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10 Essential tips to success in Fallout Shelter

We’ve broken Fallout Shelter and created a must read guide that will ensure you get the most out of the game.

1. Bigger rooms win the long game


When it comes to building new rooms, electricity, food, and water – in that order of importance – are always first priority. Try to expand a room, if reasonable, rather than a build singles side by side. It’s better to have a large, three-room long structure contributing just one type of resource. It gives better payload.

2. Upgrade is the first option, building is the second


Ever heard off unmanageable growth? It’s a principle people learn at fancy business schools, but Fallout Shelter will pound this idea into your gut sans an expensive textbook. In general, it’s always better to upgrade something before you decide to build a new structure, unless you’re positive that new room is exactly what you need.

3. Make your vault a love shack


Need population? Sure, you can build yourself a radio room – it helps with vault happiness – but it doesn’t have a good yield, even if you upgrade it. The best trick to boosting population is letting people do what they do best. Screw. Pardon my crudeness, but it’s true. Build a living space (always try to upgrade before building another one) and find a man and woman ready to play the birds and the bees. Mixing favorable genes doesn’t give satisfying results, so don’t bother using your most talented, especially if you’re on a tight resource schedule.

If you happen upon a pair of nightclothes, don’t sell them. They’re a perfect equip for speeding up the mating process. Be careful how many women you get pregnant, though (we’re talking about the game here). Jokes aside, if you max out you’re population limit, you’ll be stuck with a bunch of pregnant women until you upgrade, which is dangerous because pregnant women are useless in emergency scenarios.

4. Rushing is great for medical bays


The Med Bay is the perfect rushing room. Build a good size med bay, equip some residents well with stat boosting gear and good weapons, and then spam rushes in this room as much as possible. When you win you’re rushes, you’ll earn caps and stimpacks. Fail and you can spend a few stimpacks keeping them alive. You’ll have to let off eventually to let their mood recover, but the benefits to this technique are borderline ridiculous. Take advantage.

5. You need a road warrior, or three


You need at least a few vault residents who are built for the wasteland. These are going to be you’re most prized assets, you’re item farmers. Equip them with the best possible gear. Send them out with as many stimpacks and radaways as you can spare. Then, keep your eye on them. Send them home before you fall asleep. You don’t want to lose these characters because you forgot about the game for few days.

6. Guns are better than stimpacks always


Understand that the more guns everyone in your vault has, less often you’re going to find yourself frantically healing them during a crisis. Raider attacks can be an annoying and potentially devastating. But if everyone in your vault has guns, you’re vault residents will take care of them easily.

7. Training rooms require patience


You’ll start unlocking training rooms one after another. Don’t buy them right away. Before you build anything, evaluate your resource management. Are you in good shape? When you do build a gym or an armory, be patient. It takes a while to get a wastelander maxed out in one of their SPECIAL attributes, but it pays off.

8. Complete objectives


It sounds like a silly tip, but it’s regrettably overlooked. Most objectives in Fallout Shelter are not only doable, but they’re unlimited, easy and many of them yield you lunchboxes. The beauty of Fallout Shelter is you really don’t have to spend money, especially if you’re doing objectives.

9. Don’t leave your app open


This is a golden rule, and the fact that people don’t follow it is a dangerous habit. When you’re done playing Fallout Shelter, quit the program. If you leave it running in the background, you’ll drain your resources and even be absent when incidents occur. Many people have complained that Fallout Shelter punishes them when they are away. It’s usually because they left the app on all day in the background. Turn it off. Otherwise, you may come back to a ghost town.

10. Upgrade your arsenal


Giving every resident a gun isn’t going to get the job done, especially if it’s a rusty .32 pistol you had laying around. However, it is a start. Once you’re scavengers keep finding better rifles and shotguns, be sure to replace them. It’ll put you in a much more capable spot when you start facing higher-tier enemies, like molerats and deathclaws, down the line.


Fallout 4: Have You Ever Visited These Incredible Locations?

