Short Film Showcase- Shadows

You know how in a movie that goes on for around a hundred minutes or more, it’s only a couple of sequences lasting only a few minutes that actually keep you on the edge of your seat? Well, Shadows is made up of those few minutes. You don’t have to sit through 90 odd minutes in order to watch the most interesting part! It is indeed difficult to pull off a short, maybe that’s why only the gutsiest filmmakers do it. In the case of Shadows: Director Colin Berry, Writer Eric Walker, Producer Kyle Sevier and lone actor Corey Sevier all come together to give effect to a tight, interesting plot that makes the audience’s hair stand on end.
The storyline is simple. It’s based on a simple looking guy in a simple shirt and tie, simply getting the s**t scared out of him. Well, that’s where the simplicity of it all ends. Shadows then moves on into territory that is quite difficult to fathom and capture. One that holds both horror and science fiction.
The creature in the dark could very well have been a ghost. Except that it does something inexplicable to the Glen- The protagonist. Showing him images and taking his mind to bright blue places.
Ghosts don’t do that you know, they simply whack the hell out of you and ask you to get out of there! The sci-fi angle in Shadows is gripping and makes you think twice about all that went down. It makes you think about what could possibly happen next! That’s part of the magic that makes a good short and Shadows accomplishes that element just fine.
The film is well paced and doesn’t rush you into things. It takes its own sweet time to get into the groove and even then, keeps the element of horror and surprise alive by allowing you to catch your breath at the right times. The sound in the background is great and the visual effects are surprisingly convincing for a piece that has been made on a micro budget! – A lesson for the biggies perhaps?
So what does Shadows leave you with? One thing’s for sure – the next time you have to wait back at the office late in the night to wrap up some work, you will end up taking it home instead!
Oh, and did I tell you the bad thing about shorts? They leave you wanting more. That’s what Shadows does to you. And when you know you can’t get any right now, you simply go back and watch it again. Or ask the makers to make some more. So, here we are, asking the Shadows team for just that – more! Stop by their FaceBook page and tell them what you think.