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Top 5 A-Lister Must Go To Restaurants In Cabo 

Healthy measures of adventure, relaxation and recreation make Cabo San Lucas one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Mexico. Its proximity to Los Angeles that is only a two and a half hour flight away makes it even more popular with American tourists who need a quick getaway.
The sun, the sand, the beautiful marine life, and the adventure that comes with all that make Cabo a favored destination for celebrities too. So if you’re on the lookout for a location that satisfies your travel urges as well as stargazing interests, Cabo it is! This list of 5 restaurants are the best bets for celebrity sightings in Cabo, apart from their beautiful and lip-smacking dishes of course!
CaboRey Dinner Cruise
Blvd Marina | Marina Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas 23450, Mexico

If you wish to start your vacation in Cabo on a high note, the CaboRey Dinner Cruise is just the way to do it. The name already gives away the fact that your night will be on a cruise, and for the most part, that’s enough! The experience goes even beyond this however and that’s the best part. The view is to die for and you have all the beauty offered by Cabo at your command. The beautiful waters and the shoreline dotted with beautiful resorts and people that are even more beautiful make for memories that will hold your interest forever and beckon you back time and time again. There is live music and sometimes even musicals to keep you company and the best drinks in town flow uninhibitedly. The service is impeccable and the food complements every other nuance of the experience.
Mi Casa
Av. Cabo San Lucas S/N, Centro, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

If “Mi Casa Su Casa” sounds to you like a host going overboard playing his role, you simply have to experience a meal at Mi Casa – you will know that such hospitality is indeed possible in Mexico! The view of the restaurant is mesmerizing and many tourists have exhausted their cameras by snapping photographs of every single detail they find interesting. Yes, the place is a little expensive, but when you’re on a vacation and wish for nothing less than exhilarating moments, does price really matter? The authentic Mexican cuisine makes every meal come alive and the servers are great at recommending dishes in line with your tastes. Mi Casa offers an experience that is truly Mexican, Mariachi bands and a host of other entertainers included!
Javier’s Cantina & Grill
Paseo Malecon SN Lote 11 Fonatur, San Jose del Cabo 23400, Mexico

A beachside restaurant that is classy to the core, Javier’s Cantina & Grill is a fine dining experience in one of the most laid back environments – the perfect combination for a holiday meal! This one’s popular for its Mexican fare too and classic home-styled meals bring out the flavor of the land in perfect morsels. Ceviche, Steak Picado, Shrimp and Lobster Enchiladas, Chipotle Chicken and many others are favorites here while anything else on the menu is just as good for those who wish to experiment. The service is quite efficient and though some complain it to be a little slow, it’s sure in line with a vacation – where everything is supposed to be slow and relaxing anyways!
Sunset Da Mona Lisa
Carretera Transpeninsular Kilometro 6.5, 23455 Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

With a name as magical as Sunset Da Mona Lisa, you would have high expectations from this restaurant and thankfully, it does not disappoint. If Cabo’s views have overwhelmed you and you think nothing in town can match up to what you have already seen, an evening table at this restaurant will tell you how there is still a lot you have to discover!
This one’s right by the ocean and the pleasant sea breeze accompanied by the breathtaking view is where your beautiful experience begins. The service is friendly, efficient and professional so you’ll have no worries on that front either. As for the food, if you’re not sure of what to order, the waiters are the best bets to recommend something that would truly complete your evening.
Whether it’s the Filetto Di Manzo Alla Pietra Lavica or the Aragasto Alla Brace, you just cannot go wrong with any of the dishes here! Of course, if a celebrity walks in, as they often do, your evening is surely going to be brighter!
Flora’s Field Kitchen
Sin Nombre s/n, Animas Bajas, 23407 San José del Cabo, BCS, Mexico

A pleasant drive away from the hustle and bustle of Cabo will take you to Flora’s Field Kitchen, a place that organic diners swear by. If you wish to try something different from the usual on your vacation and still want nothing but the best, this restaurant is the one to head to. An ‘oasis in the desert’ is what some patrons of the restaurant describe it as and the locally grown ingredients on the adjoining farm will tell you that this oasis serves nothing less than the freshest produce. Before having a meal, or even after a fulfilling one, do remember to take a walk in the farms and learn why this place is so popular with vacationers and locals alike!
A vacation in Cabo allows you to enjoy the best things in life and if celebrity sightings is on your particular list of activities, these 5 restaurants are the best places to try your luck!



