4 Players Enter Hall of Fame For First Time Since 1955

It’s been a long time, 60 years to be exact, since 4 players have been elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Their names? It starts with a trio of pitchers in Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, followed by Craig Biggio.
Johnson garnered 534 of a possible 549 votes, making it the 8th highest voting percentage in history (97.3%). He was a towering figure on the mound, standing in at 6-foot-10 with the ability to break the 100mph barrier on his fastball in his prime. It’s no wonder why he was able to go 303–166 over the course of his career and post a 3.29 ERA with 4,875 total strikeouts.
Don’t fear his fastball? Just look what happened to this poor bird:




Martinez finished his career with 219 wins and 100 losses, three Cy Young awards, and struck out 3,154. Smoltz won the Cy Young award in 1996 and is the only pitcher in history to win 200 games as well as get 150 saves. He finished with a record of 213-155 with 154 saves.
Biggio spent 20 years in the major leagues, all of them with the Houston Astros, and racked up 3,060 hits over that timespan.
Here’s how the final votes ended up:

Player Votes %
Randy Johnson 534 97.3
Pedro Martinez 500 91.1
John Smoltz 455 82.9
Craig Biggio 454 82.7

Not a bad group at all!