2015 Christmas Tree Throwing World Championships

While many are coming back from holidays, participants at the 2015 Christmas Tree Throwing World Championships did their best to extend Christmas just a little bit longer. On Sunday, January 4th, in the town of Weidenthal located in southern Germany, people have put their own spin on the task of taking down their Christmas trees and decorations and made a game of it instead.
Also known as “Knut-Fest,” the World Christmas Tree Throwing Championships consist of three disciplines: the Weitwurf (javelin-style), the Hochwurf (high jump-style) throwing, and the Hammerwurf (hammer-style).
In the end, it was Hubert Bienlenbach who took home the overall title.
Next time you feel down about the holiday season coming to an end, maybe you can look to the Germans to brighten up your January!