At this point in time, we are pretty sure that you have thoroughly gone through and gotten used to the supermarkets and factories of the Boston Wasteland featured in Fallout 4. But with all the missions and targets that you set you achieve, you might not have enjoyed some locations that are just simply incredible. Here we shall discuss some of the most exciting and amazing places that are sure to fascinate you in this version of Fallout.

When you talk about Wasteland, nothing scenic or remotely related comes to mind but in fact that is quite the opposite of what is real. Wasteland features its own unique kind of beauty with walls adorned with peeling paintings, the drama in the crumbling structures, eerie suburbs that have been abandoned, and realistic yet very creepy kinds of towns that might just be similar to the one you’re living in now.

It is pretty sure that you might have been busy completing missions that you just missed out these cooler and more fascinating corners of the Wasteland. Or it may be that you have just been preoccupied with creating and developing a settlement of your own in which you want to sit back and relax in a fun turret. Well, whatever it may be, now is the time to tour some exciting locations of Fallout 4!

Reasonably, you might require months to complete this version of the game, but let’s have a look at the 10 locations you must simply visit.

1. Salem

Salem is a place that was sure to be featured in Fallout 4. It is an actual place from Boston with a history of trauma and persecution. It is essentially your basic creepy town, where mass executions took place for women in a wild witch hunting frenzy that took place somewhere in 1692. Focusing on the town itself, it isn’t all that bad itself, you will be sure to find some holotapes there just lying around full of spook. You will be able to discover more of this town in a quest called Devil’s Due, where you will be required to visit the notorious Museum of Witchcraft, and just wait till you find out what awaits you there. Salem is located on the north east side in the map on a peninsula.

2. The USS Constitution

This is one of the most famous ships you will ever come across in the history of the US. It is from a group of six frigates that were built especially for the US Navy for use against the British Navy in 1812. Here in the game, you will find it to be a useful museum of a ship. Be prepared to be amazed by beautiful ironsides that somehow managed to survive the war and last for over 200 years after being left abandoned. However, a modern look is given with the attachment of a pair of rocket boosters to the bottom that might have been placed there by the robots that are now the residents of that ship. This is just another impressive location in the game and of course it features an exciting mission that is placed right around this entire set up.

3. Hidden Areas Off the Map Grid

With Bethesda and its modesty with the size of the map, it turns out that you can actually go ahead and right into the areas that are well beyond the actual border, meaning that the entire grid is bigger than initially thought and kudos to Bethesda for keeping it a good secret. In the south west corner of the map in the wasteland of Boston is one such area, with a carved out path leading to a reactor that is decayed. Also, be on the lookout for a secret cave, and other areas of exploration that are sure to be interesting. This area, as you will realize later on in the game, really does have some significance and a reason to being there. Doesn’t it just get you curious to find out more about the regions in this game?

4. The Overpasses

While traveling on the road, we barely care to stop and think about these infrastructures as a thing of beauty or stop to just stare and admire them. Now consider ripping these apart and leaving them in peace for over 200 years, free to decay and rot, and they become even more eerily beautiful. It serves as a monument of sorts for the post apocalyptic society that is portrayed in the game and has an air of brutality about it. This is also a nice rendition of something that was so significant and useful in the past world but now is nothing more than just a relic, a collection of ruins in the current world after the apocalypse. This place can be related to the current day Manhattan Bridge, where lovers of all sorts would just relax and cozy up to see the rising or setting sun. And then fighting creatures all sorts to get back to their own settlement safely and soundly.

5. Diamond City Market

Be prepared to become overwhelmed with grief as you step through the formidable gates of this city that resemble somewhat of a fortress. Reaching the wasteland metropolis early in the game is an extremely difficult quest on its own. But once you get there, make sure to get the third person view and zoom out in order to admire the beauty of this place from every angle. The market district lies in the very center and heart of the Diamond City. Be prepared to take in the crumbling surroundings covered in rust yet full of life and some neon lights. Keep in mind that this place is ideal for exchanging things, getting quests, and taking in the urban life of the wasteland. If in case you get hungry, then head over to the Power Noodle bar where you will be served with the most delicious noodles in all of Boston.

