Adam Dunn Calls It A Career

Adam Troy Dunn, aka Big Donkey, a veteran in Major League Baseball and a two-time MLB All-Star has announced his retirement. The left-handed hitter and right-handed thrower who made his MLB debut in 2001 for the Cincinnati Reds says goodbye to his baseball career after playing 14 seasons in the majors.
Though Dunn’s retirement comes as no surprise – the player had mentioned before that playing the 2015 season wasn’t part of his plans – the official announcement does come as a disappointment for fans who were hoping the veteran slugger would stick around for at least another season. Even when he was playing for the White Sox, Dunn had revealed plans to retire after the 2014 campaign was finished. When he was traded to the Oakland Athletics in return for a minor league pitcher, Dunn had spoken of his plans again.
After the season concluded, Dunn posted this to his twitter account:


Dunn, in all his 2001 appearances, never made it to the playoffs, making him the 14th player in MLB history on this list. In a bad twist of fate, his first opportunity to play in a postseason game came with the Oakland Athletics last year towards the end of September, but did not play. Even so, that isn’t really what the six and a half footer will be remembered for. Beginning his career with the Cincinnati Reds, the team he played for the longest, from 2001 to 2008, the designated hitter also played for the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Washington Nationals, Chicago White Sox and Oakland Athletics. He made it to the MLB All-Star game in 2002 and 2012 and though his career hasn’t been brilliant in a loud way, Dunn was recognized as the player who came to play every season, did what he did best and simply proved to be a man who did his job with dedication, though critics often called his ability to work hard at it into question. The years from 2004 to 2010 were among Dunn’s finest, averaging 40 home runs in the 158 games that he played. Never linked to anything scandalous, Dunn was among the few players who can boast of a clean sheet even after 2001 games; and 462 home runs of course.
Outside the world of baseball, Dunn and his wife Rachel Brown have two sons and a daughter. Few know he even played a part in an Oscar-winning movie! In Dallas Buyer’s Club, a movie he had also invested in, Dunn played the fleeting role of a bartender.
So is a career in Hollywood on his list of plans post retirement? We’ll keep you posted! Maybe, just maybe, the next time Adam Dunn features on our pages, he might be on our ‘Celebrity’ list!

Featured image via Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images North America