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Top 10 War Movies

Most of us enjoy a wide genre of movies that include romance, action, thriller, horror and the all-time favorite, comedy. Some of us however are fascinated by excitement, bloodshed, passion and huge doses of adrenaline, a combination that is usually found on grim battlefields. Here’s bringing you a list of the Top 10 War Movies that are recognized by audiences across the globe as being the best, thanks to their action sequences, cinematography, storyline, direction and cast.
Full Metal Jacket

Directed, produced and written by the invincible Stanley Kubrick, Full Metal Jacket is an excellent war movie that depicts the ironic lives of the drill sergeants as they withstand the severities of war training. Based on the Vietnam War, this 1987 film is considered a landmark movie in the war-action genre. Having received critical acclaim, this work of art was even nominated for an Academy Award. One of the main highlights of the movie is the critical acclaim actor R. Lee Erney received for his outstanding performance as Hartman. Erney scripted most of the dialogues on the spot, making the movie a true original. Full Metal Jacket is one of the best creations by Stanley Kubrick and a must-watch for several reasons!
Black Hawk Down

Winner of two Oscars, Black Hawk Down is a British-American war movie, directed by Ridley Scott. The film is adapted from a book written by Mark Bowden and portrays the hardships undertaken by a group of U.S. Army Rangers who are deployed to Mogadishu in order to seize a militia loyal, Mohamed Aidid. This 2001 movie made it big at the Awards and in the minds of the audience, evident in the $172 million that the movie made.
Behind Enemy Lines

Directed by John Moore, this movie is all about action in the worst place a soldier can find himself, behind enemy lines. A navy officer is shot down and lands in Bosnia and movie depicts the perils and threats he faces as he tries to make his way back, along with some hard-core proof of the Bosnian War genocide he accidentally stumbles upon. With an excellent star cast, comprising of Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman, the movie is one of the most gripping war movies ever made. This film was the directorial debut for Moore and created a great first impression indeed!
Saving Private Ryan

You place Tom Hanks in the leading role in a war movie and you already have yourself a winner! Saving Private Ryan has Tom Hanks delivering one of the most substantial works of his career. The movie earned a whopping $481.8 million and was also nominated for 11 Academy Awards of which it won six, including Best Director and  Best Cinematography.
The Bridge on the River Kwai

Directed by David Lean, this 1957 war movie is based on the Second World War. Filmed in Sri Lanka, the movie is a fictional account about the building of a bridge over the River Kwai to assist the war efforts of Japan. The movie gained its fame for its action sequences and excellent star cast that included the talented Academy Award winner, William Holden. The depiction of the hard times prisoners of war had to face helped the movie take home seven glorious Academy Awards including the one for Best Picture.
Good Morning Vietnam

This Robin Williams starrer is an excellent war movie with a tinge of comedy. Good Morning Vietnam was released in 1987, and paints the life of a radio jockey on the Armed Forces Radio Service. His wit and humor soon gain him great popularity among the troops. However, the superiors are not of the same opinion. Owing to his excellent performance in the movie, Williams was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor.
The Hurt Locker

This movie is a renowned one, thanks to the originality created by Director Kathryn Bigelow. This 2008 war genre movie circles around members of a bomb-disposal unit in Baghdad. The perils of the bomb-squad members, as they go through each experience of de-activating the bombs, keep the audience on pins and needles at every moment. The scenes are so emotional and intensely gripping that viewers actually end up holding their own breath until each bomb is safely defused. Starring Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty, the movie was quite the success. It was even nominated for a number of Academy Awards and proudly bagged the Oscars for Best Director, Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.
Inglourious Basterds

Directors Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth come together to create this magnificent war movie based on the German occupancy of France. With an excellent cast that includes brilliant actors Brad Pitt, Mélanie Laurent, Christoph Waltz and Michael Fassbender, the movie created a rage among its audience. This film was a prominent one owing to its commercial success and earning over $321 million. The portrayal of different characters comes across amazingly well in the movie, making every scene a winner.
Pearl Harbor

