Parkour on Showcase in Santorini

The beautiful and mesmerizing Greek island of Santorini, usually a tranquil setting for a perfect holiday, came alive with gravity defying moves, thanks to the Red Bull Art of Motion event. An international freerunning competition, the setting for this year’s event couldn’t be a better one. The beautiful whitewashed facades of Santorini with its unique architecture seemed to be designed and built only for freerunners to display their amazing talents, and the best freerunners from around the world sure made the most of it too!
The rooftops, the stairways, the terraces, balconies, and every single element of the gorgeous façade of Santorini is a sight to behold. Added to this stunning environment was the element of adventure – a combination that made the weekend a delightful affair, for spectators as well as participants. While October 1 and 2 consisted of free freerunning sessions, attracting fans of the sport to view professionals of the art in action, the main event was packed into one day, Saturday. Onsite qualifiers held over the previous days helped decide the lineup for the finals and even while the athletes practiced their moves, fans and spectators knew they were in for a special treat on the big day.
Stunning jumps across seemingly impossible distances, drops from heights that would otherwise seem like a bone breaking one, and spins and twists across obstacles that brought the island alive with cheers were all part of the day as the competition reached a feverish pitch. At the end of it all, every freerunner entertaining the audience gave it their all, pushing their skills to the limit.
Three heats of six freerunners, with the best two from each heat, had decided the finalists and on Saturday, each of them proved why they made it through. Alexander Baiturin from Russia, Pavel Petkuns from Latvia, Yoann Leroux from France and Jesse Peveril from Switzerland were impressive with their moves. Yet, it was local Greek hero Dimitris Kyrsanidis who managed to steal the show from all of them, rightfully taking the top spot with 494 points to his credit. Luci Romberg ruled the women’s section, showing how girls can create magic in the world of freerunning too!