Cycling Team with Flesh-Colored Uniforms Draws Criticism

Controversies on the cycling track are quite common and now, the Colombian women’s cycling team has been in the eye of a storm off the track too! Uniforms of cyclists hardly ever garner attention and when Angie Tatiana Rojas designed the uniform for her team, it appears she was aiming to change just that. Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) president, Brian Cookson, certainly isn’t impressed, using strong words when he says the uniform is “unacceptable by any standard of decency.”
The uniform, with a flesh-colored section between the stomach and the thighs of the athletes does appear to be heavily inspired by the nude look. What’s surprising is that the controversial kit has been in use for more than nine months now, and garnered attention only when online ridicule finally got into the picture and blew things out of proportion. It has been all downhill from there and numerous people, whether they are associated with cycling or not, have made it their mission to comment on it.
UCI Furious, Athletes Remain Unapologetic 
Meanwhile, the UCI has upped their disapproval, and there have been talks of sending a letter to the Colombian Federation, warning them of their responsibilities under article 1.3.046, which relates to the uniform worn by athletes.
The online community seems to agree with the UCI’s stand. Comments like “unintentionally vagina-like” and “whoever designed these must have climbed up the Stupid and kicked away the ladder” continue to make the rounds.
The Colombian team members, however, continue to reiterate their decision to wear the uniform, criticism or not. As their teammate designer points out, she is proud of her design. Elaborating her emotions in resilient words, “as an athlete, as a woman, as the cyclist I am, I wouldn’t be ashamed with this kind of design.” Currently, Angie and her teammates are in no mood to back down. Whether they will fight against all odds and turn up in the same uniform in Ponferrada, Spain, for the Road World Championships remains to be seen.



  • EmileeNherWeed

    I don’t see anything wrong they’re just perverts!

  • BobB59

    From that angle it’s fine. When the light is right it’s okay. But when the shadow is down below it is very wrong.

  • roynickerson

    Except, you know, they’re wearing clothes.

  • Mike Gaudreau

    I wouldn’t have given it a second look until brought to my attention. Very tame.
    Also, now that I think about it – Large floppy girls dressed in tight overly small stretch pants and blouses should be banned. You know what I mean.

  • william gowers

    Not even really flesh colored.

  • shoddy

    Really? “Decency”??? Wow, they really must be bored. Isn’t there some blood tests that need to be updated somewhere?