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10 Exceptionally Romantic Destinations In The World

While the European beauties, Rome and Paris are amongst some of the most romantic destinations for couples, there are many other locations which are equally as exotic as well as less crowded. Having your favorite dinner by the side of the Venetian waters or simply walking on the cobblestone lanes of Bruges with your loved one are a just a few examples. Want to explore more enchanting destinations? Read on!

  1. The Maldives


From having a candlelight dinner by the side of a lake to living in a house built at the water’s edge, nothing sounds more romantic than this. If you fantasize being on a beach covered by tall palm trees while sitting under their shade, all while enjoying the beauty of the captivating sunset, then Maldives is the place to be.

  1. Jammu and Kashmir, India


Often known as paradise on earth due to its snow-covered peaks, Jammu and Kashmir is said to be the most romantic destinations in India. Staying in the houseboat, floating in the gleaming Srinagar’s Dal Lake, taking a ride in the gondola over the Himalayan peak, or walking holding hands in the fields of Pahalgam are a few romantic experiences you ought to enjoy while exploring the beautiful valley of Jammu and Kashmir.

  1. Santorini, Greece


The ancient beauty of Greece has always been welcoming for its visitors. When visiting Santorini, other than the glistening sunsets and the shimmering waters, you can also enjoy the white washed homes, the spectacular blue domed churches, and the color-changing skyline.

  1. Paris, France


Walking on the cobblestone lanes of Paris gives you the feeling as if you are walking in a painting. A famous spot for all lovers, this city is filled with dazzling experiences such as roaming around in the puzzled cobblestone streets, climbing the Eiffel tower to see the most exotic skyline ever, or just sitting with your loved one and gazing at the breath-taking sunset.

  1. Bali, Indonesia


The beauty of Bali lies in the perfect white-sand beaches, the extravagant mountains, and green rice fields. Visiting Bali simply means dining along the edges of the crystal blue waters, pampering yourself through an exotic spa experience, and wandering around in the rice fields.

  1. Seville, Spain


If you want to explore deliciously different cuisines of Spain, then Seville offers many places for that around the city.

  1. Kyoto, Japan


If you are looking for a place with magical bamboo forests, breath-taking shrines, and ancient palaces, then Kyoto in Japan is the best place to visit. This city is rich in architectural beauty and lets couples explore its natural beauty, history, and diversified culture.

  1. Venice, Italy


A few of the many romantic experiences in Venice include sailing in gondolas in the Venetian waters, dining along the side of the river, and roaming around the stunning streets of the wonderful village of Burano. Venice also lets you visit its creative artisans where you can feel the tranquility of love. While strolling around the streets of the city, you may also smell the yummy cuisines.

  1. Vienna, Austria


Vienna is famous for its spectacular Baroque palaces, attractive trams, and cafes located in quiet and peaceful streets. This city is a must-visit romantic destination as it offers various magnificent settings.

  1. Rome, Italy


Rome is a city with many historic structures and museums. While visiting this fabulous city, don’t forget to explore the Spanish steps, and Italy’s most illustrious structure, The Colosseum.



Tourist Traps: Here’s 6 You’ll Actually Love!

Tourist traps are basically tourist attractions that have been created or re-furbished for the purpose of attracting tourists, and their money, with the various services and facilities they provide. The term ‘trap’ may impose a negative vibe on many, but some of these tourist traps are actually viewed as fun and adventurous destinations. Some of them are usually overcrowded, probably overpriced, even over-hyped, but despite the hassles, they are worth a visit! Below are just some of those we recommend.
Stonehenge, United Kingdom

If you happen to pay a visit to the UK, it would be incomplete without visiting the Stonehenge, or so they say. For some, it’s considered a major tourist trap. It is included in most of the guided tours.
If you love historic architect marvels, you will surely feel the ambiance provided by the Neolithic prehistoric rocks. You are not allowed to touch them, naturally to preserve them, since they are the oldest man-made structure that has survived to date. It is also one of the modern wonders of the world and the most renowned prehistoric monument in Europe. There is a visitor center where you can view around 250 objects from the ancient era. You can also discover the remains of a 5,500 year old man! The guided tours are expensive and the whole trip takes you on the outskirts, therefore it consumes your time as well as your money, but if you love historical architectures, you will surely enjoy it!
Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay

