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Celebrity Spotting in the Caribbean

With hundreds of islands at your disposal in the Atlantic’s archipelago, it might be a bit of a challenge to spot a celebrity, but there are definitely destinations known to be favored by the rich ... Read More
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Favorite Celebrity Amusement Parks

There are lots of amusement parks out there. From small town rickety roller coaster spots to big city fun, there’s a huge range. Amusement parks are great because no matter who you are, rides are ... Read More
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Top 5 Resorts For The Rich And Famous

Overwater Villa - St. Regis Bora Bora. © 2010-2014 Societes des Hotels Tahitiens S.A.
What do the rich and famous look for in vacation resorts? When money is no object, the list of must-haves include a fabulous location, exemplary accommodation, impeccable service and complete privacy. So ... Read More
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Celebrity Spotting In Hawaii 

Celebrities, just like us regular folk, look forward to their vacations and most of them love to spend it in Hawaii. The Aloha State is a top destination for most stars because of its sunny beaches and ... Read More
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