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10 Exceptionally Romantic Destinations In The World

While the European beauties, Rome and Paris are amongst some of the most romantic destinations for couples, there are many other locations which are equally as exotic as well as less crowded. Having your favorite dinner by the side of the Venetian waters or simply walking on the cobblestone lanes of Bruges with your loved one are a just a few examples. Want to explore more enchanting destinations? Read on!

  1. The Maldives


From having a candlelight dinner by the side of a lake to living in a house built at the water’s edge, nothing sounds more romantic than this. If you fantasize being on a beach covered by tall palm trees while sitting under their shade, all while enjoying the beauty of the captivating sunset, then Maldives is the place to be.

  1. Jammu and Kashmir, India


Often known as paradise on earth due to its snow-covered peaks, Jammu and Kashmir is said to be the most romantic destinations in India. Staying in the houseboat, floating in the gleaming Srinagar’s Dal Lake, taking a ride in the gondola over the Himalayan peak, or walking holding hands in the fields of Pahalgam are a few romantic experiences you ought to enjoy while exploring the beautiful valley of Jammu and Kashmir.

  1. Santorini, Greece


The ancient beauty of Greece has always been welcoming for its visitors. When visiting Santorini, other than the glistening sunsets and the shimmering waters, you can also enjoy the white washed homes, the spectacular blue domed churches, and the color-changing skyline.

  1. Paris, France


Walking on the cobblestone lanes of Paris gives you the feeling as if you are walking in a painting. A famous spot for all lovers, this city is filled with dazzling experiences such as roaming around in the puzzled cobblestone streets, climbing the Eiffel tower to see the most exotic skyline ever, or just sitting with your loved one and gazing at the breath-taking sunset.

  1. Bali, Indonesia


The beauty of Bali lies in the perfect white-sand beaches, the extravagant mountains, and green rice fields. Visiting Bali simply means dining along the edges of the crystal blue waters, pampering yourself through an exotic spa experience, and wandering around in the rice fields.

  1. Seville, Spain


If you want to explore deliciously different cuisines of Spain, then Seville offers many places for that around the city.

  1. Kyoto, Japan


If you are looking for a place with magical bamboo forests, breath-taking shrines, and ancient palaces, then Kyoto in Japan is the best place to visit. This city is rich in architectural beauty and lets couples explore its natural beauty, history, and diversified culture.

  1. Venice, Italy


A few of the many romantic experiences in Venice include sailing in gondolas in the Venetian waters, dining along the side of the river, and roaming around the stunning streets of the wonderful village of Burano. Venice also lets you visit its creative artisans where you can feel the tranquility of love. While strolling around the streets of the city, you may also smell the yummy cuisines.

  1. Vienna, Austria


Vienna is famous for its spectacular Baroque palaces, attractive trams, and cafes located in quiet and peaceful streets. This city is a must-visit romantic destination as it offers various magnificent settings.

  1. Rome, Italy


Rome is a city with many historic structures and museums. While visiting this fabulous city, don’t forget to explore the Spanish steps, and Italy’s most illustrious structure, The Colosseum.



10 Mouth Watering Street Foods In Italy

Italy is known for many things; the beautiful Riviera beaches where people love to sunbathe, the masterpieces of art from a history of exceptional painters, the cobblestone streets present throughout the city, and their special love for food. Yes, when you visit Italy, you visit a city that takes a special pride in its cuisine. Fortunately, if you are craving authentic Italian cuisine, then there is no need for you to spend your entire budget on Michelin-starred restaurants. Authentic Italian cuisine also includes “cibo di strada” or street food.

In ancient times, the poor people of Rome could only afford street food. Nowadays, top chefs have put their own spin on street foods and revolutionized it into a culinary treat. Street food is present everywhere now and its diversity is incredible. Every city has its own specialties. To sift through the massive range of street foods available, Mauro Rosati, Italian food editor and author of Street Food Heroes: Guide to the best Street Food has this to say, “Street food is now quality food. Street food also helps to socialize. Among young people, perhaps because of social networks, there has been a kind of alienation during meals. Now, people are more inclined to talk and eat together, and street food has helped in that.”
The street foods listed below are those which everyone should try while in Italy. They are the best, but still they are just the tip of the iceberg in the number of amazing cuisines present in Italy.
1. Take-Away Mozzarella Caprese Cone available from Momo Food in Caserta

This caprese (tomato salad and mozzarella) is shaped like a cone and can be a perfect treat for you if you’re in a hurry, but want to have some takeout. It’s a simple and elegant dish with roots in Italian cuisine.
2. White Flatbread Pizza with Sliced Meat at All’Antico Vinaio in Florence