Previously known as one of the most notorious prisons, some of the visitors do not regard this tourist attraction as a trap. In fact, the tour is quite an adventure! Just the fact that it was once a military fort turned prison turned tourist attraction makes it quite an interesting visit. There is also a boat ride included which can get you some good views around the bay. If you are on a short visit, this trip might take a lot of your time, almost 2 to 3 hours exclusive of the commute. It is best if you plan an early trip over the weekend.
Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

To enjoy the most enthralling shopping experience, the Kapali Carsi, aka the Covered Bazaar, is a must-visit for those visiting Istanbul. The place is always crowded – always! It is one of the oldest and largest covered markets existing to date. It spans an area of 61 streets covered! There are around 3,000 shops populated within these 61 covered streets! The crowd of visitors peak up to 400,000 in a day! The outside shops are cheaper compared to the shops inside which offer expensive products specifically meant for tourists. Bargaining is allowed and it is possible to buy an item for less than half the listed price, depending on your bargaining skills and knowledge of the quality of the merchandise of course! The ambiance is friendly as the shopkeepers offer warm welcomes and some even serve you energizing tea while you enjoy your shopping experience. The huge crowd of visitors may be a setback, but it is definitely worth a visit.
Taj Mahal, India

Another wonder of the world, the Taj Mahal attracts millions of visitors each year. The huge crowd seen at all times may set it as a major tourist trap, but this is a world heritage site that really is worth a visit, and may not have been so overhyped! If you want to visit when the crowd is at a minimum, it’s best to visit at sunrise or maybe around sunset. The views at these times are also ideal for photography. The white marble that decorates the mausoleum is a Mughal architectural marvel. You may be charged hefty amounts by the photographers offering you a great picture with Taj Mahal as the backdrop. Be careful about your sandals that you leave when entering the holy area. You might not find them back again! Don’t bring your fancy or expensive footwear when visiting, just in case.
Grand Canyon, Arizona
South Rim Grand Canyon before sunset, Arizona, US 

There’s a lot you can do once you visit the Grand Canyon. This natural formation of layered rocks attracts many tourists each year. The area is mostly surrounded by National Parks and managed by some tribes like the Hualapai, The Navajo and the Havasupai tribe. The SkyWalk trip is a pretty rough commute traveling 10 miles on a stretch of dirt road – it’s a bumpy ride. You cannot drive to the SkyWalk, there’s a tour bus that takes you there. If you wish to take a walk on the SkyWalk, it costs around $30, which makes it quite expensive if you are traveling with your family. There are recreational activities also organized for the visitors like the tribal dances. The food options are quite pricey as well. Nevertheless, it’s worth a visit. However, it’s best to avoid peak summers. Due to the high temperatures and scorching heat, rising up to 39 degrees, the canyon bed gets pretty hot. If you’re sweating profusely you may not be able to enjoy it, especially if you happen to travel from colder climates. The heat may be unbearable for you. Therefore, it’s best to travel in off seasons as well as during the cooler times of the year.
The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
The three pyramids of the pharaohs Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinos 

When you visit Egypt, the only two main attractions in Cairo are The Pyramids of Giza and The Great Sphinx which speaks volumes about their historic presence. The Pyramids are also part of The Ancient wonders of the world. It is hard to find honest and helpful guides as most of them are there to fill their pockets and may charge exorbitant amounts of money for their services. If you happen to take a picture with a camel, the herder might pester you with charges for taking a picture with their camel. Some vendors sell fake papyrus and charge you for it. The vendors don’t leave you easily and you might find it quite difficult to ‘free’ yourself from the constantly bargaining vendors! Once you finally reach the pyramid, you will be able to witness a magnificent structure. The inside of the pyramid comprises of a narrow tunnel that leads to a Grand Entrance. You can observe the masonry skills and hieroglyphics and all about the ancient Egyptian historical presence. It will definitely take you back to those ‘mummy’ movies we all adore!


Goa: Exploring Amazing Resorts, Food and Beaches

Goa, being the most beautiful tourist attraction in India, is visited by thousands of people each year. Famous for its beaches and resorts, Goa has a lot to offer you if you’re planning a trip.