This 2001 war film that captures the epic incident of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The movie was directed by Michael Bay and the cast included Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale and Cuba Gooding Jr. The story spins around two friends, Rafe and Danny who play their part in World War II as pilots. When Rafe is away at war and doesn’t return for a while, his girlfriend finds solace in Danny and the two get close. There is one final reunion of the three protagonists in Hawaii, prior to the Pearl Harbor attack. The vivid cinematography of the battle sequences as well as the romantic angle interwoven in the storyline made this one quite different from any other. Pearl Harbor was a box office hit and earned a glorious $450 million.
Zero Dark Thirty

Following Hurt Locker, Directed Kathryn Bigelow created a second war movie that turned out even better than the first! Rightfully tagged ‘The Greatest Manhunt in History’, Zero Dark Thirty revolves around the manhunt of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, post the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States. Osama was found in Pakistan and was raided and killed on 2 May 2011 after a manhunt that went on for a decade. The details and intricacies of the investigations that led to the raid are illustrated in the movie. The movie was nominated for five Academy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards, of which it bagged one award at each. The movie also received wide critical acclaim.
For those who are fascinated by war and action movies depicting the battlefield and all that goes down in it, every movie that made this list Top 10 War Movies are a must-watch!


Top 10 Best Unscripted Movie Scenes

Every movie buff tends to have his/her favorite part of a favorite movie and the credit usually goes to the screenwriters. On rare occasions, instinct takes over and actors and directors make up their mind to instill changes that they feel will make the scene a better one. This, surprisingly, turns out to be the movie’s best line or scene sometimes! Creating a touch of absolute ingenuity gives the movie an allure as viewers react to it differently. Here are the Top 10 Best Unscripted Movie Scenes that left an impact.

The Godfather

In this 1972 crime film, the Italian-American director, Francis Ford Coppola, not only gets every inch of every reel right but also adds a piquant shade to the mafia mob drama. His liberal approach to film direction accepts innovation with open arms, making The Godfather a true classic! The few but significant unscripted touches to the movie give it its well-earned fame. During the introduction of his character in the movie, Marlon Brando is seen gently stroking a cat, while sentencing a man to be beaten for raising his hand on a woman. This image was Coppola’s brainchild and it masterfully gives you a complete review of the character, while it also accentuates the character’s dual personality as the head of a mafia family.

Full Metal Jacket

The movie Full Metal Jacket contains an moment where actor R. Lee Ermey, who played the role of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, used his impromptu skills and experience as a drill sergeant, to make up almost 50 percent of the dialogues in the movie! Ermey was a drill sergeant before he got into acting and hence had the intended expertise for this kind of a role. He has resourcefully utilized his military façade to capture similar roles in other movies too. This one earned him a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

The Shining

Another instantaneous addition that shocked and awed, is the shot from the movie The Shining, where Jack Nicholson, donning the character of a drunk Jack Torrance, uses an axe to chop through a door to get to actress Shelly Duvall, who played the role of Wendy Torrance. The iconic scene petrifies it’s viewers with the frenzied screams of Duvall, but Nicholson decided to add to the scare factor with a little something of his own. Borrowing the intro from ‘The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’, Nicholson says “Heeere’s Johnny!” with an eerie smile on his face. This inference was totally off the line of dialogues, but still managed to instill in the audience a weird sense of horror, making this line one of the best ones in the movie.

The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger bagged himself a retrospective Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the movie The Dark Knight. He recreated the perfect villainous image of ‘The Joker’, Batman’s villain, in the minds of the film viewers and not only added the true dark, despiteful and frightening image of the character, but also blended in some satirical humor. Ledger’s talented improvisation of the character earned the movie its fame. In the film, the Joker blows up a hospital in Gotham. While Ledger was acting out the scene of walking away from the explosion, he deviated from the scripted scene to add a touch of satirical humor by stopping and reacting in a fidgety manner to the delayed explosion. This instantaneous act got the viewers hooked!


Steven Spielberg’s 1975 thriller film Jaws still sends shivers down its viewers spine, every time they watch it. The actor, Roy Scheider, who played the role of Chief Martin Brody in this film, fabricated a dialogue in one of the movie’s scenes, making this dialogue one of those that transcends a movie to exist in a life of its own. In the scene, where Scheider notices the size of the 25-foot Great White for the first time, he chose to say the exact words that were on the tip of the audiences’ tongue, “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” The line has now become a part of everyday life too and used where a problem seems to be one that’s Jaws-sized!

