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10 Essential tips to success in Fallout Shelter

We’ve broken Fallout Shelter and created a must read guide that will ensure you get the most out of the game.

1. Bigger rooms win the long game


When it comes to building new rooms, electricity, food, and water – in that order of importance – are always first priority. Try to expand a room, if reasonable, rather than a build singles side by side. It’s better to have a large, three-room long structure contributing just one type of resource. It gives better payload.

2. Upgrade is the first option, building is the second


Ever heard off unmanageable growth? It’s a principle people learn at fancy business schools, but Fallout Shelter will pound this idea into your gut sans an expensive textbook. In general, it’s always better to upgrade something before you decide to build a new structure, unless you’re positive that new room is exactly what you need.

3. Make your vault a love shack


Need population? Sure, you can build yourself a radio room – it helps with vault happiness – but it doesn’t have a good yield, even if you upgrade it. The best trick to boosting population is letting people do what they do best. Screw. Pardon my crudeness, but it’s true. Build a living space (always try to upgrade before building another one) and find a man and woman ready to play the birds and the bees. Mixing favorable genes doesn’t give satisfying results, so don’t bother using your most talented, especially if you’re on a tight resource schedule.

If you happen upon a pair of nightclothes, don’t sell them. They’re a perfect equip for speeding up the mating process. Be careful how many women you get pregnant, though (we’re talking about the game here). Jokes aside, if you max out you’re population limit, you’ll be stuck with a bunch of pregnant women until you upgrade, which is dangerous because pregnant women are useless in emergency scenarios.

4. Rushing is great for medical bays


The Med Bay is the perfect rushing room. Build a good size med bay, equip some residents well with stat boosting gear and good weapons, and then spam rushes in this room as much as possible. When you win you’re rushes, you’ll earn caps and stimpacks. Fail and you can spend a few stimpacks keeping them alive. You’ll have to let off eventually to let their mood recover, but the benefits to this technique are borderline ridiculous. Take advantage.

5. You need a road warrior, or three


You need at least a few vault residents who are built for the wasteland. These are going to be you’re most prized assets, you’re item farmers. Equip them with the best possible gear. Send them out with as many stimpacks and radaways as you can spare. Then, keep your eye on them. Send them home before you fall asleep. You don’t want to lose these characters because you forgot about the game for few days.

6. Guns are better than stimpacks always


Understand that the more guns everyone in your vault has, less often you’re going to find yourself frantically healing them during a crisis. Raider attacks can be an annoying and potentially devastating. But if everyone in your vault has guns, you’re vault residents will take care of them easily.

7. Training rooms require patience


You’ll start unlocking training rooms one after another. Don’t buy them right away. Before you build anything, evaluate your resource management. Are you in good shape? When you do build a gym or an armory, be patient. It takes a while to get a wastelander maxed out in one of their SPECIAL attributes, but it pays off.

8. Complete objectives


It sounds like a silly tip, but it’s regrettably overlooked. Most objectives in Fallout Shelter are not only doable, but they’re unlimited, easy and many of them yield you lunchboxes. The beauty of Fallout Shelter is you really don’t have to spend money, especially if you’re doing objectives.

9. Don’t leave your app open


This is a golden rule, and the fact that people don’t follow it is a dangerous habit. When you’re done playing Fallout Shelter, quit the program. If you leave it running in the background, you’ll drain your resources and even be absent when incidents occur. Many people have complained that Fallout Shelter punishes them when they are away. It’s usually because they left the app on all day in the background. Turn it off. Otherwise, you may come back to a ghost town.

10. Upgrade your arsenal


Giving every resident a gun isn’t going to get the job done, especially if it’s a rusty .32 pistol you had laying around. However, it is a start. Once you’re scavengers keep finding better rifles and shotguns, be sure to replace them. It’ll put you in a much more capable spot when you start facing higher-tier enemies, like molerats and deathclaws, down the line.


Fallout 4: 21 Secret Tricks That Are Worth Applying In The Game

Learn how to spot mines before they explode. Put companions in Power Armor and lots more.

Bethesda’s magnum opus is sprawling. It will probably take the gaming community a couple of years to discover all the hidden tricks. There are tons of things that you can see and do in Fallout 4 that have yet to be discovered, chronicled, and catalogued properly. Though excellent beginner guides have been written already, the only things left are the hidden tricks and tips that even obsessive gamers might not know about. We round up all the awesome pieces of advice that might have slipped past even the seasoned veteran’s noses.

Once you get outside the starting vault in the game, there is a dearth of tutorials. This issue has been discussed a lot. Although it is welcoming to have a game that does not believe in holding the player’s hand and guiding through each step, belaboring teeny tiny game mechanisms, the negative thing is that fans are a little slow to discover the tons of cool things that you can do. For instance, who knew that there was a cover system? We bet the majority of you didn’t. So, keep reading for more surprises. What is also surprising is that this method makes the player miss out on some very crucial parts of the experience and you kind of miss out on some of the fun.

Due to this and a lot of other factors, Fallout 4 has been getting some mixed reactions from fans and critics. The other issues affecting the game are the glitches and the usual collection of Bethesda bugs that have been seen before. Bethesda is definitely one of the best RPG makers out there, in Fallout 4 the developers have managed to somehow combine Doom’s addictive solid gun-play with the loot grind of Destiny. So if you want to get the most out of the title that will likely be voted Game of the Year by most people, go through this list.

1. Better Gear for Your Companions (Yes, Even Power Armor!)

You get a lot of different companions in the game, and they provide a varying amount of help. Some of them will simply get their eyebrows blown off while they interrupt a fight while some of them will be a source of much needed firepower in a difficult fight.
Give your companions a better fighting chance by choosing what they fire as well as the protection gear. To do this, strike up a conversation with them, then offer to trade/barter with them, and then equip the gear by transferring it across.
When the items have been placed in their requisite inventories, and you have highlighted them in the right side list, a prompt will pop up, allowing you to equip the weapon or item. It is also possible to do this to get your companions to wear Power Armor. This can be an immense help during fights as the Power Armor provides a significant boost in defensive capability. When you are done with the combat, converse again and request them to step out of it as you don’t want anyone running away with a perfect set of equipment.

2. Conversations from Different Perspectives

Third or first person? Most people fall into only one of the two camps and will vehemently defend their position.
A ton of refinements have been made to the series in the latest installment. These include improving the speed and general feel of both modes. But once the conversation camera has taken over, it is still possible to use the one-button perspective switch.
Whenever someone is talking, tap on it and you will access your Pip-Boy and can rummage through the inventory or save. The conversation resumes once you have finished.

3. Speed Up the Day By Sitting or Lying Down

You might wish to change the time of the day due to whatever reasons. Perhaps, you need to alter visibility or need a shop to open up, NPC movement, or whatever, this is needed during the game, so it is strange that it was kept obscured.
New Vegas and Fallout 3 had a single button that did this, but in Fallout 4, the player has to find a place to lie down or sit down. This reconciles with most of the waiting you do in settlements.
Compared to the last few titles Bethesda has put out, this is definitely a strange option to have enabled, but the good thing is that it allows you to wake up next to the barterer of your choice.

4. Shooting Grenades? Use V.A.T.S.

Fallout now has faster gunplay. You can really get into the fights, and blow apart as many enemies as you can at top speed. This means that V.A.T.S. loses some of the spotlight. But it’s not just slow-motion finishers and limb-targeting. There are a lot of hidden uses as well, such as being able to throw weapons/explosives into the sky or shoot grenades. You will need to be fast with the button to trigger it but you will notice that the grenade indicator pops up on the screen whenever the item leaves someone’s hands. Simply fire off V.A.T.S., get a lock on, and then blow it up right in the attacker’s face.
Hard to think of anything else! Isn’t it?