The flatbread pizza with sliced meat at All’Antico Vinaio makes visiting Florence all the more tempting. All’Antico Vinaio offers rare local meats at reduced rates, making it a favorite of Italians there.
3. Chianna Beef Burger at I Torelli in Florence

One of the highest quality meats is considered to be of the Chianina; cattles of Italian breed. I Torelli prepares beef burgers by cooking them on the grill. These burgers are then served on a bun topped with sesame seeds alongside a delicious sauce stewed with onion, as well as ketchup, grilled vegetables, and mayonnaise.
4. Spiral potatoes at Ape Magna in Rome

This cuisine comprises of a single spiral of potato measuring 12 inches that is fried in hot oil. Need we say more?
5. Piadaburger at Cinemadivino in Faenza, Ravenna

A Piadaburger is two round flatbreads filled with sausage, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, caramelized onions and paprika accompanied with fresh chips. A must try for everyone!
6. Focaccia di Recco at Panificio Moltedo dal 1874 in Recco, Genoa

The perfect soft-cheese pizza is waiting for you at Panificio Moltedo dal 1874.
7. Polpetta at Bopetta in Bologna

Meatballs served not as a side to spaghetti, but as a star in their own dish. This is among the best of what meatballs can offer you.
8. Puncake at Ta Da, Microcucina Girovaga in Lecchiore – Imperia

It’s a new take on a traditional American breakfast dish. These ‘puncakes’ are reinvented pancakes. They utilize five different types of dough like wheat flour, cocoa, chickpea flour, chestnut flour, and classic.
9. Pizza a Portafoglio at Di Matteo in Naples

This one is a transforming pizza. Never again do you have to be far from the taste of pizza in takeout when you are in a hurry because now you can simply fold it up and consume it like a sandwich. So much convenience!
10. Sfogliatelle at Mignon Eccellenze Napoletane in Milan

Sfogliatelle riccia is homemade filo dough with sweet ricotta, cinnamon, with a candied fruit stuffing. It’s sold in a little blue truck in Milan.


Colombia - 2014 World Cup

June 14 – Recap

After 8 matches played, there has still not been a single draw. Each match played today featured 3 goals or more, which means it was an excellent day to be watching football!


Colombia beats Greece 3-0


The Colombians came out strong as Pablo Armero scored the team’s first within the first 5 minutes of the match.


Teófilo Gutiérrez scored goal number 2 in the 58th minute following a corner and Colombia continued to press well into injury time as James Rodríguez scored their third to put their final stamp on the match.



Costa Rica upsets Uruguay 3-1


After a penalty kick put Uruguay up in the first half, Costa Rica put on a show in the second.


Joel Campbell played a great match and was rewarded with a goal utilizing a solid strike with his left foot in the 54th minute.


Oscar Duarte was able to head in another goal only 3 minutes later off a free kick.


Marcos Urena added the last Costa Rican goal by slipping the ball by goalkeeper Fernando Muslera in the 84th minute.



England falls to Italy 2-1


It was Italy who struck first. Claudio Marchisio scored 35 minutes in with a long and low strike that got through defenders and ultimately past goalkeeper, Joe Hart.


This seemed to electrify the English side as Wayne Rooney took a pass for a counter-attack and crossed a ball in from the left to a wide open Daniel Sturridge to tap in the equalizer just 2 minutes later.


Mario Balotelli got the game winner on his first World Cup goal in the 50th minute by heading in a wonderful cross by Antonio Candreva.



Côte d’Ivoire comes back to beat Japan 2-1


Japan took an early lead, 16 minutes into the match, with a great left-footed strike by Keisuke Honda into the top left corner.


They seemed to have everything under control until Didier Drogba entered that match shortly after the hour mark.


Drogba’s presence helped lift the spirit of his team immediately.


Wilfried Bony tied the game in the 64th minute and Gervinho secured the lead for good just minutes after.



Visiting Milan: 11 Things That You SHOULDN’T Do

Milan is one of the most highly populated cities in Italy and it boasts some of the most awe-inspiring art masterpieces in the world. Travelers usually find themselves overwhelmed when thinking of vacationing here because of the wide variety of options to choose from. In order to make your trip to Milan carefree and full of fun, we here are some opinions of travelers about what to opt for and what to not when in Milan. This is what they said and left us all surprised.
What Not To Do #1: Arriving Late at Central Station

Having arrived early, you can take a stroll and appreciate the architecture and the surrounding station’s restaurants and shops.
What Not To Do #2: Leaving The Last Minute to Buy Tickets to the Last Supper

This is one masterpiece of architecture that you absolutely need to see. The tickets sell out really fast so in order to ensure that you get a turn, buy your tickets beforehand.
What Not To Do #3: Focusing Only on Major Attractions