Midnight Cowboy

This Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman starrer grabbed three well-deserved Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. The 1969 film is one of the paramount American movies of its time and is the only X-rated movie, until date, to bag the Best Picture Award. The movie acquired its fame for the famous line “I’m walking here!” quoted by Dustin Hoffman in the spur of the moment. When asked about this during an interview, Hoffman stated that they had a tough time getting the take right, as it had to be shot in a continuous smooth flow, crossing a traffic light without any disruptions. During one of the takes, an NYC cab that wasn’t part of the setup careened onto the movie set and screeched to a halt. Dustin Hoffman wanted to actually say, “We’re filming a movie here!” but then Hoffman, out of that actor’s instinct he had developed over the years, managed to stay in character and banging his palm on the cab retorted, “I’m walkin’ here!” Now here’s a guy who walks the talk!

Good Will Hunting

Owing to its unique storyline and brilliant performances from Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Robin Williams, this 1997 American drama film received universal critical acclaim. One particular scene, where actor Robin Williams narrates the story of the “farting wife”, cracked up everyone including the guy at the camera! You can even notice the slight shaking of the camera if you pay close attention!

The Warriors

Directed and scripted by Walter Hill, this 1979 cult movie was an action thriller about powerful gangs in New York. Hill made judicious use of fictitious cult language and gang lingo, making the movie a success. The actor, David Patrick Kelly, who played the character of Luther in the film, is famous for his shrilly entice, “Warriors, come out to play-ayy…”, while clinking glass bottles in his hand. This, according to most, exists as the most memorable slice of the movie.

Pretty Woman

The American actor and heartthrob, Richard Gere, has never failed to impress women, on screen and off. In the 1990 movie, Pretty Woman, he hires an expensive diamond necklace for actress Julia Roberts, who plays the role of a hooker. As Julia reached out to touch the necklace, Gere instinctively snapped shut the jewelry box, startling Roberts.  Roberts’ laugh was so authentic and pleasant that the director decided to use it as part of the film!

Taxi Driver

Martin Scorsese is an aficionado of impulsive improvisations! In the movie Taxi Driver, there is a scene that is most talked about. Scorsese had scripted a scene wherein actor Robert De Niro had to talk to himself in the mirror. De Niro was given the liberty to create his own lines and he did a perfect job by improvising the line “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? There’s nobody else here.”

This list of Top 10 Best Unscripted Movie Scenes includes some that are iconic and others that one would never have imagined to be different from the original script. Yet, they all shone with brilliance!


Top 10 Shocking Celebrity Deaths And Suicides

The Grim Reaper has the habit of visiting his victims at the most unpredictable times. However, some famous personalities, despite being the brightest stars in Hollywood, decide to meet him early in one way or another and the world is left wondering why.
Robin Williams

The sudden death of Robin Williams at the age of 63, created waves of grief that can be felt even today. This celebrated Oscar-winning actor and comedian passed away on August 11th, 2014. Robin Williams was a stand-up comedian in San Francisco and many can vouch that there wasn’t a single moment he didn’t have his audience in splits. Williams moved onto acting in films and repeated his performances even here. He showcased his outstanding talent by playing serious as well lighthearted roles in movies like Mrs. DoubtfireJumanji, Good Morning Vietnam and Good Will Hunting. Regrettably, the actor descended into serious depression. His wife also mentioned that Williams was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but he was not willing to share this information with the media or the public. Autopsy reports confirmed that the great actor’s death was by suicide.
Marilyn Monroe

This gorgeous American actress, singer and model came to fame mostly because of her existence as the highest admired sex symbol of her time. This legend has contributed to Hollywood with many of her exceptional films like Gentlemen Prefer BlondesThe Seven Year Itch and Some Like It Hot. The actress’ sudden death due to a drug overdose raised several questions in fans’ minds that still to this day remain unanswered. During her last years, Marilyn was stated to be ill, unreliable and difficult to work with. At the young age of 36, Marilyn was found dead in her bedroom. Though her death had been classified as a possible suicide, there have been claims that it may have even been caused due to an accidental drug overdose.
Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston took on the world with her overwhelming voice. She also contributed her expertise in the field of acting and modeling and had several hit singles, albums and movies to her credit. Whitney was found dead at The Beverley Hilton Hotel in California. Medical reports confirmed that Whitney died due to a drug overdose. She had consumed cocaine shortly before she drowned in a bathtub. Her sudden death at the age of 48 years shocked her fans and still remains one of the most shocking celebrity deaths of all time.
Philip Seymour Hoffman

