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Diet Sodas Drive You To Consume More Calories

Are we really the best judges of what we consume? Do we analyze the pros and cons before deciding what we eat and drink? In our attempt to do good to our body, is there a possibility that we may be doing more harm?

In an age where fast food is the easiest and most preferred option, many of us try to enjoy the good things about junk foods while still ensuring that we do not consume the large amount of calories stocked up in them. We select products marketed by various companies that guarantee the same. One of these is diet soda. If you thought diet sodas are the perfect alternative to give you the energy boost you need in a fizzy drink that doesn’t make you feel guilty about all the extra calories, think again!
Let’s look at some important reasons why we must not be totally ignorant about our unmonitored levels of diet soda consumption. It may say ‘diet’ on the can, but there sure is more than meets the eye!
Setting wrong expectations

Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners. Companies use this as their selling point to convince consumers that artificial sweeteners are a better and healthier alternative to natural sweeteners. Unfortunately, this is not true. Artificial sweeteners have the exact same effect on our body as natural sweeteners like sugar. Consuming drinks with artificial sweeteners enhances the levels of insulin present in the blood and this leads the body to store fat, thus increasing body weight.
Numbing our sense reactors to natural sweeteners

Over time, consumption of sodas and other drinks that include artificial sweeteners numb our senses to natural sweeteners present in fruits. This is caused due to our senses being heightened by the concentrated sweet flavor used in artificial sweeteners. Once our body gets accustomed to artificial sweeteners, we are unable to enjoy natural and healthy sweet foods. Unknowingly, we drift away from eating healthy foods and fruits. Put down that can of diet soda and settle for a chilled iced tea instead.
Weakening of bones

Most sodas contain the harmful chemical compound phosphoric acid. Various studies have proven consumption of foods containing phosphoric acid contribute to the weakening of bones. An occasional soda once in a while won’t do much harm, but if consumed in large quantities or on a regular basis, this could have some adverse effects on your overall health. It doesn’t matter if it’s just soda or diet soda. The compound is present in either of them.
Diet sodas contribute to weight gain

Yes, you read that right! Diet sodas are often consumed as an alternative to normal sodas with the idea that avoiding heavy sugar consumption means avoiding that extra weight gain. Diet sodas actually can lead to weight increase. So if you’re working towards losing weight, it’s better to quit drinking sodas all together. You could, instead, settle for natural sweet drinks like fruit juices or fruit pulps. They may lack the fizzy temptation that sodas offer, but they are a safer bet when it comes to living a healthy life.
Increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks

One of the main chemicals used in diet sodas is aspartame. Not many know this fact, but the consumption of aspartame can significantly increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes and other heart related ailments. Scientists are further studying the relation between the consumption of diet sodas and the increase in cardiovascular ailments, as there have been more problems than solutions to date. Scientists believe that there is a stronger connection between people who drink diet sodas and have heart problems than those who do not.
Quitting sodas, especially cola drinks, is a perfect decision. Hard to make, but if you’re successful in quitting, you’ve just helped yourself to a healthier and a longer life.


Check Out These 50+ Snacks (150 Calories or Less)

Snacks are always a delight and especially during the short-term hunger attack they really save our lives. But on the other hand, they also turn out to be very unhealthy or harmful to health. Well, not to worry! Say farewell to all the crackers and cheese, fries, sandwiches, etc. and here are over 50 deliciously healthy snacks which carry only 150 or fewer calories and tastes amazing!
1. Banana Baked Chips

These mouth-watering banana chips that are seasoned with cinnamon are simply delicious, carrying less than 150 calories. Their sugary taste makes you want more, but still keeps you healthy!
2. Vegan Banana Balls
These yummy balls are delicious as well as healthy. It consists of three main elements – oats, vegan vanilla, and banana.
3. Crispy Zucchini Chips
Most snacks are usually cooked in oil and fried, but that also comes with the crispy, greasy taste. Zucchini chips are simply amazing and not only healthier, but also provides a different flavor with less than 150 calories.
4. Pumpkin Apple Muffins
When it comes to baking, butter seems to be the most essential ingredient, but butter is excruciatingly high in calories. So instead of butter, add avocado with the same ingredients and you can enjoy delicious pumpkin apple muffin without compromising on calories.
5. Choco-Raspberry Bites

If you’re hungry, but want to eat a delicious plus low calorie snack, nothing will bring you more delight than Choco-Raspberry Bites.
6. Home-Made Ice Cream
If you’re an ice cream lover, nothing tastes like home-made. Only four simple components are needed: almond milk, cherries, chocolate chips and a banana.
7. Crispy Brussels Sprouts
Crispiness is the delight that comes with a snack. It can even come in the form of baked brussels sprouts!
8. Healthy Pops
Popsicles are always a wonderful memory of our childhood. So, how about switching to the healthy pops? These are incredibly tasty and low in calories.
9. Kabocha Crispy Rings
The sweetened and crunchy baked kabocha squash with a delicious dip will bring you a crispy, tasty and nutritious snack.
10. Pumpkin Treat

