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Hulk The Dog, The Really Big Dog!

When you think of a dog, what is the image that comes to mind? If you like the little ones, you would probably think of a Chihuahua, Dachshund or a Pug. If you like them slightly bigger, you would maybe think of a Beagle or a Jack Terrier. A little bigger and you might think of a Labrador Retriever or maybe a German Shepherd? And if you like them a little ferocious, or maybe at least look ferocious, then you will surely settle on a Pitbull.
Well, let us introduce you to Hulk, the pitbull that changes the very definition of a big dog. And mind you, though this guy is big, he’s as gentle as any dog can be.

Bred by Marlon and Lisa Grennan, who live on their New Hampsire farm with their toddler son of three, Jordan, Hulk is enormous. The pitbull is only 18-months old, already weighs 175 pounds, and at the rate at which he is growing, Hulk is all set to take over the title of the biggest dog in the world once he stops growing.
So how dangerous can he be? Marlon Grennan says that in line with his size, Hulk has massive strength and if something had to go wrong, he could do some serious damage. “A dog the size of the Hulk could kill someone if it was in the wrong situation at the wrong time. The power of this dog is unrivaled. If he bit down on someone’s arm with full power it would snap like a toothpick,” says Grennan.
But how gentle is he actually? Well, Jordan, the little guy of three actually rides Hulk like a horse and Hulk complies without any complaints whatsoever! He’s mellow,” says Grennan. “With these dogs it’s all about leadership and how you raise them, rules, boundaries, limits, you know.” And one look at Hulk’s sensitive eyes will tell you Grennan’s telling us the truth.
To know how cute, playful and trustworthy this giant called Hulk can be, check out these videos!


6 Super Hero Video Games That Got Cancelled

Due to the high increase in Superhero films, we have had a mage boom in sales of merchandise relating to them. Now we know each and every developer is disappointed that they did not spot the trend before and are now short of time to create and launch a game! However, here we list some of the games that did start off but were sadly cancelled and cost their makers millions in projected sales!

1. Marvel Fighting Game by EA

This daring untitled game that EA had been working on showed tremendous promise and yet barely was able to finish designing stage! When the YouTube channel released the footage showing the battle between Cap America and Hulk, we were shocked with the amazing graphics which made it seem like a Dragon Ball game! The video is not of the later development stages however due to the unstable camera angles but the way the characters interacted and smashed through the scenery made it worth a try when launched. The concept is fairly basic but one that has not been made until now making it one worth re-visiting!

2. The Flash

Under the ownership of Brash Entertainment, BottleRocket Entertainment started to work on creating a game of The Flash back in 2007. The game was in the works for around 6 months before sadly Brash went bankrupt and the project was shelved. Basically, it would have been a superhero version of the popular game Temple Run. So you would have tried to get Barry Allen to his speed maxima while ensuring that you do not run him dead – run across blocks, buildings, long roads or even fights.
Fighting in particular looked like great fun in the leaked video, a Mark of Kri style button per person set up meant you had the capacity to take enemies out in grand style. To top it all off, there were some traversal as well as free running segments for the flash in all of us. The game shows amazing potential if anyone is interested in picking it up now! Pretty please!

3. The Dark Knight

Batman Begins set the trend of receiving a game alongside the release of the movie and hence all eyes were set on Nolan and the spectacular sequel movie to follow in their footsteps. So, EA under a deal with Warner Brothers as well as developers Pandemic required the developers to alter the stand alone Batman game into something of a Dark Knight mix up.
Sadly Pandemic was forced to bin the bulk of the development work they had completed, and we would not be appeased by another official Batman Dark Knight game till the release of the mobile only Dark Knight Rises. The scrapped material ended up being leaked online and we were rewarded with spectacular views of a realistic looking Gotham city. The developers had not started work on Batman we assume.
When Pandemic went bankrupt back in 2008, Warner Brothers suddenly felt the need for someone to complete and release the Batman game regardless of what Pandemic had been working on. Hence we saw the entry of Rocksteady which no one had heard about and hence was much cheaper to hire. Rocksteady went on to become one of the biggest gaming names in the industry!

4. Gotham By GasLight

Gotham by Gaslight was also one of THQ bankruptcy victims. Based on the DC novel by the exact same name, Gotham by Gaslight had a Batman in the 19th Century with armor that had olden steam beauty and industrial materials as well as visibly rotating gears! Just imagine playing with such a beauty! The publisher, THQ’s default ended up with Batman getting shelved permanently and is just left with this one video which shows a lovely cape swishing on the shoulders of the protector of the night!
Needless to say, Arkham series has managed to prove offshoots or one offs can really work far better when they are tied to specific movies, and Gotham by Gaslight had enough original material for a great canvas for any daring developer.