6. Lake Quannapowitt

This is an actual lake from the present day Boston area that has been recreated for this game successfully. The only difference is the presence of dead trees, creatures who are ready to murder, and contaminated waters. However, this place still possesses a certain kind of alluring charm with its barren belly. This lake is sure to make you wish for going on a boating trip right then and there and fish out some weird mutated species of fish. This place is ideal for hunting, but make sure to keep it medium to rare so that you avoid the crazy radiation taste that ensues. This lake can be found in the north western corner in the map.

7. Fenway Park Stadium

This is the main stadium at the heart of Boston and it appears in Fallout 4 that houses the hub for the Commonwealth in this urban place. You will notice as you walk around the city, whatever remains of the stadium, and memoirs related to those heroes who actually went down in this very stadium. There is also a commemoration of the farthest home run that was ever hit and recorded by a soul who wandered far and wide in the surroundings of this stadium. You will also be able to spot numbers of football legends. So, be sure to keep an eye out for it.

8. The Glowing Sea

This sea is not in reality a sea at all. In fact, it is a barren place that is desolate and a very dangerous place to be at. This place is the site of the nuclear weapon that led to the destruction of Boston in the first place, which explains the tint of yellow around the irradiated area. You will notice that not a single thing there is alive, and everything is sort of leaning away from the dead center of the blast. You will be impressed as you enter into this place and notice the clear blue skies turning sickly yellow slowly and feel more like the hostile environment of an alien planet. This place is not however, abandoned. Be on the lookout for ghosts and ghouls.

9. The Castle

This is a real life fort that was first constructed in 1632 by the British and later on by the Americans after the American Revolution in 1812. It is one of the ideal locations for finding settlements with its defences and ample building space for living. Although in ruins, this is a beautiful place too with interesting scenery. This place was abandoned due to constant attacks by raiders, and if you wish to settle here, you will have to set it up. This place does allow for some really spectacular views out to the sea.

10. The Cheers

This is one of the Easter egg locations in this series and nothing like the other bleak and haunted places we have yet visited. This place will be familiar to those who watched a hit sitcom from the 80’s called Cheers. The fun part is that you will get to meet those characters from the show in their role but obviously they are dead, all of them. Everything here is dead, even the jukebox won’t play, and this certainly is not a place you can make a settlement out of.


Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC Is Hopefully Just An Appetizer

Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC is the first entry in its season pass offering of downloadable content following the release of the main game back in November. Obviously, Bethesda likely knew Fallout 4 fans would be clamoring for more content not soon after release. So it’s nice to see the game is being revitalized with expanded content not too far into the new year. But is it worth your attention?

I personally was underwhelmed by the Automatron DLC, especially given it’s the opening DLC offering for season pass holders. Don’t get me wrong, the premise is very good. For a game that boasts an expansive and intuitive crafting system, the Automatron DLC ads the exciting new field of robotics to let you imbibe in your passion projects once again.
While the vanilla Fallout 4 offered a litany of companions, each with their own personalities, special abilities, and even romantic inclinations, the idea that you can build a robot companion from scratch renews the same giddiness that gripped fans when they realized combat armor could be pocketed and jet could be cooked into psycho for a nice party favor.

Jokes aside, given the standalone price tag of the Automatron DLC, it’s seems like Bethesda wanted to push this expensive appetizer instead of providing the full dish to Fallout 4 fans who are starved for a more comprehensive update and sizeable new quest line.

Yes, you can wander the wasteland, encountering hostile robot enemies, salvaging their remnants, crafting customized robot companions, and so on. But none of this serves to keep a dedicated Fallout 4 player from quickly finding themselves stuck with the familiar sensation of repetition – something akin to the never-ending Minutemen quest line.

