Dropcam Pro Video Monitoring Security Camera

The Dropcam Pro Video Monitoring Security Camera with WiFi is an all purpose innovative security tool meant to connect with those you care for. Placing this wireless security camera anywhere in the house helps you watch the activities taking place and thus relieves you from constant worries.
Positioned as a unique product in terms of a security camera, there has been a lot of curiosity among those who are looking for a home security solution. Here is how this incredibly useful security camera works.

Designed as an easy-to-install device, it takes less than a minute to start functioning. Connected with your home WiFi, it streams HD video over several different devices due to its marvelous compatibility features. It is compatible with devices such as Apple Mac, Windows Desktop, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and other Android devices. All you need to do is to install the Dropcam App available for free over various app stores and connect it to the Internet. Once connected, you can watch and monitor inside as well as outside the premises of your house when you are at work or enjoying your vacations elsewhere.

The camera comes with other amazing features such as high definition video quality, vast field of view (130 degrees diagonal) and Cloud Video Recording (CVR). CVR enables video making and review of footage. You can also share this data with others. Other impressive features include the 720p High Definition Video with 8 x zoom, motion and sound sensation notifications, safe video streaming, two-way talk, setting alerts, digital zoom, night vision, scheduling, and access to mobile and Web apps.
Placing this camera to monitor people, places and even pets can be extremely helpful for you to remain in touch and stay connected even without physically being present at those locations.
If you’re looking for an ideal tool to monitor places and people when you aren’t there, the Dropcam Pro Internet WiFi Video Monitoring Security Camera is worth another look.


Why Stars Like Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney Love Cabo San Lucas

Cabo is a Mexican get-away spot that’s a favorite draw for celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney. In fact, the stars famously rang in the New Year in Cabo San Lucas just two years ago, joined by Justin Theroux, Jimmy Kimmel, John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt. The most decorated Olympian of all time, swimmer Michael Phelps, has also been seen partying at this top tourist destination.
Much of the attraction to the area is due to its location, known as “Land’s End,” Cabo is right at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. The area has been developed with a line of gated communities and exclusive hotels called the Corridor, which is where many of the Hollywood elite gather. High-end resorts there include Las Ventanas, Esperanza and the One & Only Palmilla.
From December to March every year, movie stars and regular folks alike can enjoy whale-watching. From waterfront resort balconies, pods of whales can be seen having completed their 6,000 mile trip from Alaska to bear their calves in the warm southern waters.
Whether it’s big-game fishing, kayaking or laying prone somewhere on a beach, the area is diverse enough to offer it all, and of course the resorts feature spas, fine dining and a wide range of nightlife and entertainment choices. With some 3 million tourists flocking to the area every year, from families on a budget to honeymooners to Hollywood A-listers, the variety is endless.
Golf fans like George Clooney, for instance, might well be attracted by the world class courses that dot the landscape. The natural desert terrain, reminiscent of Arizona, is made unforgettable with its vivid backdrop of the Sea of Cortez.
Over the years, other celebrities spotted vacationing at Cabos include Fergie and Josh Duhamel, John Travolta, Eva Longoria, and Jennifer Lopez. Although celebrity-sightings aren’t unusual, many of the famous faces choose to stay away from the hordes in private resorts in the Corridor. This potent mix of paradise and privacy is a proven magnet for celebrities on vacation.



Top 10 Tourist Destinations In Australia!

Heading for some fun in the Land Down Under? Here are 10 must-see travel spots to make the most of your Australian adventure!
Melbourne Cricket Ground

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (aka the MCG) is the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere, seating 100,024 people. In a country that’s extremely passionate about their sport, this is the beating heart of it. In the summer, it’s a great place for a relaxing afternoon of cricket or, in winter, an exciting evening of Aussie Rules. Check it out at the end of September for the nail-biting final.
Shark Bay