Top 5 A-Lister Must Go to Restaurants in LA 

Los Angeles is one of those places where you can have a great time even without celebrity spotting on the list of things to do. The place that has it all, and attracts hundreds of dreamers from all across the globe, LA is a destination where you just cannot go wrong. The awards season is, of course, the best time to visit the city, but if you wish to avoid the hordes of tourists that head to the city during these times, any other time of the year works just fine.

You can spot celebs everywhere here, from sidewalks to the high-end fashion stores. Hey, you might even catch them staring at your vacation wear if they are classy or even weird enough! Even in this glamorous city, some restaurants turn out be the most notable spots and here’s a list you can depend on. If celebrity-hunting tops your list of things-to-do in LA, make sure you book your tables in advance at these restaurants.

300 S Doheny Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90048, United States


If you’re in the mood for some modern Italian delights on your table and beautiful celebrities in your sights, Culina is the place to be. From ‘a beautiful surprise’ to ‘lovely,’ these and many more expressions have been used to describe the restaurant at the Four Seasons. The food is of course delicious, and when you add this to the long list of excellent dishes and the celebrity quotient, you know you’re at the right place. The service is just right for celebrities as well as high-end clients, where the staff leaves you alone and yet knows exactly what you need at the table. Roasted peppers with fennel, freshly brewed Green Iced Tea Kale Salad or Zeppole – no matter what you order, you will find class and taste blending perfectly. It’s indeed no wonder this one’s a hit with the stars!

BOA Steakhouse
9200 Sunset Blvd #650, West Hollywood, CA 90069, United States


You can walk into the BOA Steakhouse with food being the last thing on your mind and before you know it, the table will have the best dishes in line with your tastes and you just might push the food to a spot that tops even celebrity hunting! Walk into the restaurant and you will feel like you were on a movie set – great interiors, a beautiful aura, and wonderful people. Add to all this attention from the staff that is warm and welcoming and you will know just why celebrities love this place. They can have a hearty lunch or dinner, away from the paparazzi, with only the people they love around them, and yes, you can include yourself if you know how to obey the rules of stargazing too! A great mix of glamor and good food, the BOA Steakhouse is an excellent choice.

The Tower Bar
8358 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069, United States


If you wish for an evening that makes you feel like a star while you’re gazing at a few, the Tower Bar at the Sunset Tower Hotel is simply a beautiful choice. The live music lends an amazing note to the ambience of the restaurant, where people often come to celebrate their most important evenings. It’s pricey, but when you have a special treat lined up, price should hardly be a worrying factor. The food here is delicious and the cocktails are a crowd favorite. The staff here is great with food recommendations and while you are craning your neck to get a good look at the stars, you can be sure your lip-smacking order is well on its way even before you know it. Classy and smooth as well as old worldly and modern, all at the same time, this restaurant attracts celebrities like few others in LA.

11043 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025, United States


When you’re in a city that has the world’s celebrities living it up, you can expect a perfect mix of great cuisines too and Hamasaku does complete justice to LA’s obsession with beautiful food. Arguably, the best place in the city to visit if you’re in the mood for some lovely Japanese fare, this one’s as popular with celebrities as it is with the tourists and regular diners. Even if you miss the stars at the table next to you, the special dishes on the menu named after them are sure to catch your attention. It’s a special treat for those who love spicy food while there are plenty of other delectable choices for those with more sensitive taste buds. The location may be a surprise though, being in a strip mall, but then, if it’s good food and great company, who’s complaining!

