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Top 10 Most Unusual Sports

If you think the usual fare of soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, and football are the only games around the world of sports, this list of Top 10 Most Unusual Sports will help you change your line of thought! In these games, participants are not required to use the standard sports equipment and neither are the games carried out in run-of-the-mill sports arenas. Even though these may stand nowhere near mainstream sports in terms of popularity and fan following, they do have a certain charm of their own.

Warning: Some of these do have the ‘Do Not Try This At Home’ tag!

Cheese Rolling

For all you food lovers out there, here’s a game that, in spite of its association with cheese, will actually help you lose weight! This sport is more of a tradition that began in England over 200 years ago. On the day of Spring Bank each year, a wheel of delicious cheese is rolled down Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester and participants have to run down the hill to chase it. The first person to get to the bottom of the hill is declared the winner. Even Jack and Jill, from the famous nursery rhyme, injured themselves on their way downhill so you can imagine the kind of battering and bruising that is likely to be part of this sport too.

Wife Carrying

If you thought that the only time a husband carries his wife is over the threshold of their new home, you may want to reconsider after reading this. This sport of Finnish origin is as exciting as its name – Eukonkanto. The game involves husbands carrying their wives over their shoulders. The wives wrap their legs around the husbands’ neck and their hands around the husbands’ torso and hang upside down. The tricky part is that this isn’t a simply race, and the husband completes it only after crossing a number of hurdles and obstacles. And if you’re wondering what the winning team earns – it’s the wife’s weight in beer, definitely enough motivation for husbands everywhere!

Dog Surfing

All you animal lovers are going to adore this sport! Animals aren’t just cute, cuddly, huggable pets that we have as companions. No! They are capable of doing unimaginable stunts, for example, dog surfing. The Dog Surfing Competition initially started in San Diego, but due to its eminence, has now become a famous sport all over southern California. One can actually witness the amazing stunts of dogs riding the waters and taking on the best surfers, one wave at a time!

Unicycle Polo

We all know the usual game of Polo that involves mallets and balls. But Unicycle Polo – now that is something you definitely wouldn’t want to miss. The participants follow similar rules of the Polo game, however, the only difference is that all participants are playing while balancing on (and some crashing and falling off) unicycles!

Blind Soccer

The game of soccer is challenging enough, but the joys of the game are known to cross barriers of language and race! With blind soccer, the visually impaired can also participate and enjoy the game with the same amount of passion and enthusiasm. The key to knowing the ball’s position lies in the ball itself. The soccer ball is filled with pebbles, so that it makes a sound while rolling around and visually impaired players can judge its exact location accordingly. All the participating players are legally blind, even the goalkeeper!


Adopted from the famous Harry Potter franchise, the game of Quidditch is quite similar to the one played by the wizards at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, barring the magical powers of flying on brooms of course! The International Quidditch Association was founded at Middlebury College in Vermont and within a few years has expanded to include a number of teams from almost every continent in the world.

Extreme Ironing

The participants of this game proudly call themselves ‘ironists,’ owing to the fact that the main task in this sport is to iron clothes. So where is the extreme factor? Well, these so called ironists go to the most extreme locations and positions to do their ironing. Some hang off cliffs while they iron, some do it atop a moving vehicle, some even do it underwater, while others prefer to iron their clothes while waterskiing. The sport requires that the participants click a picture of themselves in the act of ironing. Here’s a sport that doesn’t just give the participants an adrenaline rush, but also gives them creaseless garments for the awards ceremony!

Ferret Legging

Scottish Games – Ferret Legging from Matthew Brackney on Vimeo.


This somewhat sadistic sport includes quite a good deal of self-inflicted pain. This game is played by participants fastening the ankles of their pants and releasing two ferrets in their pants. The audience then waits and sees which of these courageous participants can endure the biting and scratching until they finally give-in. The record for this sport was set way back is 1981 when a participant, Reg Mellor, endured having the ferrets in his pants for five hours and thirty minutes. No one has been able to break this record since. Now who would want to try this?

