Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds You Never Knew

While most people only think of pumpkins for Thanksgiving or Halloween, the seeds of this powerhouse of a fruit offer a unique cocktail of health-enhancing and disease-fighting compounds, minerals, and vitamins. While emerging evidence reveals its miraculous potency in battling heart disease, anxiety, arthritis, bladder dysfunction, and osteoporosis, pumpkin seeds have long been used in many cultures for their medicinal properties for centuries.
Some Interesting Trivia

    • The earliest known evidence of domestic use of pumpkin seeds dates back to 7000 B.C in Mexico.
    • Pumpkin seeds were first embraced by Native Americans for their miraculous properties before the knowledge of its use was spread to Europe.
    • There is proof of usage of pumpkin seeds in Greek societies.
    • Pumpkin seeds are among the few foods whose nutritive value improves with age. Tests conducted at the Massachusetts Experimental Station reveal that pumpkin seeds stored for more than five months show a marked increase in protein content.
    • Today pumpkin seeds, called pepitas by Mexicans, are a basic ingredient in Mexican dishes.
    • In Russia and Ukraine, pumpkin seeds are a popular snack. If you crave to binge next time, pumpkin seeds are the right option!

Nutritional Facts And Health Benefits

  1. Bone Protection

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of zinc, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, iron, and copper, thus optimizing bone health. By consuming these magical seeds, it helps prevent osteoporosis.

  1. Battling Heart Disease

Rich in phytosterols, pumpkin seeds are very effective in thwarting heart diseases by lowering LDL cholesterol levels. Containing magnesium, pumpkin seeds benefit blood pressure and help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Tryptophan For Restful Sleep

Pumpkin seeds contain an amino acid, known as tryptophan, which is a natural sleep inducer. Since carbohydrates increase the bioavailability of tryptophan to the brain, try combining pumpkin seeds with your favorite cereal or a peanut butter sandwich and enjoy a pleasant rest if you have trouble sleeping at night.

  1. Improving Bladder Function

Among its multitude of health benefits, pumpkin seeds possess the unique ability to improve prostrate health. This is in part because of their high zinc content, which is important for prostrate health, and also because pumpkin seed extract and oils may play a role in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlarged prostrate.

  1. Antimicrobial Benefits

Pumpkin seeds have long been valued for their anti-microbial benefits including anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. They have even shown to eliminate seriously dangerous microbes from the body including parasites like tapeworms. Furthermore, pumpkin seeds may contribute to preventing yeast overgrowth and yeast infections.

  1. Easing Arthritis

It has powerful antioxidant properties which are supplemental in reducing arthritis induced inflammation.

  1. Acting As Protein bombs

Pumpkin seeds are a great alternative to boost your protein intake without resorting to red meat.

  1. Chock-full Of Antioxidants

Pumpkin seeds are unique in their abundance of vitamin E, phenolic acids, and antioxidant phytonutrients. The diverse mixture of these compounds in pumpkin seeds may provide them with anti-oxidant related properties that are rarely found in food.
Ways To Enjoy Pumpkin Seeds

  • Add pumpkin seeds to sautéed vegetables, soups, meatloaf, and stew.
  • Sprinkle pumpkin seeds on top of green salads.
  • Enjoy chopped pumpkin seeds by adding them to your favorite cereal.
  • Bake them in the oven and enjoy roasted pumpkin seeds as a snack.


Whether you’re growing an 1800 pound whopper, or you’re reaching for your second serving of pumpkin pie, or if you’re enjoying the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits from this miraculous alkaline squash, you’re in for a powerful health punch offering protection against common health problems.


Top 10 War Movies

Most of us enjoy a wide genre of movies that include romance, action, thriller, horror and the all-time favorite, comedy. Some of us however are fascinated by excitement, bloodshed, passion and huge doses of adrenaline, a combination that is usually found on grim battlefields. Here’s bringing you a list of the Top 10 War Movies that are recognized by audiences across the globe as being the best, thanks to their action sequences, cinematography, storyline, direction and cast.
Full Metal Jacket

Directed, produced and written by the invincible Stanley Kubrick, Full Metal Jacket is an excellent war movie that depicts the ironic lives of the drill sergeants as they withstand the severities of war training. Based on the Vietnam War, this 1987 film is considered a landmark movie in the war-action genre. Having received critical acclaim, this work of art was even nominated for an Academy Award. One of the main highlights of the movie is the critical acclaim actor R. Lee Erney received for his outstanding performance as Hartman. Erney scripted most of the dialogues on the spot, making the movie a true original. Full Metal Jacket is one of the best creations by Stanley Kubrick and a must-watch for several reasons!
Black Hawk Down

Winner of two Oscars, Black Hawk Down is a British-American war movie, directed by Ridley Scott. The film is adapted from a book written by Mark Bowden and portrays the hardships undertaken by a group of U.S. Army Rangers who are deployed to Mogadishu in order to seize a militia loyal, Mohamed Aidid. This 2001 movie made it big at the Awards and in the minds of the audience, evident in the $172 million that the movie made.
Behind Enemy Lines