There are numerous places in Goa where you can enjoy delicious traditional and international cuisines. A few of them are listed below.
Matsya Freestyle Kitchen

Owned by a professional chef named Gome Galily, this restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines according to visitors’ preferences. The chef himself creates exquisite dishes upon order.
Please note that booking is mandatory.

Craving for fish or unique dishes like chopped rockfish in banana leaf? Visit Bomras which is run and owned by Bawmra Jap. Influenced by Burmese traditional cuisine, this restaurant is a must visit.
Bhatti Village

The hub of traditional cuisine, Bhatti village has hired the state’s best chefs. The uniqueness of this restaurant is that there is no menu, and the co-owner tells the customers what his wife Merciana is cooking that day. Merciana cooks delicious food that includes dishes like chicken cafreal and fish curry. You might want to make a reservation before going there.
Go With the Flow

This restaurant is owned by a Brazilian chef named Guto Souza who is an expert with beef dishes. Go With the Flow offers a huge range of beef dishes such as knockout steak.

Owned by Sai, this beachfront restaurant lets you enjoy the sunset while having your favorite drink. On the menu, you can find kokum and many other beverages. Apart from beverages, Elevar is also known for its delicious chicken thaali.


Goa is comprised of many hotels and resorts where you can stay to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Listed below are the most preferred locations.
Palm Grove

Located on Goa’s finest beach, this hotel resort offers a relaxing experience to its customers. As the name suggests, it is surrounded by lush green palm trees and the luxurious cottages are wonderfully furnished. This resort also has a smaller sister resort named Little Palm Grove.
Vivenda Dos Palhacos

A kilometer away from Majorda beach, this villa is comprised of 6 guestrooms only. Owned by the Haywards family, today Charlotte and Simon Hayward take care of this villa and run it. Charlotte works in the daytime whereas Simon takes care of the guests at night.
Amarya Paros

This place is designed to preserve the rich culture of Rajasthan as it offers its guests to live in huge Rajasthani tents that are often air-conditioned. The owner, Mathieu, greets the guests with an open heart and takes care of their comfort.


The multiple beaches have a little something for everyone, from beach parties to luxurious resorts and eateries!

Agonda is more of quiet sands, and one must go there if they want to take a day off from the hustle of daily life. This long, isolated stretch offers simple huts to stay in and admire the stillness of nature.
It’s located in South Goa, in the north of Palolem beach.

The Anjuna beach is located in the north of Goa and was once home to hippies. Though most of them have moved out now, their legacy still remains. Every Wednesday, a market is set up on the beach which is crowded until the end of the day. Once the day comes to an end, the crowds gather up near the shacks to enjoy the sunset.

Moving along, the Arambol beach has now become the new home of the hippies. It once used to be a small fishing town, but now it is crowded with long-term travelers. There are a lot of activities to do in here such as dolphin watch and water sports.
The Breathtaking Beaches

The Morjim, Asvem, and Mandrem beaches offer a combination of a modern yet peaceful beach experience. You can relax and practice Yoga on these beaches whereas on the other hand, you can visit the boutiques and enjoy fun parties.
Central Goa

The Central Goa is a popular tourist attraction as it is comprised of numerous five-star hotels for people who are looking for complete holiday packages and holiday deals.
The Undeveloped Beaches

Among all these lively places lie the undeveloped beaches like Keri, Cola and Galgibag. These places are the best when you need time alone with your loved one or when you really want to get away from your hectic lifestyle.
So the next time you want to go to Goa, keep these places in mind so that you can make the best out of your holiday!



Why Shimla Is The Best Place For Backpackers

Shimla is a perfect getaway for explorers, family vacationers, and even couples. The snow-topped mountains and green fields that encompass this hill resort in Inida pulls in crowds of voyagers consistently. The Himachal capital is home to a lot of planned stays, affordable restaurants, enchanting bistros, and clamoring bazaars. The appeal of this town likewise lies in its restricted paths, the people, and the radiant perspectives that welcome you around each twist in the street. A getaway to Shimla is not exceptionally costly on the pocket either. Simply keep a couple of days convenient to completely evaluate the encounters that the slope town brings to the table.
Here’s your manual for investigating this destination in Himachal Pradesh:
Surrounded by Himalayans