Street Luge

This sport is otherwise a simple race down a race track, except for the simple modification that participants lie on their backs on skateboards big enough to hold the entire human body and then leave the rest to gravity. The main focus of concern is the safety of the luge and the smoothness of the race path. The one to reach the finish line first is obviously the winner!

World Gurning Contest

If the ones on this list were not weird enough allow us to round things up with the World Gurning Contest, a contest for participants who can pull off the ugliest face! The meaning of the word ‘Gurning’ is to pull off an ugly face and this contest was started way back in 1297 at the Egremont Crab Fair, UK. Eyes popping, tongue twirling, cheeks bloating, nose wrinkling – you can see all of this and more at the World Gurning Contest.

While some of these sports seem funny and entertaining, some are precarious and life threatening as well which calls for some stringent safety precautions. The entertainment factor is usually the highest though, so if you’re tired of the usual, any of the sports on this list of Top 10 Unusual Sports should get your spirits soaring!

Playing Soccer on Rio de Janeiro Beach - 2014 World Cup

Top 10 Things To Do In Brazil

It’s true that football has shaped Brazil’s national identity, but after watching the great soccer action, this vast country still has a lot to offer. In Brazil, there are so many things to do, places to see, events to attend and tourist attractions to visit. In the metropolitan cities where great football clubs play matches every week, including Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, you can enjoy exciting entertainment and excellent cuisine, both local and international.


Rio de Janeiro


Rio is Brazil’s most popular city. The world’s largest carnival takes place here. Rio also served as Brazil’s capital for several decades before the new capital, Brasilia was built. So when you are not watching matches at the Maracana stadium, what are the things you should do here? First you should get a nice map of the city and get oriented.


1. Go to Rio’s Splendid Beaches

You will find beautiful beaches in Ipanema, Copacabana and Leblon. When you arrive at any of these beaches, you will have a chance to taste one of Brazil’s most popular local drinks called caipirinha. Caipirinha means “a little cowboy”. It’s made from lime wedges, cachaça, which tastes like strong white rum, and sugar. This drink is very tasty and costs just about $3 at one of the beach kiosks, but you should drink a small quantity at a time to avoid getting intoxicated.


Caipirinha - 2014 World CupIpanema Beach - 2014 World Cup


2. Try Local Barbecue

If you like to eat very tasty meat, you should try out the local barbecue (popularly called churrasco). You can get this at a good churrascaria. Here you will be served by an endless procession of Gaucho-dressed waiters, called passadores. As they pass by your table with beef, chicken or pork, you can point at the part that you want them to cut for you. When you are satisfied, you can simply turn over your coaster from the green side to the red side to stop the waiters from coming to you. In addition to meat, you can also enjoy salad, sausages, sushi and grilled fish.


Brazilian Barbeque - 2014 World Cup


3. Eat Local Pizza

Pizza lovers should try out the pizza rodizio right in the Dock restaurant on Avenida Atlantica in Copacabana, close to the popular Copa Palace Hotel. You will be offered a wide choice of assorted pizzas, both “sweet” and “salty”. The portuguesa and margarita taste great.


4. Shop at Night Bazaars

In Rio, very close to the Dock, along the sidewalk, you will see Copa’s night bazaar. There are scores of kiosks and tents where you can shop for colorful beach wraps, t-shirts and other souvenirs for yourself and/or loved ones. Bargaining is allowed here, so you should be able to get between 10 to 20 percent off the initial price.


In addition to the night bazaar, you could also shop at the market at Uruguaiana. It’s Rio’s brand of a Turkish bazaar. To get to this market, take the metro to the Uruguaiana station; an escalator will drop you right in the center of the market. Here you will find an assortment of kiosks, fixed shops, stalls and pushcarts. You can buy beachwear, leather goods, tennis shoes and even electronics.


5. Enjoy Live Music

Your stay in Rio would be incomplete without enjoying some live music. One of the local favorites is samba. You can enjoy samba music round the clock at Beco do Rato – a small club located in the Lapa neighborhood. It is easier to get here by taxi. You can sit at the small tables inside and have a cold beer, or stand outside and enjoy the music.