Again, this isn’t to say Automatron won’t offer you enjoyment. However, for the standalone price, it seems like Bethesda wanted to see if they could get away with charging twice the amount of cash as the Wasteland-Workshop DLC, a very similar crafting expansion scheduled for later release that is going to be offered for half the price. Granted, Automatron does provide a novel quest line and it’s pretty good, but you’re going to get through it in about 2 hours, probably less time if you know the game well. The quest line is triggered for players level 15 and up, so you may find yourself having to tweak the difficulty to offer some more challenge, in fact.

Unfortunately, much about storyline is largely forgettable though, and while it does have its moments, they really don’t chalk up to the novelty of Fallout 3’s Mothership Zeta DLC or the staggering geography of The Divide in Fallout: New Vegas’s story Ultimas Lonesome Road expansion. That said, if you want to build some crazy robots… you can build some crazy robots… though paying 10 dollars to do so isn’t quite a good deal for those unfortunate enough to not invest in the season pass before Bethesda made the drastic price hike last month.

It’s hard for me even to justify a season pass owner get started playing Fallout 4 again, assuming they’ve taken a hiatus like most of us this year. The Automatron DLC is simply underwhelming if you’re looking for a sizeable chunk of discovery to help you fall back in love with the game’s open world. Honestly, I would recommend waiting until the more substantial Far Harbor expansion. Then, you can play with your robots all you want, with a decent narrative and new geography to actually justify coming back to the Wasteland.


Plan Your Wanderers Skills Before You Play Fallout 4

Wish you could plan your player stats before even booting up ‘Fallout 4’? For those impatient gamers out there who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest installment of Fallout 4 or the ones who have a touch of OCD and want to perfect their player stats and perks in advance, there is a community driven fan-site that will let you do just that. The site contains an online character-planning tool for Fallout 4. You can figure out which skills your character will have so when the game boots up you can immerse yourself in the apocalyptic world.

An article by Kotaku, describes the player builder. The build planner feature will let gamers customize every aspect of their game avatar.The statistics that can be set include the seven attributes that are used in Fallout 4; these are shortened to SPECIAL (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck).The player can invest 21 attribute points into these SPECIAL stats. Gamers can also select the gender of their avatar and pick a custom name.
In addition, the character planner lets fans distribute perk points. There are a total of 270 perks available. With so many options to choose from, gamers often end up spending a lot of time building their character and setting attributes before actually starting the gameplay.

Fallout 4 dropped a little over 2 months ago. The Xbox one owners that pre-ordered received a backwards compatible version of Fallout 3. Larry Hryb who works for Microsoft announced this offer on his blog, Major Nielson. The blog post by Hryb gave a boost to the excitement of the fans already eager with anticipation and informed them of this exclusive offer for Xbox One owners. Anyone who purchases the Fallout 4 whether online, in a store or as part of a bundle, will be sure to get a free copy of Fallout 3.

The third installment of the Fallout series was the first to be created by the Bethesda Game Studios. It was the first to introduce the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System or as it is commonly known among fans, VATS. Fallout 4 will also feature VATS. But it will not be exactly the same as it was in Fallout 3; the targeting system has evolved a bit. VATS can still be used during gameplay. However it will not cause the game to pause entirely. The users now have more control when it comes to the time of scoring critical damage against an enemy.

The Fallout 4 VATS has been further refined and now seems to work seamlessly with the shooting features. It does not stop time in the game entirely, it simply slows it down and flows directly from the player’s other shooting. The other major difference is that the use of VATS is limited now because it comes with a rechargeable bar. You can’t use it very often, but this works to the player’s advantage. Now, the player has more control and can use it when a critical hit needs to be scored.


Fallout New Vegas Has A Doctor Who Mod

Maybe it’s because I’m an American, but for me, X-Files is where all my sci-fi nostalgia lies. However, for the Brits, and frankly much else of the world, Dr. Who is the alien-centric show to watch. It took me a while to get turned on to its cheeky humor and wacky, unhinged plots, and even though I appreciated the lovable weirdness of Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor, it wasn’t until I saw the charmingly dark demeanor of Scotsman-turned-Timelord Peter Capaldi that I really got hooked on this show.