The Polo Lounge
The Beverly Hills Hotel, 9641 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, United States


Whether it’s a business lunch or a romantic dinner, no matter what you choose to combine your stargazing in LA with, the Polo Lounge is a perfect fit. The amazing ambience is a great backdrop to the good old Hollywood charm that still thrives here and while the prices are of course on the higher side, even for LA, the delicious food makes up for it. If you know all about great food and revere beautiful company, price hardly matters. Vegans are especially known to enjoy their outings here, thanks to the long list of choices they have, and this could be the reason for most celebrity vegans popping up here too. Though diners often protest the slow service, you can very well put this time to use by checking out the crowd.

Pick any restaurant from this list and you are sure to run into a celebrity or two. Even outside these joints, you can always spot a bevy of paparazzi assuring you that your choice is indeed the right one. So get going on those table bookings and prepare yourself for a stargazing evening that is quite different from any other – because in LA, every moment is drenched in celebrity glory!



Top 5 A-Lister Must Go to Restaurants in Paris

The city that evokes a thousand emotions, Paris is to the world a destination of excellence in every way. A city built over several centuries and with a history that exceeds a bevy of other global cities around the world, Paris is the ultimate destination for many. While tourists flock to the city in droves, no celebrity denies the pleasure of a perfect Parisian holiday either.
If you have the city in your sights and wish to make it a celebrity spotting expedition too, make sure you book your tables at the restaurants mentioned below. They are Paris’ finest and just like the city, bring out the best emotions from culinary fans.
Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse
228 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France

Image via alain-ducasse.com

The grand dining room of Hotel Meurice is an ode to French beauty and magnificence and this is only the beginning of an experience you will remember throughout your lives. Some compare the dining experience here as equivalent to seeing the many spellbinding views of Paris for the first time and you will find they are not wrong as soon as you experience the ambience and the hospitality. 3 Michelin stars make the tables at the restaurant one of the most sought after in the city so make sure you book well in advance. Celebrities are standard fare here and on a good day, you are sure to see more than a few. Well, whether your luck works its charm or not, the food at Le Meurice is sure to work its way into your heart. Classic traditional dishes with the special touch of Chef Christophe Saintagne make your gastronomic journey an eventful one and the ever-changing menu manages to keep things fresh.
Laurent, Champs-Elysees
41 Avenue Gabriel, 75008 Paris, France

Image via le-laurent.com

Expensive, classy and certainly not for the humble masses, Laurent is a restaurant that is popular with politicians and celebrities alike, apart from tourists who do not mind splurging on one of the most extravagant yet fulfilling meals of their life. Diners at the Laurent speak more about the experience than the food of course and if you haven’t been here, you wonder if it will ever live up to the hype. Well, you only have to walk into the restaurant and you know an experience is truly at hand. In the summers, one can find a table in the beautiful garden while the winters force the restaurant to take their business indoors. Friendly, yet professional, staff and the welcoming aura of the ambience greet your first few minutes at Laurent and the food will overwhelm even these aspects. Even business meals here have been known to make friends out of colleagues so you can imagine how possible it is for you to get friendly with celebrities! Well, maybe not really, but a glimpse of your favorites and a great dining experience should make your day!
20 Rue d’Artois, 75008 Paris, France

Image via restaurant-apicius.com

The Paris leg of the popular chain of restaurants is probably the finest of them all. Standing on par with the best in the city, Apicius is by far one of the most loved restaurants in the world. Every globetrotter worth his salt has made it a point to book a table here well in advance to get a seat here. Celebrities are of course known to drop in at this chic location to enjoy the company of distinguished friends from around the city. Jean-Pierre Vigato’s carefully put together menu ensures that your taste buds match the pleasure your other senses feel, thanks to the ambience and warm service. The setting is a grand mansion situated in the private gardens a little away from Champs-Elysees and the grand interiors proclaim that you have entered exceptional quarters. The food is of course a feast to the eyes too and every dish from the Foie Gras de Canard Poele Classique Apicus to the Fantasie du Patissier is evident of the restaurants diehard fan following.
Guy Savoy
18, rue Troyon 75017 Paris