Christ the Redeemer - 2014 World Cup6. Visit Christ the Redeemer

This statue of Jesus Christ is an icon for Rio and Brazil. It was built between 1922 and 1931 from soapstone and reinforced concrete. From 1931 till 2010, it was considered to be the largest statue in the world. The statue is 30 meters high and it stands on an 8 meter pedestal. It is located on the peak of the Corcovado mountain in Tijuca Forest National Park. At night, the statue glows beautifully. In 2007, it was chosen as one of the seven wonders of the modern world.



Sao Paulo


Sao Paulo is home to some of the richest football clubs outside of Europe, including the 2012 World Club Cup champions – Corinthians. It also has one of the best organized state football leagues. Sao Paulo was the venue of the opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup match between Brazil and Croatia. However, this city is well known for its food, markets, museums and architecture. If you are coming to Sao Paulo for the first time, here are some of the things you will definitely enjoy in this city.


7. Eat with Samba MusicSamba - 2014 World Cup

On Saturdays, you can enjoy lunch in several of the city’s bars while you listen and dance to live samba music. The locals (called Paulistanos) use this Saturday samba tradition to relax at the end of the week. One of the best places to enjoy traditional Saturday food (called feijoada) is Bar Samba at Vila Madalena. This special meal consists of rice, beans, dried meat, farofa, kale and oranges. The show starts at 1p.m and continues till late at night. You need to get there very early to get a seat.


8. Visit the Benedito Calixto Market

Apart from Samba Saturday, another great way to spend your Saturday in Sao Paulo is to visit the Calixto market. The market opens early in the morning with the sale of handicrafts and antiques. By noon, live music and dancing begins in the central food court. Here you can enjoy another popular Brazilian style of live music called chorinho. In fact, several people troupe to the market just to listen and dance to this.

In addition, you can also get nuts, dried fruits, coconut water, Brazilian sweets and other traditional Brazilian food such as acaraje and esfiha. As you are leaving the market area, you will also see several shops selling several traditional instruments.


9. Go to the Museums

The Museum of Art in Sao Paulo (MASP) is the best art museum in the city. It contains the finest collection of art in Latin America. Several extraordinary temporary exhibitions are held in this museum. This museum is open, free of charge, to the public on Tuesdays.


MASP - Sao Paulo Museum of Art - 2014 World Cup



10. Experience Exceptional Architecture

Before you leave Sao Paulo, you should take time to see the works of Oscar Niemeyer – one of the greatest architects of the 20th century. A good example is the Latin America Memorial which was designed in honor of the struggles and sacrifices of the early Latin Americans to provide a venue for public events and celebrations. The buildings are architectural masterpieces.




Fortaleza - 2014 World Cup

2014 World Cup Cities: Fortaleza

If you watched the matches of the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup in preparation for the 2014 World Cup, you’re probably already familiar with Fortaleza, one of the six host cities for those games. With a population of approximately 3 million, it is one of the largest cities in Brazil. It’s located in the Northeastern part of the country and you can get around the entire area easily by bus, metro and taxi.



Beach - 2014 World Cup


Since it’s located along the ocean, one of Fortaleza’s major tourist attractions are its beaches. It should average about 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the area during World Cup, which is perfect beach weather.
Head to Mucuripe Beach if you want to get a look at the traditional fish markets of the area. For shopping and dining around the beach, go to Meireles Beach where there’s a daily handicrafts fair. Alternatively, check out Iracema Beach for more of a nightlife / party vibe. This is the easternmost beach, located closest to the center of the city. You can enjoy surfing and kitesurfing at several of the area’s beaches. If you want to enjoy sunbathing, your top choice beach is Praia do Futuro Beach.




If you want to soak in the culture and attractions of the area then there a few key things you need to put on your itinerary. First off is Theatro José de Alencar, named after the famous author and influential romantic novelist who was also a lawyer. The theatre has live performances almost nightly and is considered one of the major architectural landmarks of the city.
Another landmark is the clock at Ferreira Square, which is considered the heart of the city. It’s a great urban city square and you can enjoy walking around and checking out the historic buildings all around it.
Get some great views of the city from Ingleses Bridge and Metal Bridge. Finally, make sure to see some of the famous cathedrals in this Roman Catholic city such as the Metropolitana Cathedral and the Fortaleza Cathedral.