The veteran actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, not only won Academy Awards, but also the hearts of many. His sudden death on February 2nd, 2014 was stated to be due to a drug overdose. His body was found in his apartment bathroom and a syringe was sticking out from his arm. This film and theater actor’s premature death at the age of 46 will be grieved for years to come.
Amy Jade Winehouse

This English singer and songwriter’s death at only the age of 27 came as a shock to many fans and admirers. Her death was the result of alcohol poisoning, and the singer left this world on July 23rd, 2011. Years of alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders and physical feebleness were among the reasons for her ill-timed death. She won five Grammy Awards and numerous other awards with her sensual and sultry voice. In 2012, her father Mitchell Winehouse had published a biography on Amy titled “Amy: My Daughter”.
Freddie Prinze

Freddie Prinze was a renowned stand-up comedian known for his extempore wit. Born as Frederick Karl Pruetzel, he transformed his last name to Prinze as he acclaimed himself as the Prince of Comedy. Freddie had a serious drug addiction and suffered from depression. In January 1977, Freddie shot himself in the head with a pistol, ending his life at the young age of 22, shocking friends, fans, and family.
Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana created waves of frenzy over the world with their music. The musician, like many others in his business, struggled with serious depression and drug abuse. His talents, however, were not only admired in America, but all over the world. When news of his sudden death on April 5th, 1994 broke, it came as a terrible surprise to his fans and followers. His body was only recovered on April 8th, three days after his death, at his Seattle home. He had apparently shot himself in the head and the shotgun was recovered at the site of the suicide. Police had also recovered a suicide note.
Tony Scott

Fans were flabbergasted on hearing the news that Tony Scott had ended his own life at the age of 68, jumping from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in California. The English director was acclaimed, made popular through some of his greatest contributions to the film industry, including movies like Top Gun, The Taking of Pelham 123 andEnemy of the State. The man who brought brilliant movies and complicated storylines to life with his excellent directing skills was however, battling depression. Autopsy reports attributed his death to an overdose of anti-depressants.
Alexander McQueen

The British artist and fashion designer was found dead in his luxury flat in Central London. He had apparently hung himself. McQueen earned loads of fame through his unique creations in the world of fashion and was extremely successful. He won four British Designer of the Year awards and numerous celebrities admired and flaunted his creations. His untimely death at the age of 41 stunned all those who admired him and his work. Some claim that his suicide may have been an emotional impact caused by the suicidal death of style icon Isabella Blow in 2007.
Ernest Hemingway

The words written by Ernest Hemingway will roam libraries and educational institutions for centuries. He is, undeniably, one of the greatest writers to have ever lived and his unparalleled creations such as For Whom the Bell Tolls are a reader’s fantasy. Hemingway’s sudden death is still shrouded in mystery. His daughter claims that it was an accident while the writer was cleaning his gun that claimed his life, while others peg it as a clean case of suicide.
The sad demise of these famous actors, artists, singers, writers and musicians will always be mourned, and even though they may have slipped away from the physical world, their memories will always live on through their work!


Boulevard: The Trailer for Robin Williams’ ‘Last’ Movie is Here

There may be arguments on whether Boulevard was indeed Robin Williams last movie – there’s a debate going on all over the internet on how it is technically not his last – but that doesn’t take away anything from his work.
The trailer is a poignant one and reminds us of more than just the brilliance of Williams’ wide repertoire when it comes to onscreen performances, from the standup comedy kind to those that carry across the most morbid emotions to even the toughest hearts in the audience. The trailer reminds us of him.
Boulevard revolves around the life of a 60-year old bank employee Nolan who has done nothing more than live his rigid life. He has a marriage that is almost a dead one, although he loves his wife Joy, played by Kathy Baker and he has only one friend whom he can rely on, a character played by Bob Odenkirk, who like Williams has jumped from humor to drama and will probably impress.