So when I heard that Fallout New Vegas modders had created a mod based on Doctor Who, controllable Tardis and all, I was instantly excited. Fallout New Vegas, the original game this mod was born from, is a curious gem in gaming history. Quite possibly one of the buggiest games developer Obsidian Entertainment has ever made (and that’s saying something), Fallout New Vegas’s technical frustrations and yet vast potential sparked a mini-revolution of sorts in terms of its modding community.
For instance, Fallout: Project Brazil, which is essentially an entirely new game to experience, impressed me beyond belief, proving that talented, persevering modders can create wholly memorable experiences out of the shell of now half-a-decade-old game.

With the Dr. Who Fallout mod, or what is more properly called Fallout Who Vegas, you’re essentially getting what you always hoped for: A game about Doctor Who that is actually fun. There’s no point in running through the numerous Doctor Who-licensed games, both past and regrettably present, that have completely failed to capture the irreverent genius of the show, but Fallout Who Vegas makes a very strong attempt, and I would say, success.

In Fallout Who Vegas, the game beautifully revolves around the beloved Tardis. You play as the Timelord, himself, running around the deceptively detailed labyrinth extra-terrestrial vessel, customizing its look and generally not knowing what anything does. Yes, there are buttons to press in the Tardis, many of them. And levers, as well. There’s six different control rooms to manage, in fact.

So much of the game revolves around managing the Tardis, learning how to optimize different subsystems to do what you want, like throwing enemy ships into vexing Time Loops or sparking up a handy force field. Oftentimes, you’ll find yourself having to make timely repairs, or craft new components altogether. Failure is also a part of this game. Getting stuck in Time Loops makes you feel like you’re stuck in a plot of one of the episodes, and the looming threat of a catastrophic Core Overload is always something to keep your two hearts racing.

Once you figure out all the doo-hickeys, space traveling does become like riding a bike, though. An intergalactic, fantastic bike. And soon you’ll find many more characters that will make you feel right at home. Time Raiders, Cybermen, Autons, and of course, Daleks are all in the game, and are fully zappable with your trusty Sonic Screwdriver (which you’ll have to craft first), along with a number of other Who-themed gadgets and weapons.

A somewhat younger addition to this mod is the more sophisticated companion system (because the Doctor has to have his Rose, right?), in which you can recruit NPCs to join you on your journeys through time and space. And there are many journeys to behold.

Over 80 in-game locations house the adventures we all remember so well. My personal favorite was Skaro, the Dalek’s barren, destruction-ridden homeland. And even with all these locations to explore, there is still much more to do, by way of the games totally Who-styled skill system, hidden Easter eggs, secret locations, and unlockable costumes and extra content.

In the end, you’re main quest is to become a true Gallifreyan Timelord. Just like in the show, you’ll unlock the Doctor’s true inhuman potential, harnessing his unique regenerative ability to change into a different body, with randomized S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, of course. You can even harness telepathy, as well.

For anyone who is a fan of Doctor Who, Fallout Who Vegas is certainly worth the attention. It’s astounding how detailed and genuinely fun this mod has turned out to be. If you played through Fallout New Vegas, Fallout Who Vegas is simply the best way to come back to this game and realize its full potential as a modders canvas.

It’s endearing to play through a game made by talented fans who simply wanted to pour their love into a project everyone could enjoy, sans the pre-orders, in-game transactions, shortcomings and generally exploitive practices of AAA games these days.

So why not reverse the polarity of the neutron flow? It won’t cost you anything. You can find out more about the Fallout Who Vegas mod right here.


Fallout 4’ Seems To Outperform ‘Fallout 3’ And ‘Skyrim’

And just when we thought that the gaming cannot be made any better after Fallout 3 and Skyrim, the Bethesda Game Studios decided to change this thought. YES! Fallout 4 is an excellent example of how one game can overtake and outperform its predecessors. It will be launched on every latest console including Xbox One, PS4, and PC of course.