Make sure to enjoy the traditional grilled meats of a rodizio while you’re in Fortaleza. A rodizio is a type of all you can eat restaurant where the waiters keep bringing you samples of food until you’re full!
Churrascaria Gheller is a favorite restaurant for those meats, not only because it’s tasty, but because dinner is accompanied by the entertainment of a stand-up comedian several days each week. Also, don’t hesitate to try the seafood at the fish market or the nearby beach restaurants since the city is known for its fish.




Be careful if you seem to be getting a little more attention than usual from gorgeous young Brazilian women while visiting Fortaleza. Its not that you don’t deserve it, but be aware that Fortaleza is considered the prostitution capital of Brazil.




Estadio Castelao - 2014 World Cup

By Fábio Lima/Portal da Copa/Março de 2013 [CC-BY-3.0-br (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Fortaleza stadium is called the Estadio Castelao. It was built in 1973, but renovations for the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2014 World Cup have seen the stadium’s seating limit increased to 60,342, an underground parking lot with 1,900 spaces, fully refurbished dressing rooms and a new roof. Even access to the stadium has been upgraded. Four exclusive bus lanes, a light rail vehicle line and two metro stations, were created to make it easier for fans to reach the venue. The complex it will form part of will include restaurants, movie theaters, a hotel and an Olympic centre.



Chile Fans - 2014 World Cup

Chilean Football Fans Storm Into Maracana

On Wednesday, June 18, Chile played Spain at the Maracana Stadium. A group of ticketless Chile supporters decided to find a way into the stadium by going through the Media Center underneath the stands.


In the process, they broke down a temporary wall and pushed their way through journalists and TV crew.


Although security was slow to react, they were eventually able to detain a large portion of the group.


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The 10 Greatest Sports Icons In History

In the world of sports, every generation will get to witness several stars. Some of these stars succeed and fulfill their destinies while others may fail in their journey. In this melee of stars that come and go, there are those who leave a mark in the world that simply doesn’t fade with time. While some can come to achieve great things, a few outstanding elements raise others above and beyond the rest. This list of Top 10 Sports Icons is a tribute to such superstars of the sports world – heroes who will never fade over time.

via deccanchronicle (AFP)

The Brazilian is an icon not only in the football world, but in the sports world in general. Every sportsman worth his trade respects Pele for all that he has achieved. A phenomenon, Pele is known not only for his amazing skills in soccer, but also respected for his humility and composure. Among other accomplishments, his time with the New York Cosmos in the 70s is probably the biggest boost the game received in America! As a global icon, Pele has played his part in several charitable efforts as well, making him more than just a sports sensation. Even decades after retiring from the game of football he gave so many memories to, Pele remains a part of the world of sports and will remain so for a long time to come.
Muhammad Ali

via usatoday

Cassius Clay, or more commonly known as Muhammad Ali, this man’s punches are louder than anything the boxing arena has ever seen. So what if he called himself “The World’s Greatest”? His feats in the ring, and sometimes off it, proved that the world could call him that one day anyways! His controversial comments and daring beliefs outside the ring matched his boxing prowess inside of it and for these reasons and many more, Muhammad Ali finds a permanent place in the Boxing Hall of Fame, and of course, in the hearts of his admirers across multiple generations.
Michael Jordan

via bullsnation (AP)

The towering figure of Michael Jordan flying towards the basketball hoop is an image that surpasses many other memories in the world of sports. His Airness is probably the only athlete to have an impact on his sport that created a ripple effect across other sports too. Today, he heads the Charlotte Hornets and no matter how many basketball superstars tread the basketball arena after him, few will ever come close to the enigma that MJ has proven to be. While fans scramble to get their hands on their favorite Jordan brand sneakers, here’s a man who will remain, as the NBA website proclaims, the greatest basketball player of all time!
Tiger Woods

via startribune (AP)