If you are willing to spend, Guy Savoy’s restaurant is just right for you. A Parisian holiday is a special treat you bestow upon yourself and there are many who feel that the sojourn would be incomplete without dinner or at least lunch at the Guy Savoy included in your plans. The service here is hailed as the best in the industry and is known to uplift your mood even if you are disappointed to see no celebrities around, though this happens rarely. A classy destination, this one’s a favorite with celebrities and fashion divas and the food isn’t the only draw either. Find a table near the kitchen and you will find that the cooks almost put up a special show for you, with every antic making your order better and better. 3 Michelin stars make this a favored one so make sure you book the best tables well in advance!
Le Jules Verne
Tour Eiffel, Avenue Gustave Eiffel, 75007 Paris, France

Image via lejulesverne-paris.com

The dining experience at this restaurant begins as soon as you know you’ve bagged a table, and the anticipation is quite right too. A restaurant that offers diners the best views of Paris, Le Jules Verne is located in the Eiffel Tower and for this alone, is a favorite with classy tourists. An experience at the restaurant, however, will tell you that the location simply doesn’t matter too much when one considers the impeccable setting, brilliant service and amazing food that this place serves up. The fare that is set on your table is certainly worth the hype as well as cost, making your dining experience a wholesome one. Getting a window table is difficult so make sure you book yours well ahead of time. The breathtaking views of Paris might even make you forget all about the celebrities!
Armed with this list, you may spot famous celebrities, but also enjoy the best food Paris can offer. Book your next outings at these finest restaurants and it could be a win-win situation!



Top 5 A-Lister Must Go To Restaurants in Toronto

The Toronto International Film Festival is definitely the best time to spot the world’s top celebrities while in the city. Even so, several spots in Toronto double up as celebrity havens throughout the year. Among these are restaurants that boast of the best ambience and food, luring in celebrities and classy diners alike.
If you’re heading to Canada and have Toronto on your list of destinations, make sure you keep this list of restaurants handy too – here are 5 locations where you are sure to spot a celeb, and even if you don’t, the food will more than make up for it!
461 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4

Image via brassaii.com

A place that is quite popular for its nightlife, Brassaii has made several changes to its image and is now known for fine dining too. A hit with celebrities for the partying scene as well as for the great food, if you’re heading here you certainly should not expect a quiet dinner! When it’s time to party, this place transforms into a noisy nightclub and if you always wished for a nightclub with classy food, Brassaii is the place to be. The food isn’t cheap, at least by nightclub standards, and once you dive into your dishes you’ll know why. In spite of being thoroughly busy, the staff is known to take care of your needs promptly, and one look at the action here will tell you why even fair service is a rich compliment! If you wish to party and eat as the celebs do, Brassaii is where you need to go!
190 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M5H 0A3

Image via momofuku.com

It is known as the Momofuku fever in Toronto and any visitor to the city simply cannot complete his checklist without visiting David Chang’s haven. Arguably the best restaurant in the city, Momofuku is more than simply a dining experience. When you have one of the world’s best chefs and his ardent disciples catering to your tastes, you can expect nothing but the best. A chain of restaurants by the same name may have greeted you before but dining at this beautiful complex in Toronto is a memorable one for several reasons. The mixed crowds, the wide-ranging menus and the wonderful ambience – it is no wonder that celebrities often drop in to check out the place everyone seems to be talking about.
Sotto Sotto
116 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 2H4

Image via Sotto Sotto’s Twitter. July 9, 2014.