Nolan’s life takes a turn however, when he runs into a male prostitute, played by Robert Aguire, and the movie then takes us through the heartbreaks and freedom that Nolan experiences after this chance meeting, including struggles with his sexuality.

The trailer seems drenched in drama and its exploration of Williams’ character seems deep and meaningful. The supporting cast seems as strong as the lead in this one and as dramas go, that is certainly a good thing. Of course, we can’t really judge a movie only through its trailer but this one does look promising.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter whether the producers of Boulevard are right or wrong in labeling it Williams’ last film. It doesn’t matter whether the movie itself does any justice to Williams’ brilliant life as an actor. It doesn’t even matter if Williams himself has done justice to his role.
All that matters is that we have another Robin Williams movie to witness in our lifetime, and for that my friends, we should be happy.

This one will make us cry for more than just the emotional sequences that are a part the movie. This one will make us cry for our loss. This one will make us cry for Williams.


Everything’s Possible For Simon Pegg In Absolutely Anything Trailer

The official trailer for the British comedy Absolutely Anything is out and shows that for Simon Pegg, who portrays the role of Neil Clarke, everything is possible after a group of aliens grant the otherwise commonplace schoolteacher some extraordinary powers to see just how much good a human being is capable of doing for his planet and fellow creatures. The consequent results of this alien experiment prove to be the main premise for the movie.
While the storyline of Absolutely Anything is an interesting one, what makes this movie even more fascinating is the fact that this project is Robin Williams’ last film project. Williams lends his voice to Dennis the Dog in the movie, the main protagonist’s constant companion, who, along with some smart-ass comments, also seems to be Pegg’s voice of reason sometimes.
“Beckinsale and Pegg is the romance, but Pegg and Williams, actually the dog’s name is Mojo, but in the movie, it’s Dennis, we knew the key would be the relationship between Simon and the dog as there is kind of a bromance going on,” said Chris Chesser, an executive producer on the movie, trying to explain the relationship that exists between Pegg and the dog voiced by Williams.

The vocal cast also includes a string of other actors such as Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle and John Cleese.

Alongside Pegg is Kate Beckinsale as Catherine and in the limelight, the surviving cast members of Monty Python, the popular and evergreen British comedy group. Absolutely Anything is the first film in almost two decades to feature all the members of the group and many believe, may be the last one too.

Another interesting casting coup is the presence of two generations of the Beckinsale clan in the movie – Kate and her mother Judy Loe. Another first is that this one is Terry Jones’ first directorial venture in almost two decades.

The trailer takes us through the aliens discussing the experiment that drives the plot of the movie, sequences where Pegg discovers his resultant powers and the extraordinary sense of humor of Dennis the Dog. Of course, along come a great deal of complications too and we can only hope that by the time the movie is done, Pegg gets a hang of his powers without unleashing zombies on the world and annihilating an entire classroom, among other random events!

Due for release on August 14th later this year, Absolutely Anything looks like a surefire laugh riot, and with Pegg’s comedic timing, the cast of Monty Python and Williams’ unrivaled potential to make an impression even with only his voice, this one looks promising.


Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian Top Most Googled Celebrity List of 2014

Google knows just where all the action is and this time around, Jennifer Lawrence tops the list of the most searched celebrities on the search engine for the year 2014.
The Academy Award winning actress even beat Kim Kardashian and her booty to make the top of the list, showing that an attempt at breaking the internet isn’t quite enough to outdo a stunning career in Hollywood. Of course, the photo leaks Lawrence found herself in did add a bit to the searches too.