5. Alter Your Appearance After Initial Creation

When you leave the vault after fixing your appearance, the game makes a definite point of prompting you with a confirmation message. This ends up implying that the aesthetic choices are final. However, you are free to change your face and even your hairstyle when you get to Diamond City.
Find Super Salon and get a facial hair change or alter your hair. Go to a plastic surgeon if you want a more drastic change and get your face re-worked.
You are not able to switch genders yet, but Bethesda’s top designer, Todd Howard has said that the future DLC will pay close attention to incorporating fan requests, so you might see this option in the near future.

6. Assigning Settlers To Food Resources & Plants

This point gets lost in the process of trying to understand how the Settlements work. The game tells you to ‘Assign a settler.’ So, how do you go about doing this? Well, the Settlement customization screen is a bit fussy. It insists you to do everything in first-person instead of switching over to an isometric view. In doing this, you might completely miss the fact that in order to get someone to fulfill a task, you have to find them in the world, literally locate them, then over your reticule, hit Command and then walk back to the item you desire. Finally, hit Select to complete the action.

Keep in mind that the Move command doesn’t mean moving within the Settlement. It is meant to allocate followers to other safe zones.

7. Wrapping Your Head Around the Sneaking System

Like the past Fallout games, the sneaking around in Fallout 4 seems like an afterthought, but some extra work has been done which allows you to discover if an enemy is likely to detect you.
Observe the top part of the screen after you crouch down. If you are hiding or haven’t been currently detected by anyone, you will see a hidden text displayed above. All the alertness displayed at the top of the screen comes in square brackets, but the word’s proximity to the brackets is what indicates how close the enemy is to getting alerted. You have a bit more breathing room when you see “[    Hidden   ]” as compared to “[Hidden].”
This is not exactly a foolproof system, because you will end up moving too fast and alerting your enemies most of the times, but it does allow you a few precious seconds to get into a fighting position if raiders appear.

8. Get Dogmeat to Scout for Items and Enemies

The year 2015 has seen the hounds battling it out. With Metal Gear Solid V, we had DD, who was tearing out enemy throats and accompanying the players through long hours of gameplay. In Fallout 4, Dogmeat makes a comeback. This pooch is back and better than ever.
Players will acquire him earlier in the game, and for most people (the ones who are not very enthusiastic about dogs), they will discover that you can trade items with the faithful buddy. Hop into the Fetch command and you will find options that will get Dogmeat to seek out items or even enemies.
This is especially useful during the parts when the mission is close to being completed and you need to simply eliminate a certain number of enemies to end it but you can’t seem to locate that last hidden one. Make it a part of your strategy to send in your pooch.

Bonus Fact: If you spot a teddy bear, give it to Dogmeat and you will get a special animation where he will play with it. It’s a cute scene that tugged at our heartstrings.

9. Customize the Weapon List Organization

After spending time in the Wasteland, you will notice that the apparel and weapons’ list will be massive alphabetized rundowns showing all the items in the sections, even the crafted weapons.
This makes it a pain to find your best items, which is why you should change the name and also tack on a dash or space to the very front.
Once you do this, whenever Pip-Boy tries to re-order the list, the special characters will end up at the very top of the page, providing you a bunch of best items in a useful chunk.

10. Retain Dogmeat As a Companion While in Lone Wanderer Mode

You read the text, “Who needs friends anyway” and think that this automatically eliminates man’s best friend. But this is not the case. In this game, your pooch does not count as a full-fledged companion. Fallout 4 does not have to be a fully-solo experience, though it feels like it when the companion A.I. frequently messes up, like getting stuck in a door when you need it to fire a shot. Snapping up this perk can be useful.
Hit Charisma level 3 and you will enable it. When you hit the first level, your damage absorption rate goes up by 15% and the weight you can carry will go up by 50. After that at level 17, that damage reduction rate moves up to 20% and the weight capacity becomes 100. Hit level 40 and you will get a whopping 25% damage boost applicable to all weapons.

11. There’s a Great Cover System

It seems like Bethesda forgot to tell us that there is a great cover system in Fallout 4. Seriously, it’s awesome. This originated during the late 2000’s in games such as Killzone 2, Medal of Honor: Airborne and The Darkness, and is activated dynamically instead of via a prompt or contextual icon.
Just run to any spot you want to hide behind, the edge of a wall or bridge, face it directly (think how you would position yourself in an FPS to evade enemy fire). Your character will turn the gun to his side. Now squeeze LT/L2 to peek out and take shots.
It till completely change the way you play the game. It will seem like a proper shooter and even give you a chance to be more tactical with mines. Your enemies will rush up and get blown up in the process.

12. How All Your Stuff Works

The Fallout 4 game delivers fan-requests for crafting, and does it brilliantly. Every single part you come across in the game can be collected, broken down, and rebuilt into something else when you are in Settlement mode.
Need ceramics for floors? Go break down a bunch of old bathtubs. Want some lead for electric conduits? Raid an old school and break down some discarded pencils. All junk lying around has value now, but the encumbrance limits will stop you from hoarding thousands of steel buckets and building a new fancy gun turret. You can still take regular trips to your work benches and auto-scrap junk.
Hop into the Pip-Boy, then click the Inspect button to check out what components various things are made of. To quickly scrap everything outside the Junk tab, drop it on the floor in a Settlement zone, and hover it up with the Scrap button.

13. Get Full Price for Fusion Cores No Matter the Charge

The key to getting your Power Armor moving is to acquire Fusion Cores. One of the first things you do in this game is to battle a Deathclaw. The armored suits don’t last forever and will whittle down to nothing. Most merchants can’t tell the difference between a depleted core of a fully-powered one, so trade yours in when it’s about to break. Find any depleted cores scattered around and trade those in as well.

14. Dismissed Dogmeat? Get Him Back

Accidentally dismissed Dogmeat? Yeah, we have been there. You want to get him back but your last save was a couple of hundred raiders ago. What do you do now?
If the pooch has left your side after you accidentally brought up the dialogue options and told him to leave you alone (we didn’t even know that could be done until we did it by mistake), he will go back to whichever Settlement you told him to. But sometimes he will be spotted wandering around in the vicinity of the safe zone. So in order to bring him back, you will need to build a doghouse.
Once you have completed one, he will appear inside it soon. Make this happen a little quicker by manually Fast Travelling away from the area and get back again.

15. Floors Should Be Built First

This is the defining feature of Fallout 4. The game centers around the quintessential spirit of ‘Lets rebuild’, when it comes to settlements. You will need to be effective in this regard. Build your structures properly, get the base right, and include turrets and adequate defenses. Your settlers will also need living quarters. These homes have to be built. So, you don’t have to go into too many details, such as worry about where the beds are placed. The game simply accommodates this on its own based on the number of people. A way to get the process off the ground faster is to put down some flooring first. The rest of the building materials sort of magnetize and fall into place if you stat from the floors. After this, do the walls, and so on.
Always remember this tip: do not attempt to construct walls first, get the floors right first.

16. Detect Explosives and Mines Using V.A.T.S.

You will find that some locations are booby-trapped. A sure sign of that is when you hear a clicking sound that means a mine has been triggered via a trip wire. Before you get wiped out, there are a few precious seconds to react. Switch to V.A.T.S. to slow down time and help locate the device. You can probably disarm it if you act fast enough.

17. Remove Radiation from the Starlight Drive-In Settlement

This tip is useful for the Starlight Drive area. The game doesn’t let you know that there is a way to remove radiation from an area but you can. Go to the radioactive barrels. The radiation meter will get higher. Remove it while you are in the Construction menu.
Build a fence around that pool of waste you see in the center, because most of your followers will end up wading in it if you don’t. You will get an experience boost from this. Make sure the water stays clean by adding a Purifier.

18. Link Your Workshops to Create a Supply Line

In this game, having access to specific materials and items is necessary for success in the Settlement mode. You need to stockpile this stuff manually. On Charisma level 6, there is a Local Leader perk. Grab it and approach the settler who hasn’t been assigned any other jobs. Interact with them in the Construction menu and send them between various zones. This effectively establishes a supply line where you can get items ferried from one place to another.