Directed by John Moore, this movie is all about action in the worst place a soldier can find himself, behind enemy lines. A navy officer is shot down and lands in Bosnia and movie depicts the perils and threats he faces as he tries to make his way back, along with some hard-core proof of the Bosnian War genocide he accidentally stumbles upon. With an excellent star cast, comprising of Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman, the movie is one of the most gripping war movies ever made. This film was the directorial debut for Moore and created a great first impression indeed!
Saving Private Ryan

You place Tom Hanks in the leading role in a war movie and you already have yourself a winner! Saving Private Ryan has Tom Hanks delivering one of the most substantial works of his career. The movie earned a whopping $481.8 million and was also nominated for 11 Academy Awards of which it won six, including Best Director and  Best Cinematography.
The Bridge on the River Kwai

Directed by David Lean, this 1957 war movie is based on the Second World War. Filmed in Sri Lanka, the movie is a fictional account about the building of a bridge over the River Kwai to assist the war efforts of Japan. The movie gained its fame for its action sequences and excellent star cast that included the talented Academy Award winner, William Holden. The depiction of the hard times prisoners of war had to face helped the movie take home seven glorious Academy Awards including the one for Best Picture.
Good Morning Vietnam

This Robin Williams starrer is an excellent war movie with a tinge of comedy. Good Morning Vietnam was released in 1987, and paints the life of a radio jockey on the Armed Forces Radio Service. His wit and humor soon gain him great popularity among the troops. However, the superiors are not of the same opinion. Owing to his excellent performance in the movie, Williams was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor.
The Hurt Locker

This movie is a renowned one, thanks to the originality created by Director Kathryn Bigelow. This 2008 war genre movie circles around members of a bomb-disposal unit in Baghdad. The perils of the bomb-squad members, as they go through each experience of de-activating the bombs, keep the audience on pins and needles at every moment. The scenes are so emotional and intensely gripping that viewers actually end up holding their own breath until each bomb is safely defused. Starring Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty, the movie was quite the success. It was even nominated for a number of Academy Awards and proudly bagged the Oscars for Best Director, Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.
Inglourious Basterds

Directors Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth come together to create this magnificent war movie based on the German occupancy of France. With an excellent cast that includes brilliant actors Brad Pitt, Mélanie Laurent, Christoph Waltz and Michael Fassbender, the movie created a rage among its audience. This film was a prominent one owing to its commercial success and earning over $321 million. The portrayal of different characters comes across amazingly well in the movie, making every scene a winner.
Pearl Harbor

This 2001 war film that captures the epic incident of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The movie was directed by Michael Bay and the cast included Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale and Cuba Gooding Jr. The story spins around two friends, Rafe and Danny who play their part in World War II as pilots. When Rafe is away at war and doesn’t return for a while, his girlfriend finds solace in Danny and the two get close. There is one final reunion of the three protagonists in Hawaii, prior to the Pearl Harbor attack. The vivid cinematography of the battle sequences as well as the romantic angle interwoven in the storyline made this one quite different from any other. Pearl Harbor was a box office hit and earned a glorious $450 million.
Zero Dark Thirty

Following Hurt Locker, Directed Kathryn Bigelow created a second war movie that turned out even better than the first! Rightfully tagged ‘The Greatest Manhunt in History’, Zero Dark Thirty revolves around the manhunt of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, post the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States. Osama was found in Pakistan and was raided and killed on 2 May 2011 after a manhunt that went on for a decade. The details and intricacies of the investigations that led to the raid are illustrated in the movie. The movie was nominated for five Academy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards, of which it bagged one award at each. The movie also received wide critical acclaim.
For those who are fascinated by war and action movies depicting the battlefield and all that goes down in it, every movie that made this list Top 10 War Movies are a must-watch!


Boy Solves Two Rubik’s Cubes At The Same Time!

As anybody would admit, getting a video to be watched 19 million times online is no small feat. That goes a long way to indicate just how incredibly one young Asian boy is skillfully talented. He was able to put his skills to use and solve two Rubik’s cubes, one with his hand and the other with his feet to leave the entire crowd in utter disbelief.

This young boy may not be the reigning Rubik’s cube champion who holds the record of solving the puzzle in less than six seconds, but nonetheless, his incredible skills cannot be in doubt. In this one-of-a-kind clip captured from a game show in Asia, the boy shows his amazing skills in front of shocked judges and audience, who can’t help but applaud.

Starting off, the boy is seen sitting on stage and manages to solve the first Rubik’s cube using only his left hand. That alone would be a challenge to many people, but he does it with ease and within twenty seconds. The judges and the audience are so impressed, but the next trick up this young boy’s sleeves makes every jaw in the audience drop.
He starts two other cubes, one with his left hand and the other with his feet and solves them at the same time! At this point, the judges are seen in utter shock and can’t do anything but just shake their heads and look at the clock. On the other hand, the crowd joins with joyous claps while others have their hands over their mouths as the boy goes about solving the puzzle with lightening speed.
After about 60 seconds, the boy solves both the cubes and raises his hands as the crowd show massive support through numerous cheers.


Top 10 Worst Video Game Reboots

A long shot away from the originals, some game reboots just don’t live up to the hype. Maybe they get more hatred because fan expectation was so high if the first game was a huge success. Whatever the reason, these game reboots did not hit the mark. Rebooting classics is not an exact science and these titles flopped badly.

