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Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The Powerbeats2 wireless headphones are made for one purpose only: to help athletes rise above the limitations that bind them and make them extraordinary. Inspired by the King himself, LeBron James, the Powerbeats2 is an evolution of its predecessor, engineered to provide amazing sound capable of inspiring athletes to reach the next level of their skill.
The Powerbeats2 empower you to perform anywhere. They connect to your iPod/iPhone/iPad easily and have a usable range of 30 meters, so you can stop worrying about wires going loose and start to pay full attention to dominating your workout.

The Powerbeats2 allow you to take your game to the next level. They are sweat and water resistant from ear bud to ear bud and the cable wrap connecting them is tangle free. The RemoteTalk control has a no-slip covering so that you can control your music easily. The Powerbeats2 is designed to fit in your ear comfortably and securely so that there’s no chance of these ear buds dropping and the music suddenly stopping. The Powerbeats2 wireless in-ear headphones are lightweight enough that you don’t even notice them until the music starts playing. A full charge lasts 6 hours of playback, and a 15 minute charge gives the Powerbeats2 enough juice to last another hour, ensuring that you’ll never be without your music during a workout. With the Powerbeats2, the ball’s in your court.
The classic Beats audio is present in the Powerbeats2 to provide the momentum through the music to make you succeed. The acoustics in the Powerbeats2 have enough power in it that you don’t even think about stopping. The ear buds are made with a special customized fit that lets you hear the ambient noise to protect yourself on the road.

These in-ear headphones are made for the athlete who wants to step up their game. Put these in your ears, and unleash the beast within.


Dash Camera Vehicle Hard Wire Kit – Mini USB

There are some tools which may look ordinary at first sight, but they prove to be highly convenient once you start using them. The Dash Camera Vehicle Hard Wire Kit is one of those. In terms of appearance, it’s just a set of two wires with a charger between them and one cannot possibly think of its great use. The dash camera vehicle hard wire is actually made for your car parking reconnaissance. You just have to connect these two wires to the battery source of your car. The result? You get continuous power supply for your car surveillance. It allows your car battery to run continuously and saves it from drying up.

Since the dash camera of your car drains your battery quickly, you need to have such a solution which prevents your battery from dying. The Dash camera vehicle hard wire is that solution. Just connect one end of the Dash camera vehicle hard wire to the electric circuit of your car and the other end with a mini USB port to the Dash cam and GPS units.

You can find the mini USB at the end of the wire to connect with your battery source. The use of this USB port is convenient as compared to other means. It works with a number of cameras such as GT680w, the G1 range, Mini-0801 and the Action Mobius camera. It also has a protection indicator which is low in voltage. The length of this Dash camera vehicle hard wire is about 10 feet, which could be a bit longer though. About six feet more of the wire would have been perfect for cars like the Ford Escape. The wire is easy to use and anybody can fit it because it’s all about connecting two wires. The weight of the Dash camera vehicle hard wire is about 2.1 ounces and its dimensions are about 5.7 x 4.1 x 1.5 inches.
It’s available on Amazon as well as on a number of other sites. The price starts from $8 and can go up to $12. Nonetheless, it’s an investment worth considering for your vehicle.


Logitech Mini Boombox

Where there is technology, there is Logitech. Mini Boombox is a magnificent portable speaker offered by Logitech which can easily be paired with your iPhone, iPad, laptop, Android device, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. As the name suggests, it is a mini speaker which is quite small in size, but creates ample sound from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
It uses wireless speaker technology and is Bluetooth enabled so you can simply play, switch, and change to the music of your choice via your smartphone or other devices. The speaker has a built-in acoustic chamber which augments the quality of the sound.

It has a built in rechargeable battery as well which gives you an excellent standby time of 10 hours which simply means no charging worries. The idea is to let you enjoy your music while keeping your environment surrounded with what you wish to play.

It is a very light weight portable speaker which you can simply slip into your bag and carry anywhere you like. It promises to augment the sound of your phone and other devices, and it’s really good at doing so. It has some touch sensitive buttons on top which shows you various options to choose from.
The product is a good return for value as it is priced much lower than other bigger speakers available on the market. Due to the backlit panel installed, the various options are visible even in the dark. Additionally, it is easy to use these options either at daytime or at night.
It incorporates the goodness of a speakerphone which enables you to take calls using the Bluetooth technology and gives you clarity of sound you’d enjoy.
The Logitech Mini Boombox is one of the favorite speakers among users who wish to connect wireless speakers with their phones, tablets and other devices to stream sound over a desired distance. If you share the same interest, then the mini boombox is definitely worth considering.