Shark Bay is way across the country, at the westernmost point of Australia. It’s known for its stunningly beautiful scenery and aquatic life, like the manatee and the sea grass.
But what Shark Bay is really known for are its stromatolites, living fossils that are up to 5,000 years old. They provide an insight into what life was like 1.9 billion years ago, and were a critical factor in the area being declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Fraser Island
Fraser Island is another example of incredible natural beauty. It’s an island off the Australian east coast that had for the most part avoided modern development. Fraser Island is now a destination for camping, canoeing, fishing, four-wheel driving, or just lounging around the numerous freshwater lakes. From sand dunes to eucalyptus wonderlands, it’s no wonder Fraser Island is a tourist hot spot.
Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach is a few miles from the Sydney core and an opportunity to see Australia at its best. Favored by backpackers, Bondi is a great place to relax in the sun, be a part of big crowds (while keeping an eye out for celebrities) and just generally kick back, Australia style. Just remember to bring extra sunscreen.
Twelve Apostles and the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s most dramatic road trips. Stretching 151 miles along the southeast coast of Australia, this winding piece of tarmac hugs the ocean, giving you spectacular views all the way.
The twelve Apostles are towering limestone formations in the ocean, huge hunks of coastline that are being slowly eroded by the waves. Only eight of the twelve remain, so make sure you see them while you can.
Port Arthur
If you’re more of a history buff than a nature fanatic, head across the Bass Strait to Tasmania’s Port Arthur. An old penal colony from the mid-1800s, it was a prison for crooks who reoffended once they landed in Australia. It’s a beautifully preserved collection of old buildings and open-air style museum exhibits and is definitely worth the trek southward.
Surfers Paradise
Surfers Paradise is, as the name suggests, a surfing hot spot. It’s all about beach relaxation during the day and partying at night. With a host of high-end shops, restaurants, bars, and clubs, Surfers has a little something for everyone after the sun goes down. It’s the perfect combination of soaking up rays and urban highlife.

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock or the ‘red center of Australia,’ is a natural and cultural wonder. A rock formation 200 miles from the nearest town that rises abruptly 1,100 feet out of the ground, it’s the sacred site for the Anangu, the local Aboriginal people. They now guide tourists, helping point out scared writings and local flora and fauna. It’s also a famed photography destination, as the rock is known to change color depending on the time of day.
Sydney Harbor

Sydney Harbor, a distinctive site for anyone who’s seen Finding Nemo, is home to the architectural marvel the Sydney Opera House. Arguably the most recognizable symbols for Australia, this architectural marvel is a great place to catch a show.
The harbor is also home to the Sydney Harbor Bridge. You can walk to top for an incredible view. The Sydney Harbor is one of the world most picturesque harbors.
Great Barrier Reef

The spot that everyone HAS to visit is always going to be the Great Barrier Reef. One of the seven natural wonders of the world, visible from space, and the world’s largest living organism, this is truly something everyone should see. You’ll see more amazing sea-life on the Reef then almost anywhere else in the world. Colorful fish, coral, rays, and sharks, the Great Barrier Reef has it all in abundance.
Australia’s a wonderful country with an incredible amount to offer visitors. These are the top 10 to get you started, but in a nation so big, there’s always more to see. So get out there and start planning your trip down under!



Hulk The Dog, The Really Big Dog!

When you think of a dog, what is the image that comes to mind? If you like the little ones, you would probably think of a Chihuahua, Dachshund or a Pug. If you like them slightly bigger, you would maybe think of a Beagle or a Jack Terrier. A little bigger and you might think of a Labrador Retriever or maybe a German Shepherd? And if you like them a little ferocious, or maybe at least look ferocious, then you will surely settle on a Pitbull.
Well, let us introduce you to Hulk, the pitbull that changes the very definition of a big dog. And mind you, though this guy is big, he’s as gentle as any dog can be.

Bred by Marlon and Lisa Grennan, who live on their New Hampsire farm with their toddler son of three, Jordan, Hulk is enormous. The pitbull is only 18-months old, already weighs 175 pounds, and at the rate at which he is growing, Hulk is all set to take over the title of the biggest dog in the world once he stops growing.
So how dangerous can he be? Marlon Grennan says that in line with his size, Hulk has massive strength and if something had to go wrong, he could do some serious damage. “A dog the size of the Hulk could kill someone if it was in the wrong situation at the wrong time. The power of this dog is unrivaled. If he bit down on someone’s arm with full power it would snap like a toothpick,” says Grennan.
But how gentle is he actually? Well, Jordan, the little guy of three actually rides Hulk like a horse and Hulk complies without any complaints whatsoever! He’s mellow,” says Grennan. “With these dogs it’s all about leadership and how you raise them, rules, boundaries, limits, you know.” And one look at Hulk’s sensitive eyes will tell you Grennan’s telling us the truth.
To know how cute, playful and trustworthy this giant called Hulk can be, check out these videos!