1. Final Fight: Streetwise (2006)

This disappointed on many levels, the 3D visuals were sloppy and the game play seemed unnatural. It did not look anything like the old Final Fight and the AI was dub as a rock, making the gameplay flat and the opposite of fun. You will end up wishing that each fight in the game would be your final fight so the game could finally reach its end!

2. Alone in the Dark (2008)

Inspired by a game released in 1992, the original was considered a brilliant 3D horror survival game. The remake has forgotten the roots of the original. The reboot involves neither loneliness nor dark. Instead of a haunted mansion like in the original the protagonist is now in modern-day New York City. It does not feel like a horror game. The controls are fiddly and the level designs could use a major revamping. There is a ton of glitches that ruin the experience.

3. SimCity (2013)

One of the most beloved PC franchises of all, this simulation game has been enjoyed by many. This version had a major drawback, you could not play unless you were connected to the internet, and this was mostly due to the multiplayer components added in it. The build space was surprisingly small; there was not a lot you could do. As updates rolled out, the problems were patched. Now you can play offline.

4. Space Raiders (2004)

Space Invaders was probably the most influential game of all time, but the makers of this title wanted to reboot it into a dark and gritty version. They failed miserably. The classic 2D shooter did not work well as a 3D urban first person shooter. But you can only move left or right. It makes for clumsy gameplay and is best forgotten.

5. Golden Axe: Beast Rider (2008)

The original was an arcade, beat-em-up. The reboot turned it into a hack and slash full of violence. But no one was interested. The writing and story do not work very well. The creatures in the game are tough to control and the player keeps being knocked off. The hit-detection is quite poor, the enemies repeat and the environment gets boring quickly.

6. Bionic Commando (2009)

This game altered the protagonist into an unrecognizable character and created a game plot with bizarre twists. In one absurd turn, the player’s mechanical arm turns out to be his missing wife! It is full of ridiculous and stupid details like these. There are unmarked invisible walls and the movements are quite repetitive.

7. Shadowrun (2007)

This was a huge mess of an idea. The original was a classic cyberpunk RPG which was rebooted and turned into a multiplayer only FPS. This did not work at any level. The game does not have leader board or stat tracking. The game did poorly and was hated by gamers and critics alike. The game even led to the studio closing down a few months after it had been released.

8. Bomberman: Act Zero (2006)

This is baffling attempt at turning the fun Bomberman series into a dark and brooding game, the adorable robot of the past was turned into a horrible cyborg. The fighting involves combating mindless drones that will quickly get boring. The local multiplayer option was not included in the remake.

9. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Seems like the makers were trying their hardest to turn us into Sonic-haters. The game is just bad, the timing allowed is too short, the camera angles are strange, glitches are all around and the controls are impossible. Sonic is without everything you liked about the original games. You will hate it, and the story is absurd. In involves a human princess that gets kidnapped constantly and has to be rescued. A low point in the Sonic series that is best forgotten.

10. Dungeon Keeper Mobile (2013)

The PC strategy game became a cult classic, but this version is a huge taint on its record. It is free to play but most of the content is pay-walled. It adds nothing to the original and manages to take everything fun away from it. The publisher was even caught manipulating the ratings on the Android Play Store.

The maker of the original dubbed this reboot, “Ridiculous” enough said.

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Hand Sanitizers!

There are many people who religiously use their hand sanitizers and feel almost incomplete without them! They usually associate their frequent use of hand sanitizers to their hygiene-loving lifestyle. Fancy advertisements stress the use of them so much that it has become an addiction for many. It has become a ubiquitous phenomenon! Before this ‘amazing’ product launched, people were satisfied with washing their hands with plain water, but nowadays it has become such a dire need, that even water seems substandard at times! But what is the real truth behind these ‘much-needed’ hand sanitizers?
Here we look upon 5 reasons that will make you turn away from hand sanitizers altogether. If you are inquisitive about those clear magic potions, the truth unravels here to make you realize it’s doing more harm than good.
1. It Adversely Affects Your Skin

Initially the sanitizers which pioneered the market were all alcohol-based. Alcohol is known to have adverse effects on the skin and prolonged usage of alcohol-based products can damage the skin, upsetting the balance of the pH levels, as well as causing skin irritations. The hands gradually seem to look aged compared to the rest of the body, as they dry up the skin, increasing the risk of blemishes and wrinkles. Moreover they hinder the production of natural oils causing the skin to become flaky and rough.
If there really is a need to use alcohol-based sanitizers, then it’s advisable to ensure the dryness is treated after the use with some water-based/ oil-based moisturizers depending on your skin type.
2. It Can Lead To The Development Of Superbugs

As sanitizers saturated the market and gained popularity, companies researched and changed the conventional alcohol-based sanitizers. Triclosan is a major constituent of sanitizers. It is known for its antibacterial properties and is also present in most of the consumer products like toothpaste, mouthwash, soaps etc. However, prolonged use of triclosan gives rise to superbugs. These bugs are stubborn diseases that will develop immunity and resistance to antibiotics – such as triclosan.
Triclosan is already at the center of a controversial debate for its potential effects on organisms and the environment and is known to cause outbreaks of stubborn and potentially harmful bacteria. Sanitizers therefore provide a breeding environment and fuel the growth of superbugs.
Although debatable, some studies have revealed that products with a high-volume ingredient of triclosan may be linked to heart diseases as well as impairment in muscular and skeletal activities. Alteration of hormone regulation has also been observed with the prolonged use of triclosan-based consumer products.
The basic fact that triclosan was initially introduced as a pesticide should be an eye-opener to many!
3. It Contains Unknown And Possibly Dangerous Chemicals

