Top 10 Best Movie Sequels

All original movies tend to set a standard that a majority of sequels find impossible to surpass. However, on rare occasions, a sequel comes by that manages to not only live up to the standards set by the original, but even surpass it! We have to tip our hats to these that go miles ahead of their forerunners to win the hearts of an even larger audience. This list of Top 10 Best Movie Sequels is in honor of those enterprising projects that stand as a compliment to their originals.

The Godfather: Part II

The 1972 American crime film, The Godfather, was regarded as one of the greatest movies ever created in the history of Hollywood. The original movie, starring Marlon Brando, depicted the life in an Italian mafia family. Also starring Al Pacino, as the don’s youngest son, this movie created a rage among viewers. Then came The Godfather: Part II in 1974 and this one turned out to be an even more enthralling sequence to the first part. It literally stole the title of ‘the greatest crime film’ from its predecessor! All owing to Al Pacino’s entrancing expertise in acting, this movie depicted the true emotional turmoil of the character, enticing its audience.

The Dark Knight

One doesn’t really have to elaborate on this movie other than how Heath Ledger’s outstanding performance as The Joker left viewers rapt with awe throughout the film. Batman definitely got its viewers votes for like, but Chris Nolan’s creation of The Joker, with his spine-chilling appearance and reeking with psychological sadism, actually extended the movie its eminence. This sequel was beefed up with some surreal action sequences and definitely can’t be left out from this list of Top 10 Best Movie Sequels.

Spider Man 2

This superhero spun a tackier web with the release of Spider Man 2. The plot of the movie is what won it its importance. The villain in the film, Dr. Octopus, with his metal appendage, created the perfect opponent for Spider Man. Tormented with dilemmas, Spidey has to fight through a number of personal issues, ranging from the changing attitude of his best friend Harry Osborn to the engagement of his girlfriend Mary Jane to another man. And as if all this was less work, Spider Man also has to battle Dr. Octopus who blames Spidey for the accidental death of his wife and wants to avenge her death.

X2: X-Men United

Director Bryan Singer took a plunge with the sequel X2: X-Men United, to the original X-Men, and emerged a hero. The original movie focused on the introduction of mutants and their conflict with another group of mutants, headed by the villainous Magneto. The sequel still held the essence of the existence and survival of these mutants, but the plot thickens with the story of the bladed super hero – Wolverine’s past, and the way he copes with his emotions. The other attraction of the movie was the wide range of mutants with their varied superpowers.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

The Lord of The Rings trilogy is one of its kinds! One cannot appreciate just one part of the trilogy, as each part is as fascinating and enthralling as the other. However, the second installment of the film, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers takes the cake. Owing to its unique storyline that almost makes it a standalone film, this sequel surpasses the first part by leaps and bounds. Elijah Wood’s performance was excellent in the movie, but the star of the film was the mysterious and enigmatic character, Gollum.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

The 1982 sci-fi film was a success not just for its storyline, but also for other aspects of the movie that greatly contributed to the box office hit. Even though the movie was a typical Star Trek story, with an endless journey through space and an encounter with an adversary, this sequel was tweaked a little. It weaves its way around the interstellar battle between Admiral Kirk and his enemy Khan Noonien Singh, who was held in exile for over 15 years and then escapes to avenge his banishment. The movie ends on an emotional note with the death of Captain Spock.

Toy Story 2

Pixar animations have outshined their own excellence in Toy Story, with the sequel Toy Story 2. Toy Story 2 is not just a sequel to the original Toy Story, but is a different episode in itself. Depicting the emotions and true friendship between toys, the movie is a favorite among viewers of all ages. The story focuses on the abduction of Woody, the cowboy, and the heroic escapades of the other toys to bring Woody back. The main feature of this movie is the intricate detailing of existing and newly introduced animated characters.


This 1986 film is a sequel to the 1979 sci-fi movie Alien. The tagline of the movie, ‘This Time It’s War!’ holds true to itself, as the movie features some bizarre action scenes between the protagonist Sigourney Weaver and the terrifying aliens. Director James Cameron is habituated to exceeding his own limits and he has done it again with Aliens!

Back To The Future: Part 2

The original movie was an amazing one, as it introduced the aspect of time-travel with an actual time travel machine- a scientifically modified car! For director Robert Zemeckis to outdo his original with Back To The Future: Part 2 must have been quite a challenge, owing to the fact that the prequel was a super hit. The characters, Marty McFly and Dr. Brown, time-travel to the future year 2015, in order to stop a menace. In the process, they even change history!

Superman 2

Torn between the love of his life, Lois Lane and his responsibility as a superhero, Superman must make a decision, and fast. The sequel, Superman 2, was a total hit among the audience. The actor Christopher Reeves, won the hearts of millions with his striking personality as Superman and his innocent nerdy appearance as Clark Kent. This sequel was an extension worthy of applause but it was indeed the unique, although typical, story line of a planet in peril being saved by a superhero that got the movie its reputation.
The sequels mentioned above duly and rightfully deserve applause, even though they were created after their originals. This list of Top 10 Best Movie Sequels indicates how Hollywood directors don’t just learn from their novel creations but also use them to craft even better feature creations!