Encompassed by snow-topped Himalayan crests and green fields, Shimla has a scope of beguiling markets and spots to visit for shopaholics from the nearby most loved Lakkar Bazaar to the ever-prevalent Mall Road, Shimla.
The Historical Points to Visit 

Besides the mountains’ beauty, there’s a list of spots to visit in Shimla that will keep you on your feet all throughout your vacation from historical centers, theater and provincial cabins to pleasant strolling trails.
The Campfire Sensations

Along with grand scenes and mountains encompassed in snow, the scrumptious meals served at these small eateries in Shimla is a bonafide fascination for guests. Arranged in the labyrinth-like paths of the city, these little places offer everything from natural products to chilled sweets. Regardless of the fact that you lean toward eating in expensive restaurants, we suggest you to visit these spots to explore the genuine taste of Shimla.
The Ice Creams to Eat

Advance toward Sita Ram and Sons, there is an acclaimed place to eat at Shimla’s Lakkar Bazaar. To cool yourself down on those sizzling days, the sweets and desserts of Shimla’s Embassy Ice Creams are an unmistakable venture. Whatever the climate is, this frozen yogurt joint is constantly caught up with serving great desserts.
The Mountain Magnificence

Other than taking in the mountains’ magnificence, here’s some spots to visit in Shimla that will keep you on your feet all through your vacation. The resort takes into account a wide range of hobbies. So whether you’re a games lover, a history buff, or even a shopaholic searching for a decent sale, Shimla has a lot to offer you in terms of where to go and what to do.
The Mall Road

In Shimla, the Mall Road lies at the heart of all the activities and actions. You’ll find this spot humming with shops, bistros, theaters, and eateries.
Called the Rashtrapati Niwas, the Viceregal Lodge is a legacy building arranged on the Observatory Hill in Shimla. Initially, it was known as the living arrangement of the Viceroys of India.
Only two or three kilometers west of Scandal Point, Shimla’s State Museum is home to an unfathomable accumulation of miniatures from Kangra and Rajasthan, weavings from Chamba, coins, gems, sanctuary carvings, and weapons.
The Playground

This spot was once utilized as a ground for cricket and polo. This beautiful glade is encompassed by thick backwoods and spreads over a territory of 121 bighas. The Naldehra Golf Club is an exceptional course and is viewed as a standout amongst the most difficult courses to play in the nation.
The Inns

There is no scarcity of lodgings in Shimla. Thronged by a wide range of voyagers consistently, Shimla houses a lot of accommodating inns both inside of the city (close to the prevalent Mall Road) and further on the edges. You won’t have to look far to get a good night’s rest with quality service and staggering mountain landscapes.
Lodging Gulmarg Regency

Lodging Gulmarg Regency is situated in the city’s heart, in closeness to the Mall — a mainstream lane in the city that is dabbed with restaurants and shops. Resting in the midst of the wild of oak trees, Oakwood Hamlet is roosted at a height of 5,900 ft.
Hotel Rock Heaven

Located around 10 km from Shimla, Hotel Rock Heaven offers extensive and agreeable spaces. Concealed in labyrinth-like paths, these restaurants in Shimla guarantee to satisfy all your post-outing longings. From tasting a hot espresso to enjoying rich baked goods and cakes, and from beginning your day with a healthy breakfast to a Victorian-style feast, eating out in Shimla is an involvement in itself. Attempt delectable luxuries served in prevalent shops, stop for a good looking aiding of Indian desserts or meander around Mall Road while testing the nearby top picks — there are a few places in the city that you must visit. Hearty stone dividers and a casual climate — Qilaa is as fascinating as its name.
Trishool Bakery

Most frequented for its astounding baked goods, Trishool Bakery at Shimla’s Mall Road guarantees a luscious chomp of velvety cakes. If you want some steaming hot espresso while fighting the frost in Shimla, then Indian Coffee House is the spot for you. For a formal night out, look no further than the frontier period style of The Restaurant at The Oberoi Cecil.

A healthy breakfast of omelets and toast, trailed by nice looking helpings of Indian desserts at Baljeesis, this is the ideal approach to begin your trip.