Pricey is the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of Sotto Sotto, but when you wish for classy Italian fare that is easily among the best in the world, what else can you expect? The Antipasti platters, meat, as well as vegetarian dishes are as popular as the starters such as the Calamari Ripieni or the Parmigiana Di Melanzane. If you are confused about your order, the friendly and knowledgeable servers are always at hand to make a suggestion or two. Traditional mixed with just a hint of modern; the Italian dishes here attract even those worthy of celebrity status. Diners have often admired the amount of detail that goes into every dish and if your wish to settle for nothing but the best, Sotto Sotto is certainly a great place.
The Soho House
192 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 0A4

Image via sohohousetoronto.com

To get into Soho House you need either to be a member, or at least know a member, who is willing to tag along with you, while you go berserk at seeing the who’s who of the music, arts and entertainment industry indoors. While enjoying your meal, you will see the beautiful faces of the crowds which include celebrities, artists and fellow diners. A members-only attitude surely doesn’t come across from the staff once you get in the right way, and everyone is welcomed and served warmly. Intelligent conversations and casual food to keep you going until you get your fill of celebrities – the Soho House is just right for this mix.
Thomson Hotel Rooftop Lounge
550 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2V4

Image via thompsonhotels.com

Some say you need to book a room at the hotel weeks in advance while others swear they have the right contacts to get in even on a weekend – whomever you trust you simply have to make sure that your tables at the Thomson Hotel Rooftop Lounge are booked before you even plan a trip to Toronto. Several restrictions on entry exist so the clientele you will find there will be crème de la crème and celebrities are of course part of the mix. The nightlife here and the magnificent views are of course talked about more than the list of visitors so get ready for some heart thumping moments. The cocktails here are as heavenly as the view so when all you wish for is to treat your eyes to some stunning views, the Thomson Hotel Rooftop Lounge is just the place.
Whether it’s the Scarborough Bluffs or the city skyline, Toronto has a lot to offer in terms of sights. With this list of top five restaurants, you can zero in on the best celebrity views too while enjoying world class dishes in mesmerizing ambiences!



Top 5 A-Lister Must Go To Restaurants in NYC

If you are looking forward to running into some A-list celebrities while you’re visiting New York City, you can leave the entire episode to destiny, or you need to plan your run-ins. A few tourists and visitors even end up sharing some camera time in some obscure location of Manhattan or even downtown if they are lucky. Nevertheless, if you do not wish to leave your celebrity hunting to chance, this list of restaurants most celebs frequent in NYC should help you hit the jackpot.
Then again, if you wish for a touch of class and elegance with loads of delicious food and drink, these restaurants top the list too. So much so that a celebrity may walk by and you might simply choose to ignore him while digging into that awesome meal!
Il Mulino

Image from ilmulino.com

Two presidents of the United States chose to dine at this restaurant and for most of us that is enough hype to put a restaurant on top of any list. Il Mulino in New York played host to Obama and Bill Clinton in 2009 and though most of you may have heard about the restaurant for this one power packed lunch, the restaurant is a preferred joint for some celebs since it opened its doors in 1981. What’s in store apart from the celeb quotient? Quite a lot, considering that many find the restaurant, opened by the Masci brothers Fernando and Gino, to be one of the best Italian ones in town. The dim ambience and crowded atmosphere may turn off some, but once the succulent fare is on the table, few would pay attention to the setting. Reservations are essential and even when you have one, the place is so in-demand that you would have to wait for your turn at a table anyways. No one complains though, as once you are in, the dining experience is a hit. Of course, the restaurant is expensive, but those who have tried it have found little to complain about as the fare usually justifies the price.
Nobu 57

Image from noburestaurants.com

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.” – This quote should help you get your celebrity hunting right, and since it comes from Robert de Niro, it’s just right to introduce to the list a restaurant co-owned by the Hollywood great. Nobu 57 opened in 2005, and led by star chef Nobu Matsuhisa, created quite a lot of hype even then. Keeping up with the fanfare, the restaurant has played host to several Japanese cuisine lovers since then, celebs included. The mood of the restaurant is authentically Japanese, and even the Sake barrels on display at the bar counter, have been specially flown in from Japan. The waiters here are known to recommend the best dishes for the day in line with your tastes, though Rock Shrimp, Black Cod and Yellowtail Tartar remain favorites. While some do remember the dining experience as rushed, one can assume it is in line with the usual New York pace!
The Spotted Pig

