Phillip Lahm Plans To Continue at Bayern, Low Labels Him Player of the Decade

Phillip Lahm has reiterated his commitment to Bayern Munich and has declared he plans to stay with the German club until he retires from the game. While most players in the international circuit continue to push forward their retirement years by making moves to the Major Soccer League in the US, or the football scene in Qatar, Lahm has clarified that he will do no such thing. He instead plans to play for Bayern Munich till 2018, the time he has set himself for retirement.

“My contract with Bayern expires in 2018. I will be 34 by then, that will be the right time to end my career,” said Lahm in an interview. While his retirement is still a few years away, Lahm has no intention to keep a low profile, stating how he is aiming at another Champions League title for his club. “I want to win another Champions League title with Bayern. It’s the biggest goal I have now and I think we can even win it this season,” he says. The strategist in him has even singled out the possible challengers. “Our main rivals are Real Madrid, Chelsea and Barcelona. PSG? I’d like to see them against Chelsea. They make progress every year, so we will have to wait and see whether they can also challenge for the Champions League,” Lahm said, speaking about his club’s rivals.
A player well respected in football, even by opponents, Lahm has found a great supporter in Joachim Low, the German coach. Speaking about the Ballon d’Or award that unfortunately did not go to Manuel Neuer, Low revealed how he had voted for the goalie first, Lahm second and Bastian Schweinsteiger third. In awe of Lahm’s achievements in the game, Low spoke of how the defender, who retired from international football after the World Cup win, deserves recognition from FIFA. “Away from the Ballon d’Or there should be a player of the decade that FIFA should choose sometime soon. They should consider Philipp Lahm for this award,” he said.
Low has enough reasons to respect Lahm. The defender was after all the captain of the German national squad that brought home the World Cup after a long wait of 24 years! Apart from the impressive performance and leadership he displayed in Brazil, Lahm has always been a consistent performer. “He has performed outstandingly in three World Cups, 2006, 2010 and 2014, where he twice helped Germany to the semi-finals. Then last summer he lifted the trophy. For me, he is the best player of the past decade,” declared Low.
Whether FIFA decides to have a Player of the Decade award or not, Lahm will remain one of the most distinguished football players of his generation.

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