In recent times, Tiger Woods has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, but that doesn’t take away from what he has accomplished in the realm of golf. Tiger Woods singlehandedly revamped the image of golf, and for years, has ruled the best courses in the world through grit, focus, and determination. The first African American to make such a huge name for himself in the sport, Woods is probably the greatest influence the sport has ever had.
Jackie Robinson

via abc7news (AP)

April 15 is Jackie Robinson Day in Major League Baseball and even his No.42 retired with him. These are not the only two elements that speak to the man’s greatness. During a time when being African American was enough to keep you out of sports in America, Jackie Robinson used his skills and strong personality to break through the color barrier, opening up the gates to many more colored players after him. He remains a sports icon even today, not only for his contribution to the game, but also his influence he had on the sports world around him.
Wilt Chamberlain

via sportingnews (AP Photo/Paul Vathis)

The NBA may have seen amazing players come and go in all its time, but the man who got it all started though was Wilt Chamberlain. This is the guy who set all the records while hundreds of players after him made it their life’s dream to try and break them. Did you know he was the only NBA player to score a mind-numbing 100 points in a single game? Only Kobe Bryant’s 81 points in a single game comes close, but even that is 19 points short of the record! Averaging 30.1 points and 22.9 rebounds per game, Chamberlain was a man playing among boys.
Jim Thorpe

via nbcnewyork (AP)

While most sports icons, even the ones on this list, are known for their dedication to a single sport, Jim Thorpe’s skills, talents and determination just could not be limited to a single one. A proud Native American, Thorpe was a phenomenal sportsman who made a name for himself across a string of different sports, including professional football, basketball and baseball. He even won two gold medals at the Olympic Games in 1912.
Vince Lombardi

via (AP)

If there’s one man’s numbers every coach in the NFL would like to replicate, they would be the ones attained by Vince Lombardi. The man did not know what a losing season was throughout his career as a coach in the NFL and this is only one of the reasons the Super Bowl trophy is named after him! When he wrapped up his amazing coaching career with the Green Bay Packers, he had five NFL championships and the first two Super Bowl wins to his name.
Babe Ruth

via nypost (AP)

George Herman “Babe” Ruth is the player who made baseball a popular sport in the 20s. “The Bambino” remains one of the most prolific players the game of baseball has ever produced. It’s been almost a century since Babe Ruth hit those loud 714 home runs and winning seven World Series championships, and yet, he still remains a well-known name in the world of sports today. Need we say more?
Wayne Gretzky

via (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Liam Richards)

They don’t call Wayne Gretzky “The Great one” for nothing! Arguably the most influential hockey player to ever step on a rink in the NHL, Gretzky has a string of records to his name. These include 15 playoff records and 40 regular season records, he remains the only player in history to record more than 200 points in a single season, and he managed to do that a whopping four times! Teams across the NHL have retired his No.99 jersey and even that doesn’t seem to be enough tribute to the man who remains one of the most iconic hockey players of all time.
This list of Top 10 Sports Icons teaches us the true meaning of excellence in the sports world and beyond. The records these players have set may be broken along the way, but the memories they have given us will remain with us forever.


USA - 2014 World Cup

USA Stuns Ghana

The match started off with one of the quickest goals in World Cup history (5th it turns out) at the 31 second mark by Clint Dempsey. The US had a great chance to make it 2-0 in the 19th minute, but the Ghana defense was able to keep the ball comfortably out of the net.


USA’s Jozy Altidore was lost due to a hamstring injury in the 22nd minute and then Dempsey suffered a broken nose in the 33rd minute, but he was able to return.


Ghana started to turn things around in the second half as they began to press hard for the equalizer. Their effort was rewarded in the 82nd minute when Andre Ayew took a backheel pass from Asamoah Gyan and made a superb left-footed strike to tie the match at 1.


The celebration was short-lived though, as only 4 minutes late, John Brooks powered home a header off a corner kick to reclaim the lead for the US.