Dropcam Pro Video Monitoring Security Camera

The Dropcam Pro Video Monitoring Security Camera with WiFi is an all purpose innovative security tool meant to connect with those you care for. Placing this wireless security camera anywhere in the house helps you watch the activities taking place and thus relieves you from constant worries.
Positioned as a unique product in terms of a security camera, there has been a lot of curiosity among those who are looking for a home security solution. Here is how this incredibly useful security camera works.

Designed as an easy-to-install device, it takes less than a minute to start functioning. Connected with your home WiFi, it streams HD video over several different devices due to its marvelous compatibility features. It is compatible with devices such as Apple Mac, Windows Desktop, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and other Android devices. All you need to do is to install the Dropcam App available for free over various app stores and connect it to the Internet. Once connected, you can watch and monitor inside as well as outside the premises of your house when you are at work or enjoying your vacations elsewhere.

The camera comes with other amazing features such as high definition video quality, vast field of view (130 degrees diagonal) and Cloud Video Recording (CVR). CVR enables video making and review of footage. You can also share this data with others. Other impressive features include the 720p High Definition Video with 8 x zoom, motion and sound sensation notifications, safe video streaming, two-way talk, setting alerts, digital zoom, night vision, scheduling, and access to mobile and Web apps.
Placing this camera to monitor people, places and even pets can be extremely helpful for you to remain in touch and stay connected even without physically being present at those locations.
If you’re looking for an ideal tool to monitor places and people when you aren’t there, the Dropcam Pro Internet WiFi Video Monitoring Security Camera is worth another look.


WowWee Mip Robot

The WowWee MiP RC Robot is a tech savvy and one of the cutest toys on the market. It packs in a bunch of features with different play modes and several responses. This toy robot is equipped with emotions and loves to play with you.
The WowWee MiP RC Robot is designed with an inquisitive and responsive personality that is communicated clearly through its motion, sounds, and RGB LED eyes. It has a unique two wheel design upon which it balances itself and conveniently navigates its surroundings. It is capable of following hand gestures and following several objects around the house.
This little robot can also balance several objects on its two wheels while standing still or moving. It has presets modes including roam, stacking, dance, and programming. It comes accompanied by a tray accessory that can be plugged in and is ideal for children aged from 8 to 15 years.

This playful WowWee MiP RC Robot is basically an interactive humanoid robot that functions best with a smartphone. It has a sturdy and durable design with a spherical head, adjustable arms, and a trim lower body. It comes in two colors, black with white stripes or white with black stripes and offers an uncanny resemblance to the lovable robot Wall-E.
It measures 9 inches in height and has a fitted microphone, IR sensors, and LED eyes. It runs on 4 AAA batteries and requires no remote control, which indicates that your hand gestures are enough. It is capable of making several noises to express its feelings.

With several different playmodes such as Tricks, Roam, Track, Dance, Cage and Stack, this little interactive robot is sure to keep you busy for endless hours of entertainment and fun. Make sure to download the MiP app that goes with it!

Buy Now / $77.65



Gerber Bear Grylls Basic Survival Kit

To its Gerber / Bear Grylls Survival Series, Gerber has recently added “Gerber’s Bear Grylls’ Basic Survival Kit.” This kit is an essential item you should have when you’re in the wild. It’s a multi-purpose kit with each item conceived diligently. The kit is a complete package of all the necessary basic gear to fight any challenges you encounter while on your adventures.

The Basic Survival Kit is packaged in a light nylon bag (4 oz) with a ripstop and waterproof zipper. Gerber / Bear has kept it a bright orange color so it’s pretty hard to lose it, even if you wish to. There is an inner plastic pouch that can be zipped. The kit includes waterproof matches, string, a whistle, snare wire, an emergency cord, cotton balls, a knife, fire tinder, and a Bear Grylls survival guide.
The Matches: The matches are waterproof. You can easily make fire using these matches even if you’re submerged in water and gotten your kit wet.

The String: The string can be used for a variety of things. It’s helpful in a rescue event and also while hunting.
The Whistle: Whenever you need an ear-splitting sound, the whistle is there for your service.
The Snare Wire: The snare in the Basic Survival Kit is made from copper. It is rigid and is very useful in tough situations.