Image from thespottedpig.com

If you happen to see Jay-Z walking by on Greenwich Street, he is most probably making sure his investment’s working its way up the right ladder. The Spotted Pig is a restaurant that may have Jay-Z as an investing partner, but when it comes to a bang on the money dish, its burgers are a favorite with the crowds, celebrity or not. Among the joints frequented by A-listers in NYC, The Spotted Pig has an ambience that just might remind you of your best friend who lives with his grandmother, as far as the potted plants and the greenery outside go. Once you are in however, the food is far from the run of the mill grandmother fare. The Chicken Liver Toast and arguably the best burger and shoestring fries in New York are standard favorites here, while those on the lookout for something classy have their fair share of options too.
Spice Market
The ambience of Spice Market, in the Meatpacking District of NYC, is the most talked about feature of the restaurant. Almost bordering on shady, as some put it, the setting is distinct and even on edge. The Southeast Asian fare here is quite different from the usual fare most NYC restaurants are popular for and make for a great change. That celebrities haunt this joint often is of course a perk! While the Beef Samosas and Ginger Margaritas are favorites, even the vegans have quite a list to choose from here. If you want to try the delicacies here without the bill reaching astronomical proportions, try making it during restaurant week. Celebrities surely won’t be frequenting this joint around those times though!
The Standard Grill

Image from The Standard Grill via yelp

Don’t worry if The Standard Hotel is not up to your taste as far as its architecture goes, The Standard Grill – its restaurant, is sure to suit your taste buds. In fact, if you consider the number of celebrities that have been spotted here, it would soothe your star struck eyes too! A favorite with New Yorkers for several reasons, the crowds at this joint seldom recede so be prepared for a buzzing experience. The outdoor seating arrangement allows you to stare at those who are seated while you wait your turn, yes you have to wait a while even if you have reservations, and when you finally get your table, you can again take your time looking at the best crowds of the city walking by!
Now that you know the names of the joints most frequented by A-list celebrities when they are in NYC, make those reservations in advance and keep your fingers crossed, and of course, make sure your camera and autograph books are handy!



Top 5 A-Lister Must Go To Restaurants In Cancun 

Miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches overlooking beautiful blue waters and luxury resorts and hotels – Cancun is everything a sunny vacation should be. Among the most preferred holiday destinations of tourists from the US, the haven is also a huge draw when it comes to celebrities.
If Cancun is on your holiday list, and so is stargazing, this list of 5 restaurants will help you pin down the best places in town to catch up with your favorite stars. After all, fine dining is a weakness of the celebrity crowd too!
Le Chique
Azul Sensatori, Puerto Morelos, Mexico, Playa del Carmen 777580, Mexico

Brilliant, unique, magical, innovative and mesmerizing – these are just some of the words that can be used to describe the best of the best.
One meal at Le Chique in Cancun will convince you that these words only belong to this restaurant alone. A one of a kind experience indeed, Le Chique is located a few miles away from Cancun, but everyone knows the way to it.
If you wish all your senses to partake in a meal, you should definitely head here. When you enter the restaurant, you feel the magic beginning to work already. Every single detail, from the servers to the flashy interiors, reminds you of the effort exerted just to make your meal a memorable one.
Get ready to experiment with dishes you have never tried, seen or possibly even heard of before and you will be just fine. Of course, the experience the restaurant offers itself is so exhilarating that you just might forget all about celebrities, and unbelievably, even that is worth it!
Les Cepages
Avenida Nichupte 16, Super Manzana 16, 77504 Cancún, QROO, Mexico