With Jennifer Lawrence and then Kim Kardashian making up the top two celebrities the world hunted down on Google, the ones that follow them include Julie Gayet, Tracy Morgan and Renee Zellweger, all of them taking up the first five spots. Julie Gayet got her quote of attention from internet users thanks to her affair with the President of France Francois Hollande while Tracy Morgan’s accident had fans scrambling for news on his well-being and recovery. Renee Zellweger of course hit headlines after she revealed her new look, which many thought made her look older than usual. Rumors of botched cosmetic surgeries and possible drug or alcohol abuse seemed to pique everyone’s curiosity though all this eventually turned out to be irrelevant speculation. Finishing off the top ten after these celebrities were Jared Leto, Lorde, Matthew McConaughey, Amal Alamuddin and Donald Sterling.
Technically speaking, the late Robin Williams topped the search lists with his suicide and related news topping the list of fans as well as inquisitive souls. However, since the celebrity list only considers those celebrities who are alive, you see Jennifer Lawrence and the others up there. As far as trending topics go, the World Cup in Brazil, the missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH 370, the Ebola virus, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the Flappy Bird game, the ISIS and Disney’s Frozen topped the list of searches.
In the US, other prominent celebrities that made it to the celeb list included Ray Rice, Tony Stewart, Iggy Azalea and Adrian Peterson.
Image Source: Dave M. Benett/Getty; Charley Gallay/Getty

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb – Trailer

The third and final movie in the successful Night at the Museum series, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, is being released by 20th Century Fox in time for Christmas 2014, when it’s sure to appeal to families looking for fun, kid-friendly movies that can keep adults interested as well.
The first two Night at the Museum films followed the overnight hijinxs of a museum where the magical Tablet of Ahkmenrah brings the dioramas and displays to life. In the last movie, the power of the Tablet of Ankmenrah is waning and the museum is losing its magic. In a quest to save the magic of the museum, Larry Daley goes around the globe, meeting new characters and old, to discover the tablet’s secret.

Ben Stiller (Zoolander) returns as Larry. Historical figures brought back to life include the late Robin Williams (Good Will Hunting) as Teddy Roosevelt, Dan Stevens (TV’s Downton Abbey) as Lancelot, Steve Coogan (Philomena) as Octavius, Patrick Gallagher (Sideways) as Attila the Hun, and Mizuo Peck (Night at the Museum) as Sacagawea.

Mickey Rooney (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) is Gus, and Ben Kingsley (Shindler’s List) is Ankmenrah’s father and the tablet’s creator. Owen Wilson (Midnight in Paris) is Jedediah and Ricky Gervais (TV’s The Office) is Dr. McPhee; Dick Van Dyke (Mary Poppins) is Cecil Fredericks and Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect) is a security guard.
This will be Mickey Rooney’s final movie and one of the last movies with Robin Williams; Both actors passed away this year.
Canadian Shawn Levy, who directed the first two entries in the trilogy, returns to produce and direct the final installment.
Filming took place beginning at the end of January 2014 and included sets at the British Museum. Principal photography ended in May of 2014. The movie is currently in post-production.
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb will be released on December 19, 2014.


Taylor Swift, Kate Upton and Amanda Seyfried Rock the Courtside at Knicks Game

The courtside view at the Knicks game on Wednesday night was blonde, beautiful and rocking! Taylor Swift, Kate Upton, Amanda Seyfried and Swift’s childhood bestie Britany Maack made for an amazing view and every eye at the Madison Square Garden, when it wasn’t on the game, was on this beautiful gang!

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Kate Upton, in an all-black ensemble, was with her boyfriend Justin Verlander and Amanda Seyfried, as usual looking her casual self, came along with her guy Justin Long. The dudes however were mostly left to fend for themselves as the girls got together as if they were besties forever! This was the first Knicks game for Taylor and the young star in camel-colored trousers, a dark red long-sleeved top and kickass boots made the most of it and was seen cheering hard whenever the Knicks scored and then pouting her crimson lips at the opportunities they missed. There were selfies and photographs of course and the girls seemed to hit it off in this department too, all four beautiful bombshells teaming up for an epic pic that Justin Long clicked. Seyfried and Swift turned out to be the most animated of the lot, and we are not sure if that was the love for the Knicks or the beer and wine they were sipping on! The girls lost no time in leaving their seats and jumping up and down as the game gathered pace and things got more exciting.