Fantastic Tropical Beaches You Should Visit

When winter is here, what better way is there to avoid those cold days by lying on some of the most fantastic, warm-climate beaches in the world? Here are some you’ll love to explore!
Bamboo Island Beach, Thailand

The first nation that comes to our mind when we think about a beach vacation is Thailand. Bamboo Island’s beach is one of those beaches where you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking in its tame waves. It is surrounded by beautiful limestone cliffs and the crystal clear blue water makes you feel like you are in paradise. It’s close to Maya Bay, the location where Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie ‘The Beach’ was recorded.
Eleuthera, Bahamas

Spending a well deserved weekend in the sunny beaches of the Bahamas will do wonders for your body. If you’re looking for an intimate place, Eleuthera will be your best find. It’s known for its pink sand, clear blue waters and coral reefs. So let go off all that stress you’re carrying and plan your trip now!
Ipanema Beach, Brazil

The beaches in Brazil are unquestionably one of the best in the world. The next one on the list is Ipanema Beach, known to be the hangout spot of supermodels and celebrities. Ipanema Beach is known for its around the clock hang out plaza. You can walk around the beach sipping cold beer while enjoying the amazing mountain views.
Jobson’s Cove, Bermuda

via bermuda4u

Searching for a pristine, picturesque beach? Your search is over! Head over to Bermuda’s Jobson’s Cove. This captivating beach is well known for the limestone’s natural formation. This beach is covered in pink sand and gives you a chance to explore the breathtaking views of the cliffs around you, plus the clear blue waters and reefs.
The waters of Jobson’s Cove are almost always calm, making it the best place to let go of all your worries and simply relax. Your children will be safe to go snorkeling in these waters as well as experience the aquatic life in Bermuda. If you’re looking for an adventure, you can always climb the cliffs surrounding it. Known to be “Paradise,” Jobson’s Cove is the perfect place for a family vacation.
Kadmat Island Beach, India

via kadmat.com

India is famous for its delicious food, but were you aware that the country hosts some of world’s most amazing beaches as well? The one that stands out is Kadmat Island beach.
Kadmat Island’s beaches lay on a coral reef. The clear waters from the Indian Ocean are bound to make swimming, diving, and snorkeling much more fun. You can also make friends with dolphins and whales as the islands house many of these marine creatures.
Kadmat Island is one of the only islands open to foreigners. The government controls the number of people allowed on this island so that the natural resources of the island could be protected and to ensure that the waters and pristine shores of the island are maintained.
Thanks to the low number of people visiting the island, it is known to be one of world’s most peaceful and cleanest beaches. Even though it’s really hard to get the permit to visit this extraordinary island, trust us it’s worth it.
Matira Beach, French Polynesia

via travelingexotic.com

Covered in white powdered sand, the stunning Matira Beach located in Bora Bora Island is the best place to spend your vacation. Known for its tropical sun and clear green-blue waters, Matira Beach is a haven for vacationers from all around the world.
Matira Beach is known to be the most beautiful beach of the world, and is on top of the must-visit list for a vacation. The water of this beach is pleasantly warm so you can swim in it for hours and hours. You can enjoy the most magnificent sunsets you can imagine surrounded by calm waters and lush palm trees and vegetation. You can’t find a more perfect spot.
Navio Beach, Puerto Rico

If you’re a fan of water sports or surfing, Navio Beach is your kind of place. Located in Vieques, Navio Beach features perfect white sand, relaxing beaches and, best of all, the warm sun of Puerto Rico.
Navio Beach includes tough waves that would be perfect of surfing. It also created rock formations that are perfect if you want to go rock climbing. You can spend your holiday surrounded by lush green scenery and it also hosts two caves on its east side. So if it’s privacy you’re looking for, you can find it in the hidden caves.
Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Perhentian Islands are made up of two major islands, Perhentian Kecil and Perhentian Besar. The amazing tropical beaches spread out on these two islands are surrounded by palm trees with crystal clear blue waters, warm climate, and white sand. You can get your diving and snorkeling adventure here and observe the amazing marine life consisting of coral reefs, fish, sea turtles, and jelly fish. The best time to visit these islands will be from June to October, so plan your holidays accordingly. Of course, you wouldn’t want to go there during the monsoon season.
Tulum Beaches, Mexico

