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Britney Spears – The Matchmaker?

David Krawsek and Woody Arenas are a gay couple who fell in love and are now married, and for all this, they have Britney Spears to thank! It all began during Britney’s Las Vegas show ‘Piece of Me’ in December 2013. David and Woody met each other at the show, thanks to the common love they share for the pop diva, and in spite of having to cope with the pressures and challenges of a long distance relationship, they managed to bring their relationship to a place that simply screamed marriage!
And that’s what they did! Only, they chose to come back to the place they first met and had a beautiful ceremony at the entrance of the Las Vegas AXIS auditorium where it all started. The day they chose to marry each other was special too – their first anniversary!

The vows were special with David beautifully saying, “I promise to catch spiders in the house, kiss you when you’re upset, touch your butt and buy you pizza.”
Of course, going with the Las Vegas spirit, their minister Roland August was a mini-celebrity too, having appeared as the minister dressed as Elvis Priestly in Katy Perry’s Waking Up in Vegas video. Even August couldn’t hold back his joy at seeing the gay couple dedicating their lives to each other and had some beautiful words of his own during the ceremony. “I love doing same-sex weddings because when you were growing up, this wasn’t a lifestyle choice, this was a lifestyle that chose you. It made you stronger men for having to forge your own personality when there wasn’t a gay guy G.I. Joe that you could emulate. Look how far we’ve come. We’re out today honoring you in front of everybody. This is what makes the world go round – people falling in love every day,” said August.
The best message of the day was yet to come though and soon enough, David and Woody were in for a pleasant surprise as Britney herself supported their marriage and wished them all the best in life, even saying she was proud to be a part of their story of love. “Hi, David and Woody. I’m so excited to have you back at my show where the two of you met on the first night on opening night in 2013. I’m honored to be a part of your love story. Congratulations and all the best for an amazing life together,” said Britney in a video she made especially for the couple. The pop sensation even mentioned the story on Twitter!

As for David and Woody, they couldn’t be happier that their love story has Britney in it. After coping with a long distance relationship, the two are now finally together and the wedding in Las Vegas will always be a cherished memory!

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