Instead of only focusing on visiting major attractions, include the relatively unknown places in your ‘places to visit’ list so that you get a taste of the true essence of Milan. The Monumental Cemetery is a place you can list down in your must-visit places. You can even go to La Scala to enjoy an opera show. Additionally, you can visit the Via della Spiga to cater to your shopping needs.
What Not To Do #4: Stuffing Your Suitcase With Things You Might Never Need

When settling for a vacation in Milan, make it a point to carry as little as possible in luggage. Why? It’s because you will find plentiful options where you can shop at affordable rates and take home plenty of gifts and souvenirs. You will be needing space in your suitcase to fit in all that you are going to buy in Milan.
What Not To Do #5: Taking the Train from Milano Centrale Station When Visiting Lake Como

You wouldn’t want to miss on the splendor that traveling from Milano Cardona Station has in store for you. Take that route instead of from Milano Centrale Station.
What Not To Do #6: Using Public Transportation Without Paying

You may be deluded into thinking that the transit regulation is not so strict, but that is the biggest delusion you can imagine. In order to stay away from being fined, just pay the fares.
What Not To Do #7: Not Adjusting Your Mealtime According to Milan’s Mealtime

You don’t want to find restaurants closed at the time when your hunger pangs strike. Coordinate the Italian mealtime with your own to avoid such a scenario.
What Not To Do #8: Missing Out On Milanese Coffee Shops

If you pass by a coffee shop and find sophisticated dressed people sitting inside, you should know that they are locals. You can immediately go in to try what their authentic coffee tastes like.
What Not To Do #9: Forgetting Palazzo Lombardia’s – 39th Floor

Remember to go on Sundays anytime between 10 am to 6 pm. You absolutely should visit this spot and experience the breathtaking beauty of the city.
What Not To Do #10: Denying Yourself the Exploration of Castello Sforzesco and Parco Sempione

If you miss this, you are going to miss a once-in-a-lifetime experience while going to Milan and not having those lifetime moments is downright stupid!
What Not To Do #11: Missing the Beauty of the Lakes

You should absolutely visit lakes because chances are you are not going to find anything like them anywhere else in the world.


Top 7 Favorite Celebrity Summer Vacation Spots

Being famous means you won’t catch a break from paparazzi and a personal vacation with family seems like a far-fetched idea. But, if you have the dough, you can go anywhere! So, where exactly does a celebrity go for summer vacation? We spotted some of the most famous people holidaying in exotic getaways and prepared this list of top 7 celebrity summer vacation spots.
1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Bora Bora has been considered to be one of the best summer vacation destinations in the world. Celebrities including Kristen Bell, Kristin Davis, Vince Vaughn, and Jason Bateman seem inclined to agree. These people have been spotted visiting the St. Regis Bora Bora resort. Celebrity couples like Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr also visit Bora Bora regularly.
Bora Bora is an island among the Leeward group of islands of French Polynesia. It is situated about 143 miles northwest of Papeete. The island is surrounded by a lagoon with a barrier reef. Two extinct volcanoes, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, rise up to the height of 727 meters. The main feature of Bora Bora, and perhaps the one you might have seen in most pictures, is over-the-water bungalows on stilts. Most of the attractions in the region are aqua-centric such as snorkeling and scuba diving.
2. Los Cabos, Mexico
A perfect spring break spot, Los Cabos, is gaining popularity among celebrities. Popular seaside hotel One & Only Palmilla has hosted celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Christina Aguilera, and Lauren Conrad. They have been spotted soaking in the rays at the private beaches of the hotel.
Los Cabos is situated at the southern tip of Baja California Peninsula of Mexico. It is an exotic place where the desert meets the sea. Tourists will love to indulge in sport fishing, luxurious resorts, serene beaches and golf among other activities. Los Cabos receives a million visitors every year and during the year, two major events take place – Spring Break and Sammy Hagar’s Birthday.
3. Lake Como, Italy
Lake Como or Lario, the Latin name, is a lake in Lombardy, Italy. It’s one of the deepest lakes in Europe with 200 meters of depth and spread over an area of 146 square kilometers. George Clooney visits his villa on Lake Como with his famous friends on a regular basis. The 18th century villa has 15 rooms and has hosted the famous cast of Ocean’s Eleven in the past, including Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Bono, and Cindy Crawford. However, many other celebrities like spending leisure time at Villa d’Este away from all the paparazzi. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul McCartney, Ralph Lauren, and Sylvester Stallone are other big names that like to vacation here. At Lake Como, the most popular attractions are its landscape and wildlife. However, many tourists also enjoy sailing, kite-surfing and windsurfing.
4. St. Barts, French West Indies
This small Island in the Caribbean has hosted dozens of Hollywood stars over the past few years and most of them visit season after season. The stars like to shop, lay on white sandy beaches or take their million dollar yachts for a spin. The eight square mile island has seen many famous couples visiting including Beyoncé/Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale, and Minka Kelly/Derek Jeter.
Officially known as Saint Barthelemy, St Barts is situated at 35 kilometers southeast of Saint Martin. It is a volcanic island surrounded by shallow reefs more popular for its white beaches. Due to its high standards of living, it is easily one the most expensive destinations, only for us that is – not for celebrities!
5. Bhutan, Asia
This vacation spot is different from others on this list. It does not have beaches or blue waters surrounding it. However, celebrities visit Bhutan for its scenic beauty and remoteness. Bhutan is a country that allows only a limited number of visitors per year and it has hosted celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore. Most of them come for peace because they know the crowd won’t disturb them.
Bhutan is one of the Himalayan kingdoms that has survived. It has nature’s beauty in it’s purest form and is still protected from overcrowding. For those who seek inner peace coupled with a luxurious retreat, Bhutan is the spot for a summer vacation.
6. Maui, Hawaii
Even within the USA, there are summer vacation spots that are loved by celebrities. Maui in Hawaii is known for its tropical climate and has won awards as the Best Island in the World. Celebs like Britney Spears, Oprah, Paris Hilton, Olivia Wilde and many others have been spotted enjoying holidays and unwinding in Hawaii.
This second largest Island of Hawaii is spread in 727 square miles area. Tourists like the clean sandy beaches and blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Major attractions in Maui include Hana Highway, Lahaina, and Haleakala National Park. However, it’s the water sports that visitors enjoy the most.
7. Miami, Florida
Who can miss this crazy party powerhouse in the USA? Miami, Florida is a city full of luxury hotels and a crazy nightlife proving to be a perfect party ground for celebs. Hot stars like LeAnn Rimes, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Hayden Panettiere have been spotted in bikinis at the beaches and stars like Matt Damon like longer stays and own a second house in Miami.
Next to Vegas, Miami is the most popular summer vacation destination for sun and fun. Whether you like to sun-bathe on the beach or near the rooftop pool of a luxurious hotel, Miami has every experience to offer.