Bike Thieves Get Treated To Swift And Hard Justice

Many people have always complained that delayed justice is justice denied. However in this instance, justice is served in hard-hitting fashion and speedy manner. These would-be bicycle thieves were certainly treated to instant, humiliating and painful justice after falling for a trick set up by pranksters in Brazil.

The clip shows thieves attempting to make away with an unlocked bicycle left by a tree not knowing that the bike’s rear wheel is actually tied by a rope on the tree. As the first crook tries to cycle off on the bike, he surprisingly and unknowingly comes to a sudden halt in his tracks, thanks to the rope. The impact sees the would-be thief fly over the handrails and land painfully, face first on the ground. A man is then seen emerging and chasing down the thief who runs for his freedom, perhaps to escape another humiliating justice.
The fate was also shared by the second and third thieves who were completely oblivious that the bike was held back by a rope. While they all appear to escape, the way they fall in almost a similar face first way serves as enough justice.
The video, which was uploaded on YouTube by pranksters who call themselves OS Primitivos, was been viewed more than two million times in less than 48 hours. It’s hilarious!


Groom Goes Viral With Bollywood Wedding Song

Weddings are always great and sometimes a unique gesture makes it even more special!
When Frank Gregoire was ready to get married to his bride Simran Malhotra, he was clearly aiming for nothing short of astounding, magical, heartfelt, and just about any similar adjective in the dictionary you could think of.
Now we all know how catchy Bollywood numbers are, and yes, we also know how difficult the lyrics are even for those who are from Indian families that have settled abroad.
So when Frank decided to surprise the love of his life with a rendition of the hit song Kyunki Tum Hi Ho from the Hindi movie Aashiqui 2, he surely knew what he was getting into – and that didn’t deter him from going ahead with the plan.
On the wedding day, all of his plans were beautifully fulfilled when he impressed not only his lady love and the gathered guests, but in the span of a few days, he impressed millions over the Internet!

As for the bride? Well, she’s clearly over the moon and knows just how lucky she is to find a selfless and loving person like Frank to share her life with.
“I know Frank loves singing but never would I have imagined that he would learn a Hindi song and sing it to me at our wedding. When I first heard him sing, I just felt like I was in ‘shock’. There are no words to describe how I felt in that moment and truthfully it is probably one of those feelings I will never experience again,” said Simran, recalling her feelings when she heard Frank break into one of the most popular songs from India.
As for Frank, he jokingly says this impressive performance could lead to further trouble. “I’m sure Simran will have many requests now that she knows I am willing to learn Hindi songs,” he said.
Apart from enjoying the attention that has come their way, Simran and Frank are also encouraging others to spread some love.
“We challenge the world to make a headline news story of love and a positive message that takes precedence over all the hate, war, crime, and negativity showcased in the world,” says Frank.
We accepted the challenge and did our bit by sharing the story! We also hope this encourages everyone to go that extra mile for a loved one, knowing that love is indeed the true essence of life.


7 Surprising Benefits Of Drinking Honey Water Daily

The best of all thirst quenchers is water and it’s known to have multiple health benefits. It keeps a good control on calories thus promoting weight loss. It energizes the muscles in our body by preventing fatigue and maintaining the correct balance of fluids. The more water intake you have, the more visibly clear and fresh skin you will see as it prevents dehydration. A good intake of water is the best thing you can do for your kidneys. It will relieve them from a lot of stress and reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Water is extremely useful for a healthy gut. It prevents constipation, maintains a healthy colon and prevents gastrointestinal diseases. Overall water is the most important drink of the day. We should all make sure we take adequate amounts of water to maintain a healthy balance of fluids in our body. If just water alone can pull in so many benefits, can you just imagine the benefit if you include honey water in your diet?
The benefits become two-fold! Honey is a magic potion! It is packed with so many benefits that taking honey water on a daily basis will definitely improve your well-being.
Most of the benefits associated with honey are quite similar to those associated with taking warm water itself. Some of the noticeable changes you will see within a short period of time are mentioned as follows:
1. Weight Loss

