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L.A. To Las Vegas By Bus? Don’t Miss These Sights!

Two entirely different and opposite worlds exist just 269 miles apart. With reputations as “the city of Angels” and “Sin city” respectively, traveling from one to the other takes you from the exotic California coastline and beautiful beaches to the heart of Nevada’s Mojave Desert. Nevertheless, the journey is something you will never forget.
Famous for being “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” Las Vegas has 24/7 entertainment for you which includes shopping. It’s a great place to enjoy yourself on a long weekend particularly in cooler months from October to May.

The journey from Los Angeles to Las Vegas can be pretty tiring, but it is 80% cheaper than traveling by air. You can opt for a luxury bus, sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful and ravishing scenery.
Traveling by bus means that you will also save yourself from paying heavy car parking fees that many shopping malls and hotels charge in Vegas. You can take a cab from your drop-off point or ask the hotel you are staying in for a free pickup utilizing their courtesy shuttle service.
Megabus, Greyhound, and other bus services are available that regularly travel between LA and Las Vegas. These are luxury buses and have all upgrades including WiFi, reclining seats, enough legroom, power outlets, air-conditioning, and an onboard restroom. Some of them also offer beverages and snacks.
Board the bus at the departure point of your particular bus service. The journey takes almost 5 hours, but it also depends on the route. Here are some of the things you should keep an eye on during this trip.
1. San Bernardino National Forest

As the journey starts, the city life is gone and you climb uphill in the forests. The route goes through San Jacinto Mountains with the San Bernardino National Forest in the east and the Los Angeles National Forest a little further towards the west. These forests are really famous for trail riding, hiking, bicycling, off-road vehicles, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities. Due to the high elevation, this area is used for snowshoeing and alpine skiing during winters, unlike what you expect in Southern California! These forest areas also protect wildlife such as bears, birds, bighorn sheep, squirrels, reptiles, deer, and amphibians including endangered species.
Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear Lake, and Silverwood Lake are vacation points within the San Bernardino National Forest. There is a Wild Trout Stream at Deep Creek and also Thermal Springs.
2. Victorville

After the beautiful forests, you will now enter a main town, Victorville – also known as “The Key City of the High Desert.” It was the Victorfield Army Airfield during WWII and later, it became the Georges Air Force Base until 1992 when it got decommissioned.
The U.S historic and famous Route 66 runs through the Victorville and it is marked right where the California Route 66 Museum is located on South D 7th Street. Towns on Route 6 are still famous for film and dramas location for western, military, and action films.
3. Mojave Desert

Victorville ends at the southern edge of the Mojave Desert, and so you will feel a sudden change in the vegetation, scenery, and landscape. The desert plants which line the road would be creosote, cacti, yucca, and Joshua trees. This area is extremely cool and has dry weather during winters with temperatures dropping below the freezing point while it’s much warmer than LA in summers. Annual rainfall is minimal, just six inches, but in January 1949, Victorville did record 38 inches of snowfall!
Due to the higher elevation of this region, it is also referred to as the High Desert. It is windier and cooler during winters as compared to the Low Desert region of the Mojave.
4. Barstow

When you reach Barstow, it means that you have completed half of your journey. It is 130 miles northeast of LA and 125 miles Southwest of Las Vegas which was also known as the Mormon Corridor. It also marks the juncture of I-15 with Route 66, the I-40 heading east to Flagstaff and S.R.58 heading west to the Bakersfield.
If you want to discover the old-fashioned ghost towns, then you should at sometime later visit the Calico Ghost town that is just outside Barstow. It was built in the year 1881 to house the miners coming to try their luck from the silver strike. In 1904, the mine was played out, but the town still remains and has maintained its fascination with tourists.
5. Mojave National Preserve

Mojave National Preserve was formed in order to preserve the region’s natural and cultural resources. It lies within the Mojave Desert. You will see an abundance of wildlife here and will see golden eagles and hawks soaring in the skies. You may also find coyotes, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and desert tortoises that are searching for water, food, and shade in the scorching desert sun.