Considering the damaging effects of triclosan, keep in mind that it’s not the only harmful ingredient present in your favorite sanitizers. Scented sanitizers are on a whole new level altogether! They are loaded with toxic chemicals. Since fragrances are a part of proprietary information, the companies gain advantage of not disclosing their trade secrets and therefore we’re unaware of the chemicals that formulate these fragrances.
Phthalates which are a normal constituent of the synthetic fragrances have been proven to be extremely harmful and linked to asthma, issues in male fertility, hormonal disruptions, neurodevelopmental hindrances and many other worst conditions that include breast cancer and obesity as well. If at all, it’s best to avoid scented sanitizers.
Another preservatives to watch out for are the family of “Parabens”. Since sanitizers contain a percentage of water, these parabens are required to hinder the growth of microbes. These horrid parabens are skin irritants and are associated with reproductive, immune, as well as nervous system toxicity.
4. It Can Increase Your Skin’s Absorption Of BPA

If there is anything that affects your endocrine system, then it has a cascading effect on the nervous system as well as other body issues. BisphenolA (BPA) is one such chemical product that affects our endocrine system and has been making headlines in recent years. It’s basically used to harden plastics and there had been a mass movement in order to eliminate this chemical product, and the movement continues to this day.
BPA and hand sanitizers are a dangerous toxic mix. Sanitizers are known to catalyze the absorption of BPA in our skin, hence leading to increased levels of BPA in our bodies that link to obesity, infertility and cancer. Though they are not a direct constituent in sanitizer formulas, they do speed up the absorption of BPA. Scenarios include handling cashier receipts, canned foods, automotive parts, airline tickets, eyeglass lenses and many more. As soon as you make use of hand sanitizers, right after or before handling these materials, you in turn catalyze the absorption of BPA as much as 185 times!
A thin layer of BPA resides on the skin, even after it has been absorbed. So basically, you use a hand sanitizer and then you eat something, you are consuming a dangerous chemical with every morsel you intake using your bare hands, which are of course loaded with BPA. Having knowledge about those products that contain BPA is useful as it will help you avoid them after making use of a hand sanitizer.
5. It Isn’t Even That Effective

After acknowledging all the potentially harmful effects of these sanitizers, if at all, you happen to justify the use of sanitizers that they “at least” helping to kill off germs, then you may be highly mistaken.
There are both harmful and useful bacteria on our skin. Sanitizers that contain almost 60% of alcohol are useful in killing the germs, but along with drying up the natural oils on the skin, they also take away the useful bacteria from our skin, which is much needed as a defense against diseases.
If conventional soap and water is proven to be adept at washing away the dangerous bacteria, why do we make sanitizers so important in our lives? Unless we have zero access to soap and water, we can make use of non-scented alcohol based sanitizers; otherwise the traditional hand washing method is the tbest.
By now, let’s hope your addiction to hand sanitizers has been reduced. There are other ways to sanitize your hands as well. Homemade sanitizers are much better than smearing off the shelf products, of which we don’t even know what’s in them. Homemade sanitizers reduce all those industry chemicals, and make use of simple rubbing alcohol, vegetable glycerin, Aloe Vera gel etc. There are many recipes available.
Making use of thin gloves in public places like buses, trains, airports etc, you can ensure minimum contact with germs and BPA. Make it a habit to avoid rubbing your face or eating while using gloves though.
As a last resort, there are some organic or natural-ingredient hand sanitizers available on the market. As you read this article, you must be well aware of what to watch out for so you can scan through the ingredient list and avoid triclosan. They will probably cost more, but it will be a good investment for reducing your health risks.
Whether to continue your use of hand sanitizers or abandon them is your choice. The final verdict is yours. Choose wisely!


Breastfeeding Helps Your Baby’s Immune System

Babies, for nine months, live a rather nurtured life, securely protected in their mothers’ wombs with all the antibodies present in the placenta. However, when they are born, they face a completely different environment. Therefore, it’s imperative that the baby receives the required nutrition that supports and enhances its growth and development after birth.

Here’s where breastfeeding comes into play. Breastfeeding is proven to improve babies’ immune systems while simultaneously providing the comforting and soothing physical contact with their mothers. This is absolutely essential for the all-around development of your baby. A baby starts producing antibodies to combat infections between 5 to 6 months; however, its immune system may take up to 6 years to be fully developed. In the interim the newborn requires some sort of immunity boost to keep it away from infections and other serious illnesses. These illnesses and infections are usually caused by the numerous bacteria present in the atmosphere. This much needed immunity boost can be provided in the form of nutritionally abundant mother’s milk.
Breastfeeding is undeniably the most complete form of nourishment for babies and its benefits include better health, physical growth and mental development. Here are few of the numerous advantages that breastfeeding has over baby formula.
Breastfeeding is Irreplaceable

