Trevor Booker Sinks Crazy Circus Shot

Let’s set up the scene for you. The Utah Jazz were taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder on January 9th, the Jazz were up 4 (48-44) with about a minute to go in the first half. The Jazz only have 0.2 seconds left on the shot clock to score from an inbounds play. Gordon Hayward waits for Booker to set up and then what happens next is just mind-boggling.
From Laker great Derek Fisher, we’ve learned that it take at least 0.4 seconds to get a shot off.

So in Booker’s case, it needed to be a tap in – but here’s why this shot was nearly impossible. He had his back to the basket. If Russell Westbrook just had his hands up he probably could have blocked it, but then again, if we didn’t see it coming, how could he? Anyways, Booker uses two hands – more like just his fingers – to tap the ball up over his head and into the basket – all without looking! Now, tell us if this isn’t one of the craziest shots you’ve ever seen!
For Utah’s sake, it’s a good thing they weren’t playing volleyball, otherwise Booker would have got called for a lift.
He even went on Twitter recently to ask his fans what he should name it.


What would you call it?