USA avenges their losses to Ghana from the two previous World Cups where the losses resulted in elimination on both occasions.


Top 10 NBA Careers Ruined By Injury

Injuries are an unavoidable reality in the sports world, yet some injuries tend to change the course of promising careers. The NBA is undoubtedly the greatest men’s professional basketball league in the world and this list brings together the Top 10 NBA Careers ruined by injury.
Maurice Stokes

Maurice Stokes was an NBA player during the 1950s. He played for the Cincinnati/Rochester Royals, and during one of his games, Stokes landed on his head – sending him into a coma. Later he suffered paralysis due to the brain injury that was a form of post traumatic encephalopathy. The devastating incident took his life in 1970. At the young age of 37, this player’s life and career ended tragically.
Larry Johnson

As a part of the Charlotte Hornets and the New York Knicks, this professional NBA player contributed to the game with full force on the court. However, after he suffered a terrible back injury that reduced his ability to be physical during the game, Johnson later on became more of a perimeter player and helped his team instead of being the up front and primary driving force that he once was. He barely played 10 seasons before retiring due to his back injuries.
Yao Ming

This Chinese professional played for the Houston Rockets. He was well known for being one of the best centers in the game and standing tall at 2.29m (7’6″), he was the tallest player whenever he was on the court. Yao Ming was at the brink of achieving success when he developed osteomyelitis in his big toe. This kept him away from games in his fourth season. An additional injury, a broken bone in his foot, also contributed to him being sidelined during year. To add to his misfortune, Ming later suffered a broken knee and a micro-fracture in his left foot a year later. It was due to this that his career came to an end even before he could taste success.
Larry Bird

Playing for the Boston Celtics, Larry Bird was destined to become an all-time great. The 12-time NBA All-Star was named the league’s Most Valuable Player for three consecutive seasons from 1984 to 1986. His chronic back problems led to premature retirement in 1992. Bird is presently serving as a team president in the Indiana Pacers.
Chris Webber
Chris Webber was one of the players who had an extraordinary flair for dunking and passing. An unfortunate knee injury in 2003 caused the talented player to opt for early retirement in 2008. Webber had to undergo micro-fracture surgery for an injured knee and after the surgery, Webber’s swiftness and movement on the court was limited and he didn’t have the same agility as before, resulting in the untimely and unfortunate end of his career.
Penny Hardaway

Penny Hardaway was an eccentric point guard in his days in the NBA. He started his professional career in 1993 with the Phoenix Suns, but his most dynamic years were as a member of the Orlando Magic. In 1998, his career suffered an untimely end due to a knee injury.
Kevin Johnson

Currently the mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson is the first African American to serve the office. Johnson was a man on fire when he played on the court, but his NBA career went downhill after he was affected with a hernia. The condition slowed him down and delayed his progress. If not for this, people say that Johnson, along with Barkley, would have definitely made a couple of title runs in the West.
Grant Hill

Having played for four different teams, the Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Clippers during his tenure in the NBA, Grant Hill was considered one of the best players out there. His initial six seasons with the Pistons were smooth and catapulted his fame to great heights. The next twelve seasons though were plagued by injury, causing Hill to retire in 2013, though it was a popular opinion that if it wasn’t for those injuries, Hill would have had a far more brilliant career.
Shaun Livingston

Shaun Livingston is a 24-year old whose injuries have plagued him to the extent that he actually lost out on almost half of his games in the first three years of his career. In 2004, Livingston chose to enter the 2004 NBA draft over attending college. In 2007, he suffered a gruesome knee injury that affected the entire area around his knee. He took over 2 years to recover from the injury. Luckily for him, he battled back and eventually found himself on a championship winning Golden State Warriors team in 2015 – but not nearly as spectacular as he could’ve been without the injury.
And how can you not love that ‘fro?
Jay Williams

Injuries, apparently, do not just happen on the court. Jay Williams was a Duke University Blue Devils player who played professionally for the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. Williams had a near-death motorcycle accident that tore three ligaments in his knee. Williams underwent therapy to revive his leg, but was constantly nagged by the injury that in turn affected his playing. His contract was later bought out by the Bulls for $3 million. If it weren’t for the injury, Williams could’ve had an impressive career for himself.
These players on the list gave their best to the game while they were on the court, but for some, their injuries minimized their impact while for others, the injuries were just too much to overcome.