One of the best restaurants for fine dining in Cancun, Les Cepages is a favorite with tourists who wish for nothing less than the most memorable dining experience. Whether French contemporary cuisine is your favorite or not, a visit to this restaurant will convince you that it is indeed one of the best cuisines in the world. The Roasted Rack of Lamb with Mint is the signature dish here and even if you do not feel like trying the most popular dish, by experimenting with lesser known dishes, you will not be disappointed. Small, cozy and stylish, reservations are recommended because while solitude on the beaches of Cancun is often easy to find, the best restaurants in town are usually booked to the brim!
Tempo by Martin Berasategui
Boulevard Kukulcan Km. 16.5 Zona Hotelera | Hotel Paradisus, Cancun 77500, Mexico

When a chef lends his name to his restaurant, you know the experience will be great. For one, the pride of the chef is riding on the quality of the restaurant and two, the special touch of a world-renowned chef is an experience in itself. Tempo by Martin Berasategui is all this and more, and with seven Michelin stars to his name (across three restaurants), you know this chef is the best one in town to serve you a meal you can never forget. The interiors of the restaurant are as enchanting as the promise the name holds and so is the service. The mosaic-mirrored walls accentuate the ambience and the Basque-styled dishes lift your spirits to a new high. Many believe it to be the best place in Cancun to experience the true essence of dining and one visit here will lead you to believe the same. The fame of Tempo, of course, attracts a fair amount of celebs too!
Harry’s Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar
Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 14.2, No.1, Cancun 77500, Mexico

No matter where Americans go, steaks are usually on top of their holiday menu. Thankfully, Harry’s Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar in Cancun is ready and waiting to satisfy those special hunger pangs only a beautiful steak could satisfy. Those who have eaten here believe the prices to be in line with the quality of fare offered, so you can easily forego the fact that it is pricey when compared to other steakhouses you may have been to. Then again, when you are holidaying in Cancun, why not make the best of it without worrying about money! Add to the excellent food the possibility of seeing celebrities up close and personal, and this establishment certainly makes for a good choice.
Ramona at Nizuc’s Luxury Resort and Spa
Blvd Kukulkan Mz 59 Lote 1-01 Km 21.26, Punta Nizuc, 77500 Cancún, QROO, Mexico

While Nizuc’s Resort and Spa offers one of the best holiday experiences in Cancun, its restaurant, named after the owner’s daughter Ramona, is a revelation as well. While resorts and hotels seldom play host to a classy and fulfilling dining experience, Ramona is a clear departure from that trend. The resort is a treat to the eyes and the restaurant too gives you the same pleasure. The contemporary Mexican dishes here are great to indulge in while you enjoy the sights. All those who pay a visit laud the service, within the resort as well as the restaurant, so your choice is complete in every way. The resort is quite popular with celebrities too, so the chances of catching them with their hair down are even more possible!
While celebrities make the evenings in Cancun even more memorable, the restaurants can accomplish this feat by themselves. With this list in hand, you just cannot go wrong. Whether it’s fine dining or stargazing, the restaurants on this list are your best bets!



Top 5 A-Lister Must Go To Restaurants in Sydney

As the most popular city in Australia, and one of the most popular destinations in the world, Sydney is a celebrity magnet for several reasons. The beauty of the city and its people, its magnificent shoreline, amazing views like that of the Sydney Opera House and the high entertainment, art, tourism and commercial value all add to the appeal of Sydney.
If you have plans to visit Sydney and spot a few celebs, here’s a list that will help you zero in on the high-flying crowd’s most favored restaurants. The culinary delights will satiate your taste buds and tummy, while the good-looking celebrities will make sure your eyes have a feast too!
65 Ocean Street, Woollahra NSW, 2025