19. Activate and Customize Your Pip-Boy Flashlight

This simple but necessary feature is quickly mentioned at the beginning point in the game and then promptly forgotten. Fallout 4 isn’t the only game in the series to do this; Fallout 3 is also guilty. It involves the method to activate Pip-Boy (your wrist-mounted flashlight). Simply hold down the B/O button of the device, it will then light up and glow. The best part given in Fallout 4 is that you can go into options and alter the colors of both the background window and text. The light of the Pip-Boy will change to reflect whatever color you choose for the text. Pretty cool.

20. Shut Them Down – Power Armored Enemies With Some Pickpocketing Maneuvers

Whoever said that stealth didn’t have a proper purpose was wrong. If you remember that the Armor does not work unless you have Fusion Cores, this rule is also applicable to the enemies.
If you manage to achieve a high level, Sneak level, or have a Stealth-Boy, then you can get really close to your opponents and pickpocket their Fusion Cores. This will force their Armor mode into exit and you can easily turn their bones to mush.
It is a useful skill, but watch out: it will backfire more than a couple of times when you first try it. But once you have it down, it is a great way to disarm an overpowering enemy.

21. Learn Hacking. If You Fail, Avoid Rest of the Time

The hacking in Fallout 4 is challenging. It will test your skill and patience, and this is mostly due to the implementation of a 3 strike system combined with bad tutorials. Most people will give up after a few attempts.
The way to work with it is to, boot into the messy code, go through each row one by one, spot any special characters that appear in groups (something like ‘/!|\’ ), and highlight them. Click on them and you will get more tries, which you can use to guess the password by clicking on it and then look for similar characters. If you still have trouble, then look up a video tutorial online. Just remember that after you have tried a word, and get a popup saying something like Likeness=2, this implies that two letters are correct and in the right place.
Use the process of elimination and you will figure out the password and you will be able to crack the mini-game successfully, thus allowing your ranking to increase.
And a point worth noting is that different terminals all have different reset times. To fix this, simply quit the mini-game before your last attempt, and this will enable you to jump back in immediately. This is an ‘exploit’ that was found in New Vegas and Fallout 3. Bethesda seems to have left it in.


Fallout 4: Have You Ever Visited These Incredible Locations?

At this point in time, we are pretty sure that you have thoroughly gone through and gotten used to the supermarkets and factories of the Boston Wasteland featured in Fallout 4. But with all the missions and targets that you set you achieve, you might not have enjoyed some locations that are just simply incredible. Here we shall discuss some of the most exciting and amazing places that are sure to fascinate you in this version of Fallout.

When you talk about Wasteland, nothing scenic or remotely related comes to mind but in fact that is quite the opposite of what is real. Wasteland features its own unique kind of beauty with walls adorned with peeling paintings, the drama in the crumbling structures, eerie suburbs that have been abandoned, and realistic yet very creepy kinds of towns that might just be similar to the one you’re living in now.

It is pretty sure that you might have been busy completing missions that you just missed out these cooler and more fascinating corners of the Wasteland. Or it may be that you have just been preoccupied with creating and developing a settlement of your own in which you want to sit back and relax in a fun turret. Well, whatever it may be, now is the time to tour some exciting locations of Fallout 4!

Reasonably, you might require months to complete this version of the game, but let’s have a look at the 10 locations you must simply visit.

1. Salem

Salem is a place that was sure to be featured in Fallout 4. It is an actual place from Boston with a history of trauma and persecution. It is essentially your basic creepy town, where mass executions took place for women in a wild witch hunting frenzy that took place somewhere in 1692. Focusing on the town itself, it isn’t all that bad itself, you will be sure to find some holotapes there just lying around full of spook. You will be able to discover more of this town in a quest called Devil’s Due, where you will be required to visit the notorious Museum of Witchcraft, and just wait till you find out what awaits you there. Salem is located on the north east side in the map on a peninsula.

2. The USS Constitution

This is one of the most famous ships you will ever come across in the history of the US. It is from a group of six frigates that were built especially for the US Navy for use against the British Navy in 1812. Here in the game, you will find it to be a useful museum of a ship. Be prepared to be amazed by beautiful ironsides that somehow managed to survive the war and last for over 200 years after being left abandoned. However, a modern look is given with the attachment of a pair of rocket boosters to the bottom that might have been placed there by the robots that are now the residents of that ship. This is just another impressive location in the game and of course it features an exciting mission that is placed right around this entire set up.

3. Hidden Areas Off the Map Grid

With Bethesda and its modesty with the size of the map, it turns out that you can actually go ahead and right into the areas that are well beyond the actual border, meaning that the entire grid is bigger than initially thought and kudos to Bethesda for keeping it a good secret. In the south west corner of the map in the wasteland of Boston is one such area, with a carved out path leading to a reactor that is decayed. Also, be on the lookout for a secret cave, and other areas of exploration that are sure to be interesting. This area, as you will realize later on in the game, really does have some significance and a reason to being there. Doesn’t it just get you curious to find out more about the regions in this game?

4. The Overpasses

While traveling on the road, we barely care to stop and think about these infrastructures as a thing of beauty or stop to just stare and admire them. Now consider ripping these apart and leaving them in peace for over 200 years, free to decay and rot, and they become even more eerily beautiful. It serves as a monument of sorts for the post apocalyptic society that is portrayed in the game and has an air of brutality about it. This is also a nice rendition of something that was so significant and useful in the past world but now is nothing more than just a relic, a collection of ruins in the current world after the apocalypse. This place can be related to the current day Manhattan Bridge, where lovers of all sorts would just relax and cozy up to see the rising or setting sun. And then fighting creatures all sorts to get back to their own settlement safely and soundly.

5. Diamond City Market

Be prepared to become overwhelmed with grief as you step through the formidable gates of this city that resemble somewhat of a fortress. Reaching the wasteland metropolis early in the game is an extremely difficult quest on its own. But once you get there, make sure to get the third person view and zoom out in order to admire the beauty of this place from every angle. The market district lies in the very center and heart of the Diamond City. Be prepared to take in the crumbling surroundings covered in rust yet full of life and some neon lights. Keep in mind that this place is ideal for exchanging things, getting quests, and taking in the urban life of the wasteland. If in case you get hungry, then head over to the Power Noodle bar where you will be served with the most delicious noodles in all of Boston.

6. Lake Quannapowitt

This is an actual lake from the present day Boston area that has been recreated for this game successfully. The only difference is the presence of dead trees, creatures who are ready to murder, and contaminated waters. However, this place still possesses a certain kind of alluring charm with its barren belly. This lake is sure to make you wish for going on a boating trip right then and there and fish out some weird mutated species of fish. This place is ideal for hunting, but make sure to keep it medium to rare so that you avoid the crazy radiation taste that ensues. This lake can be found in the north western corner in the map.

7. Fenway Park Stadium

This is the main stadium at the heart of Boston and it appears in Fallout 4 that houses the hub for the Commonwealth in this urban place. You will notice as you walk around the city, whatever remains of the stadium, and memoirs related to those heroes who actually went down in this very stadium. There is also a commemoration of the farthest home run that was ever hit and recorded by a soul who wandered far and wide in the surroundings of this stadium. You will also be able to spot numbers of football legends. So, be sure to keep an eye out for it.

8. The Glowing Sea

This sea is not in reality a sea at all. In fact, it is a barren place that is desolate and a very dangerous place to be at. This place is the site of the nuclear weapon that led to the destruction of Boston in the first place, which explains the tint of yellow around the irradiated area. You will notice that not a single thing there is alive, and everything is sort of leaning away from the dead center of the blast. You will be impressed as you enter into this place and notice the clear blue skies turning sickly yellow slowly and feel more like the hostile environment of an alien planet. This place is not however, abandoned. Be on the lookout for ghosts and ghouls.

9. The Castle

This is a real life fort that was first constructed in 1632 by the British and later on by the Americans after the American Revolution in 1812. It is one of the ideal locations for finding settlements with its defences and ample building space for living. Although in ruins, this is a beautiful place too with interesting scenery. This place was abandoned due to constant attacks by raiders, and if you wish to settle here, you will have to set it up. This place does allow for some really spectacular views out to the sea.