Tulum Beaches are known to be Mexico’s most stylish beaches, putting the beaches of Mexico on the map. Giving prominence to Tulum ruins, stunning views of the Riviera Maya and white sands, it’s the true haven for beach lovers! You can walk on the shores of these striking waters and admire the scenery and sunset around you.
Yasawa Island Beach, Fiji

Even though Yasawa Island is less marketed than Mamanucas Island, its neighbor, it still holds its place in the hearts of backpackers looking for an adventure. The Yasawa Group of islands is home to some of the most beautiful islands in the country with clear blue waters. The movie “The Blue Lagoon” was also filmed here in 1980.
If you’re looking for an affordable yet adventurous vacation, Yasawa Island is the place to visit. You can enjoy activities like visiting local villages, kayaking, and sailing. Finish your day with a delicious beach barbeque while listening to the soothing waves.
Eagle Beach, Aruba

Deciding where to spend your next spring break? Head towards the Caribbean to Eagle Beach. This island becomes very popular around spring break when all anxious students are looking for a getaway to relax.
Head towards Eagle Beach for a trip you will never regret. The white sand beaches, mesmerizing turquoise waters, and beach picnics are waiting just for you. You can get a chance to experience a turtle hatching or photograph the bended, twisted fofoti trees.
Punalu’u Beach, Hawaii

We know the black sand beaches of Punalu’u may not sound very appealing to you, but it really is a trip worth taking. The beach is filled with lava rocks and unique wildlife. Green sea turtles add color to this beach and are equally adorable. Even though you’ll have to observe them from a safe distance, you can still enjoy their presence while cooling down on natural fresh water pools to avoid the scorching heat.
The presence of these endangered creatures makes Punalu’u stand out in all of Hawaii and is one of the world’s greatest tropical destinations. You are advised not to swim here as the currents are really strong, but the view here is to die for.
Bias Tugal, Bali

via greenerbali.com

Forget about the ever famous Kuta Beach, it is overly crowded anyway. And Dreamland, which was known to be the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, is now filled with chain resorts and too many tourists. Why not make your way towards Bali to Bias Tugal instead?
Known as “Little Beach” by locals, Bias Tugal is located away from all the hustle and bustle. It is filled with unforgiving waves and the water is clear blue which is really pristine.
If your’re an inexperienced swimmer, you can always walk around the beach to soak up the sun and watch the ferries come and go.
Playa Porto Marie, Curacao

via playaportomari.com

Curacao made the list of Frommer’s Top 10 Snorkeling Spots in the Caribbean. Even though it has a dry climate, the waters are filled with fascinating marine life. If you’re looking to go snorkeling and swimming in this part of the world, there is no place better than Playa Porto Marie beach as it is the best tropical beach around.
As said by locals, Porto Marie beach is known to be the greatest diving site in all of Curacao. The white sand, the calm waters, and the view will make it a holiday you will never forget. Snorkeling and diving equipment are easily available to rent onsite. You can also hike up the trail and enjoy delicious food.
Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman Island

It’s not actually seven miles long, just saying, but it is rightly known as the best beach in the Caribbean. Seven Mile Beach is the most developed and most famous beach of the island with luxury hotels and resorts around it.
Regardless the large number of hotels and resorts here, there are no lack of beaches. You can walk around the shoreline and enjoy the warm sunlight as it is the only thing you can do at Seven Mile Beach.
You can pack a picnic basket and set up a grill for some barbeques here. If you have any pets, they can run around freely to enjoy the beach as there is freedom here for that. However, everything has a price, and you are not allowed to play music loudly and the display of public nudity is strictly prohibited.
Bird Island, Seychelles

via birdislandseychelles.com

If you love nature, this will be your kind of place. Bird Island consists of beaches with soft white sand and is bejeweled by driftwood. The waters are a shade of lovely and clear indigo and it is a tropical heaven for you to relax on.
As you can guess from the name, the greatest part of this island is the birds. You can see as many as 300,000 diverse species of birds flourishing here. The birds are not the only thing you can look forward to either as there are dolphins that visit the beach as well. You can also join a tour to learn about the breeding habits of sea turtles.
Anse du Gouverneur, St. Bart’s Island

via fodors.com (Stefan Kuiper / Shutterstock)

