Ohio State Wins Championship Title, Ezekiel Elliott Emerges As Hero

“It seems like we’ve been through everything. It made us who we were,” said the hero of the day, Ezekiel Elliott of Ohio State University’s run that ended with the National Championship title. The statement summed up all that the team had gone through during the season. The Buckeyes were knocked back time and time again, and yet, they refused to give up and thanks to that grit and determination have now earned themselves a national title.
Even the coach couldn’t believe all that his team had achieved during the past year. “This team wasn’t supposed to do this, but they fought through adversity,” Urban Meyer said, clearly in awe of all that went down. “They got stronger and stronger and stronger, and we finished the year a great team. I’ve never seen anything like it.” The score line of 42-20 hardly spoke of the struggles the team went through. Though the team was seeded at the fourth spot, their performance showed why they were the true leaders of the current lot.

If this was a movie, the hero at the end would be Ezekiel Elliott. The exposed midriff was just a reminder of how confident this young man was and is. Some may have mistaken his attitude for arrogance over his last few performances but on Monday night, when his team took on Oregon University, Elliott played his part with complete responsibility. All the fire he brought to the field was controlled and at the end of it all, he proved to be the driving force behind the team’s win. Of course, he knew how amazing the triumph was and bagging the MVP offensive player award was yet another accomplishment. “This is a surreal moment. It’s why we all came here. After all we went through, this is crazy. It doesn’t feel real,” he said, clearly overwhelmed.
In spite of how the night ended for Ohio, the beginning was jinxed and so was the aftermath. As the Ohio State University players charged onto the field before the game began, the flag that had the last ‘O’ of Ohio was left behind, trampled under the feet of excited players. The ‘OHI’ spectacle wasn’t the only mishap though. Along with the flag, a cheerleader too lost her footing in the melee, ending up on the ground. Fortunately, she got away smiling and didn’t appear to have hurt herself.
The faux pas start wasn’t an indication of things to come however and thankfully, the team went out on top. After the game however, the bad luck seemed to return as police had to resort to using pepper spray and tear gas to disperse overenthusiastic fans. Thousands of people had come out to celebrate their home team’s win and N. High Street was the place to be. Couches were set on fire in dumpsters and even gunshots were heard, though no injuries were reported. At the end of it all, stinging eyes and faces seemed to be the only damage done.
Of course, none of this could dampen the fire burning in every Ohio State University fan’s belly – their team just brought home the National Championship!