10. The Cheers

This is one of the Easter egg locations in this series and nothing like the other bleak and haunted places we have yet visited. This place will be familiar to those who watched a hit sitcom from the 80’s called Cheers. The fun part is that you will get to meet those characters from the show in their role but obviously they are dead, all of them. Everything here is dead, even the jukebox won’t play, and this certainly is not a place you can make a settlement out of.


10 Reasons To Buy Fallout 4’s Wasteland Workshop DLC

If you thoroughly enjoyed Fallout 4’s deep crafting system, you’ll probably be interested in Fallout 4’s Wasteland Workshop DLC, which intends to expand your options.
It’s also the smallest, cheapest DLC available, at just $5 dollars.
While a $5 dollar DLC pack may not sound as significant as the upcoming Far Harbor expansion, there’s plenty of reasons to give the Wasteland Workshop a try.

1. MacGyver Yourself Some Outlandish Traps

Trap doors, spring boards, sawblades, spike floors – there’s now plentiful new ways to construct creatively sinister carnage courses to test out on intruders. I wonder how high you can catapult people into the air?

2. Build a gladiator arena

You get individually-designed powered cages for deathclaws, yao guai, radscorpions, mutant hounds, feral ghouls, raiders, etc – plus red and blue team platforms, everything you need for a little post-apocalyptic running man. Shame there’s no multiplayer.

3. New Decontamination Arch

By now, you probably have more than enough Rad-A-Way to supply your wasteland adventures, but the new decontamination arch is very sleek looking, perhaps even fairly useful if you intend to spend considerable time in high radiation areas.

4. New Fusion Generators

Providing 100 electric power, the new fusion generators are relatively quiet and essential for complex settlements that need the wattage. They also have pretty conservative resource requirements, the only real challenging ingredient being the 8 crystal units, though you can farm those out of the Institutes’ microscope collection if need be.

5. New Concrete Buildings

Probably one of the best Fallout 4 mods you could download was the settlement expansion kit, which essentially beefed up your asset options using pre-existing pieces from the game’s world. Wasteland Workshop essentially adds even more assets to the inventory, including a nice newly rendered set of concrete building pieces, including curved walls, roofing, and stairways.

6. Bare Essentials

The new garden plots are essential for organizing your agricultural regions to your settlements. There’s also an advanced engineering workbench that certainly is worth freeing up space for. The new “power door” option also seems like an obvious necessity. So now you can wire up your own fortress, complete with a doorway that has some semblance of conventional security. The Beta Wave Emitter structure now allows you to turn hostile creatures friendly, a nice tool provided you already have unlocked the “Wasteland Whisperer” and “Animal Friend” perks.

7. Mount a Deathclaw Head


The different creatures you can mount up in your apocalyptic trophy room has been noticeably expanded. So in terms of taxidermy, there’s plenty new accoutrements. Happy hunting.

8. Streetlight Options

Oil lamps, streetlights, subway rail lights – there are plethora of ways to light up your settlement now, so you can do away with the construction tripods littered everywhere. You also get mounted spotlights, which could come in handy for keeping outer barriers illuminated in case of attacks.

9. Land-Based Water Pump

Having fifty water spigots in a row looks ugly. The new land-based water pump will beef up the water supply in your settlements and doesn’t require a natural water source to plant it.

10. New Neon Lettering Options

Besides being able to outfit vendors with signs and houses with house numbers, the new neon lettering options are a nice addition for creating some night life for your settlement.

Other Basic Settlement Options Expanded


Different colored doors, new steel railing options, and a varying assortment of rugs and floor covers that all look just as tattered and ragged – besides the new pool table option and the ability to mount a cat’s head on your wall, settlement decorations and furnishings are nothing to rave about in this expansion, though they are ample.


Fallout 4: 9 Signs You Play It Wrong

So just like many others, we all have been engrossed in trying to beat Fallout 4 for the past weeks. But when we players sat down to discuss what we have been doing, we realized there was something we were doing wrong. So, here is a write up of those who are interested in bettering their game.
What we are not saying is that your method of playing the game is wrong. What we mean is while playing this game, we came across some critical errors we were making that we figured out much later and do not want you to make the same mistakes! Based on previous games, we tend to play games using a rather short-sighted method which in the free-to-do-as-we-want Bethesda games is pointless. We can take a much longer view point and gain a much better score as we progress!

1. Using the Power Armor for Combat Only

We know it is super cool that it can go through fusion cores so easily and coolly! But sadly, the high powered suit is limited in the ways it can be used so it has severe implications on when and how it should be used.
If you are not using the armor thoroughly, you may miss out on the fact that it is one of the highest ranked in Rad-resistance! So, say bye to drudging through irradiated landscapes and say hello to easy (relatively) breezing through them!
When going to stock up on those lovely valuables, take out the armor for increased inventory carrying capacity. So instead of spending valuable points on transportation, you can utilize the suit – making it a win for you!

2. Junk Collector

Please please please do collect all the junk that you see! Each and every broken item is worth solid gold in the Boston Commonwealth. To manage your excesses, you can loot until all your pockets are full and then dump it all on your trusty companion until you can get back to your work station!
Make regular trips to the base station in between, when you have the time to leave stuff at your work station and lighten your armor! Sometimes when you are feeling tired, go for a junk run and junk collection missions to gain in the long run!

3. Individual Companion Abilities

Ideally you have to focus on what each of the characters specializes in. But a lot of us just assume they all have the same capabilities and will play the same. The smart thing to do is to analyze each character’s special ability and then use it to the maximum. So, choose your partners in crime smartly so that you have the perfect partner in times of need.
If you have a hacking job that requires special skills, pull out good old Mr. Nick Valentine! Or Paladin Danse can be used to deliver extra damage towards the pesky Synths if you do not form an allegiance with them of course!

4. Different Builds

So you just decided on a built based on what looks good? Rookie move! Focus on the role playing in built into the different types of builds. The game allows you to be jack of all but learning how to be master of the few will be utterly necessary to up your game. By making sure you select a build that goes well and complements a character’s style, you will make the game much more fun and high scoring!

5. Settlements Are There For a Reason

The settlement function is important. We know it sounds miniscule, but it really is not. The functional aspect is essential for collecting the best weaponry along with making your supplies last longer!
So when beginning the game, focus on your major or base settlements, and set up significant supply lines between these bases. Also, give the salesmen an interesting reason to visit your settlements.
When your settlements are healthy and well connected, you will reap the award sooner than later by having higher end gear and the ability to mix and match to create perfect anything that you may require! Keep an eye on your settlements to ensure that their perfect working condition is essential.

6. Crank up the Difficulty

It may be that starting off the game with Survival difficulty caused a lot of hurt and very slow motions. But then we realized by playing the game on hard that the players become so powerful that they can annihilate everything that comes in their path!
But most of us love the slow healing and fantastic moves of the Survivor mode as it lets us enjoy the game but make it so lengthy to play. So try all the setting and see which one suits you best for your pace of playing!
Though murdering everything in the game is superbly fun, it does rob us of the small, beautifully tense set pieces that are survival games’ USP.

7. Don’t Mission Jump

We all know the excitement to just complete a mission as quickly as possible and move on. DO NOT do that. When a game has such an amazing story line as the Fallout 4 does, it allows the characters to slowly develop at pace set in the story. So slow down and take a moment to yourself after finishing a mission. By doing so, you will not only appreciate the sights but also have a chance to loot all the goodies built into hidden nooks and crannies in the aftermath of each mission.

8. Choices and More Choices

With the removal of the karma system, we have little knowledge of the angels and demons in the game making it amazingly more challenging. But the good versus evil is the pin point of every mission. Therefore, slowly over time, we can gauge who are the best characters to work with and what their beliefs are. So, do not just decide to be good or bad – take some time and mix it up. If a situation needs you to be bad, be bad or good, just for the heck of it! By doing this, not only will you be making everything much more entertaining for yourself, you will also be learning how to manage your character in numerous settings.

