into a faithful recreation of the tragic day. There’s something inherently chilling about finishing an encounter with the words on the screen appearing: “another victory for the Trenchcoat mafia.”

7. Silent Hill

Silent Hill holds a special place in history for the disturbing legacy it has imprinted in our minds. Using the PlayStation’s DualShock controller, players could feel protagonist Harry Mason’s heart pulse as he takes damage from enemies. Harry is quick to perish, bad with firearms, and can’t sprint for very long – all factors that instill a sense of dread and helplessness. There’s something intensely morbid and disheartening about the original Silent Hill, a town where impending darkness barely masks the parasitic creatures that inhabit every corner.

8. Saw

Anyone familiar with the Saw horror franchise of movies probably has a fair share of twisted scenes stuck in their head. Jigsaw is a sadistic killer known for his elaborate trials and controlled torture he inflicts on his captured victims. In the Saw video game, you play as Detective David Tapp, who must fight for his survival trapped in one of Jigsaw’s new obstacle courses of death. Losing health slowly fades the screen to black and white as you desperately search for syringes to heal yourself. Much like the tone of the movies, the Saw video game is not a very uplifting experience.

9. Hatred

Developed by Destructive Creations, Hatred offers the rather deplorable premise of playing as a genocidal maniac bent on going on a mass murder rampage before being taking out by the police. There is no context to your protagonist’s violence, merely the aim to kill innocent civilians and police officers. The game was controversially taken off of Steam Greenlight, before Gabe Newell decided to reinstate the game along with a public apology. Many thought the apology wasn’t warranted, though. There’s nothing redeeming about Hatred.

10. Party Hard

This quirky slasher indie has you play as disgruntled serial killer determined to sneakily murder every single party goer without being caught by the police. While it’s easy to fall for the charming pixel art, clever top-down strategy, and contagious soundtrack, there’s something wicked about searching for an empty container to stash the thirtieth victim you’ve slain at the local disco pool. But hey, some people are hard to party with.


New Halloween Film Is On Its Way!

Dimension Films is all set to work on the third installment of the dreaded kitchen-knife-slashing horror film series, Halloween. John Carpenter’s horror concept and primary antagonist Michael Myers’ first feature, the 1978 Halloween film is reportedly being reinvented and ‘recalibrated’ as a 3D reboot.
The production house has employed writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan to pen the latest chapter of the franchise, writers who have earned their fame with latter parts of the hit Saw movie series, specifically parts IV to VII. Their eminence in the horror genre is also evident in films like Piranha 3DD and God of War.
Sources state that the movie project is not a reboot, remake or reimagining. It is more of a “recalibration”. By this it would only mean that the movie will be transformed, from the original Halloween series created by John Carpenter and Rob Zombie, into something that treads on a completely different path from the usual Michael Myers terror. The project has been in development by Dimension Films for a while now, but has not been given a name yet. And, there hasn’t been a director allocated to the project either. It will be financed by producers Malek Akkad and Matt Stein.
Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer were reportedly working upon the initial idea of Halloween in 3D. Lussier and Farmer worked together on the horror project My Bloody Valentine. However, since the two parted ways years ago, they will not be directing the Halloween sequel. No matter which direction the making of the movie takes, writers Melton and Dunstan come together to form the perfect team that can recreate and even enhance the blood-curdling factor with their script for the movie.
If everything goes right and production takes off soon, fans of the Halloween franchise will soon be heard shrieking in theaters as they experience another frightening bloody night in Haddonfield!


The Conjuring Sequel Will Have James Wan Back in Director’s Chair

Warner Bros. may have delayed the sequel to their horror flick The Conjuring but now, it appears they did have a valid reason for it. James Wan, the original director of the first movie is all set to put his directing abilities to work on the sequel too. Tentatively titled Conjuring 2, the movie will probably explore further the scary and nail biting adventures of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, brilliantly portrayed by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.


Set to get going in 2016, the sequel’s screenplay will be handled by Chad and Carey Hayes and unlike Annabelle, which took the audience back in time with a connecting storyline based on the horrifying doll, Conjuring 2 is expected to move forward with a fresh story. James Wan will not only direct the movie in his unique and brilliant way but will don the role of a producer on the project too. The man behind several projects including the Saw and Insidious franchises as well as Fast & Furious 7, Wan is quite the genius and this sequel is surely one of the most anticipated movies of the lot.


Created on a budget of only $20 million, the original horror flick The Conjuring went on to make a whopping $318 million at the global box office. Annabelle, a spinoff on the storyline of the film is doing wonders too, garnering more than $75 million on the domestic circuit alone, and an additional $92 million pouring in from other territories, taking the total to a whopping $167 million. Though John Leonetti directed Annabelle, James Wan was a co-producer on this one too.


With the cast and main crew of Conjuring 2 well in place now, we just can’t wait for this sequel to get going, and here’s hoping the thrills and scares are worth the wait!