Mother’s milk is known to be an abundant source of proteins, fat and sugar, and is extremely nutritious for your baby. It helps protect your infant from various illnesses while reducing the chance of your baby developing an ear infection, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, respiratory tract infections, gut infections, or pneumonia. Some mothers prefer putting their babies on formula milk, as they believe that formula milk comes loaded with proteins and vitamins, however, this may not be entirely true. Formula milk is a good option for those who do not produce adequate breast milk to breastfeed their babies. One does need to be aware that while breast milk is an absolutely pure form of nutrition, formula milk needs to be mixed with water for its preparation and this increases the risk of infections contaminating the mixture with water. Breastfeeding also helps mothers create a special bond with their babies.
Breastfeeding Averts Infections

A mother’s milk consists of antibodies and enzymes that prepare the baby’s body to fight various illnesses and infections. Studies have proven that compared to babies on formula milk, it was the breastfed babies who showed signs of better health and illness combating behavior. Breast milk improves the baby’s ability to fight diarrhea by enhancing the production of useful bacteria in the intestines of the baby.
Allergy Reduction through Breastfeeding

With the various studies carried out to understand the benefits of breastfeeding infants, it was found that breastfed babies displayed lower signs of hereditary allergies as compared to those who were not breastfed. While doctors strongly recommend breastfeeding for numerous medically profitable reasons, this is one of its long-term benefits.
Quicker Maturity of The Immune System

The approximate time taken for a baby’s immunity system to build up is 6 years. Studies show that babies that are breastfed tend to have a quicker immune system maturity than those who are formula fed. Their bodies react positively to keep away harmful germs and infections, thus evading serious illnesses.
Breastfeeding is therefore strongly recommended for the initial six months after birth. Many mothers continue breastfeeding for 2 years and more. This, of course, could be carried out along with the introduction of other food sources like fruits, vegetables and pulses. It’s preferable not to substitute breastfeeding with formula or other foods for a minimum of six months.
In conclusion, breastfeeding not only influences a baby’s health positively by strengthening the immune system, it also enhances the baby’s growth and development.


Dash Camera Vehicle Hard Wire Kit – Mini USB

There are some tools which may look ordinary at first sight, but they prove to be highly convenient once you start using them. The Dash Camera Vehicle Hard Wire Kit is one of those. In terms of appearance, it’s just a set of two wires with a charger between them and one cannot possibly think of its great use. The dash camera vehicle hard wire is actually made for your car parking reconnaissance. You just have to connect these two wires to the battery source of your car. The result? You get continuous power supply for your car surveillance. It allows your car battery to run continuously and saves it from drying up.

Since the dash camera of your car drains your battery quickly, you need to have such a solution which prevents your battery from dying. The Dash camera vehicle hard wire is that solution. Just connect one end of the Dash camera vehicle hard wire to the electric circuit of your car and the other end with a mini USB port to the Dash cam and GPS units.

You can find the mini USB at the end of the wire to connect with your battery source. The use of this USB port is convenient as compared to other means. It works with a number of cameras such as GT680w, the G1 range, Mini-0801 and the Action Mobius camera. It also has a protection indicator which is low in voltage. The length of this Dash camera vehicle hard wire is about 10 feet, which could be a bit longer though. About six feet more of the wire would have been perfect for cars like the Ford Escape. The wire is easy to use and anybody can fit it because it’s all about connecting two wires. The weight of the Dash camera vehicle hard wire is about 2.1 ounces and its dimensions are about 5.7 x 4.1 x 1.5 inches.
It’s available on Amazon as well as on a number of other sites. The price starts from $8 and can go up to $12. Nonetheless, it’s an investment worth considering for your vehicle.


Cancer: Why A Timely Diagnosis Is REALLY Important

The diagnosis of any major illness is a complex process. It starts with symptoms experienced by the victim, followed by a pre-diagnosis processes that include self-help options and visiting a local health practitioner, and finally getting an actual diagnosis. If the matter concerns a normal allergy or a harmless cough, it’s alright to take it easy. However, if the victim is under a threat of a more serious disease, like cancer, the delay in diagnosis itself could be deadly.
The Disease

Cancer is a deadly disease that claims the lives of many every year. The cancer mortality rate is unbelievably high in all countries as compared to deaths by other major diseases. There are various types of cancers and it is imperative to get a timely diagnosis in order for doctors to be able to cure the patient. Cancers have stages as well. If a patient is diagnosed as being infected with the initial stages of cancer, there is a possibility to control or cure the disease completely. However, in the later stages, doctors come across a lot more challenges that are difficult to control and sometimes impossible to overcome. Hence, it’s said that the timely diagnosis of cancer is just as important as the actual cure.
Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the diagnosis of cancer is usually delayed and how this delay adversely affects the treatment opportunities.
Missed Opportunities