So, the question is, where are you headed next?



Destinations of 2015: 10 Cost-Effective Vacations

With greater information about travel-friendly destinations to visit, it’s little wonder that you’re still unsure about your travel itinerary. Should you fulfill you’re backpacking dream and hike through Europe, or go for the exotic locales of Asia? This article will help you get a better idea of some budget-friendly destinations that you absolutely have to visit this year.
1. Saint Petersburg, Russia 

In spite of Moscow’s popularity, the city pales in comparison to the rustic charm of St. Petersburg. Its highlight is the Armitage with its enthralling art display. Moreover, the Winter Palace is a sight to see with its 1500 rooms and a gruesome battle scenario depicting the 1917 October Revolution.
2. Istanbul, Turkey

Rich in its culture of Islamic architecture, thrumming bazaars and historical monuments, Istanbul is certainly one of the most appealing destinations to visit this year. Staying in Sultan Ahmet will facilitate your visit to Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace. For the most vibrant shopping and dining experience the city has to offer, you can stroll through Beyoglu which is next to the famous Taksim Square.
3. Washington DC, USA

Heralded as one of the world’s best museum and monument cities, this is the place for art aficionados and history lovers. This year marks the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination and will thus be commemorated with notable artifacts.
4. Milan, Italy

This is one of the travel destinations dripping with elegance and prominently displaying its wealth. However, in 2015, it opens its doors to all travelers with the Expo 2015. This fair will have 1.1 million square meters of ground so that visitors can enjoy plazas full of street musicians.
5. Macau, China

The intriguing element in Macau’s offering is the fusion of European, African, Indian and Chinese influences. A new rail system is also underway. What’s more is that you can enjoy the world’s highest bungee jump right here in Macau.
6. Bali, Indonesia

This Pacific paradise beckons to you since hotel prices are down by 12% in specific places. You can enjoy an array of underwater exploration and surfing activities and discover volcanoes amidst the jungle vegetation.
7. Khumbu, Nepal

Follow in the footsteps of Hillary and Tenzing. Experience the elation that culminated in the scaling of the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest. The Three Passes Trek and the Mera Peak expedition are bound to bring out the adventurous spirit in you.
8. Tokyo, Japan

The country’s tourism has taken a hit which is why travel expenses of such destinations are at a low this year. Tokyo is preparing for the 2020 Olympics and is rife with activity in this regard. Check out the KoishikawaKorakuen Garden and the Imperial Palace.
9. Svalbard, Norway

Bear witness to the moon blocking out the sun for several minutes on March 20. This heavenly sight can be seen here and is situated between Norway and the North Pole. The aurora borealis will continue this year, and herds of polar bears will constitute a spectacular viewing.
10. Tasmania, Australia

Renowned as the landing site of the first convict ships to Australia, Tasmania has a lot to offer to the avid traveler. This year, the second leg of the Three Capes Track will open up. You can make the most of coastal bushwalking and view the breathtaking sea cliffs of Tasman National Park.
Make 2015 the year of the traveler. Pick one or more of these must visit destinations and we guarantee an enriching and fulfilling travel experience!