Weight loss is the number one concern for many people around the world. Some need to lose it for their beauty and some for their health. Honey water on a regular basis drastically melts away the excess fat from your body! Furthermore, the natural sugar in honey helps you ward off the temptation for sweets and controls your cravings.
2. Healthy Immune System

Honey is loaded with natural antibacterial elements. It has antiseptic properties that help control acidity and increases intestinal mucus secretion. It’s got antioxidants that fight off the free radicals that damage the skin and it is great for fighting bacterial infections. You can combat bad breath issues with honey water as well.
3. Cough and Cold Treatment

Honey has been used to cure coughs since olden times. Taking a glass of warm honey water every day in the morning soothes the throat and provides relief from persistent coughs.
4. Allergy Control

If you reside in an area where you are vulnerable to either dust or pollen allergies, taking warm honey water first thing in the morning helps you tackle those environmental allergies and curbs them. Its regular use helps reduce your vulnerability towards these recurring allergies.
5. Flatulence Control

Gassy situations can be awkward, uncomfortable, and a recurring nightmare! Regular use of warm honey water ensures that the gases get neutralized in your body. It may not eliminate the problem thoroughly, but drastically reduces such incidences. So whenever you feel bloated, sip on a glass of warm honey water, and your pain will be alleviated in no time!
6. You’ll Get Clear Skin

Honey combined with water is a powerful collagen booster as it comprises of a lot of skin restorative properties. Your skin will be clear and rejuvenated with its regular use. Due to the fact that you feel energized and fresh by drinking honey water regularly, it greatly improves the health of your skin.
7. Honey Water Improves Health

Does honey water contribute in improving your health? Yes! Regular consumption of warm honey water improves the level of good cholesterol in your body. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it helps maintain proper hydration in your body. It’s also a great detox that helps the body get rid of all the dangerous toxins that build up with time.
So many benefits and such a simple concoction! Boost your body with health and start your honey-water regime today!


How The Internet Rallied Behind Dancing Man

The Internet may be perceived as a platform where everyone’s life is open to ridicule and shame by haters and trolls. Equally true, however, is the fact that the Internet also makes heroes and celebrities out of the ordinary.
One such ordinary man, Sean O’Brien, a Merseysider who now lives in London, experienced the lows of first being ridiculed for trying to dance, despite his weight, and then the absolute highs of loads of users and even celebrities, joining the bandwagon to make him feel amazing! He is now known as The Dancing Man!
Cassandra Banks, a writer based in California, was among the first to reach out to Sean.


Then, Sean was eventually found!




It must have been difficult to say no to 1,727 “occasionally overly enthusiastic group of young women in California” who were willing to throw a party just for him!
Apart from the outpouring of support Sean has received from those all over the world, even his close friends and family have now begun to share their stories about how special a person Sean is. It’s all overwhelming even for us so we can only imagine how wonderful Sean must be feeling!
As for the dancing side of things, Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Cheryl Burke has offered to choreograph a special piece that will make Sean look amazing.


But the fun doesn’t end there either!
A special evening has been planned for Sean and the attendees and performers will include the who’s who of the entertainment industry including Pharrell Williams, Moby, Ellie Goulding, and the list is only growing.



Apart from the idea itself, over $30,000 has been collected through the campaign – money that will go towards an anti-bullying cause.
The Los Angeles Coliseum also opted to host the party.


Now this is a feel good story if we ever heard one!

Featured image via liverpoolecho.co.uk



Bali And Its Wonderful Attractions

Bali has been getting a lot of attention lately with growing tourism and wonderful sights of nature. Some have even called it overrated, but in truth, Bali deserves all the hype and more. It has a wide variety of small businesses that are there to help aid tourism and tourists. Fall in love with Bali and its natural attractions; make sure you visit the following 10 wonderful attractions of Bali.
1. Uluwatu Temple – Pura Luhur

The Uluwatu Temple is located on a large rugged limestone cliff. It’s an extremely scenic sight and is situated in an island known more commonly as Bukit Peninsula. The temple has an air of majesty about it and has been expanded several times since the 11th century. It is perched 70 meters above the Indian Ocean on a steep cliff. Reward yourself with beautiful sunrises and sunsets atop either side of the temple.
2. Pura Tanah Lot