It’s a rare practice for people to visit the doctor as soon as they experience any kind of uneasiness or discomfort. This could involve a rise in temperature, dehydration, nausea, internal pain or any malignant growth. Such symptoms are linked to normal illnesses and are ignored. This is where an opportunity goes amiss. However, if the symptoms persist, we understand the possibility of a problem and visit a doctor. The doctor may not be able to diagnose the problem immediately, possibly due to incomplete information provided by the patient or similar symptoms to other general illnesses, and may prescribe drugs. Here is where the second missed opportunity occurs. This causes another delay. You go ahead with the doctor’s advice and take the prescribed medication. After a while you realize that the medication is not working. You also notice that instead of feeling better, your health is continuing to deteriorate. It’s at this time that you notice the symptoms getting stronger or more obvious. This is when you go to the hospital for a more thorough diagnosis. There has now been a significant delay since the first moment you noticed that something was wrong, to the time the test results arrive. This time of delay varies from patient to patient. In some cases the delay may be just a few days or weeks, which is still acceptable. But in some cases, the delay is months or even years and this shortens the possibilities of a successful treatment.
Direct Ratio

There is a direct ratio between diagnosing cancer and actually curing it. The earlier the cancer is diagnosed, the higher the possibility of a complete cure. Diagnosing cancer in its early stages gives time for doctors to eradicate it from your body through surgery, drugs or chemotherapy. Also, cancer in its early stages tends to be docile and reacts positively to drugs. However, with the delayed diagnosis of cancer, the disease has had enough time to grow or spread and it gets harder to control it with drugs or surgery.
Timely Diagnosis is Synonymous with Better Psychological Adjustment

Cancer victims experience uncontrollable levels of anxiety and stress. The excessive medications, treatments and therapies tend to have an adverse effect on their psychological adjustment. Timely diagnosis greatly contributes to the reduced levels of medical treatment and therapies, thus reducing the stress and anxiety levels and simultaneously improving the patient’s psychological adjustment.
In short, a timely diagnosis of cancer is a matter of life and death. Literally!


Top 10 Best Movie Sequels

All original movies tend to set a standard that a majority of sequels find impossible to surpass. However, on rare occasions, a sequel comes by that manages to not only live up to the standards set by the original, but even surpass it! We have to tip our hats to these that go miles ahead of their forerunners to win the hearts of an even larger audience. This list of Top 10 Best Movie Sequels is in honor of those enterprising projects that stand as a compliment to their originals.

The Godfather: Part II

The 1972 American crime film, The Godfather, was regarded as one of the greatest movies ever created in the history of Hollywood. The original movie, starring Marlon Brando, depicted the life in an Italian mafia family. Also starring Al Pacino, as the don’s youngest son, this movie created a rage among viewers. Then came The Godfather: Part II in 1974 and this one turned out to be an even more enthralling sequence to the first part. It literally stole the title of ‘the greatest crime film’ from its predecessor! All owing to Al Pacino’s entrancing expertise in acting, this movie depicted the true emotional turmoil of the character, enticing its audience.

The Dark Knight

One doesn’t really have to elaborate on this movie other than how Heath Ledger’s outstanding performance as The Joker left viewers rapt with awe throughout the film. Batman definitely got its viewers votes for like, but Chris Nolan’s creation of The Joker, with his spine-chilling appearance and reeking with psychological sadism, actually extended the movie its eminence. This sequel was beefed up with some surreal action sequences and definitely can’t be left out from this list of Top 10 Best Movie Sequels.

Spider Man 2

This superhero spun a tackier web with the release of Spider Man 2. The plot of the movie is what won it its importance. The villain in the film, Dr. Octopus, with his metal appendage, created the perfect opponent for Spider Man. Tormented with dilemmas, Spidey has to fight through a number of personal issues, ranging from the changing attitude of his best friend Harry Osborn to the engagement of his girlfriend Mary Jane to another man. And as if all this was less work, Spider Man also has to battle Dr. Octopus who blames Spidey for the accidental death of his wife and wants to avenge her death.

X2: X-Men United

Director Bryan Singer took a plunge with the sequel X2: X-Men United, to the original X-Men, and emerged a hero. The original movie focused on the introduction of mutants and their conflict with another group of mutants, headed by the villainous Magneto. The sequel still held the essence of the existence and survival of these mutants, but the plot thickens with the story of the bladed super hero – Wolverine’s past, and the way he copes with his emotions. The other attraction of the movie was the wide range of mutants with their varied superpowers.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

The Lord of The Rings trilogy is one of its kinds! One cannot appreciate just one part of the trilogy, as each part is as fascinating and enthralling as the other. However, the second installment of the film, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers takes the cake. Owing to its unique storyline that almost makes it a standalone film, this sequel surpasses the first part by leaps and bounds. Elijah Wood’s performance was excellent in the movie, but the star of the film was the mysterious and enigmatic character, Gollum.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

The 1982 sci-fi film was a success not just for its storyline, but also for other aspects of the movie that greatly contributed to the box office hit. Even though the movie was a typical Star Trek story, with an endless journey through space and an encounter with an adversary, this sequel was tweaked a little. It weaves its way around the interstellar battle between Admiral Kirk and his enemy Khan Noonien Singh, who was held in exile for over 15 years and then escapes to avenge his banishment. The movie ends on an emotional note with the death of Captain Spock.

Toy Story 2

Pixar animations have outshined their own excellence in Toy Story, with the sequel Toy Story 2. Toy Story 2 is not just a sequel to the original Toy Story, but is a different episode in itself. Depicting the emotions and true friendship between toys, the movie is a favorite among viewers of all ages. The story focuses on the abduction of Woody, the cowboy, and the heroic escapades of the other toys to bring Woody back. The main feature of this movie is the intricate detailing of existing and newly introduced animated characters.