Even though a lot of tourists opt for Anse de Grande Salin beach, many others prefer Anse du Gouverneur over any other beach in St. Bart’s Island. You can have all the privacy you need as the beach is surrounded by vast cliffs. The white sandy beaches are a picture perfect vacation spot. You can relax here as the beach is not very crowded. Do bring your umbrella with you though to protect your skin from the scorching sun.
Champagne Beach, Vanuatu

At the time of low tide, the water of the sea fizzles, making it feel all bubbly and ticklish while swimming. This phenomenon is the impact of escaping gas on the seafloor from the volcanic rocks. This beach is famous for its clear waters. You can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving as well as observe the marine life on the island that includes frogfish, lobsters, giant crabs, and seahorses. You can surely enjoy a picnic in the shade of palm trees.
Crane Beach, Barbados

If you’re a strong swimmer and looking for a challenge, Crane Beach awaits you. The heavy waves of this sea are perfect for you if you’re an experienced surfer. Since there aren’t any restaurants on the beach, you’ll have to bring some snacks on your own. The view of the sunset here is beyond anything you’ll ever see.
So there you have it! Choose any one of these 20 beaches for a vacation and forget all the worries of the outside world. If the mornings on the beach are so eventful, think what night could bring. People from all around the world gather at unique beaches just to do some star-gazing. What a beauty!


Afghanistan Loses More Than Just A Game To India

Soccer is almost a religion in several parts of the world and no matter what the stakes are, the result of a game is often perceived as a lot more than just a win, a loss, or a draw. In some cases, this phenomenon takes on gargantuan proportions and even takes over the emotions of an entire nation and sometimes, even a continent. One such game went down between the national football team of Afghanistan, a nation troubled by war and strife for decades now, and India, yet another nation with its own share of troubles. Of course, the result meant more than just numbers on the scoreboard.
It all went down at the finals of the South Asian Football Federation Cup (SAFF Cup), where Afghanistan went up against India after fighting its way through the tournament by beating other nations that were once considered far superior to them as far as footballing skills were concerned. They had even beaten the Sri Lankans with the scoreboard displaying a whopping 5-0 in only the previous game. However, this wasn’t the first time the Afghan players were aiming for some bigtime glory.
Only two years ago, they had emerged winners at the same tournament and had beat the very same opponents they were up against again. In only the previous edition of the SAFF Cup, Afghanistan had tasted defeat at the hands of its neighbors, and this win was especially relishing for that reason too. Back then, the defeat had come as a shock to India. On the contrary, it was a win for the Afghans that sent the nation into a celebratory frenzy. The youth of the nation took to soccer like never before – even though soccer had for years been a sport of choice for most – but only after hundreds and thousands of rounds were fired in the air in celebration. Well, the style of celebration may have been vastly different from what we would normally witness in other nations, the mood was way too jubilant to worry about these seemingly minor details!

So when the Afghans seemed like they were poised for a repeat performance, the nation once again waited in anticipation. Destiny, however, had other plans, and so did the men from India.
The Indian side, under the able leadership of Stephen Constantine, was clearly the better side in this particular game, although the Afghans had entered the finals as the favorites in certain quarters. Even so, the men from the mountains gave the men from the plains quite a shocker in the 69th minute when they went up by one via a goal from Zubayr Amiri. In the Afghan camps, the lead meant that they were that much closer to repeating the success of 2013 yet again. All they had to do was keep their lead safe.
This was almost a dream though, considering that India was launching wave after wave of attacks, and the shocker of a goal that had set them back in a game that was clearly theirs made their attacks even more potent. It took only three more minutes until they evened up the score with a goal from Jeje Lalpekhlua putting them on the scoreboard in the 72nd minute. The Afghans still gave them a tough battle to win though, and it was only when the clock at the Greenfield Stadium in the southern Indian city of Thiruvananthapuram displayed the 101st minute of the game that they finally managed to get that elusive extra time goal. The game ended 2-1 in favor of India and things went back to being somber in Afghanistan.
Even with 15 players who were Afghans of foreign origin in the 20-member squad, the Afghans couldn’t quite register a victory, and for now, the memories of the 2013 SAAF Cup win, their maiden title in soccer, is the only element that drives the soccer-crazy nation towards yet another endeavor next time around.

Featured image via goal.com