5. Justice League – Green Lantern

It was supposed to start off a simple Green Lantern fighting game but then went ahead and morphed into full on Justice League smash them up! Players were supposed to get to play as anyone and everyone including Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman as well as the Flash. The videos leaked online have shown the future: a Batman versus Superman fight way before the premise of the 2016 movie as well as another video with all characters going after numerous bad guys!
The clips were released at different times and the recent one showed much more of the game off by retaining the primitive and swift nature of the deadly combats while pitting the super heroes against all types of super villains enabling us to show off as many of our moves as possible. Apparently the game was cancelled alongside the cancellation of the Super League movie but we are hopeful that with the advent of the 2016 Batman Versus Superman and another Justice League movie we may see a re-work on the cards for this game!

6. Superman: Blue Steel

Factor 5 the rogue developer went from being one of the industry’s strengths to absolutely and totally failing with the release of the motion controlled PlayStation 3 exclusive Lair.
Sadly, Superman: Blue Steel, the shiniest game in their repertoire was simply a working label that could have translated into millions as well as a truly breathtaking game. The game was set to carry onwards from the 2002 season ending of Shadow of Apokolips. Aesthetically, Superman as well as Doomsday was made out to be as old school as possible, with Kal El’s costume created with olden day school charm. Villains would have included our most hated Lex Luthor as well as Darkseid, alongside Kryptonians Non and Zod, making it an epic showdown of the century with the super villains and heroes barreling right through buildings, roads and debris!


Neymar Helps Annihilate USMNT In Friendly

It’s been a few days since the United States Men’s National Soccer Team (USMNT) faced a bitter defeat at the hands of Brazil, and even now, the questions just don’t seem to stop.
When did things get so awry for the fresh soccer aficionados that they lost to the original football lovers with the score reading 4-1 in favor of Brazil?
Were the Brazilians that much better? Or was the US team just bad? Is there a way out of this hole for the Americans or are Jurgen Klinsmann’s tactics only digging the team deeper into their misfortunes?
We’ll try and answer these questions by analyzing everything that took place at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, on September 8th.

Firstly, the score sheet – and it does this on rare occasions – reflected exactly what went down on the pitch. Brazil did indeed dominate the entire game right from the start and if it wasn’t for a Danny Williams goal in injury time towards the end of the match, the US would have gone home empty-handed with absolutely nothing to show for their efforts.
Saying that the team fell apart would be an understatement. All that the crowd of more than 29,000 could do was watch in desperation as Brazil sent in one goal after goal starting with Givanildo Hulk nudging the scoreboard into action in only the ninth minute of the game. The rest of the first half also saw the Brazilians dominating and it sure looked like gaining possession of the ball was turning out to be an impossible task the US.

Klinsmann may have made the changes he believed in, but the match showed that he may have to rethink his entire strategy if a qualification for the 2017 Confederations Cup is on the cards. The defense especially let the team down and the changes Klinsmann made in the positions of the players, making them deviate from their usual comfort zones, seemed to make matters worse. Geoff Cameron, Alejandro Bedoya and Tim Ream were all playing in positions different from their own and the game also had two first timers in the form of Ventura Alvarado and Michael Orozco.
This tactic of pushing players out of their comfort zone sure seemed to backfire and Klinsmann was even forced to substitute Bedoya after being troubled by the Brazilians for about 36 minutes.
“Alejandro had a little bit of a problem getting into his rhythm, into his game. There’s only so much time you can give him and if you see that clearly that he can’t get into the game, you have to make a sub,” Klinsmann said, trying to explain his move.
Then again, maybe it wasn’t the USMNT and Klinsmann’s undoing after all. The Brazilians, led by Neymar, Hulk, Marcio Rafinha and Willian were all phenomenal on the pitch and did not hold back even when they had a comfortable lead. Yes, we know Willian doesn’t feature on the scoring list, but the man clearly ruled the pitch in the first half of the game, exposing every hole in the armor of the American defense and midfield.
Whatever the reasons for Tuesday’s annihilation may be, Klinsmann sure has a lot of tweaking to do if he wishes to get anywhere close to what the Americans showed at the World Cup last year. The Brazilians, in the meantime, will be looking to keep the momentum going!

Featured image via uk.reuters (Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports)