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Scott Sterling, The Best Goalkeeper In The Game!

Studio C brings us a soccer match to determine the winners of the 2014 Men’s College Cup.

At the end of regulation, the Yale Bulldogs and the UNC Tar Heels are forced to decide the outcome on a penalty kick shootout – and it’s one of hte most epic shootouts you will ever see!

Yale takes an early 1-0 lead in the shootout and in comes Scott Sterling to try to hold the fort. “The Cannon” unleashes a 116 km/h howitzer, but is no match for Sterling’s prowess. After Yale misses on the next kick of their own, UNC is stopped once again by Sterling’s face – and this shot clocked in at 129 km/h!

By now, Sterling is in no shape to continue. When Yale misses their next attempt, guess who’s back in net? That’s right – good ol’ Scott Sterling! Sterling avoids the ball at all costs, even curling up in the corner in a fetal position – and somehow still manages to keep the ball out of the goal!

Sterling’s teammates have to bring a chair for him to sit on in order to face the 4th shooter. Then the impossible happens! UNC has a wide open net and strikes a 158 km/h bullet – right into Sterling’s face!

The score stays at 1-0 and by now the commentators are beyond excited to see how Scott Sterling saves the next one. In an unbelievable twist of fate, the UNC player strikes the ball off the crossbar only to bounce back into Sterling’s face once again.


Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, Scott Sterling!

This Irish Lad Can’t Say ‘Specifically’

His friend was left in stitches and rightly so. The man was asked to say one ‘specific’ English word, but failed in epic fashion. Forget crazy tongue twisters, this was just one word, but the poor lad couldn’t get it which led to his friend bursting out in laughter while recording this hilarious video. After the first fail, the man became even more frustrated as he tried over and over again, but failed to correctly say the word ‘specifically’.

Belfast lad attempts to say 'specifically'…This is absolutely hilarious!

Posted by Meanwhile in Ireland on Saturday, January 16, 2016

The video that has now been viewed more than 1.3 million times since it was shared and shows the Irish man known as Tommy trying to correctly pronounce the word for close to two minutes. While he appears to give it a shot to the best of his ability, Tommy just can’t seem to grasp it and is captured mispronouncing the word as ‘sepifically’ and ‘pacifically’ – making the one recording his trials to explode in a fit of laughter.

Sitting on a chair in the living room, Tommy is encouraged by his lady friend to say ‘specifically’, but shyly smiles to the camera and challenges the woman to say it first. He instead stutters on the first attempt saying ‘sepifically’ with the woman giggling from behind the camera. After further encouragement, Tommy gives it another try, but magnificently fails with every attempt. The friend is so awestruck and bursts in laughter to an extent that she cannot pronounce it herself.
Even though Tommy’s gaffe has now become an Internet joke, pronouncing the word is not as easy as it sounds as it was named on the list of the most challenging English-language words to pronounce in 2015, alongside phenomenon, brewery and squirrel.
Tommy is so frustrated that he even starts swearing, but he should take heart that he is not alone in this difficulty. There’s probably many out there who would struggle with some of these words, it’s only that he got his match in failing to pronounce ‘specifically’ and it was recorded on camera, making it pretty hilarious for everyone watching!


This Man Gets Into A Fist Fight With A Monkey!!

A video emerged over the weekend of a man getting into a vicious brawl with a wild monkey. The clip showed the scrap between the man and monkey coming after the primate had urinated on the seat of the man’s motorbike, something that did not go down well with the owner.
The video, which is believed to have been shot over a week ago in the Thai province of Chachoengsao, began when the cheeky, but seemingly harmless monkey, perched on top of the bright red motorbike. That is until the man is infuriated when he realizes that the monkey has urinated on the seat of the motorbike before proceeding to bite it. He throws his shoe at the monkey in show of disgust, but the creature retaliates and flies into an uncontrollable rage.

The monkey instantly leaps off the motorbike and attacks the man before their pair began throwing punches at each other in a heated exchange. The flurry of punches escalates when the man takes a kick at the monkey as they roll on the ground at the edge of a river. Even though it has been reported that neither the man nor the monkey was injured, many would not agree with that view. This is because the madness continues as the man and the monkey roll in the dirt with the man throwing a handful of dirt at the monkey, perhaps hoping that it would help him win the fight against this spirited creature.
The man is apparently seen tossing the primate into the water, but it’s not yet clear who came out the winner. This is obviously a spirited and heated exchange that would not sit well with animal rights activists. The person taking the video finds it hilarious though!
What do you think?


This Guy Tries To Squat 855 lbs. See What Happens!

It’s probably no longer a surprise to come across individuals doing just crazy things in the gym. Whether it’s setting the treadmill on max or attempting to lift way too much weight, you’ve probably come across these if you’re a regular at the gym. In most cases, such attempts don’t end well. They either end in a ridiculous fail or might even end up with multiple injuries and damages. Even though these individuals are often left embarrassed, especially when they fail, they don’t always have to deal with such embarrassments for long periods because they are hardly filmed while doing it.
However, one man was not fortunate enough for there was a rolling camera and has now become a viral sensation after his failed attempt to squat a whopping 855 pounds was posted online. The hilarious footage has now left the fairly built man to deal with online embarrassment and ridicule for literally trying to ‘punch above his weight’.

The clip shows the man, believed to be from America, trying to squat with a bar loaded with up to eight heavy weights on each end. At the beginning, the man appears to be so sure of his ability to lift the weight and grunts amidst the noise from the gym music and dropping weights. He casually places the weight on his shoulders and steadies himself to begin the reps.
He appears to have maybe enough power to complete the attempt but what followed will either leave you laughing all day or pitying the man for his misguided attempt at glory.
Without a doubt, the man does not stand even the slightest of chances to lift the bar as the weights start to topple off from both sides in what can be described as total mayhem. Certainly aware of his lame and dumbfounding action, the man is shown pulling faces in the mirror as he dreadfully struggles to balance the heavy bar. As they say, you should definitely not try this at home or at the gym.


Parents React To News Of Grandchild’s Arrival

Parents are always so happy when they are expecting a child, but it now seems expecting a grandchild brings even more happiness. The hilarious reaction of a couple to the news that their son and his wife were expecting a child is pretty capturing.

In a video that has been viewed over a million times, an elderly couple went uproarious when receiving the news from their son and his wife that they were expecting a child. The video was set under a whisper challenge with the elderly couple putting on their big headphones. While the woman seems to get the news quite promptly, the elderly man seems not to grasp it easily as he appears to struggle in conjuring what his son is trying to say.
He can be heard shouting in a comical manner, “Keep saying it, keeping saying it.” The son is then forced to relay his adorable message by going one word at a time. The way the elderly man reacts is awesome as he tries to come to terms with what his son is saying, but ends up guessing wrong most of the time. At one point he ends up guessing, “We are going to the beach!”
He finally ends up getting the point that he is getting a grandchild and his joy is immeasurable!


Here’s The Most Bizarre Way To Move A Broken Car

You may find this method bizarre, but it seems to work. In this method of clear madness, two individuals were seen moving a broken down car in a rather unusual way. While there are several ways of moving such a vehicle, these motorists decided to use another unforeseen method in moving the car from the middle of the road.

The video begins with the driver of the broken car flagging down another motorist to help him with his damaged car. Many would agree that the universal approach is for these two motorists to push the car from behind to the side of the road using their hands. However, these motorists take a spectacular and novel approach that would win them a gold medal at the strongest men competition.
The second motorist moves his car slowly and close to the bumper of the damaged car. The driver of the damaged car sits on top of the second car’s hood and using the power of the moving car, miraculously pushes the car in front using his feet and it seems to work!
This bizarre and strange episode was filmed by an onlooker who couldn’t help but burst out in laughs after witnessing this abnormal spectacle. It’s not yet clear whether the odd spectacle happened in real life or it was just recorded for comical reasons. The video is utterly comical and appears to be recorded in a snowy environment.
It’s definitely difficult to rule out that the car pushing episode lacks some realistic flavors.


Woman Spectacularly Fails Basic Geography Quiz

If there’s anything known as a ‘spectacular fail’, then this is definitely in the top drawer. In most cases, people are expected to have some general knowledge, especially on certain geographical topics. For instance, one does not need to have a degree in geography to know that Africa is a continent and not a country. Unfortunately, one beautiful woman from Wigan, England, seems not to have any idea about such information.
In this hilarious clip, the woman failed in spectacular fashion to complete a simple geography quiz set up by her boyfriend. Known as Chloe Ward, the blonde beauty was filmed by her boyfriend, Allan Hall, who asked her simple geography questions, but she answered with hilariously wrong answers.

The video begins with Miss Ward correctly answering the capitals of England and France before hilarious and incorrectly saying that Scotland is the capital of Wales. The way she answers this particular question would let any viewer wonder whether she is actually from England, which is part of Britain and includes Wales, Scotland and Ireland as countries.
While she thinks that Scotland is in fact the capital city of Wales, Miss Ward takes her fail to new levels when Hall asks her the capital city of Africa. Hall knowingly asks this question with the main aim of finding out whether his beautiful girlfriend knows that Africa is a continent and not a country. After thinking for a while, Ward says that the capital city of Africa is South Asia!
After this video went viral on social media, Mr. Hall said that he lives with his girlfriend and they are expecting a child together in April. They have been in a very happy relationship for a year and Hall admits that she has been making him laugh since the day they met, particularly the way she has a complete lack of general knowledge.


