Stan Lee: Comikaze Expo 2014 And The Hunt For His Biggest Fan

When it’s Stan Lee, you know it’s bigger than life! The latest news related to Stan Lee to hit the stands of fiction fans, apart from the string of Marvel movies slated to hit theaters over the next few years are two – the amazingly successful Comikaze Expo 2014 and the legend’s official hunt for his biggest fan.
Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2014 is of course an event that is increasing in popularity among fans and is slated as one of the biggest pop-culture events in the yearly calendar of anime, fantasy, gaming and sci-fi fans. This year too, the three-day event was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center and featured a range of personalities connected with the comic book and superhero genres paid a visit to the show, meeting fans and laying out their plans for the immediate future. Of course, Stan Lee too was a part of the events and was even presented a full-sized Hulk cake from Chef Duff Goldman. Attendees were of course offered a part in the special treat and shared the cake along with their idol. This year, the total number of participants who attended the event was pegged at around 65,000 and the way the event is being organized and promoted, the number is sure to grow over the years.

Apart from the event itself, one piece of news that has certainly caught the attention of Lee’s fans is his declaration related to the hunt for his biggest fan. Making the announcement, Lee said, “Here’s what happens to me, I’m sure you’ll all sympathize… I walk down the street somebody comes over to me and says, ‘Hey Stan I’m your biggest fan.’ I love hearing it but then I say to myself, ‘Biggest means you’re up here and there’s nobody else… if you’re the biggest, you’re the biggest right?’ Well everybody can’t be the biggest, so it’s very important for accuracy and historical purposes that we find out if I really have all those fans – who is my biggest fan?” Entry to the hunt can be gained though and added to the honor of being officially labeled Stan Lee’s biggest fans, there are other perks too. This includes an all-expenses-paid trip with two nights at a hotel as well as round-trip airfare to Hollywood for the winner and a guest, and the opportunity to meet Stan Lee in person and actually sit with the legend and discuss their common passions for comics and superheroes.
The Comikaze Expo 2014 is now a wrap and while the continuous string of news on Marvel movies and subsequent releases keeps fans occupied, the hunt for Stan Lee’s biggest fan is sure to keep them on their toes. After all, how often does a chance of meeting a living legend come along!