The emergency cord: The cord is very easy to use and extremely useful for various tasks like lashing a knife to a stick for spearing, lashing for shelter, etc.
The Cotton Balls: Cotton balls are very significant item in a survival kit. They come handy to make fire, stop bleeding, clean a wound, pad medicine on a wound, to make wick, etc.
The Knife: It’s a small yet sharp knife. With a firm built, it can be used for cutting meat, splitting nylon, and more.
The Fire Tinder: The fire tinder efficiently starts fire in a single attempt. It’s safe and easy to operate.
The Bear Grylls survival guide: The survival guide has detailed information on the items in the kit. It also has some basic knowledge and teachings of survival in the wild and safety measures to be taken on any adventure.
Gerber’s Bear Grylls’ Basic Survival Kit is a complete package for survival and safety to be carried along while you’re heading to enjoy your hiking, camping, or hunting trip in the wild. With its incredibly useful items, the light weight and small size is an added bonus.


Timbuk2 Moby Laptop Backpack

This is where comfort meets mobility and convenience. The stylish yet sturdy Moby Laptop Backpack is designed to enable you to carry your laptop or notebook in style.

It helps you stay organized with a main section compartment that is large and can conveniently house items such as books, your lunch, and a light jacket. It features an internal pocket that lets you place your laptop or notebook safely and conveniently.

It allows for a custom fit with an adjustable strap design to offer convenience for the wearer for long term use. With a ventilated back, it promotes comfort during long use by allowing some breathing room for the comfort of your back.

The Moby Laptop Backpack by Timbuk2 is equipped with a few clever extra features that make your life on the go even more convenient.

It’s designed with an on-strap bottle opener so that you can be the life of parties and while also featuring a Vista loop to attach blinky bike lights. This Moby Laptop Backpack is imported from Indonesia and can conveniently fit laptops with a screen size of up to 15 inches.


The Moby Laptop Backpack features a convenient yet stylish design with the Timbuk2 signature flap closure. The flap closure allows you to easily access your valuable items in the large compartment. It truly is the best option for those adventurous and active people who are always on the go and need a dependable carrying case for their laptop and other necessary items.


This Moby Laptop Backpack displays the legendary quality and craftsmanship that customers have come to expect from Timbuk2. It further comes with a lifetime warranty. You can also file a claim in case of defects in the craftsmanship of any Timbuk2 product.



Sling Media Slingbox M1

The Slingbox M1 is designed for all those who don’t want to miss out on their favorite TV shows while they’re away from their living rooms and TV sets.

The Slingbox is an easy way to watch all the TV channels available on your television wherever and whenever you want. Combining with the goodness of Internet connectivity, your Slingbox will prove to be the best source of entertainment when you’re outside. Because the device connects to the Internet, this basically enables you to watch all of the channels you want to watch on your devices including tablet, laptop, or mobile phone.

The best advantage that the Slingbox offers to its customers is the ability to utilize their cable or satellite subscriptions even internationally and without any additional monthly fee. Yes, with the Slingbox, it has become easier for people to enjoy their vacations and travel with access to what they wish to watch and enjoy their ventures abroad.

With the Slingbox you can watch live TV in full high definition at 1080p resolution. It’s all about enjoying your favorite TV shows and in crystal-clear quality. Simply connect the component cables to the satellite or cable box and the signals shall pass to your TV enabling live channel streaming through the Internet. The same may also be connected to your Digital Video Disk (DVD), Digital Video Recorder (DVR), or even a video enabled safety camera. Due to these compatibility features, there’s more reason to consider the Sling Media Slingbox M1 as a reliable choice.

Slingbox is compatible with various cable and satellite providers including Cablevision, AT&T, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, Comcast Xfinity, DirecTV, Time Warner, Dish Network, Verizon FiOs, and more. So why don’t you have one yet?

Motorola Moto 360 Android Smartwatch

The Moto 360 is the latest Android smartwatch introduced by Motorola. It’s well crafted for all the personal needs of a modern day customer. The idea of just having a smartphone is long gone. Today, the world is looking out for something more and these smartwatches seem to be the next big step. As the name suggests, the Motorola Moto 360 only works with Android devices (4.3 or above) and it has all the desired functions of a smartwatch.

You can transfer your whole phonebook to this little gadget on your wrist and make or receive calls directly. You can also send and receive messages and dismiss the calls by sending pre-installed samples or templates. To do this, you don’t have to look for your phone, just your wrist! Another distinctive feature of the Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch is its fitness tracking device. It’s pre-installed and it assists you with keeping track of your heart rate and calories.