Featured image: Chris Webber


Chile - 2014 World Cup

Chile Eliminates Spain

In stunning fashion, Spain will be one of the first teams eliminated at the 2014 World Cup (along with Australia).


Alexis Sanchez provided the set up for Eduardo Vargas as he scored Chile’s first goal of the day in the 20th minute. Chile added another goal before halftime to add salt to Spain’s wound. A routine freekick by Chile was inexplicable punched by Iker Casillas directly to a Chilean player in the box. Charles Aranguiz was perfectly positioned and just chipped a shot into an open net while Casillas was rendered helpless to stop it.


Spain tried to regroup in the second half, but they seemed to lack the type of energy, determination and desire needed to come back from such a deficit.


With this 2-0 loss, Spain becomes the fifth reigning World Cup holder to be eliminated in the group stages. It happened to Italy twice (1950, 2010), Brazil in 1966 and France in 2002.



Brasilia - 2014 World Cup

2014 World Cup Cities: Brasilia

Considered the youngest city in Brazil, Brasilia serves as the federal capital of the South American country and its Federal District. It sits along the Brazilian Highlands to the Central-west region and was founded in April, 1960 to serve as the new Brazilian capital. With an estimated population of 2,789,761 as of 2013, the city is one of the most populous cities in the country and boasts of one of the highest GDP per capita among the major Latin American cities.


Modern city


Brasilia has a unique, modernist landscape which was designed by renowned urban planner Lucio Costa & architect Oscar Niemeyer. It boasts of a mix of urban zoning and swooping freeways featuring a restaurant sector, a banking sector and an embassies sector, with the lower-income population being forced out to the nearby satellite cities (cidades-satelites).


Food options available


Believe it or not, Brasilia does not have its own traditional, regional cuisine, probably due to the fact that it’s relatively young. It’s inhabited & visited by Brazilians from all over the country including many international guests and has arguably one of Brazil’s best restaurant bases. Here, you can find delicacies from various regions with bias on the Midwest. Additionally, there are many great places with rich influences from French, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish or Italian cuisine.

Things to do in Brasilia


Explore the Metropolitan Cathedral

One of legendary architect Oscar Niemeyer’s greatest masterpieces, the Metropolitan Cathedral is a completely unique building both in Brazil and in the world! Tourists come from different parts of the world to see the stunning glasswork inside the building.


Metropolitan Cathedral - 2014 World Cup


Take a tour of the TV Tower

One of the world’s tallest buildings, Brasilia’s TV Tower offers breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding areas. You can choose to go all the way to the top or simply tour the bazaar & street fair at the base of the tower during weekends.


Visit the National Park

The Park boasts of numerous hiking trails that takes you to the thick, lush forests in the middle of the Brasilia’s center. The two popular ones are the 20-minute Capivara course and the hour-long Cristal tour (which is ideal if you’re the more hardy hiker), and both will take you around the park. One of the biggest activities here, however, is visiting the mineral springs which are located at the heart of the park. You will find 2 areas of mineral springs, both which are believed to aid in healing.

The Estadio Nacional de Brasilia (Stadium)


Estádio Nacional de Brasilia - 2014 World Cup

By Danilo Borges/Portal da Copa (Portal da Copa) [CC-BY-3.0-br (], via Wikimedia Commons


Soccer is one of the major passions of the people of Brasilia so it’s little wonder that the strikingly beautiful Estadio Nacional stadium was given a significant role in the 2014 FIFA World cup. A multi-purpose stadium, Estadio is currently used mainly for football matches and has a capacity of 72,788.


The present day stadium sits at the same location where the Nacional Mane Garrincha, named after legendary Brazilian footballer Garrincha, stood. Designed in 1974 by Icaro de Castro Mello, the original stadium was completely demolished in 2010 to pave way for the new stadium. Estadio Nacional features many bells & whistles as well as a lowered pitch for better viewing for the spectators.