9. Stick with Your Decisions

Don’t reset the game and start from the previously saved version. Just don’t. By doing this, you will lose out on so many consequences later on in the game and the important mission to back your decisions. And what is the fun in winning everything without ever facing a low moment?
You can of course save files before key moments and then replay a completely different method to ensure that you get the maximum out of the game!
By not changing amongst the choices made in Fallout 4 can leave some poignant, sad, as well as regretful. And these feelings are what make your gaming experiences real as compared to being the winner across all the games.


10 Crazy Moments You’ll Experience In Fallout

Fallout is a series of post-apocalyptic role-playing video games that was created by Interplay Entertainment and is full of the most memorable gaming moments. It offers the players a huge variety of different experiences through a series of challenging games. It is also notorious for producing shocking events. Let’s have a look at some of the best this series of games has to offer in terms of writing, animations, and game systems.

1. The Tough Tandi Choices

Tandi is the daughter of the leader of Shady Sands and a sweet young lady who has helped you and gotten you out of tough spots before. In the early and original version of Fallout, your quest was to find her, who is kidnapped by raiders that reside in a fortified camp with about a dozen defenders all of which are ready to attack and get your lousy Vault Dweller. If you are fortunate enough, they will believe you to be the ghost of their old leader and let you go. You will need a lot of luck for that.

But if you are clever enough, you can sneak in to their camp, pick the locks, and get her out. Or you also have a choice to go in with all guns blazing, but halfway through, you’ll realize that Fallout isn’t really about that and then give up only to come back later with better powers. It doesn’t all end by rescuing Tandi. You may take her back to her father but then she might just follow you to your meeting with any local bad guy who might offer you some money to enslave her. That is a very possible scenario in the world of Fallout. Almost about no role-playing games gave such options with consistency back in 1998. Fallout offered these, and also various different methods for resolution. And for a majority of players, the time for rescuing Tandi was when they actually understood the gameplay.

2. The SMG Salsa

Make sure to take some time out to meet Ian while in Shady Sands. He is another interesting person after Tandi and her dad who will join in your quest in the Wasteland as your first companion if you pay him enough. If you ask him, he will let you know that he is a diehard fan for submachine guns. Do not give Ian an SMG at any cost.

But if you do hand over a semi automatic weapon to Ian, he is sure to teach you some neat tricks about fallout. One cool thing is that critical hits and mass damage have the ability to make characters die in hilarious yet gruesome manner. But chances are that Ian sprays everything in his path with bullets and shreds your jacket like a hated enemy. You can also watch your Vault Dweller have his sides split off while Ian cackles, not being able to get a grip on his urge of burst fires.
Hyper violence is something Fallout is notorious for and Ian is only one character.

3. Meet the Master

While progressing through levels, you will get to know more about the maniacal Super Mutant and their leader who is known only as “The Master.” The Super Mutants are a threat to look out for, but you will feel more sympathetic towards “The Master” as the typical good guy gone bad, a clueless soul who got himself in the wrong experiments, and ended up losing his perception of reality.

But the extent of his mutation is only clear when you get into the church and actually get to meet him. You will find him to be incarnate, a hybrid of computers along with organic matters across an entire building. It is not easy to not look at him as a monster and not have an urge to fight, but you can talk to him in a humane manner and try to reason with him and persuade him that his plan is doomed. But you can also sneak in, plant a nuclear bomb, and let it go off. Welcome to Fallout.

4. The Kiss

Talking in regards to aesthetics, Fallout has been developed relying heavily on the tension present between faux-Cold War nostalgia and the brutal necessities of life that exists in a post-apocalyptic world. Throughout all the games, there was no better intro for Fallout 2. It features Louis Armstrong’s 1951 version of “A Kiss to Build a Dream On” along with the joys due to stepping out of the Vault.
Then you have a man with huge power armor who is worse than anything we have ever come across before. He opens fire and sprays the Vault dwellers with minigun bullets as they hesitantly wave at him. This is Fallout 101, cute pragmatism, and some violence.

5. Geckos Chirping

Be it any version of Fallout, be sure for it to have violent death animations. Ian takes the liberty to blast off your torso with the help of a SMG, one of the super mutants melts due to a plasma rifle, both flesh and skeleton. And let’s not forget the brutal skull explosion caused by a critical heat to the head.

In spite of all this, the most shocking violence might be the least graphic. Recall running into that gecko in the earlier sections of Fallout 2. The gecko, like any other living being, stands, walks, and kills. It also winces if you shoot at it, but instead of dying, it just keeps on keeling over and over again every time you shoot it. This serves as an ideal example for how subtlety can be more efficient than animations that are over the top.

6. Shopping

While playing Fallout 3, the first mission is to go shopping for medicines into a local super mart that is bombed out. All you need to do is go there, collect the medicine, and bring it back. Sounds simple? Well, it is full of raiders and is huge. What is confusing is that you might be able to handle the raiders in the beginning and get back to collect your medicine with ease, but when you turn around to go back, you will be faced with raiders that will be harder to get rid of. You will get lost in that mart for sure, without any easy way of getting out.
Given a set of skills that are weak, players need to navigate and leave the mart with all limbs and skin intact. Be it combat, science, stealth, or sheer luck one uses, the game has a fascinating way of colliding in between the market aisles. No matter how long it took you to exit from the mart, when you did, it was sure to be a crazy and resonant moment throughout Fallout 3.

7. The Boom

Almost about every RPG in every Fallout consists of the intro town which teaches you about your role, leveling up, interacting with people, and understanding what your role is in the gaming world. In Fallout 3 as well, there is an intro town called Megaton and friendly townspeople who can help you with loads of different quests. Here you can easily learn about how Wasteland works.
When you are done with Megaton, there isn’t much use of it anyway, so you have an option of planting a nuclear bomb and setting it off. And there, goes a happy town that taught you everything that you know. And with it, all the people that helped and guided you as you began to live in Wasteland.

8. The Happy Hotel

In the first installment of Fallout, the idea of a moral choice was developed for games involving role-playing with which they have stuck on to. The moral is simple: if you are good, then the world will be good but if you choose to become a jerk, the world will be a bigger jerk. It is very efficient and simple once you have learnt this.

While playing Fallout 3, as you enter the Tenpenny Tower, you will face a straightforward problem. The problem being a luxury hotel in which some ghouls want to be let in but they are oppressed by the rich people in it. You are free to join any of the sides but any good player would know that there is room for compromise, to somehow persuade the ghouls on being less violent and humans to not be bigoted as much. This equals to instant success and leads to both the parties being happy.
You do this only to find out the human residents slaughtered by the ghouls. Perhaps, the humans were deserving of this, but do you also deserve this after all the effort you put into it? This is the shocking brilliance of the game, where having a solution could be as bad as having no solution or a crazy solution.

9. The New Dimensions

Fallout: New Vegas, like any other game having the role-playing element, has only significantly improved the expansions. Every one of the 4 games in the series represents and examines a whole new facade of Fallout. For instance, Honest Hearts relates to a community after the apocalypse while Dead Money comprises of survival horror. Lonesome Road sheds light on a wandering hero. Out of all that, the most weird and hilarious one has got to be the Old World Blues as the DLC dives into the 1950s sci-fi movie inspiration.

It sure does leave a first impression as your courier is awakened in the midst of the science lab and meets Think Tank after some exploration. The Think Tank is basically an orb, having a variety of personalities all of which respond to you as if you are not at all capable of understanding anything which is almost comical.

10. The End of the Quest

Accomplishing a lot of quests is the fundamental principle of this game. This game has actually set a standard for such role playing games. The New Vegas version has different quests of the entire series and makes up for the lack of narration in 2 and 3. The quests however could have been a bit more complex with the option of being recruited to different factions as you enter the game.

In various role playing games, the aim is to work hard in numerous quests with many factions according to your capacity, but New Vegas has all this differently. Every faction tells you that you are being spied on by the others. You might not foresee it but the danger comes pretty soon with all the factions turning against you and you failing all quests.
It could’ve made some users feel as if it’s a glitch in the system but it is in fact an ideal sample of the narrative complexity of New Vegas. Additionally, this is the main thing that makes it different as compared to Fallout 3.


Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC Is Hopefully Just An Appetizer

Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC is the first entry in its season pass offering of downloadable content following the release of the main game back in November. Obviously, Bethesda likely knew Fallout 4 fans would be clamoring for more content not soon after release. So it’s nice to see the game is being revitalized with expanded content not too far into the new year. But is it worth your attention?

I personally was underwhelmed by the Automatron DLC, especially given it’s the opening DLC offering for season pass holders. Don’t get me wrong, the premise is very good. For a game that boasts an expansive and intuitive crafting system, the Automatron DLC ads the exciting new field of robotics to let you imbibe in your passion projects once again.
While the vanilla Fallout 4 offered a litany of companions, each with their own personalities, special abilities, and even romantic inclinations, the idea that you can build a robot companion from scratch renews the same giddiness that gripped fans when they realized combat armor could be pocketed and jet could be cooked into psycho for a nice party favor.

Jokes aside, given the standalone price tag of the Automatron DLC, it’s seems like Bethesda wanted to push this expensive appetizer instead of providing the full dish to Fallout 4 fans who are starved for a more comprehensive update and sizeable new quest line.

Yes, you can wander the wasteland, encountering hostile robot enemies, salvaging their remnants, crafting customized robot companions, and so on. But none of this serves to keep a dedicated Fallout 4 player from quickly finding themselves stuck with the familiar sensation of repetition – something akin to the never-ending Minutemen quest line.

Again, this isn’t to say Automatron won’t offer you enjoyment. However, for the standalone price, it seems like Bethesda wanted to see if they could get away with charging twice the amount of cash as the Wasteland-Workshop DLC, a very similar crafting expansion scheduled for later release that is going to be offered for half the price. Granted, Automatron does provide a novel quest line and it’s pretty good, but you’re going to get through it in about 2 hours, probably less time if you know the game well. The quest line is triggered for players level 15 and up, so you may find yourself having to tweak the difficulty to offer some more challenge, in fact.

Unfortunately, much about storyline is largely forgettable though, and while it does have its moments, they really don’t chalk up to the novelty of Fallout 3’s Mothership Zeta DLC or the staggering geography of The Divide in Fallout: New Vegas’s story Ultimas Lonesome Road expansion. That said, if you want to build some crazy robots… you can build some crazy robots… though paying 10 dollars to do so isn’t quite a good deal for those unfortunate enough to not invest in the season pass before Bethesda made the drastic price hike last month.

It’s hard for me even to justify a season pass owner get started playing Fallout 4 again, assuming they’ve taken a hiatus like most of us this year. The Automatron DLC is simply underwhelming if you’re looking for a sizeable chunk of discovery to help you fall back in love with the game’s open world. Honestly, I would recommend waiting until the more substantial Far Harbor expansion. Then, you can play with your robots all you want, with a decent narrative and new geography to actually justify coming back to the Wasteland.


Fallout 4: 10 Mods You Should Be Using Right Now

By now, any Fallout 4 fan has already scouted their way through plenty of the Bostonian Wasteland. But while we are all collectively anticipating a DLC release, there are some great mods of the game to try out.

1. The Armorsmith Extended mod

This is one of the largest, most comprehensive mods for completely freeing up your options when it comes to customizing your outfits. To start, you now can actually put any outfit underneath your armor set. The whole armor modding system is reworked, along with a gigantic new inventory of craftable items. If you enjoyed crafting armor and customizing it in the original Fallout 4, this mod is certainly worth your attention.

2. True Storms – Wasteland Edition mod

When you roam through the autumn-laden hillsides of the deserted Maryland wastes, immersion is important. You want to feel like you’re inside a breathing, dynamic world, and True Storms does exactly that, using good ol’ Mother Nature. Well, radioactive storms aren’t very natural, but they are awesome. So are the intense rainstorms, lightning strikes, dust textures, and light/dark options. A very comprehensive mod that was previously a hit on Skyrim for good reasons. Get this mod, and get a radiation suit ready.

3. Home maker – Expanded Settlements mod

I think most of us can agree Fallout 4’s settlement system was a promising but obviously very rushed aspect to the game. Thankfully, the home maker mod basically expands your asset options to the tilt. Build bunkers, diners, brick buildings, military bases, new types of crops – basically this is the essential settlement building mod for doing almost anything you desire.

4. New Dialogue mod

The most common complaint people have about Fallout 4 is the fact the game’s new dialogue wheel uses lazy paraphrases, making your dialogue options vague and sometimes even nonsensical. The New Dialogue mod is a must install for anyone who hasn’t really dug their teeth into the story missions yet because it allows you to actually see what you want to select as your next dialogue option, much akin to the classic Fallout games. The Full Dialogue Interface mod also allows you to customize your dialogue interface and have access to an impressive array of translations. Note: Do not install both mods at the same time.

5. Enhanced Blood Textures mod

Living out in the wasteland can be rough, but Fallout 4’s vanilla version isn’t exactly as Mad Max as we would all like. The game clearly lacks the appropriate amount of blood to match its gratuitous violence, which is where the enhanced blood textures mod does its faithful part. The alternate blood splatters avoid any generic overflow and with the new experimental plug-in, bites, claws, unarmed, energy weapons, and other damage types have their own separate blood spills, further adding to game immersion.

6.Courser X-92 Power Suit mod

Unfortunately, there haven’t been many power suit mods made for the game, but the X-92 build is definitely worth checking out if you want to add some interesting armor to your stockpile. This armor is fully craftable with consumable fusion cores that act like intense 30-minute stat buffers. While you do have to uninstall the stock texture pack before using the mod’s proprietary one, I’d recommend tacking this gem on to a high-difficulty playthrough.

7. Craftable Ammo mod

With all the new crafting in Fallout 4, it was a bit surprising ammo wasn’t craftable. It was one of the mainstay features to Fallout: New Vegas. This mod essentially brings that ability back, using basic settlement resources to craft any ammo you want. It’s actually a pretty essential mod, if you want to avoid having to waste caps and time on trading for some of the more obscure ordinance.

8. Quieter Settlements mod

The bigger your settlement is, the louder it gets. If you want to build some fantastic electric-powered novelties, do yourself a kindness and download this mod. Generator sounds will compile onto each other into a cacophony, otherwise.

9. Darker Nights mod

How dark is the night under a radioactive sky? Hard to say, but given the complete lack of streetlights in the Wasteland, a generally darker option could be more immersive. If you’re not annoyed about doing some fumbling in the dark, the darker nights mod might add a little more spook to your Wasteland nocturnal outings.

10. Snapable Junk Fences mod

As obscure as this mod seems, the fact that you can’t snap together junk fences is surprising and terribly annoying. This mod will make your settlement building a much cleaner, easier experience. Longer powerlines is another small but essential tweak, making powerline management far less annoying. I would also recommend Better Settlers, a mod that really enhances the usefulness of your citizens.


10 Secret Areas In 2015’s Most Popular Video Games

Back when we started gaming, hidden levels were jewels. They would open up at the randomest of actions and the location of performing that action must have been the one specified or it will lead you to nothing.

Now, sadly they are hidden behind pay to play gimmicks and emphasize money more than skill. However, whatever be the reason, we have seen an increase in the number of hidden levels, areas and points or power ups in 2015 than ever before.
Developers have understood that it is of importance to keep a player hooked by providing them with rewards for the curious gene in their pool. So as the year 2015 has come to an end, here are 10 of the best hidden locations for the greatest hidden mini-games and locations:

10. Secret Weapons Testing Room – Fallout 4 (PC Version)

The unearthing process of Fallout 4 is still underway since it was released a few month back. But we have found one of the hidden treasures that is only available for PC gamers that have access to the console prompt. Players have to press the Grave Accent Key and in the command dialog type cocqasmoke (do not ask us how they landed on this!) and viola! You are instantly transported into a foggy room with all sorts of power armor and weapon filled crates! What do you ask is the purpose? Pretend to be whatever you want and slay whoever you want suing whichever armor suits your fancy!

