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How You Can Detoxify Your Body Naturally

It’s time that you started thinking about detoxing your body. It’s definitely a good idea, but wait! Did you know that the detoxification process may expose you to adverse effects? While those harmful toxins are dwelling inside your body, there can be dangerous ways to clean your body from the inside, but good news is that there are healthier approaches to detoxify your body too.

When You Should Detoxify

You cannot see those toxins, but they continuously enter your body through the environment, among other reasons. If you have the following symptoms, it means that detoxification might be a good thing for you:

  • Sluggish elimination
  • Allergies
  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Irritated skin
  • Mental confusion
  • Puffy eyes

How You Should Detoxify

Without making things too complex, adapting a natural approach to detoxify your body should be the ideal choice for you. Have a look at some great foods that will help you detoxify your body naturally:



Easily accessible, cilantro is a natural herb that can play a big part in helping you cleanse your body. Incorporate this magical food into your diet and detoxify yourself the easy way.



This is found in fruits, such as grapes, apples, bananas, and citrus.



This is another natural detoxifier which you can grow yourself.

Green Tea


Drinking green tea will not only help you burn fat, but will also increase the metabolic rate of your body. This burns your energy, even when you are not active.

Detox Bath At Home


A few people know about this remedy because not everyone has tried it. However, if you take this homemade bath, your body will naturally feel rejuvenated by the vitalizing content of Epsom salt, aromatherapy oils, and baking soda content. The two main benefits a homemade detox bath can give you are:

  • It will help you remove numerous toxins from your body
  • It will help your skin absorb nutrients and minerals that are present in the water.

The Bottom Line:

Nothing compares to nature. This is quite true because the body may respond well to these gentle approaches quickly. Rather than going for a hectic process of detoxification, it’s always better to go natural.



Epsom Salt Bath And Its Amazing Health Wonders

Calcium and iron play a vital role in our bodies, but who knew magnesium is an equally significant player that provides essential nutrition to human cells? Surprisingly, magnesium is one of the most crucial, positively charged ions functioning in our body that regulates over 325 enzymes and organizes various bodily functions such as electrical impulses, energy production, and muscle control.
Many of us often come across magnesium deficiency. However, here is some great news: taking an Epsom salt bath (Epsom salt is said to have high levels of magnesium) is a tremendous way to get a magnesium boost!

The average daily intake of magnesium in Canada and US (212 mg – 244 mg) is far less than the recommended daily intake (500 – 700 mg), according to the World Health Organization. Furthermore, the National Academy of Sciences reveals that magnesium deficiency may account for higher risks of osteoporosis, heart disease, arthritis, chronic fatigue, stroke, and various other diseases. Who knew?!
Though there are various factors associated with the deficiency of magnesium in our bodies, a few of the prominent ones are the following:

  • Changes in agriculture leading to a rapid change in diet and lifestyle.
  • Addition of processed foods in daily diet.
  • Intake of calcium supplements without sufficient magnesium.


Though the intake of magnesium supplements may help you increase the level of magnesium in your body, there are certain medical conditions, specific foods, medicines, or other factors that can negatively affect how magnesium supplements should actually work.
This takes us to the natural source of magnesium: Epsom Salt. Scientifically called hydrated magnesium sulfate, this salt is full of sulfate and magnesium. Both of these elements are poorly absorbed by the body, but interestingly, both can be absorbed easily through the skin. Sulfates are a great source of detoxification for the body. Thus, soaking your body in Epsom salt is the best solution to improve the amount of magnesium and sulfate in your body.
Physicians and researchers suggest that having the required levels of magnesium and sulfate from an Epsom salt bath can provide you the following health benefits:
Heart Health

Epsom salt baths reduce irregular heartbeats, lowers blood pressure, and reduces blood clots. This leads to the improvement of overall circulatory health.
Low Risk of Diabetes
It enables the body to successfully use insulin. This reduces the severity or incidence of diabetes.
Natural Detoxification   
The detoxifying ability of an Epsom salt bath flushes out toxins, heavy metals, and harmful substances from the body; therefore, it helps ease muscle pain.
Electrolyte Regulation
While calcium contributes to conducting electrical currents, magnesium provided from an Epsom salt bath helps absorb a significant level of calcium in the body. This leads to the improvement of nerve function due to consistent electrolyte regulation.
Stress Relief

Excess stress can drain magnesium from the body. However, absorption of magnesium from Epsom salt baths provide serotonin, a brain chemical that elevates mood while creating a state of well-being.
Other Incredible Benefits of Epsom Salt Bath
These include the following:

  • Reduced inflammation relieves muscle cramps
  • Essential nutrients are absorbed effectively
  • Reduced migraine headaches due to the relaxation properties of Epsom salt

How to Take A Bath With Epsom Salt
Though you may come across various brands of Epsom salt, all of those contain the same chemical product and are available at many drug stores. Once you have bought this amazing salt, you are just a little bit away from enjoying its health benefits. Just add 2 cups of this salt to the water, soak for about fifteen minutes, and you are done! Do this thrice a week. For pregnant women, it is advisable to consult their doctor before taking Epsom salt baths.