5 Of The Best Coffee Cities In The World

Most people would agree that they like coffee or drink coffee on a daily basis. Coffee has become such a morning staple and is even consumed throughout the day. The world loves its coffee. There are so many cities around the world that are home to some of the world’s most delicious coffee. You can find coffee anywhere, but these are five of the best coffee cities on our list.

London, England
The city’s first espresso coffee shop opened over two decades ago and they have become more and more popular over the years making London one of the best coffee cities in the world. Over the past 10 years alone, the coffee scene has exploded. Local coffee drinkers typically order a cappuccino or a flat white which is the current craze. Some of London’s most popular coffee shops include The Attendant, Climpson and Sons, and Look Mum No Hands, which reflects one of the coolest and hippest atmospheres in the city.
Portland, Oregon, USA
Portland, Oregon came in second place on Travel + Leisure’s list of the best coffee cities in the U.S. It has been said that Portland has a very intimate coffee scene which intrigues visitors and tourists enough to stop by and see what Portland has to offer. There is a large selection of delicious coffee shops and the baristas know what they’re doing and provide some of the most artistic coffee creations around. Portland has some of the finest espresso and brewed coffee in the USA (and the world) and is considered one of the hippest cities as well.

Rome, Italy
As they say, do as the Romans do, and drink strong, hot coffee on the go. “Drink and go” tends to be the average Roman’s lifestyle. Most Romans drink five or more espressos a day so needless to say, they tend to move! Rome is a city of ambience and coffee locals are no exception. The service is very friendly and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting & tourists from all over the world mingle with politicians. You might even bump into President Giorgio Napolitano. Some of Rome’s best coffee shops are Recafe, Giolitti, and Rosati.

Vienna, Austria
Probably the birthplace of coffee culture, Vienna has been stoking this scene since the 17th century. Nowadays, most coffee shops in Vienna offer as many as twenty different kinds of coffee drinks to their very picky patrons. It is very unlikely that you will meet a local that doesn’t drink coffee since it’s practically in Vienna’s DNA. Vienner Melange is a popular coffee drink, which is similar to espresso and can usually be found in traditional coffee houses. Vienna is so well known for being one of the best coffee cities in the world that it was listed as such by UNESCO back in 2011. The city of Vienna also hosted the World Barista Championship back in 2012.

Melbourne, Australia
According to a booking.com survey, Melbourne was voted best coffee city in the worlds. It beat Rome, Vienna, and Sydney in the 2014 survey. More and more people are saying that Melbourne has the world’s best coffee. There is a history behind their independent cafes and brewing techniques that makes a cup of coffee from Melbourne worth the long plane ride. And, not only do visitors appreciate Mebourne’s coffee, coffee baristas appreciate the visitors, which makes the experience that much better.



Top 5 A-Lister Must Go To Restaurants In Venice

If you wish to go back in time a few hundred years, Venice is the place to visit thanks to its old buildings and romantic traditions. The world knows the city by several names – The Floating City, City of Water, City of Bridges, La Dominante and Serenissima among others. The names may be many, but everyone agrees that Venice is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth, if not the most!
Tourists from all over the world come to Venice to experience all of its beauty and celebrities are not far behind on the list of fans either. If you’re headed to Venice and wish to include in your sojourn a fair bit of stargazing, this list of 5 restaurants will help you find the right spots in town.
Da Fiore
S. Polo, 2202/A, 30125 Venezia, Italy

When renowned chef Nobu says this is one of his favorite restaurants, you simply have to believe that Da Fiore is indeed in a class of its own. The restaurant is a family affair, and is operated by Chef Mara Martin. The exquisite Italian dishes you can taste here have the magic of local ingredients mixed with hearty doses of tradition. Whether it’s the Wild Sea Bass in Balsamic Vinegar with Emperor Apples or the whole 7 course tasting, the dishes here are gorgeous in every way. The interiors are cozy and beautiful while the tables with a view of the canal make your meal even more magical. With Osteria Da Fiore on your list, you’re sure to have a beautiful day out in Venice!
Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti
Dorsoduro, 30123 Venice, Italy