9. The Prost Bar – Fallout 4

Console players of Fallout 4 do not be sad! For the console players have access to The Prost Bar! This bar is like no other. It is for us 80’s kids – the indistinct blue door leading to the central bar that formed the base room of Cheers! Yes that olden days comedy show we all grew up loving! The characters are the same and seated in their iconic locations allowing you to kick back and relax with your favorite characters.

8. Fart Troll Cave – The Witcher 3

In the dark and depressing world of The Witcher 3, it comes as a sigh of relief when you stumble into the cave on Ard Skellige which is home to Joe, Dodger and Jesse, three lovely rock trolls that have been named after the youtube celebrities, that voiced them giving them an outside worldly touch. The atmosphere is relaxed by the rotten onion and bum hole finger talks and further relaxed by the bowel issues they seem to be facing. The bowel noises continue on as you slay the trolls causing a giggle on your faces every time!

7. Gnat Attack – Super Mario Maker

To unlock the Gnat attack, you have to go into the level maker and put the controller away for 15 minutes before the trio of flies appears which you have to swat for the level to begin. Otherwise you can grab items like the ? block, and shake it until the trio of flies appear! Swatting them begins the mini game! Gnat Attack is similar to Mario Paint’s Gnat Attack and you end up unlocking the Builder Mario outfit. Also with the new update, you can shake a muncher until Watinga comes out and swat it to enter the tougher version of Gnat Attack.

6. Secret Loot Cave – Dying Light

The Secret Loot creators have taken a dig on the competitor Destiny game by incorporating a cave so inspired by Destiny, we have to check which game we were playing. The cave is located North-East of the slums and is a tropical wonderland. What we have in the area are numerous chests which you can loot while being badgered endlessly by zombies.

5. Dead Ops Arcade 2 – Black Ops III

Black Ops III is the ultimate when it comes to secret un-lockable game modes as well as multiplayer options. Go ahead and unlock Dead Ops Arcade 2 by completing the very first two missions that are set in the way to the safe house. Once you have access to the safe house, proceed to open Data Vault terminal and then highlight Emblem option. Then go up once – this causes the icon at the top left to flash and then jump. This causes the games name: Dead Ops Arcade 2: Cybers Avengening to be highlighted and available to play.

4. Secret World (Hard) – Axiom Verge

In each and every Axiom Verge play through are hidden many secret worlds: two easy, two standard and one hard secret world to stumble on – beware these worlds are randomly generated. As you approach the portal to the world you are faced with a distorted screen increasing in intensity as the distance reduces to the portal. There are no secret weapons in the easy and medium levels – the only weapons are found in the hard levels. Each play through has one of these three areas: Mar-Uru, E-Kur-Mah or Edin.

3. Hypogean Gaol – Bloodborne

The tradition continues with Bloodborne being packed with corners, areas and crannies along with secret bosses that you have to search for in the game or else will slip your focus. In the Yahar’Gul Unseen Village you have to follow some very specific steps to get yourself locked up in the Hypogean Gaol; and fight the boss Darkbeast Paarl. The steps to follow are as below:


  1. In the Old Yarnham, beat the Blood Starved Beast

  3. Return to the Cathedral Ward to face off against the sack wielding enemies aptly titled Snatchers.

  5. Let those Snatchers defeat you and it will throw you in a sack – from there you will end up in a prison cell inside the Unseen Village.

  7. GO ahead and fight your way back to Central Yarnham!


2. Side Op 150 ‘Secure Quiet’ – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The Phantom Pain vastly open world revels in its share of the secret missions that can be unlocked under very specific conditions based on our actions throughout the game. To unlock the mission, you need to exactly follow these steps:


  1. Mission 11: Do not kill Quiet

  3. Quiet’s bond level with you needs to be maxed out

  5. Emmerich’s dismissal from Mother Base – cinematic

  7. Forgo the front Butterly emblem on your personal logo

  9. Mission 43: Let Quiet leave

Side Op 150 should now appear on your map. It is a simple but important mission for this game so enjoy it and thank us!

1. The Phantom Pain – Metal Gear Solid 5:

One of those highly hidden levels: Mission 46! And yes it is not simple to unlock! What you need to do is:


  1. Make sure you complete the yellow-ish marked Side Op missions (all of them) available the game

  3. Upgrade your Mother Base and Mission 45 will become available for play

  5. Complete the mission 45 and proceed to the Mission 46!

It is called ‘Truth – The Man Who Sold the World’, and you are supposed to play the prologue; however with one major key twist it reshapes the ending for the game. It is the accurate and real ‘canonical’ ending for The Phantoms Pain.


A Review of Fallout 4: A New Atomic Age

Awash in a radioactive yellow mist of putrid fallout, I trek up a steep cliff face, turning onto the remnants of a highway overpass. Thankfully, I’m wearing a hazmat suit underneath my T-60f power armor, although a few heady encounters with a pack of radscorpions permanently damaged my leg pieces, and now I see my suit is starting to run out of fusion core fuel.

As I look out on the Glowing Sea’s hazed horizon, a hideously dangerous corner of Fallout 4’s colossal open world, I hear my companion yelping behind me. Piper is a game muckraker I picked up on my first visit to Diamond City, the game’s post-war population center tucked in the remnants of Fenway.
I can tell she managed to aggro herself onto a 9-foot Deathclaw, judiciously pistol-whipping it whilst proclaiming “I wonder if other journalists do this stuff?” It’s just a snapshot of what Fallout 4 represents: anything. And by “anything” I can’t mean Gary’s Mod, necessarily. However, a gigantic map of a post-apocalyptic Boston and surrounding geography is indeed stuffed with a sprawling quest line, multiple factions, 13 different companions, a settlement management system, as well as a deep crafting system for weapons, armor, power armor, chems, foods, demolition, buffs, and pretty much anything else you can imagine you’d need to survive out in the Boston wasteland.

Simply put, Fallout 4 is a big game. One that the fans have been justifiably salivating for. The numerous rumors, supposed press releases, and even faked promotional websites couldn’t keep us from supposing that a sequel to Bethesda’s hit apocalyptic, gun-toting quasi-RPG Fallout 3 was an inevitability, and indeed it was.

Being able to modify weapons, using literally any piece of junk you can pick up, is a huge evolution for the game, one that makes it worth playing even for fans who aren’t very familiar with the game’s critically-acclaimed predecessor, Fallout 3. In fact, those fans may get the most out of the game, since they will be less likely to notice how watered down Fallout’s RPG elements have become.

For one thing, Fallout 4 is a game where the “illusion of choice” is a rather thin veil. Whether you can say this diminishes the game’s narrative qualities is arguable, however. Sure, dialogue options are hopelessly generic, relegating you to vague options of being nice, mean, pesky or sarcastic, at literally every turn of a conversation. However, the overall storyline is far more interesting this time around. Since this review is spoiler free, I recommend you buy the game if you’d like to learn more about that.

The perk system is possibly the game’s greatest fault, though. While I admit the skill point system of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas was very inaccessible (being stuck from unlocking a door because you only tacked up your lockpicking skill to 74 instead of 75…) the new system isn’t much better. It is far simpler, though, which makes the game more accessible. Every time you level up, you get a one skill point, which you can spend on either your base stat or on a novel perk, like being able to fast travel while encumbered or be healed from radiation instead of hurt by it.

The glaring issue with this perk system is that it makes itself a gatekeeper to the game’s crafting system. By the end of my 80 hour playthrough, I found that most of my perk points had been spent on unlocking all the crafting levels. While I can understand that crafting can be made a perk, having it cost so many points to unlock was excessive and too encompassing. By the end of my playthrough, I could craft anything I wanted, but I couldn’t do much else with my character.

Most other aspects of Fallout 4 are acceptable, though justifiably open for criticism. The graphics and bugs (very few this time) are still deficient by 2015 standards, perhaps a gentle reminder to Bethesda they need to go back to school with their game engines before they start to parody themselves. Gamer’s computers, and they’re expectations, are getting very serious about this.