This is a majestic formation of natural rocks that lays the foundation for the basis of a well known pilgrimage temple. It is known for serenity and a cultural significance as it is associated with the Balinese mythology as being one of the seven temples that make a circular ring-like formation in the southwest of Bali. It is advised to go here during low tide so you can enjoy walking across the water for an enthralling experience.
3. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

This is a very famous temple of Bali that serenely resides near Lake Bratan. It has a beautiful structure that is magnified by its reflection in the crystal clear waters of Lake Bratan.
4. Dolphin Sightings At Lovina

This is the perfect and most ideal place for sighting dolphins in their natural habitat. The boats leave at dawn from the beach in search of them. It may be a little crowded due to its popularity, but it is definitely worth the wait. There are various other activities in Lovina besides dolphin watching such as relaxing in cafes.
5. Ubud

This place is known as the heart and life of Bali where all energy and action is focused at. This place contains the best Bali has to offer in terms of nature, culture, people, museums, temples, rice fields, parks and has places for several exciting activities such as cooking or adventure explorations. You can also relax and unwind with yoga and meditation or go hiking and biking. With spas and massages, this one place is sure to entertain and appeal to every member of the family.
6. Party At Kuta Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in Bali with an active party life. It is the ideal place to socialize, make friends, and have fun. The best part is that there are different atmospheres that suite different budgets.
7. Private Beach At Nusa Dua Beach

If compromise is a word you know nothing of, this is the place to be. It has high end hotels that offer you the five star experience along with pristine beaches that are perfect for getting an envious tan. This spot is ideal for honeymooners and those looking for a relaxing getaway.
8. Hike/Climb Mount Batur At Kintamani

In the east highlands of Bali is Mount Batur. It is an active volcano and an exciting spot to go hiking for active tourists who wish to embark on an adventure. The hikes start at dawn, as early as 4 am, and enable tourists to enjoy the sunrise at 6 am. The hike is easy and conveniently marked for safety while offering you breathtaking and serene views of nature.
9. Ayana Restaurant On Rocks

This is a restaurant placed on a cliff. It is considered to be one of the best relaxing places in Bali with a long line of people awaiting their due enjoyment. It’s perfect for not only food, but also for socializing, and relaxing with a beautiful view of the sea water crashing on to the rocks below.
10. Coffee Plantation At Bali Pulina Agro Tourism

This coffee plantation has an entirely different feel to it that will make you be glad about your coffee while you look at the plantations below. You can taste several different varieties of coffee while enjoying the experience of watching how expensive Kopi Luwak is made. If you are a lover of coffee and tea, then don’t forget to visit this place.
The above mentioned places are just a few places covered in order to justify the hype about Bali as a tourist location. If you ever do spend some time here, you’ll finally understand why people love the serenity and peacefulness of Bali.



Lanzarote: Full Of Volcanic Beaches And Much More

If you don’t live in Europe, then you may have hardly heard of the cozily tucked away yet awesomely cool place called Lanzarote. As unique as its name is, the place is a UNSECO biosphere reserve. Tranquil beaches and volcanic landscapes which mesmerize you with their beautiful sights all make this a Spanish haven. Did you know this place is pitted with 300 volcanic cones?
The landscape is an exceptional combination of crinkly, majestic lava fields and palm-filed valley fields. Can you imagine the mesmerizing and magnificent sights that would be? What other worldly place would that be? This is a place where the two opposites come together not for destruction but for creating a truly attractive landscape.
The island’s major land sights were developed by the late César Manrique. He was a Lanzarote native and artist. He also left a prominent impact on the island’s cultural foundation. Its characteristic whitewashed houses are due to the late architect. These white washed houses with blue and green shutters lend another dimension to the island.

There are tons of beaches on this picturesque island. Francesa, Playa Grande, Las Cucharas, La Concha and El Reducto are some of the islands distinguished by white sand. If you fancy seeing golden beaches, then you may head towards any of the following beaches: El Risco, Famara, Playa de Papagayo, Playa Honda and La Garita among others.
Did you know the island has 365 days of spring? Yes! Any day you arrive, the spring-like weather welcomes you on this blooming island. With around 3,000 hours of sunlight a year, it lies in the part of Europe with the most hours of sunlight. Also, it has an amazingly cool annual average temperature of 21°C.
This volcanic island is close to the Tropic of Cancer. The entire island is dominated by volcanic rubble, lava rocks, and ash. Add to it the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean and you have a scene worth traveling the seven seas for. No wonder it has tourists flocking to it throughout the year.