With pumpkin puree, oats, dates, vanilla, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, raw pumpkin seeds and chocolate chips, this will bring you a tasty and healthy treat for your snack time.
11. Chocolate-Mousse and Strawberry Delight
Sweet snacks always beat savory ones. This chocolate mousse and strawberry delight will be bursting with flavors and amazingly they carry less than 150 calories.
12. Baked Cantaloupe
With baked and dried cantaloupe, it will sustain the crispiness of the snack time while saving loads of calories.
13. Crunchy Carrots
Crunchiness is the name of the game. These sliced and baked carrots will not only maintain the crunch but it will give you the salty-savory flavor plus its nutritious value. And all this you can enjoy in less than 150 calories!
14. Frozen Grapes Pop-Stick
With yogurt, chia seeds and grapes you can enjoy the most mouth-watering snack in no time. It will not only will it burst with flavor but also provides a healthy snack for your short-term hunger.
15. Non-Baked Brownies

Get oats, dates, raw chew, banana, applesauce, walnuts, salt and cocoa powder, mix well in food processor and set it in the freezer for an hour. Ta-da! You have delicious and healthy non-baked brownies.
16. Cake Bites with Carrot Flavor
Cakes have been a delightful snack forever. Non-baked cake bites with carrot flavor will be a sweet treat for less than 150 calories.
17. Whip Coconut Smoothie
The whip coconut smoothie will not only balance your hunger but also refresh you. The smoothie has coconut, banana, Greek yogurt, honey and ice.
18. Home-made Fruit Leather
With two core ingredients of applesauce and cinnamon, you can enjoy the home-made fruit leather for less than 100 calories.
19. Strawberry Fillings
Strawberry filled with banana yogurt batter will bring exotic flavors to your mouth. Enjoy this deliciously tasty snack with low calories!
20. Delicious Apricot One Bites

If biscuits fascinate you, then these non-baked bites will come handy for your snack time. With apricot as the core ingredient, these delicious apricot one bites will vanish your hunger fast.
21. Apples with Toppings
Fruits with a little variation of toppings will keep you healthy.
22. Chewy Mangoes
With dried mangoes you can enjoy this chewy snack anytime.
23. Refreshing Vegetable Bites
With cucumber along with other vegetables, you can enjoy this salty savory snack with your health in mind.
24. Sweet and Sour Treat
With mango and red pepper salad, get a new treat along with excellent nutritious values.
25. Muffin with Twists

Baked muffins with smoothie batter will bring you healthier twisted muffins.
26. Veggie Bites
An appetizer with fresh vegetables in a croissant will make yummy bites for your snack time.
27. Smudgy Sandwich
Baked batter of banana with peanut butter as filling will makes a good sandwich.
28. Baguette with Toppings
Set toppings on the baguette and enjoy a delicious pizza like snack.
29. Fruity Muffin
With a strawberry, apple, banana and grapes smoothie batter, you can enjoy delicious and light fruity muffins for less than 50 calories.
30. Crispy Wedges

Baked sweet potatoes will be a tasty snack, especially for the people who enjoy crispy snacks. It will be a low calorie snack with amazing taste.
31. Loaf with Crunch

Bake a loaf with apple chunks and nuts. It will be a delightful traditional snack for your short term hunger.
32. Peanut-Banana Duo
With peanut butter and banana sandwich, get a delicious and healthy snack for your break.
33. Choco Nuts Puree
Cream or ice cream can be replaced by choco nuts puree, which will bring a great taste and a healthy snack.
34. Sweetened Chickpeas
Chickpeas with honey will be a great sweet snack that’s low in calories.
35. Frozen Mangoes

Frozen mangoes will be a good replacement for ice cream.
36. Crispy Balls
This will bring crispy crunchiness to your snack table.
37. Strawberry Stripes
These strawberry stripes will be easy to make, cheap and healthier option for your snack times.
38. Arabic Salad
The traditional Arabic salad is tastier and filled with nutrients.
39. Fruity Cream Topping with Crackers
Crackers with fruity cream toppings will be tastier and healthier snack.
40. Almond Bites

These almond bites contain fruits and nuts and they will bring you something different taste from wafers or biscuits.
41. Crunchy Oat Balls
Cookies have always been a favorite snack but these crunchy oat balls are tastier and healthier.
42. Easy Baked Muffins
An easy baked muffin contains chia and cherries which will be a lighter and delicious snack. It also carries less than 150 calories.
43. Strawberry Yumms
Strawberry yumms are filled with chocolate and almonds that are bursting with beautiful flavors.
44. Two-Flavored Cupcake
Instead of ice cream or any other frozen snacks, try two-flavored frozen cupcakes instead!
45. Home-made Bars

Home-made bars containing fruits and nuts is a good snack and an healthier option too.
46. Crunchy Soybean
These roasted soybeans are a good replacement for popcorn or chips. It tastes good and is healthier.
47. Fresh Blueberry Smoothie
This mouth-watering smoothie is absolutely delicious and it carries less than 100 calories.
48. Salty Savory Muffin
Instead of Jamaican patties, this salty savory Turkish style muffin is an amazingly tasty snack plus it has low calories.
49. Pizza Tasty Balls
This snack is for all the pizza lovers out there. These pizza balls are amazing in flavor and healthy.
50. Choco and Nut Bites

Choco and nuts bites are mouth-watering delicious snack that could be enjoyed by everyone.
51. Bite Sized Bananas
These bite sized bananas are full of flavors and taste. 
52. Wasabi Topping
The wasabi topping is very refreshing and tasty snack and contains less than 100 calories.
53. Tofu Green Bites
These refreshing, tasty bites are full of nutrition, and it contains less than 120 calories.