A tiny restaurant that can seat less than two dozen diners at one time, Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti stands testimony to the fact that great things often come in small packages! The produce here is as fresh as it can get and after the kitchen has worked its magic, what you get on the table is nothing less than the most beautiful food in the world. Despite its size, this one has made news all over the world and diehard foodie tourists often make it a point to plan their travels around their reservations for lunch or dinner here! Home-style food that stands tall in the culinary world – Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti is what Venice is – warm and beautiful.
Locanda Cipriani
Piazza Santa Fosca, 29, 30142 VE, Italy

If you are an Ernest Hemingway fan, you simply must visit Locando Cipriani for a wonderful meal, or even book your rooms at the hotel here for a romantic stay because this is where the writer penned one of his classics Across the River and Through the Trees. Whether you’re a literary enthusiast or not, the food and ambiance at Locando Cipriani is well worth the visit!
The small island of Torcello is a pleasant drive away from Venice and here begins your journey, one you’ll likely remember for a long time. Friendly service is the highlight here and you can feel the rich traditions attached to the restaurant in the air even as you take your seat. Some patrons believe the experience to be as good as a 5-star one and the food, though in small portions, is a delightful affair. The menu has prices that include the taxes and service charges, so no surprises at the end of your meal!
L’Alcova Restaurant at the Casagredo Hotel
Ca’ D’Oro 30121 Venice, Italy

Classy, not to mention expensive some say even by Venetian standards, is what defines the experience at the L’Alcova Restaurant. Of course, the food and service matches up to the costs and what you get is a wholesome culinary experience. Beef Fillet with Foie Gras soaked in Torcolato di Breganze Wine and Bigoli Pasta with Lobster seem to be the favorites and a common cry is to go easy on your appetizers and main course and leave ample space for the desserts. A table overlooking the Grand Canal is the best view here so make sure you book those seats well in advance!
Rio Terà Lista de Spagna, 30121 Venezia, Italy

If you’ve had your fill of Italian cuisine and it’s Japanese you crave for, Mirai is the best of the bunch in Venice. The food here is a great mix of Japanese with just a hint of local Italian cuisine sprucing things up, thus allowing your taste buds to relish in a different culinary experience. A wide range of choices allows for healthy experimentation as far as the food goes and the service and ambiance make it all worth the high prices. Japanese in Venice may not sound like a great combination, but fans here say it’s a great way to break away from tradition and try something different!
The restaurants on this list are the best in Venice and are committed to culinary and service standards comparable with the best in the world. Book a table here and you just won’t regret it! Of course, with celebrities thrown into the mix, things get even better!



Visit These Lost Cities For The Indiana Jones In You

The process of unearthing lost cities is something you would normally associate with Indiana Jones type individuals, but not anymore. Thanks to technology, it has become much easier to discover lost cities than before, and one no longer needs to rely on daring adventures in the jungle.
A recent find has been hiding in the La Moskitia rainforest in Honduras. The thickness of the rainforest has made it almost impenetrable, due to which the city laid buried for centuries. Satellite photos have unearthed plazas and pyramids left behind by a pre-Columbian civilization that disappeared without trace and no one has been able to figure out what has happened to it. This was made possible by a technique known as lidar, which involves creating a 3D surface model in order to reveal any signs of human inhabitants by bouncing lasers off the ground.

The technique of lidar was also responsible for helping to unveil the scale of Mahendraparvata, a 9th century Khmer Empire site in Cambodia that is believed to be 350 years older than Angkor Wat. Located some 100 km away from Angkor cities, it was linked to the major cities by a complex road network that was greatly advanced for its time. The once densely populated city contained several monuments, all of which are now nothing more than piles of stones.
However, the historical cities which are now lost have not all been above the ground. Some of them have been swallowed up by the sea. One such city is Heracleion, which used to be one of Egypt’s main ports before it was swallowed up by the Mediterranean, where it remained buried for more than 1200 years.
Not all lost cities are above ground. Heracleion was Egypt’s main port before it sank into the Mediterranean and disappeared for around 1,200 years before it was finally discovered in 2000. Many historical lost cities are not accessible to travelers, but there are some that you can travel to if you want to take advantage of your inner adventurer to satisfy your curiosity.
Calakmul, Mexico

This is one location where you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other people taking up space. In fact it’s more likely that you will find monkeys here as compared to finding other tourists, allowing you to explore this location at length without being disturbed by the crowd. The tall and steep pyramids hidden away in the jungle of Campeche are the tallest in Mexico and several are overgrown in trees, shrubs and other vegetation. It was among the most prosperous Mayan cities of its time, and can be considered comparable to the city of Tikal located in Guatemala. Brightly colored frescos have been buried away under several pyramids, which depict the daily life of Mayans, and archaeologists are working hard to preserve these.
How can you get there? In order to get to this location, you will have to drive from Campeche, a colonial city located almost five hours away.
Why should you go here? This is the largest Mayan city to have been discovered.
Ciudad Perdida, Colombia