The best and the most notable thing about the lead role of Skyrim 4 is his plenty of dialogues and talking. Not only the main character speaks for the first time in this game, you also get a choice between whether it should be male or female. Together for both the genders, the Bethesda Game Studios has recorded over twenty-six thousand lines. This makes the total number of dialogues in the game rise over 111,000. Surprising as it may sound, but Bethesda’s Todd Howard is confident with this new addition for the gameplay. Now, if you compare the number of lines with Fallout 3 or Skyrim (which almost had 60,000 dialogues) you would see a prominent increase in the dialogues and the artwork related to it. This is the most significant example of how Fallout 4 will turn out to be better than Fallout 3 and Skyrim.

There is however, a sad news too. ThreeDog will not be back as the voice of the Wasteland anymore. It was a famous character in the previous Fallout game and everyone anticipated that it will come back with the newest Fallout franchise which unfortunately didn’t happen. The voiceover artist of this famous character, Erik Todd Dellums has confirmed it through a tweet. Although he was seen as an active member of Fallout campaign on social medias, but sadly, it’s about time we say goodbye to him. This explains the reason why Fallout 4 will be taking place near Boston this time and not nearby the Capita Wastelands of Washington DC.

The good news is that the voiceover cast member Ron Perlman will be returning as the narrator this time as well. The main characters (male and female) will be narrated by Brian T. Delaney and Courtenay Taylor and Brendan Hunt is expected to be the DJ for the Boston wasteland.

So, till now, we only have six voice characters from the previous Fallout series that will be the part of Fallout 4 (confirmed). Bethesda will however soon announce more voiceover characters before the official launch of the game which is set to be on 10th November 2015.


The Fallout 3 DLC

So your Lone Wanderer has explored the vast territories of the disparate Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3 and you want more…
While the ending to the main storyline of Fallout 3 may seem fairly conclusive (we won’t give too much away), The Fallout 3 DLC is actually quite extensive.
Broken Steel
While this was the third DLC released chronologically speaking, it is the most significant one because it allows the player to continue after the main events of the original storyline. Basically, instead of dying (spoiler caution) from activating Project Purity, the protagonist wakes up from a coma, joining up with Brotherhood to further eradicate the evil Enclave.
There’s also three side quests added in addition to the three new main quests. The level cap is raised from 20 to 30, which basically gives the player the opportunity to explore more perks and max out their weaker stats. Some new weapons are also added, including the tesla cannon, which is one of the most powerful weapons in Fallout 3. Three Dog, the beloved pirate radio dj from Rivet City, also gets some updated dialogue. The other Fallout 3 DLCs are much more varied in their style and content. If you were a fan of the main storyline of Fallout 3, Broken Steel is the DLC you want to check out first.
Operation: Anchorage
Set before the Great War of 2077, this entirely new adventure has you placed in a “military simulation” focused around the pseudo-historical events of the war, where American forces liberate Anchorage, Alaska from the Chinese. You get new weapons, quests, achievements – but the gameplay itself is quite different. You don’t have to really worry about decaying weapons or scarce ammo, and since you’re inside a simulation experience, the corpses of enemies simply disappear so there is no opportunity to loot them.
The Pitt
When The Pitt was first released as the second expansion content for Fallout 3, it was rife with glitches. Now that the DLC is patched up, though, it’s certainly worth the time. The Pitt adds a whole new territory to the Wasteland, the remains of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. You get all new gear, weapons, quests, and the interesting storyline garnered it some ample critical praise.
Point Lookout
Another new territory filled with all manner of post-apocalyptic atrocity. In Point Lookout, you fight off vicious inbred hillbillies and various mutant swamp fiends. The expansion is mostly good because it adds a whole new region to explore (a rather large region at that), dozens of new weapons and a few uncanny, but very interesting quest lines.
Mothership Zeta
This could be the most offbeat adventure of Fallout 3. The fifth and final expansion, Mothership Zeta has players fighting their way through a mysterious alien ship. The adventure is really a special Easter egg for hardcore fans, as it is the same crashed ship that players discover on the map in the original Fallout 3 and the first Fallout game.