5 Replacements for England Captain Steven Gerrard

After Steven Gerrard’s announcement to retire from international football, England is now looking for another captain. Roy Hodgson’s dilemma is to choose the best person to replace the midfielder as captain of The Three Lions. England needs a leader who has experience at both international and club levels. This means that there is a likelihood that the chosen captain will be aged between 25 and 29 years. Check out our top 5 replacements for England captain Steve Gerrard:


5. Jack Wilshere

Jack is a midfielder for Arsenal. This might help galvanize and direct his teammates during matches. This maestro player will be required to leave his injury predicaments behind him and stop smoking as well. His recent smoking incident drew a lot of negative feedback. However, if given the responsibility, he has a chance to lighten up his career in England. Firstly, he will need to nail down a starting spot with Arsenal. If not, this will cause a disappearance of his internationals just like a puff of smoke. Jack has had some problems in his sporting career which relate to his behavior and fitness., but he is considered to have leadership qualities and has the spirit similar to that of a captain.


4. Phil Jagielka

He is the captain for Everton and the only player on the list who skippers a side at club level. Before England get a chance to play again, Phil will have turned 32 years. Many players do not think that he is the right candidate for the position following the likes of David Beckham, John Terry and Steven Gerrard. However, in case Hodgson considers him to replace Gerrard, this appointment will not be a long-term one. This will mean that another decision will have to be made in another few years.


3. Gary Cahill

Aged 28 years old, Chelsea’s center back Gary Cahill, has experienced immense growth in the football fraternity in the World Cup cycle. Known for his regular defense, his no- nonsense character would make him a candidate worth considering. Being named as the Bolton Wanderers deputy skipper has shown that he can act well in a role of responsibility. Even with just 27 caps to his name, the Chelsea centre-back has a high chance of replacing Steve Gerrard.


2. Joe Hart

Despite the fact that he does not have any experience as a captain, Hart has a vocal presence for both his country and club Manchester United. His strong defensive skills portray that he is not a shrinking violet. He has racked up about 43 internationals during his years as a goalkeeper. Despite his age, he is known to be authoritative and mature in nature. In English football, it is not a norm for goalkeepers to receive an armband. People do not like the idea of goalkeepers being chosen as captains. However, looking beyond the continent, the likes of Iker Casillas (Spain) and Gianluigi Buffon (Italy) have received various accolades in the form of trophies. So, this is something to be considered for Joe. Even though he is a regular for his country, he is not a captain for Manchester United and played with inconsistency the previous season.


1. Wayne Rooney

This Manchester United forward and England player is a top choice to replace Gerrard. This is because of his tireless commitment, work-rate, and leading by example on the field. He has scored around 40 goals after 95 appearances for England. This 28-year old player is bound to rack up more caps by the end of this year if he features in the matches by the Three Lions. Since he is now mature, Wayne Rooney is expected to steer England from the front in order for them to qualify for the Euro 2016. The only thing that could go against him is the fact that Hodgson is not sure whether he is disciplined enough to keep himself in check. As much as Rooney is respected and well-liked among his peers, it would be in his best interests to consider trusting in his teammates and play his position.


Even though the above candidates have a chance to wear the “C” for The Three Lions, there is no clear-cut choice and we could be surprised to see someone not from this list to be selected instead.