Ciudad Perdida means ‘Lost City’ in Spanish and getting there is an adventure in itself. This city is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains and you will have to climb steep slopes, cross rivers and navigate slippery trails to get there. It was developed between AD 500 and 700 by Tayrona Indians but was abandoned at the time of the Spanish conquest. It was rediscovered by treasure hunters around 1970, and it was looted for all it was worth. However, the impressive citadel still remains.
How can you get there? You will need to engage the services of a tour guide who will give you a six-day long tour through the jungle.
Why should you go here? To enjoy not just the ruins, but also the memorable journey there.
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat was discovered by French explorer Henri Mouhot around 150 years ago. It is one of the remnants of the architecture left behind by the Khmer Empire, between the 9th and 15th century AD. It consists of a huge complex which contains a large number of temples, one of which is Angkor Wat, the Angkor Thom stone heads of Bayon, as well as Ta Prohm, a crumbling monument that gained popularity due to Tomb Raider. You can safely avoid the tour groups if you go further ahead up to Beng Mealea which is hidden away in the jungle.
How can you get there? Catch a tuk-tuk or a tour bus from Siem Reap.
Petra, Jordan

The city of Petra was formerly the capital and largest city of the kingdom of Nabataea. This was once a thriving trading city, despite being situated in the middle of the desert until the 6th century when an earthquake destroyed the water system. For centuries, the city remained abandoned until it was discovered in 1812 by Johann Burckhardt, a Swiss explorer. The main route is through a long and narrow gorge known as the Siq.
How can you get there? The traditional route is by using a bus service from either Amman or Aqaba, but if you want more of an adventure, you can trek for six days through the Dana Reserve and enjoy the scenery.
Why should you go here? To be awe-struck by a city that is half carved and half built into the rock!
Persepolis, Iran

The city of Persepolis was founded in 518 BC and was the capital of the Persian Empire. The city with its glittering gold walls, towering monuments, and impressive pillars was a sight to behold and was considered a model city of its time until 331 BC. Then, Alexander the Great burned it to the ground in order to avenge the burning of the Acropolis. The city then remained buried until the 1930s. The city is now only a shadow of its former glory, and nothing more than ruins of the doorways and stairways of the great palaces remain.
How can you get there? Hop on a taxi or bus or take a guided tour from Shiraz.
Why should you go here? Just to take in the scale of the ruins.
Pompeii, Italy

After the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, the city of Pompeii remained buried under a layer of stone and ash along with the remains of 1,000 people. A formerly bustling city was long forgotten until it was discovered by archaeologists 1800 years later. Under the ash, they found buildings, artifacts and the bodies of victims, along with the expressions on their faces, frozen and completely preserved.
How can you get there? Hop on a train or bus or guided tour from Naples.
Why should you go here? To view the everyday life of ancient Rome.
Choquequirao, Peru

Machu Picchu may be the main attraction, but Choquequirao is nothing less. It was built by Topa Inca Yupanqui in the 15th century as a monument to Incan royalty. You can even include a tour of Casa de Cascada, Capullyoc and Hurincancha while you’re at it.
How can you get there? Drive for four hours from Cuzco.
Why should you go here? The trek itself is the most interesting part of the trip.


The Most Spectacular Panoramas According To Ship Captains

Without the slightest of doubts, being at sea offers spectacular tranquility and a fresh outlook on the world. For the lucky few who often board ships either on holiday or as crew members usually unlock some of the best-kept secrets which are a reservation for nautical adventurers who spend almost their entire lives on the ocean.
However, Royal Caribbean has revealed some of the most spectacular and incredible panoramas encountered by its 23 ship captains while voyaging in many destinations across the world.
The Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

Many surveys from sea captains point that the Hubbard Glaciers of Alaska are some of the most spectacular views due to its sheer magnitude and scale. The terrific sceneries from Yakutat to Disenchantment Bay stand out in these parts of the world.
Sydney Harbor, Australia

The iconic Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge stand out in a voyage Down Under. The 240 kilometers of shoreline and the meandering waterways are a sight to behold.
Venice, Italy

The stunning architecture of Venice couldn’t pass the sight of many captains. The liner sights of the buildings in the early morning sunrise are truly breathtaking.
Geiranger Fjord, Norway

Found in the south western part of More og Romsdai, Norway, Geiranger Fjord brings a magnificent deep water, majestically surrounded by snow-covered mountain peaks, wild waterfalls and lush green vegetation. It’s a place where the sea meets the snow, mountain, waterfalls and beautiful vegetation.
Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

This archipelago is unique due to its thousands of tiny islands, doll-like houses, and thousands of rock.
Island of Moorea, French Polynesia

Beautiful greens surround jugged volcanic mountains and dramatic sandy beaches. Rainforest trails, scuba diving and many more adventurous activities are there to be indulged.
Vesuvius, Naples, Italy

The spectacular landscape of the Mediterranean has one of the best harbors and ocean houses in the world.
Nice, France

A popular tourist destination, Nice has a mountainous backdrop and amazing beaches for sun bathers.
Fancy these places? Time to plan a vacation!