Image Source: GC Images James Devaney
So was this yet another move for Swift in the ‘girlfriends’ direction? Only last month she had revealed her intention to focus more on the women in her life, rather than spend her time on romance. “I think there’s a bigger priority on the women in my life now, they have taken the place of absolutely any other relationship that I used to prioritize. I think it’s so important to spend time on your own and prioritize your girlfriends.”
Well, the New York Knicks game against Orlando Magic was certainly a great start! The crowds enjoyed seeing Swift and the girl gang as much as the beautiful celebrities enjoyed the game, and it was yet another treat for both parties!

Amanda Seyfried, Taylor Swift And Kate Upton… by splashnews
This surely wasn’t the first time an NBA, baseball or football game caught the attention of celebrities of course. Jay-Z, and sometimes Beyonce, is a regular at Nets games while others like Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, David Beckham, Denzel Washington, Cameron Diaz, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba have all been known to make an appearance in the stands of NBA games. What’s more, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis even decided on their baby’s name at a Lakers game! Robin Williams was of course synonymous with the San Francisco Giants and the late comedian’s children, along with his good friend Billy Crystal, were even invited to pay tribute to Williams at a World Series game recently.

Celebrities and sports have always gone together, and on Wednesday, Taylor Swift too joined the starry lineup!
Featured Image Source: GC Images James Devaney

Robin Williams Committed Suicide, Autopsy Report Confirms

Robin Williams left this world on August 11th, 2014, leaving his fans and family shocked. Now, the late actor’s autopsy reports confirmed that his death was indeed a suicide. The report also threw some light on William’s troubles with Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, depression and paranoia.
The details of the report revealed how there was no alcohol or illegal drugs found in Williams’ system, confirming that he was completely sober at the time of his death, although the remains of some antidepressants he was taking were found in his blood. Though Williams had previously discussed his experiments with drugs and had even signed up for a substance abuse rehabilitation program shortly before he committed suicide, reports confirm that there were no illegal substances in his body when he took the extreme step of committing suicide. A legally prescribed bottle of Seroquel was of course found near his body at the time of his death. The drug is used in the treatment of ailments such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and depression and was prescribed to Williams only a week before his death.
Reports of his struggles with paranoia have only just surfaced and Williams placing his wristwatches in a sock and handing it over to an unspecified person the evening before he died is proof of this. His wife, Susan Schneider too had revealed how the famed comedian was struggling with his ailments. After seeing him for the night on August 10th, Schneider had left home early next morning assuming that Williams was still sleeping somewhere in the house. The same morning, his personal assistant, after repeatedly knocking on the door entered the room Williams was in, opened the door with the help of a paper clip and found him dead.
Williams, wearing a black short-sleeved T-shirt and jeans of the same color, had secured a belt around his neck and had the belt wedged between a closet door and the doorframe. The manner in which he had committed suicide had prompted investigators to enquire with his wife whether he was into autoerotica. Schneider however confirmed that he may have learnt the technique from a movie he once played a role in. in fact, Williams had found it difficult to play the role as it involved the death of his onscreen son due to autoerotic asphyxiation.
Robin Williams’ death has been, and still is, a shocking incident to his family as well as millions of fans. Tributes to the great actor continue to flow even months after his death, showing how the actor who made the world laugh will be remembered for a long, very long time.

San Francisco Giants Pay Tribute to Actor, Comedian And The Team’s Diehard Fan Robin Williams