Having 4.0 Bluetooth technology, the Moto 360 comprises of a built-in mic to ensure worry-free communication. The touch screen corning gorilla glass LCD is about 1.56 inches long and wide. The 512MB RAM and an internal storage capacity of 4 GB makes this smartwatch very reasonable.
This wrist wonder looks quite appealing to the eye. Motorola has made sure that it doesn’t lose the class of a good watch. Available in different colors and materials (leather, chain), this is something you can wear everyday with any kind of outfit, without worrying about whether it will go with your style or not because its tremendous features provides the edge to the wearer’s personality.

The features which are not yet available include conducting calls through your Android phone, surfing the web freely with a specific web browser, and typing with a specific keyboard. There is, however, room for advancements as more and more smartwatch apps are making their way to the Android store.


AmazonBasics Dual USB 4.0 Amp Car Charger

If you’re constantly on the go and are always draining the battery on your smartphone, then this handy and travel-friendly charger is all you need. This Dual USB charger for cars is designed to work with all Apple as well as Android devices while allowing a high output for quick and easy charging. It is designed for convenience with 2 USB 2.0 ports that will enable you to charge two devices at once without any interruptions. It offers a full speed charge with a supply of 20 watts.

The AmazonBasics 4.0 Amp Car Charger, compatible with both Android and Apple, is fitted with a minimal LED light which upon connecting, informs you of successful connections. The LED light is so small that it will not distract you while driving. It’s designed to work with smartphones from Apple, smartphones running Android, and even other phones as well as your tablets.
This discrete charger will let you keep your portable devices on a full charge when you need, especially while you try to stay on pace with the fast changing nature of your everyday life. Whether it’s smartphones or tablets you’re charging, it doesn’t matter for the AmazonBasics USB Car Charger. The ports are designed to offer 2 amps of power each with a maximum of 4 amps for any 5 volt device.
Just make sure to keep your eyes on the road and not on your devices while driving!


Check Out The Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse

If you’re an avid gamer, then you’ll know the huge importance of having a good gaming mouse. Not only does it make it easy for you to play the game, but it actually enhances the overall gaming experience and brings it to a whole new level. This G502 Tunable Proteus Core Gaming Mouse designed by Logitech is the one to look out for. This mouse is everything a gamer could ask for and more, including being able to customize it according to your preferences. This device is designed to suit the need of every unique gamer with a number of modifications that can be made in terms of surface, weights, and balance tuning, which can make or break anyone’s game. Some more features that can be set according to your preference are the tuning calibration, DPI shifting, and 11 more buttons which you can customize to your liking. Make this mouse your own, then go ahead and own the competition.

The G502 Tunable Proteus Core Gaming Mouse by Logitech offers even more enhanced precision with a dual mode scroll wheel that will add to your accuracy and enhance your overall gaming experience. This mouse, unlike other ordinary ones features a 32 bit ARM processor that is designed to control the memory for this device. With this processor, you can assign whatever function you like to the 11 different buttons that are there on the mouse. This mouse is all about convenience and customizations. We all know that every gamer is unique and has a different skill set and preferences accordingly, this is one mouse designed to offer all that and more – it is about convenience and customizability.


Polk Audio 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer

This powerful subwoofer by Polk Audio measures only 10 inches in size, but it’s designed to ensure bigger and better bass with a built-in high-current amplifier. It comes fitted with a cone driver which has 10 inches of polymer-composite.
Dynamically balanced, it uses laser technology in order to deliver more improved linearity along with precisely deep sound for your ears to enjoy with a 50-watt high-current amplifier. Don’t let the small wattage fool you, it might be small, but it has big attitude. The Polk Audio 10-inch Powered Subwoofer features a non-resonant all-MDF enclosure construction supported by 0.75-inch-thick baffles and internal bracing for superior performance. It requires Standard US Voltage of 120 volts to function.

This device is a perfect accompaniment for subwooferless systems and is sure to enhance an otherwise normal movie watching experience. The Polk Audio 10-inch Powered Subwoofer comes with a unique configuration that allows for maximum impact of bass with a low profile front cabinet design. It features stereo speaker-level inputs and outputs as well as RCA line-level inputs for connectivity. It has a compact design with dimensions of 14.5 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 15 inches deep while weighing in at 25 pounds. The Polk Audio 10-inch Powered Subwoofer comes in black or cherry-colored vinyl with a titanium-finish on the front baffle for durability and matching other speakers of the Monitor series.

It’s manufactured using premium quality materials to deliver optimum performance and is built for a lifetime of excellence. These devices have passed vigorous tests such as drop testing, extreme signal response, and UV and salt exposure testing while passing with flying colors. It comes with a five year warranty, extended protection warranty, and offers three years of warranty on the electronics.


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