This 1986 film is a sequel to the 1979 sci-fi movie Alien. The tagline of the movie, ‘This Time It’s War!’ holds true to itself, as the movie features some bizarre action scenes between the protagonist Sigourney Weaver and the terrifying aliens. Director James Cameron is habituated to exceeding his own limits and he has done it again with Aliens!

Back To The Future: Part 2

The original movie was an amazing one, as it introduced the aspect of time-travel with an actual time travel machine- a scientifically modified car! For director Robert Zemeckis to outdo his original with Back To The Future: Part 2 must have been quite a challenge, owing to the fact that the prequel was a super hit. The characters, Marty McFly and Dr. Brown, time-travel to the future year 2015, in order to stop a menace. In the process, they even change history!

Superman 2

Torn between the love of his life, Lois Lane and his responsibility as a superhero, Superman must make a decision, and fast. The sequel, Superman 2, was a total hit among the audience. The actor Christopher Reeves, won the hearts of millions with his striking personality as Superman and his innocent nerdy appearance as Clark Kent. This sequel was an extension worthy of applause but it was indeed the unique, although typical, story line of a planet in peril being saved by a superhero that got the movie its reputation.
The sequels mentioned above duly and rightfully deserve applause, even though they were created after their originals. This list of Top 10 Best Movie Sequels indicates how Hollywood directors don’t just learn from their novel creations but also use them to craft even better feature creations!


Traveling Abroad Requires Planning. Here’s How!

Voyaging globally is an experience best arranged early and not dependent on last-minute booking of flights. There are many “to-do” things that and ought to be checked off from the get go. Certainly, appearing at your entryway without ID or overlooking sleep for your overnight flight can ruin your hotly anticipated getaway. However, the vast majority of your readiness ought to be devoted to guaranteeing wellbeing, security, and budgetary necessities.
To spare you some time for planning, we’ve gathered these tips for your next travel date.
Documentation for Traveling and Banking Procedures

Ensure your identification and any travel docs are complete. Most nations require an identification to be valid for no less than six months after your planned return, so ensure you won’t be dismissed or postponed in case of an old travel permit.
Keep physical and computerized duplicates of your travel permits and all your research material in the event that anything is lost. In addition, give your schedule and contact numbers to family and friends so there are people to contact in the event of a crisis.
Tell your bank and credit card organizations about your travel dates so they don’t deny your purchases, and get some information about universal ATM expenses so you can figure out which ones won’t charge you. To sweeten the deal even further, in case you’re a neglectful cardholder (or simply need to be arranged in the event that your wallet is stolen), bring a backup card for the off chance that you’ve dropped the few you carried with you. It’s an uncommon event, but it’s a buzzkill when it happens.
Tip: Don’t belittle how accommodating a wireless photograph of your travel permit can be. Whether you need to go to the office and report it lost, or are simply rounding out a traditions card and need your travel permit number, it will probably prove to be useful. Email the picture to yourself to have an additional computerized duplicate in the event that your cellphone comes up short on batteries or gets lost.
Security is a ‘MUST’

One of the least demanding and most essential pre-travel checks is apparently the most overlooked. Travel protection and State Department alarms can be fantastically essential in crisis situations abroad.
The previous winter’s cruel climate brought about $5.3 billion in lost profitability and out-of-pocket expenses as per That is twice as much as the run-of-the-mill winter norm and incorporates a great deal of crossed out flights.
Subscribing to the State Department’s STEP alarms for your destination right off the bat may appear to be pointless, but the messages about current travel confinements, strikes, and regions of political agitation will serve as a small lesson in what’s in store for you once you’re there. Any cautions you get will tell you to get ready for some sudden hindrances ahead of time.
Tip: Travel protection can cost as little as a couple of dollars for every travel day and can cover anything from replacing a broken camera to crisis therapeutic considerations, possibly sparing you a large number of dollars.
Health Check

It’s best to get the vital vaccinations as quickly as time permits. Talk to your doctor about getting the right shots as they could be different depending on the nation you visit. For instance, the U.S. prescribes yellow fever antibodies for those going to Colombia while 159 different nations require confirmation of a yellow fever inoculation from travelers who have been to at-danger territories in Central and South America and Africa.
Tip: Keep those records in your carry-on in the event that customs asks you to present it.

Purchase a universal telephone arrangement early, “open” your phone so you can make calls through an outside bearer, or purchase a worldwide-prepaid SIM card. In the event that none of those sound perfect, or in the event that you’ll be staying at your destination for a long haul, research choices for telephone rentals or arrangements before you head out. Social media connectivity should also be ensured and individuals should stay updated. A proper plan for connectivity should be planned and arranged. This will help you feel comfortable while traveling.
Tip: Some telephones are now opened, contingent upon the transporter. Figure out additional information about global telephone choices and call your telephone company about choices once you recognize what will work best for you.
Check-in the Requirements

Some of the time, the most vital thing you’ll pack is in your cell phone as opposed to your bag. Disconnected from the net when flying out can be a real disaster. You can discover WiFi in a few spots to download Google Maps or CityMaps2Go to go without spending battery life and wasting data on useless information.
Preloading videos on your devices could likewise spare you if your TV glitches on the whole flight.
Tip: Don’t overlook a charger. Watching hours of your most loved TV shows is certainly going to deplete your battery, and there’s nothing more regrettable than at long last discovering a WiFi hotspot only to have your phone bite the dust.
Learn About the Destination