At the AT&T Park in San Francisco on Sunday, the San Francisco Giants honored the memory of one of the team’s greatest fans, Robin Williams, in a way the comedian would have approved of. His kids were there. So was his good friend Billy Crystal. More importantly, the place was among the ones he loved most in the world – a place where he could cheer loudly for his favorite Giants.
Game 5 of the World Series was a perfect setting for the tribute, when the San Francisco Giants went head to head with the Kansas City Royals. Before the action on the pitch began, the Giants used the opportunity to pay their respects to the memory of one of their greatest supporters and a comedian loved by the world. The screen in the stadium came alive with the cheerful face of Robin Williams and the entire stadium cheered his children on as they took to the mound at the center of the field. Zak, Zelda and Cody were specially invited for the ceremonial first pitch as was Billy Crystal and all that followed was an emotional celebration of every element of Robin Williams’ life.
As Williams’ life played out on screen with his most memorable characters regaling the crowds, his oldest son Zak, with Zelda and Cody by his side, threw the first pitch to Billy Crystal, and found his glove too. The scoreboard had photographs of Williams cheering on the Giants in different games and everyone present in the stadium witnessed and acknowledged the immense love the actor had for the Giants.
Williams’ children issued a statement expressing their feelings saying, “We are honored to be here in support of the tribute to our father, someone who loved his hometown and especially the Giants. For all of us, it is a tremendous delight and a little surreal to throw out the first ceremonial pitch of a World Series game for our team to our dad’s best friend. We could not think of a better way to celebrate his memory. Let’s go Giants!”
Billy Crystal played his part of best friend well on this day too, giving up the honor of shouting out “Play Ball!” in favor of Robin Williams’ doing so himself. A clip from a 2010 playoff game was played for the crowds in which Williams yells “Let’s Go Giants” into the mic, then going on to hug Lou Seal, the team’s mascot.
It was a good day, and even though Robin Williams couldn’t be there to cheer his favorite team on, everyone in the stadium sure felt his presence!
Image Source: 6abc.com, AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Apple Pays Tribute to Robin Williams

In an unusual move, Apple commemorated the passing of Robin Williams in a homepage tribute consisting of a large black and white photo, the actor’s dates of birth and death (1951 – 2014), and a short phrase that reads:
“We are deeply saddened by the passing of Robin Williams. He inspired us through his passion, his generosity, and the gift of laughter. He will be greatly missed.”
The actor-comedian took his own life at 63 on Monday, April 11, and the Apple homepage is just one of the many tributes pouring in from around the world. Others commemorated by the multinational corporation include the company co-founder, Steve Jobs; George Harrison of The Beatles; the First Lady of Civil Rights, Rosa Parks; and former President of South Africa and anti-apartheid revolutionary, Nelson Mandela.
Apple’s Philip Schiller (who as senior vice president of worldwide marketing is a prominent figure in Apple’s public presentations) first tweeted “RIP Robin Williams. He made the world a happier place.” on April 11 and then “Remembering Robin.” the next day with a link to the Apple homepage.
Public reaction is mixed regarding the Apple tribute. Many see it as an honest and touching gesture, but many more comments have been negative, lambasting the company for turning a tragedy into a sale opportunity.
In fact, there are reports that “Apple has set up a “Remembering Robin Williams” section in its iTunes Store to honor the late comedian and movie star,” where you can find more than 40 of his movies and comedy albums for sale.

Mrs.-Doubtfire-Scene - Celebrity

Mrs. Doubtfire 2 Most Likely Cancelled

With Robin Williams’ death this week, Variety reports that plans for a Mrs Doubtfire 2 will likely not go ahead, although no final decision has yet been made with regard to the future of the project.
The film was a huge box office success. It earned $219,195,243 in the United States, along with $222,090,952 in other countries, for a worldwide total of $441,286,195. It became the second highest grossing film of 1993, behind only Jurassic Park.
Plans for a sequel to the 1993 movie, which was a huge box office hit, bringing in more than $441 million worldwide, had long been in the works, with Bonnie Hunt hired as early as 2001 as scriptwriter. One release date is said to have been planned for 2007, but Williams himself is reported to have said the sequel was scrapped because the script just didn’t work.
It was just this year that scriptwriter David Berenbaum got involved with the sequel and hopes were high that fans would soon see a reprisal of the much-beloved dual dad/nanny character, Daniel Hillard/Euphegenia Doubtfire.
While director Chris Columbus was happy to reunite with Williams, at least one of the actors in the original, Mara Wilson, didn’t want to be involved in a sequel. She used her Twitter account to say that she doesn’t really act much anymore and that the original film ended appropriately.
It’s not unknown for movie sequels to continue with new actors replacing a main character, with James Bond being a prime example of audiences embracing the many changes over time. However, it may be more difficult for fans to accept anyone other than Williams in the role. As Chris Columbus said in a statement: “His performances were unlike anything any of us had ever seen, they came from some spiritual and otherworldly place. He truly was one of the few people who deserved the title of ‘genius’.”
Williams worked right up until his too-early end, recently starring in The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. There are also three more movies in post-production: Merry Friggin’ Christmas, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and Absolutely Anything.