How you reach the island is exciting in itself. Due to the island’s size and position of the airport, airplanes headed for Lanzarote actually hover over the water and touches ground just seconds before landing. Upon reaching, you will notice that the island has no tall buildings. Natural to the core, the beaches and majestic mountains gracefully welcome you, taking you in with their silent beauty.
Reading the description of Lanzarote may have motivated you enough to start planning your next trip to this heavenly location, but once you arrive, what do you do? Here are just some of the places and sights worth visiting.
Timanfaya National Park

Made up of volcanic soil in its entirety, this park is a work of natural art. The volcanic soil is from eruptions that took place between 1730 and 1736. This strange and enigmatic park seems like it’s out of a science–fiction movie. The volcanic craters, nascent and active volcanoes, and rubble from volcanic explosions, this park will take you by surprise.
You cannot take a walk or drive inside the park. However, a coach trip will very willingly take you around this national park amidst various ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’! Plus, you can also take camel rides across this surreal landscape to marvel at this out-of–the-world piece of land!
But what will truly blow you away is yet to come. Have you ever cracked the joke to someone else that it was so hot outside that you could just as well fry an egg? Well, you get to experience it here. The park sits atop some steaming volcanic activity so the restaurant El Diablo makes use of it. It utilizes the geo-thermal energy to cook food and grill meat, giving new meaning to harnessing the power of earth, perhaps? The bottomless grill provides for an interesting view and amazing food!
El Golfo

In the same area is the El Golfo. It is a volcanic crater with a green pool.  The water is green in color because of the algae on its surface, in addition to the minerals left from volcanic activities. Perhaps, nowhere else you would get to see such a stark spectrum of colors ranging from the black beach to the green pool to the turquoise sea, all in close proximity of each other.
Fundacion Cesar Manrique

This is the house of the creative architect Cesar Manrique. As one visitor says online, “How must it be to have the vision to create such a masterpiece as your own home.”
It’s built on top of a mountain trail from a volcanic eruption. The living room in the lower level makes use of the natural formation of five volcanic bubbles – talk about taming nature! Even the tables are carved out of volcanic rocks and the theme used is natural vegetation (cacti). It truly is a unique combination of the fiery nature and civilization, leaving you in awe of this place.
Jameos Del Agua

Part of a 6 kilometer long lava tube formed by the eruption of Montana La Corona, this tourist attraction was also conceived by Manrique. 
It’s entered by climbing down a staircase into a cave which has been turned into a restaurant overlooking a small lake.
The lake, with its extremely clear water, is the home of blind albino crabs, known as ‘Jameitos’. They are only found in Lanzarote and hence have been fondly taken as the symbol of Jameos del Agua.
Once you cross the lake by a footpath, you would suddenly find yourself out into broad daylight in a huge open-air cave having tropical trees and swimming pool. A staircase takes you to a surreal café built inside.
Mirador Del Rio

This is a viewpoint located on the northern side of Lanzarote. One of the cliffs line the road so you can cozily settle in there and see the sun set on this magical land. With the last rays of the day shining down, you can see the land in a new light. Where else would you find this awe-inspiring scene of bluebells on one side and the majestic Canary Islands on another?
The last moments of the sunset aptly remind you that this journey will end at some point so treasure the best of memories while you can! As the land bathes you in amazing hues of pinks, blues, and peaches of the dying sunlight, this memory is captured in your heart forever.

Thankfully, this Spanish haven does not have crowded beaches. With a popular vacation site can come a bucket load of tourists, however, this is not the case and you will find secluded beaches here. To access the most gorgeous beaches, rent a car, and head towards the south. Punta de Papagayo has sandy beaches which are sheltered by cliffs. Hidden away in Monumento Natural de Los Ajaches, they are a tourist’s delight. These five spectacular beaches are led to by a dirt track. And what is more, they are again surrounded by the island’s familiar volcanic hills.
The small cliffs jut out to provide a small secluded enclave at the beach. Pack away your food and head for this beach for a quiet day out.