Even though the game has no multiple endings or any sense of consequences, it is still incredibly deep and satisfying. And yes, it is still an RPG, however light it may seem. It’s also Bethesda’s greatest achievement to date. So if you are fan of huge games with a whole lot to do, pick up Fallout 4 right now at full price. It’s well worth the sixty bucks. The inclusion of modding into Fallout 4 has only made the game more accessible within very little time. New dialogue options, better graphical rendering options, and even modified building assets give the game far more depth, so go check it out.


Raiding The Wastes: A Review Of Mad Max

Gliding through the disparate wastelands of dunes, cliff-side highways and tattered enclaves of raider encampments, Mad Max lets players control the eponymous protagonist as he drives through the game’s impressively-sized and beautifully rendered open-world setting. The emphasis of Mad Max may not be so much on narrative, though. Instead, players receive a gratifying sense of progression through the game’s incredibly deep skill trees, which allow players to achieve an incredible quantity of challenges to unlock new weapons, armor, appearance options, and, of course, customizations for the Magnum Opus, the infamous hemi capable of functioning as a wild nitrous desert buggy or a glorified thunderdome tank, replete with all the necessary weaponry for unrestrained vehicular combat.

Vehicular play is a major element of the game, in fact. At least half of the game’s campaign focuses on driving, which makes sense given the incredible volume of terrain you will end up traversing.
It seems that developer Avalanche Studios wanted to create a world where desolation was expressed just as much in the sheer square miles you can explore, as opposed to having a very populated map filled with remnants of past civilization – something you’re more likely to find in Fallout 4’s crowded map.

So the wide open space does have an important gameplay function, as many times you’ll find yourself in tense driving battles with stray convoys of raiders. After demolishing your enemies, looting “scrap” (the game’s generic form of post-apocalyptic currency) lets you build up funds to upgrade your character, gear, or car, of which there are an incredible amount of options. There’s also plenty of combat on foot, though. Many times I felt like I was playing a blunter version of Arkham City, as the main crux of combat focuses on raw melee encounters, where any actual skill rests in judiciously timing counter attacks as you bash your way through outnumbered scenarios.

This isn’t something to complain about, necessarily. It’s a combat style that works very well for the Arkham series, so if you enjoy those games, you’ll likely find Mad Max to be a familiar and gratifying experience. The game quickly hits upon a strong stride of explore, conquer, and scrap. Of that, there is nearly fifty hours of fun to binge on, so like so many other big-world games this year (Fallout 4, Witcher 3, MGS 5: The Phantom Pain – to name a few) Mad Max will supply you with plenty to do and plenty of incentive to continue doing it.

The story, however, is perhaps where the game loses its strength, and for simple reasons. For much of the first half of your experience with the game, there simply won’t be much story to chew on. My guess is that the creators intended the first twenty hours of gameplay to focus on just that – gameplay. Yet as you settle into the rhythm of raiding the wastelands, you do start to wonder just what it is you’re looking for. Narrative motives are important for keeping a game from feeling anemic, particularly in these kinds of games, where gameplay is as ample and lengthy as trying to read a George R.R. Martin novel.

When the story does pick up the pace, you notice that initial deficiency even more. As much as gamers love gameplay, giving them a sense of purpose is important. Incentivizing everything through endless upgrades works well for a sense of reward, but not necessarily purpose. This is probably why the second half of the game works so well as the story finally hits its stride, and when it does become more noticeable, you start to wonder if other gamers gave up before the going finally got good.

Besides the excitement of the main questlines’ climactic moments, I feel like the game’s setting will always remain its greatest strength. Here, cruising through the game’s world, I really got a sense of just how much detail and effort was put into making the world varied and interesting within each region. It also should be mentioned that Mad Max is a beautiful game to experience on the PC, technically speaking. While I encountered a few graphical hiccups here and there, the game was noticeably well-optimized with a competent UI for tweaking its visual settings. Running on a medium-level SLI configuration, I was able to turn up the game to ultra, with only a few noticeable frame rate drops when things got busy on screen. Depth of view and the sheer quality of the game’s physics were noticeable gems to the experience, and oftentimes I found myself having just as much fun playing car stuntman with the game’s creative geography as I did with annihilating savages in raw brawls.

“The Big Nothing” was another highlight of Mad Max’s sandbox environment. An unmapped region, Nothing is incredibly hostile. Resources are scarce in the game, and so venturing into the only area in the map where food and water are virtually non-existent is a big risk. However, finding rare parts for the Magnum Opus was a thrilling reward, and really made the game feel “on the edge,” as I struggled to maintain hope of getting back onto chartered territory in one piece.

The game’s harsh weather effects are another highlight. Sandstorms ravage the landscape, forcing you to find shelter. Oftentimes, they would occur in the middle of tense fist-fight, forcing the action back into more sheltered corners while I searched out the leftover stragglers of the violent battle. It’s this harsh, desperate motif that pervades the experience of Mad Max. It’s hard to conceive this game was meant to closely tie-in with the live action film, but if you are a fan of the movie, the game will offer you a similar, yet delightfully novel action experience to expand your entertainment with this revitalized universe. 2015 has certainly been a year for “Big Games,” but Mad Max is a worthy one to try, especially if you’re looking for a grittier world than Witcher with prettier graphics than Fallout.

Looking At Fallout 4’s Crafting System

The recreation director for Fallout 4, Todd Howard, and Bethesda Recreation Studios has researched how the popular Minecraft has inspired the system. It is not uncommon to find video games that have taken inspiration from several recreation providers and Bethesda falls in the same category. It was even clearer when Minecraft had been unveiled with Fallout 4 being just in its early stages.

An exclusive meeting between iDigital Occasions and Todd Howard has divulged in what ways Howard had believed that the flowery system in Minecraft provided some inspiration for Bethesda’s Fallout 4 recreation game. It was most evident when Howard saw how players could make a three dimensional copier when playing Minecraft with a particular number of elements. It bore a noticeable resemblance to the tactic used in the game of Fallout 4. He said that his company was excited about this feature of crafting as it saw them doing modifications for a prolonged time period and possessing a creation gear. However, he also said that this game was only for a specific audience. He also detailed that the PC users were just a third fraction of it all. The people who used creation kits were a further subcategory of that particular audience.

At the current year’s San Diego Comic Con, Todd Howard displayed the highlighted Fallout 4 recreation. It had character formation, which was a section during the time period prior to falling of bombs and a bit later, the Vault Dweller surfaced 200 years in future. The settlement creation was also discussed in which a layer can create their own home with the help of components collected from the wasteland of Fallout 4.

Pete Hines of Bethesda discussed about all the crafting details and what a player needs to do to build parts for a Fallout 4 Vault dweller’s abode. A player cannot randomly pick a furniture piece from the game’s wasteland but would need to get the wood components to make a dog house, a chair, or whatever he or she needs in the game, Fallout 4. As he puts it, the players will decide which pieces will go where, making their own furniture. If the players don’t possess the materials, they have to make sufficient wood to construct a chair.

This is very similar to Minecraft’s way of getting all the components and compiling things together. In Minecraft, there was a demo too where a YouTuber used to show how to create objects with the help of a 3D printer. It had a control panel, which was similar to the terminals in game you would find in Fallout 4. To access the terminal, you must build it in Fallout 4.

Todd Howard tells how Fallout 4 can be customized. He also talked about the potential jukebox in the game. In the SDCC presentation, you would also find video games that you can play on Fallout 4’s Pip-Boy device. This game is so immersive that it is highly probable to be totally lost in the game’s fun elements. Todd Howard also adds that players can construct a terminal as well as access all the things on it. It is similar to creating new things as artists and designers do. Then they provide them properties. Those properties would give back to terminal and they can be seen.

However, all this being said and done, you can see the striking similarities between Fallout 4’s terminals and Minecraft’s control panels. Even though the crafting system is not as extensive, it appears to be just about enough, tied together with all the components of fighting, participating in missions, and the immensity of the entire game of Fallout 4.