Top 10 Disastrous Movie Sequels

A hit movie, with even the remote chance of a storyline that can be stretched, often sees a sequel. Not all of these turn out to be as good as the original though. In fact, some of them are plain disastrous! This list of Top 10 Disastrous Movie Sequels will show you what we mean.

Speed 2: Cruise Control

The 1994 original movie Speed showed us what a brilliant plot could do. Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Daniels and Joe Morton came together to build upon an amazing screenplay and the result was a hit that even won two Academy Awards in the categories of sound. Then, a sequel was decided and it all went downhill. Keanu Reeves declined to play a part in the sequel after reading the script but Sandra Bullock agreed. This one took place on the high seas and turned out to be a disaster. Although it made a decent profit, even those involved deemed it a mistake.

Jaws 2

We still quote the original Jaws movie and consider it among the best thrillers up there. As for the sequel, not many of us even know it’s out there! The tagline, “Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.” was great, but that was about the only good thing related to the movie. Steven Spielberg took his hands off the project and even Roy Scheider would have, if it wasn’t for the contract. As terrible as this one turned out, the makers still went ahead with a couple more in the franchise. A Jaws-sized error indeed!

Exorcist II: The Heretic

Now, to be fair to this sequel, the original was so good that few other horrow movies even came close to it, so an encore was downright impossible. Well, the Exorcist II: The Heretic did attempt the impossible then, and miserably failed. The director stayed away but most of the cast jumped aboard what was eventually a sinking ship. This one, wasn’t just a far cry from the first, but was a disappointment in comparison to other horror movies as well.

The Ring Two

The original movie The Ring was an all-out remake of the Japanese version. A horror flick that is counted as the best in its genre even today, even the evil soul in the original would have cringed at how the sequel turned out. The Ring Two wasn’t a departure from the usual like the first one was, and this was its main undoing. In the end, it simply turned out to be a feeble, and unsuccessful, attempt at keeping the momentum of the first one going.

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Even the staunchest of Star Wars fans will agree that this sequel was, well a disaster of gargantuan proportions. Some might argue on this but then that would only be theStar Wars spirit in them asking them to defy the truth. This movie remains one of George Lucas’ forgettable works and certainly one that finds itself at the bottom of the pile in the franchise.

Son of the Mask

Everyone who saw The Mask knew it was Jim Carrey all the way. Why then would someone venture to make a sequel without him! The sequel lacked a storyline and was void of any decent level of comedy whatsoever. In comparison to the original, this one never stood a chance. Oh and the CGI was pathetic too.

Grease 2

Grease was an epic movie and finds place among the classics even today. Grease 2 on the other hand is forgettable at best. Maxwell Caulfield simply couldn’t carry the movie on his limited talents and the pale storyline just didn’t have the same oomph that the original did. This one turned out to be a perfect example of why some hits should be left alone!

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

Anaconda, the 1997 adventure horror flick was a refreshing one for many reasons. It was the first movie to truly explore the myth of gigantic anacondas and then there was the tagline, “If you can’t breathe you can’t scream.” Well, the movie had the audience hooked, especially with a starry cast falling prey to the vicious snake. Unfortunately, the second movie did not boast of a great cast not of convincing graphics. This one went down faster than a rat down an anaconda’s throat!

Men in Black II

The original movie was a great one, with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones playing the perfect partners fighting a weird looking alien that is out to destroy the equilibrium of the universe. The sequel was destructive by itself and certainly did not need a pug to fit into the equation. Anyways, the pug was right there and so was a new female partner Agent K for hunky Agent J. if the alphabetical names did not turn you off the first time around, it was only because of the brilliant plot. The sequel however gave the audience time to think about this and more, an utter disaster especially when compared to the original Men in Black.

Basic Instinct 2

The original movie was an amazing one that revealed to audiences all that the power of sensuality coupled with a criminal mind could do. The sequel proved to audiences that even healthy doses of both these traits could bring down a film if it’s just not made right. The buildup for the second movie was promising, especially since it had Sharon Stone reprising her role. Well, once the movie hit theaters, the audience soon understood this was nowhere close to the first and chose to stay away, in spite of oodles of crime and sex.

Some originals are simply too great to follow up convincingly, while some sequels are so bad that they can’t even match up to a mediocre original. Whatever the case may be, this list of Top 10 Disastrous Movie Sequels shows us why Hollywood doesn’t always get the formula right the second time around.


  • Mitchell Davis

    I enjoyed Men In Black II.

    • ajsdaddie

      And MIB III was the best of the series.