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Healthy Tips To Be Happier At Work

After years of sitting in front of your computer and/or working from home, you may realize the lack of exercise you get and the need to be around real, walking, and talking people. Working from home usually entails just getting out of bed and hopping into the work chair and starting the routine over and over again.
When this happens, most of the day is spent sitting! This could end up being bad for your health. So what do you do? The first thing could include some changes to your working style – how about a standing desk for starters? Not only that, a few other changes here or there could positively affect your life moving forward.

1. Say Goodbye to Your Chair!

Standing desks are becoming more widely accepted and you can definitely search for different styles online.

2. Get the Best Out of Your Commute

If you don’t work from home, commuting is a great way to get some exercise into your day. This can mean getting off at a further bus stop so you force yourself to walk more – this can be done on the way home as well. But what if you drive? The same notion applies, you just need to find a further parking spot.

3. Keep Healthy Snacks at Hand

If you have a kitchen in the office, it’s easy to prepare and store healthy snacks instead of ordering in every meal. If you have a grocery store nearby, pick up items that are easy to take to work and are easily stored, for instance, walnuts and granola bars. When you feel the sudden hunger pangs, just reach for something healthy in your drawer instead of opting for a sweet treat from the nearest vending machine!

4. Find Someone at Work to Accompany You to Your Workouts

If you have coworkers who are like-minded, they won’t mind having company when working out. For women, it could mean another person to go to yoga with, or for males, no need to find another person to spot you when you’re on the bench press. The goal is to stay active and remain healthy.

5. Drink Lots of Green Tea

If you have a kettle in the office, this is a breeze! If you buy tea from a café, it may cost a lot of money and sipping on lattes all day long may keep you awake all night. The best thing is to keep a mug and a box of green tea at your desk and when you get that craving for caffeine, just dip that tea bag and sip away!

6. The Workspace; A Reflection of Your Style

Your possessions and your work environment should reflect you inner style and should continue to be an inspiration for you. That’s even after long hours of work; you’ll look around yourself with a smile rather than hoping to be somewhere else! You should find a lamp that is a reflection of your style in its own way because the lighting is extremely important to make you feel comfortable while working late nights at the office.


6 Healthy Tips To Start Your Day Off Right!

A healthy morning routine can balance your life in a very effective way. Here are some great tips to start your day off healthily and happily.

Wake Up 30 Minutes Early
Early risers are more proactive when compared to people who hit the snooze button. Waking up earlier will help you become more energetic so that you can start off with your work immediately. To help with this, set up an alarm, but thirty minutes before your actual alarm time. This way, you’ll be able to take advantage of those extra hours you’ve always wanted in your day.
Drink Water With Lemon
Take a glass of lukewarm water, squeeze fresh lemon in it, and drink it on an empty stomach. This will help your digestive system run smoothly for the entire day and will help flush toxins out from the body.
Breakfast Is a Must

Though a lot of people tend to skip breakfast, sip coffee, and start the day, most of them are unaware of the fact that their bodies need higher energy in the mornings. For instance, a fiber-enriched breakfast including oatmeal porridge topped with almonds or berries may help boost brain activity instantly.
Walk, Run or Jump. Just Sweat It Out!

No other time is better to exercise than in the morning. It helps improve your metabolism for the day by elevating it for hours.
When you exercise consistently, your endocrine system and circadian rhythms automatically adjust themselves according to your specific exercise timings. This helps you wake up easily as your body is preparing itself for exercise while you are sleeping and the hormones help to prepare your body for exercise by regulating blood flow to your muscles.
Take A Shower

Taking cool or warm shower in the morning can refresh you for the entire day. It will make you feel clean for the rest of day and will help boost your confidence.
Relax And Meditate

Once you’re done with your breakfast, exercise, and shower, it’s time to calm yourself down before your day begins. Take 10 to 15 minutes, sit on a mat, and relax. Breathe in and out and let go of all the negativity in the morning.
Starting off with a healthy and active morning can really make a difference to your overall routine. Doing this will calm your nerves and let you stay relaxed for all the work activities you have planned to carry out during day.



7 Extraordinary Tips To Stay Healthy On Flights

If you’ve ever been bothered with a bug or a cold on a flight, or have been worried about it, you should check the report by CNN titled ‘dirtiest things on an airplane’. On a plane, the dirtiest place turns out to be the tray table, on which your food is kept. After that, the flush buttons in the washroom, overhead air vents and the buckles of the seatbelt are the dirtiest. These were mentioned in Travelmath’s study, for which a microbiologist was sent to assemble 26 samples of bacteria in five airports and four flights. According to the study, Airline Hygiene Exposed, bathroom stall locks and buttons of water fountains are the dirtiest in airports. Surprisingly, the bathrooms of both the airports and airplanes are not as dirty as the tray table.
Dirty places are not the only threats to your health on airplanes: Low cabin humidity and recirculated air are culprits as well.
However, there is a lot that can be done to avoid illnesses at the time you fly:
1. Carry Hand Sanitizer or Antibacterial Wipes (or Both)

Wipe the buckle of your seatbelt and tray table, or once you have touched them, use hand sanitizer to clean your hands. It’s always better to use hand sanitizer prior to eating on a plane as well as after washing your hands in the washroom (the water there is not necessarily free of bacteria).
2. Enhance Your Immune System During and Before the Flight

A lot of times when many of us land in Asia, it’s common to have a cold due to three reasons – close quarters, sleep deprivation for the flight duration, and shared air. Now, whenever you fly overnight, you may start taking vitamin C two days prior to the flight. To be able to sleep during the flight is also important.
3. Consume Plenty of Water

Many of the airplanes have dry cabins. If you drink eight ounces of water, eight times daily to keep yourself hydrated at home, you need to increase the amount on the plane. Carry one water bottle along with you on board. Book the aisle seat, so that the washroom is easily accessible and you need not to worry about using it multiple times during flight. (Remember, however, that moving around is a good thing, it means exercising your legs instead of leaving them immobile for a long period of time). Do not drink water in the bathroom’s airplane and if you want, refill the bottle in the galley.
4. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

They are dehydrating. Shun salty foods like pretzels and peanuts, as well as salty drinks like tomato juice. They may be tempting – low cabin pressure and dry airplane air cuts down the senses of taste which makes the food taste more bland than normal – but if you want to eat salty things, be sure to consume more water as well.
5. Keep Your Nose and Eyes from Drying Out

The biggest reason for the risk of sickness is the lack of humidity within the airline cabin: when the mucus within our throats and noses dries up, there are more chances of being infected by germs. Carry artificial tears eye drops and saline nasal spray: this will prevent the drying out of nasal mucus membranes. By using the drops, your dry and itchy eyes will be relieved and you wouldn’t need to rub your eyes with your fingers that would’ve just touched a dirty seatbelt buckle or tray table.
6. Rest During the Flight

It’s very easy to get exhausted; you get worn out doing all the preparations for being absent from office and home for a prolonged period. Prior to flying, increase your immune system with sufficient sleep as well as nutritious fresh foods – fruits and vegetables – since you might not get them on the plane. If you already have a cold, consume an oral decongestant (like Sudafed) shortly prior to boarding.
7. Eat an Apple

There is a lot to be suggested about having this energizing super food in your pocket. And it’s not a bad idea to remind yourself even during your flight, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!”