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Dash Camera Vehicle Hard Wire Kit – Mini USB

There are some tools which may look ordinary at first sight, but they prove to be highly convenient once you start using them. The Dash Camera Vehicle Hard Wire Kit is one of those. In terms of appearance, it’s just a set of two wires with a charger between them and one cannot possibly think of its great use. The dash camera vehicle hard wire is actually made for your car parking reconnaissance. You just have to connect these two wires to the battery source of your car. The result? You get continuous power supply for your car surveillance. It allows your car battery to run continuously and saves it from drying up.

Since the dash camera of your car drains your battery quickly, you need to have such a solution which prevents your battery from dying. The Dash camera vehicle hard wire is that solution. Just connect one end of the Dash camera vehicle hard wire to the electric circuit of your car and the other end with a mini USB port to the Dash cam and GPS units.

You can find the mini USB at the end of the wire to connect with your battery source. The use of this USB port is convenient as compared to other means. It works with a number of cameras such as GT680w, the G1 range, Mini-0801 and the Action Mobius camera. It also has a protection indicator which is low in voltage. The length of this Dash camera vehicle hard wire is about 10 feet, which could be a bit longer though. About six feet more of the wire would have been perfect for cars like the Ford Escape. The wire is easy to use and anybody can fit it because it’s all about connecting two wires. The weight of the Dash camera vehicle hard wire is about 2.1 ounces and its dimensions are about 5.7 x 4.1 x 1.5 inches.
It’s available on Amazon as well as on a number of other sites. The price starts from $8 and can go up to $12. Nonetheless, it’s an investment worth considering for your vehicle.