Additionally, it was built on carbon neutrality which makes it a great venue for both the world’s famous sport and Mother Nature. With a total cost of US$900 million, the stadium is the world’s 2nd most expensive football stadium after Wembley Stadium of England, and will play host to seven games during the World Cup, including an important quarterfinal match.


Getting to Estadio Nacional de Brasilia

According to the Stadium Guide, the stadium is found just 2 kilometers from the city’s metro station Central and can be accessed using public transportation. It’s easy to get to it from the center of Brasilia.


Food options available

There are numerous restaurants near the stadium offering a great variety of dishes. One common delicacy is the typical Brazilian steakhouse concept that goes casual with burgers & grilled steaks and a side of rice & beans, which is the national staple. Other dining options include Brazilian Pizza served rodizio-style and traditional churrascaria.



Upsets - 2014 World Cup

Top 10 Biggest Upsets In The World Cup (Part 2)

Here’s the remaining Top 5 in our list. If you missed Part 1, click HERE!


5. East Germany defeats West Germany at the 1974 World Cup


This match is still regarded as one of the most politically charged matches ever played in the World Cup. Germany was still divided between East Germany and West Germany and the match at Volksparkstadion was going to be intense. East Germany did not have much reputation in the world of football, whereas West Germany had made a name for themselves and were considered as one of the favorites to win the 1974 World Cup. East Germany surprised everyone on that day and they managed to score the lone goal of the game in the 77th minute. West Germany failed to equalize and went on to lose the game. West Germany had the last laugh, eventually moving on to win the 1974 World Cup.


4. Algeria defeats West Germany in the 1982 World Cup


Algeria was participating in the World Cup for the very first time and West Germany was the reigning European champion at that time. Everybody expected West Germany to just roll over the inexperienced Algerian team. However, Algeria stunned everyone when they took the lead in the 54th minute. West Germany eventually tied it up in the 66th minute, but Algeria shocked the world again when they scored another goal off a one-timer. This goal from Algeria turned out to be the match winner and the reigning European champions were defeated by the first timers at the World Cup.


3. Cameroon defeats Argentina at the 1990 World Cup


Argentina had previously won the World Cup in 1986 and were expected to remain at the top of the tournament at the 1990 World Cup. The team from Cameroon did not have any big stars in their lineup and Argentina was expected to win without much effort. This was just the second World Cup for the team from Africa and this was the very first match in the 1990 World Cup. The football world was stunned when Cameroon managed to take the lead in the 67th minute with an incredible header. They managed to hold onto this lead even though they were down to only 10 players after the 54th minute of the game. Cameroon finished well in the tournament and managed to reach the quarter-finals, the furthest they’ve finished in their history at the World Cup.


2. USA defeats England at the 1950 World Cup


England, in the 1950s, were considered to be the best football team in the world. England was tipped to be the favorites along with Brazil and Uruguay to win the 1950 World Cup. United States, on the other hand, did not even have a full-fledged professional team. England was widely expected to beat the United States team with ease, however, the first and only goal of the match was scored by USA in the 37th minute. USA managed to hold them off until time expired. This defeat proved to be a big loss for England who could not manage to enter into the final round. USA also did not win another match in a World Cup until 1994.


1. Uruguay defeats Brazil in the 1950 World Cup


Brazil was hosting the 1950 World Cup and this was the final match of tournament. Approximately 200,000 people were watching this game live at the the Maracanã Stadium. Brazil started the tournament as favorites, were playing on home soil, and they only needed a draw to win the World Cup, whereas Uruguay needed to win to lift the World Cup. The Brazilians started the match by continuously attacking and they were rewarded when they scored the first goal in the 47th minute. But Uruguay responded with a goal in the 66th minute. In the 79th minute, Uruguay scored the last goal of the game and held on to win the match and the World Cup title.

This match is widely known as Maracanazo, which roughly means “The Maracana Blow”.




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