Wilfried Bony Seals £28 Million Deal With Manchester City

In a deal that could rake in a cool £28 million, Wilfried Bony has bid goodbye to Swansea City AFC to don the No. 14 shirt at Manchester City. Although the 26-year old striker has not confirmed the figures, experts cite it to be around the £28 million mark, including add-ons.

Man City is upbeat about the entire deal, knowing that Bony will prove to be an asset worth far more than the price they have paid for him. In the 70 matches he has played for Swansea since joining the club in 2013, Bony has scored an impressive 34 goals, making his mark with his skills and commitment to the game. Manuel Pellegrini, manager for Man City said how Bony was difficult to mark in a game because of his strengths on the pitch. “He is an intelligent footballer who has skill and power. His goals record has been excellent since he came to England. He adapted very quickly to the game here and I think he will settle in at City quickly,” said Pellegrini. The manager knows Bony will add to the striking firepower of the club too. “He will be a very good addition to our squad. We now have four top class strikers and I am looking forward to seeing them work together,” he said.
Bony too couldn’t hold back his excitement on moving to one of the best teams at the club level in football, for this season and all time too. “I think it’s a great decision for me. Manchester City is in the Champions League. You remember at the end of last season I said that if I want to move it will be to a team in the competition because it’s a great tournament that I really want to play in and one that I want to win,” he said, showing how the move was a calculated one. “It’s a motivation for me to give my maximum to be in that place. City is a big club with great players with a lot of experience. I believe we can do it,” he continued, pointing out how he is already committed to winning.
Earlier, for some reason, Swansea refused to acknowledge Bony’s transfer to the Etihad Stadium and when the Ivory Coast Football Association tweeted that Bony had indeed made the move to Man City, the club came out and denied any such deal was happening. It was only after a picture of Bony holding a Man City shirt with the head of the Ivory Coast FA emerged that the club confirmed the deal.
We’re sure Swansea will miss his services, and at least he leaves this behind. Just change ‘Swansea’ to ‘Man C’ and you got yourself a new chant!

As for Bony, he has his work cut out for him, but he has his sights set on the challenges. “The Premier League is a tough league. My power is to always be in the box and in the right position. I’m always working hard to be there to score the goals and to improve,” he says, reiterating his dedication to overcome every challenge that comes his way.
Good luck Wilfried Bony! We hope to write about your accomplishments at Manchester City soon!
Featured image via dailymail.co.uk