President Obama Plays Jovial Host as Spurs Visit the White House

The San Antonio Spurs had a great time at the White House as President Obama, in a sequel to the Seattle Seahawks roast last year, went after them with all the comical prowess he could gather!

As a celebration of the fifth championship trophy that the Spurs picked up in 2014, the President invited the team to the White House. The team of course came bearing gifts, carried the Larry O’Brien trophy to the event, and even managed to catch the President’s attention with it. “Do I get to keep this?” joked Obama, clearly impressed with the majestic trophy.
It was only the beginning of a long list of funny comments the President sent the Spurs’ way, making the mood a lot lighter than one would expect with (probably) the world’s most powerful man in the room! The best part was when Obama took a dig at the Spurs, calling them old! “Now, look, I admit it, I’m a Bulls fan. It’s never easy celebrating a non-Bulls team in the White House. That’s all I’ve been able to do. So far. But even I have to admit that the Spurs are hard to dislike. First of all, they’re old,” he said, before looking around for some players with silver in their hair and finally zeroing in on Tim Duncan. “And for an old guy, it makes me feel good to see – where’s Tim? Tim’s got some gray. There’s a few others with a little sprinkles around here. There’s a reason why the uniform is black and silver. So it makes me feel good to see that folks in advancing years can succeed in a young man’s sport.”

The players were of course in awe, being at the White House and all. Gregg Popovich, the coach for the Spurs summed it all up by saying, “It sinks in a little bit more. When the President of the United States enjoys watching that team and compliments those players for what they do, on and off the court, it’s recognition that sticks in their mind. It makes them feel like they’ve done something that matters. So it’s a big motivator and when it comes from somebody like the President who not just understands the game, but he feels what they’ve done is important off the court and they take pride in that.”

Well, they are the champions after all, and champions deserve recognition. When it comes from the President, it’s the proverbial icing on the cake! Obama even gave them an invitation to take his help on winning the championship again. He is after all, the man who was elected for a second term! “If you guys need any tips on winning back to back, you know where to find me,” Obama said. Now here’s a man who does it all in style!
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