Gathering relevant and required information about the place you’re going is always a good idea. Whether you’re a travel application specialist or to a greater degree a soft cover manual individual, having some info about your destination is precious. Read up about the district you’re heading out to ahead of time, to pick up knowledge and vital data you may not even know you have questions about. From cash change and valuable expressions to tipping, proper apparel, and social/lawful traditions, it’s ideal to be prepared so you don’t land yourself in hot waters.
Tip: Don’t bring chewing gum into Singapore, and don’t wear camouflage in the Maldives. These are just a couple of examples of things that are punishable by law, and although they may seem strange, it could end up causing you a lot of trouble. There are a wide range of other comparative laws that could destroy your vacation if you didn’t research ahead of time.
Back-Home Care

The home care arrangement must be in the checklist because they are mandatory to be checked before traveling. When traveling, people should make sure that back home, people are managed properly and many concerned entities are there who can take care of your place. There’s nothing more regrettable than acknowledging once you’re without cell that you neglected to stop your mail conveyance or request that somebody water your expertly developed window plants. Ensure your day by day tasks are secured before you leave, or, designate a trusty companion to do them for you.
Tip: You can discover a house or pet sitter to run your errands for nothing in case you’re willing to list your home on Furthermore, you could discover free cabin through the site for your excursion abroad in case you’re willing to invest some energy with another traveler’s companions.


This Dancer Rocks Uptown Funk At TITP Festival

Dance like you would if no one was watching goes the old saying. Well, at the T in the Park Festival in Scotland, a young dancer definitely took this to heart and rocked out to Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk.
His name is Fred Rawicz, and no, he did not particularly impress the gathered crowds with his moves, nor did his routine look like the ones of any professional dancer.
So why was his seemingly impromptu performance so impressive?
Just watch and you will see the utmost joy with which Fred gets into his routine and the sheer delight you can see on his face is all you need to appreciate in this one!
With people like Fred around, it sure doesn’t seem like too big a task to spread some smiles around – And don’t you just feel like dancing??



10 Exceptionally Romantic Destinations In The World

While the European beauties, Rome and Paris are amongst some of the most romantic destinations for couples, there are many other locations which are equally as exotic as well as less crowded. Having your favorite dinner by the side of the Venetian waters or simply walking on the cobblestone lanes of Bruges with your loved one are a just a few examples. Want to explore more enchanting destinations? Read on!

  1. The Maldives


From having a candlelight dinner by the side of a lake to living in a house built at the water’s edge, nothing sounds more romantic than this. If you fantasize being on a beach covered by tall palm trees while sitting under their shade, all while enjoying the beauty of the captivating sunset, then Maldives is the place to be.

  1. Jammu and Kashmir, India


Often known as paradise on earth due to its snow-covered peaks, Jammu and Kashmir is said to be the most romantic destinations in India. Staying in the houseboat, floating in the gleaming Srinagar’s Dal Lake, taking a ride in the gondola over the Himalayan peak, or walking holding hands in the fields of Pahalgam are a few romantic experiences you ought to enjoy while exploring the beautiful valley of Jammu and Kashmir.

  1. Santorini, Greece


The ancient beauty of Greece has always been welcoming for its visitors. When visiting Santorini, other than the glistening sunsets and the shimmering waters, you can also enjoy the white washed homes, the spectacular blue domed churches, and the color-changing skyline.

  1. Paris, France


Walking on the cobblestone lanes of Paris gives you the feeling as if you are walking in a painting. A famous spot for all lovers, this city is filled with dazzling experiences such as roaming around in the puzzled cobblestone streets, climbing the Eiffel tower to see the most exotic skyline ever, or just sitting with your loved one and gazing at the breath-taking sunset.

  1. Bali, Indonesia


The beauty of Bali lies in the perfect white-sand beaches, the extravagant mountains, and green rice fields. Visiting Bali simply means dining along the edges of the crystal blue waters, pampering yourself through an exotic spa experience, and wandering around in the rice fields.

  1. Seville, Spain


If you want to explore deliciously different cuisines of Spain, then Seville offers many places for that around the city.

  1. Kyoto, Japan


If you are looking for a place with magical bamboo forests, breath-taking shrines, and ancient palaces, then Kyoto in Japan is the best place to visit. This city is rich in architectural beauty and lets couples explore its natural beauty, history, and diversified culture.

  1. Venice, Italy


A few of the many romantic experiences in Venice include sailing in gondolas in the Venetian waters, dining along the side of the river, and roaming around the stunning streets of the wonderful village of Burano. Venice also lets you visit its creative artisans where you can feel the tranquility of love. While strolling around the streets of the city, you may also smell the yummy cuisines.

  1. Vienna, Austria


Vienna is famous for its spectacular Baroque palaces, attractive trams, and cafes located in quiet and peaceful streets. This city is a must-visit romantic destination as it offers various magnificent settings.

  1. Rome, Italy


Rome is a city with many historic structures and museums. While visiting this fabulous city, don’t forget to explore the Spanish steps, and Italy’s most illustrious structure, The Colosseum.