Image via chiswickrestaurant.com.au

Travel to the suburbs of Sydney and you will find Chiswick tucked away in a beautiful setting near Paddington. Simple, elegant and sophisticated all at the same time, the restaurant’s looks will blow you away. Though this joint is popular more as a neighborhood restaurant, it also attracts the occasional celebrity thanks to the wonderful balance of food and ambience that it strikes. Open, warm and inviting, few restaurants manage to fill visitors with a sense of absolute comfort the way Chiswick does and the food here does absolute justice to the setting. The concept the restaurant’s kitchen works on is amazing too – it simply backs up whatever the garden outside comes up with, and then conjures magical dishes out of the produce. Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan are chefs that work beyond the ordinary and this particular place of theirs is testimony to their spirit of thinking differently. The light dishes inspired by the garden are amazing, and so are the others that depart from the original concept. Catering to every foodie’s needs, it’s no wonder that this place is a favorite with celebrities too.
Café Sydney
5th floor, Customs House, Alfred St, Circular Quay

Image via cafesydney.com

Classy, modern, sophisticated and new age to the core, Café Sydney is a celeb magnet and just one look at the restaurant will tell you why. If someone is famous and looks good too, they would probably want to be seen in the smartest of places and this outlet certainly lets them do just that. The interiors of the restaurant match up to the best places around the world and with an amazing view of Circular Quay to keep the wonderful interiors company, the café is a visual treat. The restaurant’s been around for more than a decade and a half and is now an integral part of the city. The wine, the cocktails, the beautiful desserts and the lip-smacking dishes from around the world on the A La Carte menu all come together to complete a brilliant experience. The Wood Grilled Swordfish is a hot favorite and don’t blame yourself if you miss a few celebrities walking by while you’re concentrating on eating!
21 Yurong St, Sydney NSW 2010

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Pink compared the dining experience here to the best in the world and while that should sum up the celebrity quotient of Beppi’s, the restaurant is a perfect destination if you love Italian food. Warm and inviting, the restaurant has been around since 1956 and that says a lot about its consistent quality as well as commitment to innovation. To be around for so many decades and still be considered among the world’s finest is indeed an honor and the staff at the restaurant will make sure you know why they deserve it with impeccable hospitality. The history of the restaurant is as alluring as its menu, and as long and winding too! If the long Italian names on the menu confuse you, simply ask the friendly waiters for suggestions. You are sure to end up with a table full of tasteful fare this way, minus the stress! Authentic food, valued service and a legacy to boot, you just cannot go wrong with Beppi’s.
1 Macquarie Street, East Circular Quay, Sydney 2000

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Some say even the mesmerizing view of the Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House on a brilliant day cannot come close to the dining experience that Aria offers. If you consider the long list of celebrities that make it a point to visit the restaurant every time they are in Sydney though, the balance would surely tilt in the favor of the view. An institution for food lovers, this one has Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan at their best. The restaurant made news when it came into being just before the turn of the century and makes headlines even today. The reviews of almost every diner here is a notch above excellent and particularly popular is the professional yet friendly service. The restaurant is among the few with two hats and is a surefire hit with all those who manage to get a table here. Knowledgeable staff, great food, an amazing view and celebs for company – can it get any better?
Otto Ristorante
8/6 Cowper Wharf Roadway, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

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A short cab ride from the Sydney airport is all it takes to get to Otto’s, so if you’re lucky you just might find the famished celebrity satisfying his culinary urges here. You can do the same too as most diners at the popular restaurant swear by the amazing food here. A little pricey, it’s all acceptable when you consider the amazing combination of great food along with a great view. Though some find the service to be a bit rushed, it isn’t unusual at places where everyone wants a table! Even the vegans have been quite happy with all that Otto’s has to offer while the meat and fish lovers have much more to celebrate. The entrées, the mains and the desserts form a long list of mouthwatering dishes, making the experience a wholesome one from beginning to end.
The restaurants in this list are a haven of mouthwatering dishes, sparkling drinks, and wonderful desserts – in the same spirit that Sydney embodies as a city. Add to the mix a bevy of celebrities and your day is complete!