Perhaps the second most important item on a tourist’s checklist is what food is there to eat? The islands in the Canarian archipelago bring together awesome food and warm weather for a truly amazing experience. Beware though that the tourist cafes in Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca may be a bit overpriced.
Instead, what you can do is head towards the smaller villages. Each of these villages is a treasure trove of restaurants and cafes – a foodie’s heaven.  Be sure to check out the villages of Teguise and Haria which offer local Spanish food.
There are a plenty of variations of tapas, getting a taste of which will take up quite a bit of your evening! There are tapas with anchovies, olives, tortilla Espanola, and albondigas. Albondigas refers to meat balls rolled in tomato sauce. Just talking about these gets our mouth tingling! The Boccadillo is a sort of Spanish tribute to the renowned French baguette. Adorned with garlic and having a meat filling, this is a gastronomic delight!
A land of sights and food combine together to lend you the most amazing memories, what more would you want?
What To Wear?

Pick outfits which are easier to travel in as you will spend a lot of time walking around the island and discovering it. You will be visiting villages, alleys, and buildings tucked away. A summer dress, maxi or long, would be the perfect choice to explore the small village.
To explore the Timanfaya National Park and Fundacion Cesar Manrique though, a better choice would be trousers. Mix and match colors in your scarves, dresses, and statement necklaces for that bohemian look. Keep it simple at the beach though to take in the soft, breezy beach.
So if you plan to escape the daily grind of your hectic urban life, you know the Lanzarotian beaches are waiting to welcome you!


10 Essential tips to success in Fallout Shelter

We’ve broken Fallout Shelter and created a must read guide that will ensure you get the most out of the game.

1. Bigger rooms win the long game


When it comes to building new rooms, electricity, food, and water – in that order of importance – are always first priority. Try to expand a room, if reasonable, rather than a build singles side by side. It’s better to have a large, three-room long structure contributing just one type of resource. It gives better payload.

2. Upgrade is the first option, building is the second


Ever heard off unmanageable growth? It’s a principle people learn at fancy business schools, but Fallout Shelter will pound this idea into your gut sans an expensive textbook. In general, it’s always better to upgrade something before you decide to build a new structure, unless you’re positive that new room is exactly what you need.

3. Make your vault a love shack


Need population? Sure, you can build yourself a radio room – it helps with vault happiness – but it doesn’t have a good yield, even if you upgrade it. The best trick to boosting population is letting people do what they do best. Screw. Pardon my crudeness, but it’s true. Build a living space (always try to upgrade before building another one) and find a man and woman ready to play the birds and the bees. Mixing favorable genes doesn’t give satisfying results, so don’t bother using your most talented, especially if you’re on a tight resource schedule.

If you happen upon a pair of nightclothes, don’t sell them. They’re a perfect equip for speeding up the mating process. Be careful how many women you get pregnant, though (we’re talking about the game here). Jokes aside, if you max out you’re population limit, you’ll be stuck with a bunch of pregnant women until you upgrade, which is dangerous because pregnant women are useless in emergency scenarios.

4. Rushing is great for medical bays


The Med Bay is the perfect rushing room. Build a good size med bay, equip some residents well with stat boosting gear and good weapons, and then spam rushes in this room as much as possible. When you win you’re rushes, you’ll earn caps and stimpacks. Fail and you can spend a few stimpacks keeping them alive. You’ll have to let off eventually to let their mood recover, but the benefits to this technique are borderline ridiculous. Take advantage.

5. You need a road warrior, or three


You need at least a few vault residents who are built for the wasteland. These are going to be you’re most prized assets, you’re item farmers. Equip them with the best possible gear. Send them out with as many stimpacks and radaways as you can spare. Then, keep your eye on them. Send them home before you fall asleep. You don’t want to lose these characters because you forgot about the game for few days.

6. Guns are better than stimpacks always


Understand that the more guns everyone in your vault has, less often you’re going to find yourself frantically healing them during a crisis. Raider attacks can be an annoying and potentially devastating. But if everyone in your vault has guns, you’re vault residents will take care of them easily.