Images via dailymail.co.uk (Royal Caribbean)


6 Different Ways To Travel Through Europe

From biking through Bordeaux vineyards to cruising Cantabrian cornice, Chelsea Bengier charts the best country-hopping routes through Europe:
1. Best by Road: Spain


Having the world’s 5th largest highway network (and plenty of picnic stops and produce like manchego cheese, tortillas and Jamon Iberico, Spain is the best choice for a European road trip. From Biscay Bay, take the Basque circuit, go through the mountain passes, and roll through the sandy coastline and foothills. The circle starts in Bilbao, where the Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Gehry is located, and heads toward south Pamplona and Vitoria. Take a drive through San Sebastian (a foodie hot spot) and pause at Txiki Zelai for some locavore fare (home-grown) prior to finishing the 5-hour trip by cruising along the Cantabrian cornice towards the west. To take a round through the countryside, opt for the Santander-to-Costa Del Sol route for a peaceful drive through rolling golden hills. An idyllic halfway point is Madrid prior to continuing towards Granada (or evade the capital and go west through Seville and Salamanca). A majority of the roads which are part of this ten-hour trip are toll free motorways, making this a cheap joyride.
2. Best by Rail: Switzerland


The efficient rail network of Switzerland cuts through the Alpine landscapes, misty waterfalls and steep gorges. It is also amongst the easiest form of public transportation that can be used. Signs are available in English and the variety of Swiss travel passes makes traveling easy. Bonus! Many passes allow free entry to museums as well. The Golden Pass line covering Lucerne and Interlaken swallows around charming Swiss chalets and emerald lakes – take the panoramic train topped with glass for the best views.

Jungfrau, at 13,642 feet, is dubbed as Europe’s top and can be reached via a cog train. In the Southern Alps, Bernina Express is the best amongst other lines. Moving at 20 mph, Bernina Express steers close to two-hundred bridges and winds through the mountains by way of 55 tunnels, an impressive journey so much so that it was titled a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
3. Best by Bike: France


A few of the relaxed routes are situated just around Bordeaux, alongside Dordogne River banks, throughout the Lot wineries and in the region of the Cahors village. There are companies similar to European Bike Express that enable biking easy as they transport cyclists to points of drop-off in a double-decker bus with a trailer, and then pick them up at their selected destination. There are also many French companies that offer rentals and holiday tours, such as Breton Bikes and Brittany Borders Bicycling. You can also take a bike free of charge on many trains in France, specifically on TER regional express trains.
4. Best by River: Germany


Though Germany is known for its pedal-to-the-metal autobahn, the prime gateway of the country is its waterway system, having over 150 rivers that flow in from the North, Baltic and Black seas. The Weser, Oder, Danube, Elbe and Rhine connect the main cities of the country, and tour companies, like Viking River Cruises, provide a number of sailings from two-week voyages to nightly booze cruises. The Rhine that extends from Netherlands to southern Germany displays a lot of historic towns and crumbling castles; the Upper Middle Valley being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The longest path is via the Danube, starting from southern Germany all the way through Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria’s northern edges, Serbia and Austria to the Black Sea.
5. Best on Foot: Italy


Hike the hills, climb cliffs and meander markets in Italy, which can be best explored on foot. All 20 regions have different landscapes to wander through. The Ligurian Coast’s Cinque Terre is a 7-mile trail that connects its 5 charming seaside towns.

Towards the south on Amalfi Coast, Sentiero degli Dei (the Path of the Gods) goes through primeval Roman ruins, or if you want a tough trek, opt for Northern Italy’s Dolomites, the largest alpine meadow in Europe, where paths are surrounded with jagged limestone peaks and fields of wildflower filled with cows and goats. History enthusiasts should see the Via Francigena, a pilgrimage path of the 6th century. Many of historic hilltop towns of Tuscany like Monteriggioni, San Gimignano and Strove, are close by so you can tour them on daily walks.
6. Best by Air: U.K.


Britain is best seen through the skies. It has a lot of aerial activities available compared to a majority of the European countries, from hang gliding over the Cotswolds and learning a vintage biplane of 1940, to tours in a helicopter over London. It is here where the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is held annually: a 4-day event that happens in August and attracts approximately 500,000 spectators. More than 150 balloons having different colors fill the skies having an impressive night glow parade, and Britain’s well-known aerobatic team, the RAF Red Arrows, performs aerial tricks.