The Craziest Halloween Mugshots You’ll Ever See

Did you party too hard on Halloween? It wouldn’t be surprising as celebrating Halloween is definitely one of the bigger partying nights of the year. With crazy costumes that come with it, it’s a night that people go to great lengths to stand out with their creative costumes and body decorations.
Now that we’re in to November, it’s possible that you did something that left you on the wrong side of the law. If that was you after a long night out on Halloween, then you may just find yourself on the Internet because your police mugshot will arguably be one of the most hilarious ones out there. Here are some of the spookiest shots that reveal the worst end to a Halloween night.

While Halloween is all about having fun and getting dressed in a scary and creative way, you may want to try really hard not to get into problems with law enforcement. Getting a little too far in the name of Halloween can end with horrendous mugshots that you will not be proud of. A compilation of mugshot snaps taken by police departments across the United States gives everyone a little taste.
In one of the mugshots, a young woman looked exactly like she had just stumbled out of a really devastating accident. Another shot shows a middle aged man not really in the mood of Halloween if his costume is anything to go by. However, his face and looks probably made him realize just how daft his night might have ended.
Another picture of one man with paint all over him suggested that he was fully on the Halloween wave, but somehow ended up in the hands of the police. While this warning may be a few days too late, maybe you can take this as an early warning for next year!












Images via mirror.co.uk (REX)


Watch As Scott Sterling Blocks Volleyballs – With His Face!

The man, the myth, the LEGEND!

Scott Sterling has taken off the cleats and put on some knee pads to help his Yale squad take on the University of North Carolina for the NCAA Men’s Volleyball Championship. The video starts as both teams are tied at 2 sets a piece with UNC taking a slight 14-13 lead in the 5th and deciding set.

Did you know? The 5th set is only played up to 15 points

On match point, captain Scott Sterling takes a deflection off his face to keep his team in the game. On the next play, his face is front and center once again as the spikes he takes gets increasingly more violent.


As match point rolls around for Yale, Scott’s defense is rock solid and we guarantee you that you will at least crack a smile while watching Scott’s face get pummeled by the opposing team’s smashes.

Can’t wait for the next one!

4-Year Old Girl Given Control Of Volvo’s New Truck

Many people will agree that giving a four-year old the steering wheel of a monster truck is definitely a recipe for disaster. Contrary to that belief, Volvo went against general common sense to give controls of their new 540-hp FMX 8 by 6 all-wheel-drive to a youngster, but the results were pretty interesting!
In carrying out a crash test for their new truck, Volvo Trucks gave young Sophie Brown the control of this gigantic truck, albeit through a remote control. With the test being recorded live in a remote location in Serbia, the main objective of the test was to find out how the new truck would cope in demanding environments. According to Ricard Fritz, the Vice President of Volvo Trucks, “We wanted to show what this new truck could do when given a real challenge. Giving it to an unpredictable four-year-old, who is likely to be a very reckless driver, was the best way to do it.”

True to Mr. Ricard’s words, Sophie portrayed her recklessness in the way she steered the new truck into a construction area in a very unpredictable way. Under Sophie’s control, the truck climbs a steep hill and goes down on a soft slope before rolling all the way down in a 360 degree barrel roll. The test was to prove that the new truck would cope even in very extreme conditions with the help of the Automatic Traction Control that makes it overcome sloping surfaces and conditions.
The video shows Sophie being handed the reins with the first obstacle being to evade a swinging box that is dangled on a crane. Without any skill, Sophie smashes the truck directly into the box before struggling to keep the truck on a straight and narrow path. She is at one point filmed placing the truck on one side, which displays the truck’s incredible suspension. The test continues through a huge puddle before going up on a steep hill only to plunge into a gravel pit, resulting into a 360-degree roll.
She also loses the control of the truck and smashes it straight through a building before finishing her driving test by driving the truck around in comical circles.


Man Brushes Teeth On A Train Ride To Work

Readying yourself in the morning in order to beat the morning rush hour is always a daunting task in many cities across the world. Many people would confess to doing their morning chores in a hurry in order to make it to work on time. On a few odd occasions, you will have witnessed commuters finishing these chores while already on the road, like putting on a tie when already on the train.

However, this latest occasion beat everything. A London commuter was recorded on camera brushing his teeth aggressively on a commuter train while at the same time, trying to catch a glimpse of the newspaper. In most cases, you will meet commuters patting their hair down in the reflection of a train window or attempting to straighten creases in their clothes. But this man took this game to a whole new level by brushing his teeth inside the train to the shock of fellow commuters who seem not to mind it at all.

Instead of being bizarre, the footage appeared even more humorous as the man was filmed imperturbably brushing his teeth as if doing it on a train was purely normal. The clip that was captured on Wednesday morning shows the man sitting on a train and scrubbing his mouth energetically while other commuters sit next to him while the maker of the video is at one point distracted by the man’s tube of toothpaste, which amusingly balances on top of his morning coffee.

The short clip comes to an end with the video focusing on the man as he continues brushing nonchalantly while reading his newspaper. The maker of the video later wrote, “I found this man brushing his teeth today whilst commuting on a London tube. As soon as he left, everyone exploded in laughs.”