7. Training rooms require patience


You’ll start unlocking training rooms one after another. Don’t buy them right away. Before you build anything, evaluate your resource management. Are you in good shape? When you do build a gym or an armory, be patient. It takes a while to get a wastelander maxed out in one of their SPECIAL attributes, but it pays off.

8. Complete objectives


It sounds like a silly tip, but it’s regrettably overlooked. Most objectives in Fallout Shelter are not only doable, but they’re unlimited, easy and many of them yield you lunchboxes. The beauty of Fallout Shelter is you really don’t have to spend money, especially if you’re doing objectives.

9. Don’t leave your app open


This is a golden rule, and the fact that people don’t follow it is a dangerous habit. When you’re done playing Fallout Shelter, quit the program. If you leave it running in the background, you’ll drain your resources and even be absent when incidents occur. Many people have complained that Fallout Shelter punishes them when they are away. It’s usually because they left the app on all day in the background. Turn it off. Otherwise, you may come back to a ghost town.

10. Upgrade your arsenal


Giving every resident a gun isn’t going to get the job done, especially if it’s a rusty .32 pistol you had laying around. However, it is a start. Once you’re scavengers keep finding better rifles and shotguns, be sure to replace them. It’ll put you in a much more capable spot when you start facing higher-tier enemies, like molerats and deathclaws, down the line.


Diet Sodas Drive You To Consume More Calories

Are we really the best judges of what we consume? Do we analyze the pros and cons before deciding what we eat and drink? In our attempt to do good to our body, is there a possibility that we may be doing more harm?

In an age where fast food is the easiest and most preferred option, many of us try to enjoy the good things about junk foods while still ensuring that we do not consume the large amount of calories stocked up in them. We select products marketed by various companies that guarantee the same. One of these is diet soda. If you thought diet sodas are the perfect alternative to give you the energy boost you need in a fizzy drink that doesn’t make you feel guilty about all the extra calories, think again!
Let’s look at some important reasons why we must not be totally ignorant about our unmonitored levels of diet soda consumption. It may say ‘diet’ on the can, but there sure is more than meets the eye!
Setting wrong expectations

Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners. Companies use this as their selling point to convince consumers that artificial sweeteners are a better and healthier alternative to natural sweeteners. Unfortunately, this is not true. Artificial sweeteners have the exact same effect on our body as natural sweeteners like sugar. Consuming drinks with artificial sweeteners enhances the levels of insulin present in the blood and this leads the body to store fat, thus increasing body weight.
Numbing our sense reactors to natural sweeteners

Over time, consumption of sodas and other drinks that include artificial sweeteners numb our senses to natural sweeteners present in fruits. This is caused due to our senses being heightened by the concentrated sweet flavor used in artificial sweeteners. Once our body gets accustomed to artificial sweeteners, we are unable to enjoy natural and healthy sweet foods. Unknowingly, we drift away from eating healthy foods and fruits. Put down that can of diet soda and settle for a chilled iced tea instead.
Weakening of bones

Most sodas contain the harmful chemical compound phosphoric acid. Various studies have proven consumption of foods containing phosphoric acid contribute to the weakening of bones. An occasional soda once in a while won’t do much harm, but if consumed in large quantities or on a regular basis, this could have some adverse effects on your overall health. It doesn’t matter if it’s just soda or diet soda. The compound is present in either of them.
Diet sodas contribute to weight gain

Yes, you read that right! Diet sodas are often consumed as an alternative to normal sodas with the idea that avoiding heavy sugar consumption means avoiding that extra weight gain. Diet sodas actually can lead to weight increase. So if you’re working towards losing weight, it’s better to quit drinking sodas all together. You could, instead, settle for natural sweet drinks like fruit juices or fruit pulps. They may lack the fizzy temptation that sodas offer, but they are a safer bet when it comes to living a healthy life.
Increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks

One of the main chemicals used in diet sodas is aspartame. Not many know this fact, but the consumption of aspartame can significantly increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes and other heart related ailments. Scientists are further studying the relation between the consumption of diet sodas and the increase in cardiovascular ailments, as there have been more problems than solutions to date. Scientists believe that there is a stronger connection between people who drink diet sodas and have heart problems than those who do not.
Quitting sodas, especially cola drinks, is a perfect decision. Hard to make, but if you’re successful in quitting, you’ve just helped yourself to a healthier and a longer life.