Top 5 Celebrity Thanksgiving Destinations

If you’re busy making plans for your Thanksgiving break and wondering whether heading straight to Hollywood will be the best way to catch a glimpse of some celebs, it’s time you changed those plans. The Thanksgiving holiday break is a great time for celebrities to go visit their favorite destinations too and very few would actually choose to stay in Hollywood.
Here are 5 destinations that are known to be among celebrities’ favorites. Of course, you won’t find the usual spots here. This list has offbeat Thanksgiving destinations celebrities head out to when they need some alone time with friends and family.
Sanibel, Florida
Who doesn’t love long walks on the beach? After hectic schedules that take them all around the world, a beautiful walk on the beach is just what a celebrity needs. Sanibel in Florida offers just that and more and is a favorite for the celebrity who wishes to spend time unwinding in a location that is loaded with privacy yet not entirely secluded and without fans. An island vacation is the most romantic of sojourns and this is why you just cannot go wrong with Sanibel. White sandy beaches, picturesque sunrises and sunsets as well as an entire list of adventurous activities to indulge in make this vacation spot a hit. So if you want to have a hearty time with the occasional celeb walking by having a good time too, Sanibel is a great choice.
Paris, France
Paris during Thanksgiving may not seem like an obvious choice, at least not for celebrities who have the whole world to choose from, yet this destination is a favorite for several reasons. While most tourists choose Paris to get away from the typical celebrations they may be quite used to, celebrities head here because they know this time is perfect to enjoy the romantic locales of a beautiful city without too many tourists hovering around. If you do not mind the light showers or the tentative calm before the Christmas storm hits Europe, this will be a great destination for you too, celebrity or not. Of course, a sighting or two will only add to the joy of affordable hotel rates and excellent food. Then again, one doesn’t really need to sell Paris!
Walt Disney World, Florida
If you know the world of celebs, you will also know how those with kids are known to visit Walt Disney World frequently. After all, they might be the boss as far as movies and fans go, but when it comes to kids, even celebrities cannot say no! A kids’ paradise and also a place where even grownups can let down their hair and have a great time without any grownup worries, the entertainment resort is a hit with everyone. If you’ve seen plenty of celebrity photos walking along with the crowds in front of Cinderella’s Castle or frolicking away at the Typhoon Lagoon, you will know just how popular this haunt is with the celebs. And even if you do not spot any yourself, the place itself is enough to give you a wonderful time this Thanksgiving!
Las Vegas, Nevada
The city that has it all, Las Vegas never fails to impress the tourist and certainly never fails to attract the celebrities. This Thanksgiving, if you wish to do things differently, just like the stars, head out to Las Vegas and you can be sure of catching a glimpse of more than just the magnificent views of this desert city. The neon lights of the city are an attraction few would miss and the Thanksgiving dinners here are as good as any. Celebrities of course make a beeline for the city no matter what time of the year it may be so Thanksgiving only offers them another excuse to do so. It’s even better for humble tourists because unlike celebrities who do not have to worry about holiday budgets, the low prices offered by hotels around this time of the year will only help us!
London, England
London is a favorite with celebs who wish to get away from the hype that surrounds Thanksgiving Day in America and yet just cannot do without the luxury and lifestyle they are used to. Thanksgiving therefore proves to be the perfect opportunity to visit good old London, where the hype is subdued if not entirely absent, except for the American holiday styled dinners that are a hit with Londoners as well. A balanced holiday is what’s offered here, and you can enjoy it just like the celebs.
A time to relax and rejuvenate, Thanksgiving is a great time to unwind and celebrities make the most of it too. So which destination are you headed to?



Britney Spears – The Matchmaker?

David Krawsek and Woody Arenas are a gay couple who fell in love and are now married, and for all this, they have Britney Spears to thank! It all began during Britney’s Las Vegas show ‘Piece of Me’ in December 2013. David and Woody met each other at the show, thanks to the common love they share for the pop diva, and in spite of having to cope with the pressures and challenges of a long distance relationship, they managed to bring their relationship to a place that simply screamed marriage!
And that’s what they did! Only, they chose to come back to the place they first met and had a beautiful ceremony at the entrance of the Las Vegas AXIS auditorium where it all started. The day they chose to marry each other was special too – their first anniversary!

The vows were special with David beautifully saying, “I promise to catch spiders in the house, kiss you when you’re upset, touch your butt and buy you pizza.”
Of course, going with the Las Vegas spirit, their minister Roland August was a mini-celebrity too, having appeared as the minister dressed as Elvis Priestly in Katy Perry’s Waking Up in Vegas video. Even August couldn’t hold back his joy at seeing the gay couple dedicating their lives to each other and had some beautiful words of his own during the ceremony. “I love doing same-sex weddings because when you were growing up, this wasn’t a lifestyle choice, this was a lifestyle that chose you. It made you stronger men for having to forge your own personality when there wasn’t a gay guy G.I. Joe that you could emulate. Look how far we’ve come. We’re out today honoring you in front of everybody. This is what makes the world go round – people falling in love every day,” said August.
The best message of the day was yet to come though and soon enough, David and Woody were in for a pleasant surprise as Britney herself supported their marriage and wished them all the best in life, even saying she was proud to be a part of their story of love. “Hi, David and Woody. I’m so excited to have you back at my show where the two of you met on the first night on opening night in 2013. I’m honored to be a part of your love story. Congratulations and all the best for an amazing life together,” said Britney in a video she made especially for the couple. The pop sensation even mentioned the story on Twitter!

As for David and Woody, they couldn’t be happier that their love story has Britney in it. After coping with a long distance relationship, the two are now finally together and the wedding in Las Vegas will always be a cherished memory!

Featured image via mashable