Top 10 Most Unusual Sports

If you think the usual fare of soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, and football are the only games around the world of sports, this list of Top 10 Most Unusual Sports will help you change your line of thought! In these games, participants are not required to use the standard sports equipment and neither are the games carried out in run-of-the-mill sports arenas. Even though these may stand nowhere near mainstream sports in terms of popularity and fan following, they do have a certain charm of their own.

Warning: Some of these do have the ‘Do Not Try This At Home’ tag!

Cheese Rolling

For all you food lovers out there, here’s a game that, in spite of its association with cheese, will actually help you lose weight! This sport is more of a tradition that began in England over 200 years ago. On the day of Spring Bank each year, a wheel of delicious cheese is rolled down Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester and participants have to run down the hill to chase it. The first person to get to the bottom of the hill is declared the winner. Even Jack and Jill, from the famous nursery rhyme, injured themselves on their way downhill so you can imagine the kind of battering and bruising that is likely to be part of this sport too.

Wife Carrying

If you thought that the only time a husband carries his wife is over the threshold of their new home, you may want to reconsider after reading this. This sport of Finnish origin is as exciting as its name – Eukonkanto. The game involves husbands carrying their wives over their shoulders. The wives wrap their legs around the husbands’ neck and their hands around the husbands’ torso and hang upside down. The tricky part is that this isn’t a simply race, and the husband completes it only after crossing a number of hurdles and obstacles. And if you’re wondering what the winning team earns – it’s the wife’s weight in beer, definitely enough motivation for husbands everywhere!

Dog Surfing

All you animal lovers are going to adore this sport! Animals aren’t just cute, cuddly, huggable pets that we have as companions. No! They are capable of doing unimaginable stunts, for example, dog surfing. The Dog Surfing Competition initially started in San Diego, but due to its eminence, has now become a famous sport all over southern California. One can actually witness the amazing stunts of dogs riding the waters and taking on the best surfers, one wave at a time!

Unicycle Polo

We all know the usual game of Polo that involves mallets and balls. But Unicycle Polo – now that is something you definitely wouldn’t want to miss. The participants follow similar rules of the Polo game, however, the only difference is that all participants are playing while balancing on (and some crashing and falling off) unicycles!

Blind Soccer

The game of soccer is challenging enough, but the joys of the game are known to cross barriers of language and race! With blind soccer, the visually impaired can also participate and enjoy the game with the same amount of passion and enthusiasm. The key to knowing the ball’s position lies in the ball itself. The soccer ball is filled with pebbles, so that it makes a sound while rolling around and visually impaired players can judge its exact location accordingly. All the participating players are legally blind, even the goalkeeper!


Adopted from the famous Harry Potter franchise, the game of Quidditch is quite similar to the one played by the wizards at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, barring the magical powers of flying on brooms of course! The International Quidditch Association was founded at Middlebury College in Vermont and within a few years has expanded to include a number of teams from almost every continent in the world.

Extreme Ironing

The participants of this game proudly call themselves ‘ironists,’ owing to the fact that the main task in this sport is to iron clothes. So where is the extreme factor? Well, these so called ironists go to the most extreme locations and positions to do their ironing. Some hang off cliffs while they iron, some do it atop a moving vehicle, some even do it underwater, while others prefer to iron their clothes while waterskiing. The sport requires that the participants click a picture of themselves in the act of ironing. Here’s a sport that doesn’t just give the participants an adrenaline rush, but also gives them creaseless garments for the awards ceremony!

Ferret Legging

Scottish Games – Ferret Legging from Matthew Brackney on Vimeo.


This somewhat sadistic sport includes quite a good deal of self-inflicted pain. This game is played by participants fastening the ankles of their pants and releasing two ferrets in their pants. The audience then waits and sees which of these courageous participants can endure the biting and scratching until they finally give-in. The record for this sport was set way back is 1981 when a participant, Reg Mellor, endured having the ferrets in his pants for five hours and thirty minutes. No one has been able to break this record since. Now who would want to try this?

Street Luge

This sport is otherwise a simple race down a race track, except for the simple modification that participants lie on their backs on skateboards big enough to hold the entire human body and then leave the rest to gravity. The main focus of concern is the safety of the luge and the smoothness of the race path. The one to reach the finish line first is obviously the winner!

World Gurning Contest

If the ones on this list were not weird enough allow us to round things up with the World Gurning Contest, a contest for participants who can pull off the ugliest face! The meaning of the word ‘Gurning’ is to pull off an ugly face and this contest was started way back in 1297 at the Egremont Crab Fair, UK. Eyes popping, tongue twirling, cheeks bloating, nose wrinkling – you can see all of this and more at the World Gurning Contest.

While some of these sports seem funny and entertaining, some are precarious and life threatening as well which calls for some stringent safety precautions. The entertainment factor is usually the highest though, so if you’re tired of the usual, any of the sports on this list of Top 10 Unusual Sports should get your spirits soaring!